Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gerakan joins Sabah Cabinet thru backdoor

Raymond and Au joins Gerakan, a Peninsular-based BN component party...

"Not only the BN leaders in Sabah including all component parties have no such power but they also depends on Federal leaders especially the Prime Minister to solve such issue, which is vital to the State.

"This shows that BN leaders in Sabah have no autonomy and the Chief Minister who have the prerogative on that matter also seen eroding...


  1. This drama is more exciting than an ejaculation.You actually get to see first hand how Politicians obtained their Degrees/Masters/ PhD's in TIPULOGY.


  2. from SOMEONE to nobody in 2 seconds. Next time before you jump make sure you leap into a nice nest! You deserve it that way! for deserting SABAHANS!

  3. Tan Su Kiah was once SAPP golden boy. Just bcoz he couldn't afford to lost a "position" then he desserted SAPP Not Sabahan. YTL also did not get any positions in govt. Many, even Chong Pit Fah (CPF) who made that statement in Sabahkini does not have the position or integrity as TSK has. Only a loser try to stop someone's democratic rights. How many SAPP leaders actually regreted to leave BN.. and how many opposition leaders now just wanting to use SAPP as a flatform to condemn the government BUT do not subscribe SAPP's struggle? Just look at RK...above. TSK is DCM and MCW. Who is Chong Pit Fah? YTL even willing to relinquest his position in SAPP for someone to be able to go back to BN fold. Just wait and see...

  4. what we have here is failure of fucking sabahan and i am ashame of this stupid and selffish of sabahan specially those betray sabah and i will not forget those involve to get UMNO to sabah. and for me umno does nothing good in sabah beside land grapping and II issue.correct me if i am FUCKING stupid MCA is in sabah,this kow tow party is do more harm than good.and so does FUCKING GERAKAN. those chinese base party have no balls to speak out chinese issue.and thie best part it is those fucking bastard who never join fucking polictic before can win fucking handsomely.
    i am ashame that all sabah base party have become kow tow to fucking KL.what is fucking KL is there is no FUCKING SABAH&SARAWAK. THERE IS AWAITING TO BE rip off by PAS,DAP,PKR.rememeber their stupid umno,mca,mic,gerakan should be call as dacing bola.mca why u keep quite when they strip all bukit pelanduk issue.

    so i am fucking ashame. mr.fucking tan pls look at are fucking worse that those fucking frog of 1994.and mr pairin.where is the fucking spirit of yours.

    we want sabah for sabahan,not that.

  5. Gerakan party now enjoys having 2 dogs inside the Sabah assembly, one being a minister....

    Someone told me PGRM stands for....Party Got Rejected Ministers..

    Unbelievable, yet true to the core..

  6. Unprincipled, self-interest above all...Can't blame them becoz they got few more years before being booted out by voters.

    BN will even side-kick them out next election.

  7. 通过后门进入议会是民政党的拿手好戏,君不见不久前才进入纳吉内阁的KPI部长许子根,他的老大林敬益也是通过上议院进入纳吉老爸的内阁同出一辙。民政党的老二郑可扬也被莫名其妙上台的赞比里委任为顾问,地位和州行政议员一样,弥补他内阁缺少华裔议员的穷境。陈树杰和他的一位同僚,不也是一样?

  8. guys do not think about GE13 it will NOT happen!

  9. True to its name - BEGGAR PARTY... begging through the back door. Accepts all people with no self-dignity

  10. to save his own bank account he will do what it takes! Selling his brothers and sister Sabahans is ok for him as long he stays in power!

  11. 1,000 ex-SAPP men defect
    Published on: Thursday, May 07, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Sandakan: More than 1,000 former members of the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) have decided to join Gerakan.

    Former SAPP Sandakan Zone Youth chief Alex Lim Su Chung said this reflected their loyalty to Barisan Nasional (BN).

    He said they were following the footsteps of Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan and Elopura Assemblyman Au Kam Wah, who had announced their decision to join Gerakan.

  12. Ex-SAPP VP joining Gerakan also
    Published on: Thursday, May 07, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Former Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Vice President, Jimmy Wong is following suit the move by Datuk Raymond Tan and Au Kam Wah to join Gerakan.

    "I am submitting my application to join Gerakan and determined to continue the struggle to bring development to Sabah," said Wong who is also the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, in a statement, Wednesday.

    Joining a political party is not an easy decision because it calls for a long-term commitment. Therefore their decision should not be taken lightly, he said.

    According to him, Tan, Au and his other colleagues had been partyless for the last nine months not by their choice but due to circumstances. "This inconvenience, however, has never stop us from providing services to the people particularly in Sabah," he said.

    Wong said they thanked Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman for giving them the trust to carry on despite strong resistance and complaints from some Barisan members.

    "His (Musa) trust and strong support during our period of uncertainty reflect the qualities of a visionary and true leadership. I am confident with such leadership Sabah is in good hands and poised for greater heights."

    Wong said the Gerakan National Chairman, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, was kind enough to extend his invitation to join Gerakan. "After consulting my followers and supporters they all agreed to my decision," he said.

    He added it was time to reflect and make the final choice and that although Gerakan is a peninsula-based, it is also a multi-racial party. Hence, it means it reserved a place for any Sabahans to join.

    He said Gerakan's basic philosophy reflects the ideals being expounded by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in his 1Malaysia concept, which is also similar in the Chief Minister's Halatuju.

    "Our struggle is not just confined to Sabah, we are now in a national political parry and can contribute directly to the national development efforts besides serving Sabah," he said.

  13. Herbert says SAPP leaders hypocrites
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    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Vice-President Herbert Timbon Lagadan labelled Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) leaders hypocrites for being absentminded as to what Barisan Nasional (BN) did for them.

    Herbert said SAPP leaders should have the courage to criticise the Kuala Lumpur (BN) leaders when the party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee was chosen by Federal to be one of the Chief Ministers in Sabah under the rotation system.

    "After sucking the honey out of BN for many years as a component party of the coalition, now SAPP has the guts to condemn the 'master' that had in the past fed the party with honey and milk," he said to Daily Express here on Wednesday.

    He was responding to a statement by SAPP Information Chief Chong Pit Fah that Sabah BN was powerless when it comes to making decisions on crucial matters, in particular the position of the Deputy Chief Minister slotted for Chinese community.

    Chong said not only the BN leaders in Sabah have no such power but they also depend on Federal leaders, especially the Prime Minister, to solve such issues.

    Chong said it was also a shame for Sabah BN that they need Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Gerakan national Chairman Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon to come over here to solve the Deputy Chief Minister issue when Datuk Raymond Tan and Elopura assemblyman, Au Kam Wah became partyless, after SAPP pulled out of the BN coalition six months ago.

  14. MCA deserves DCM post more than Gerakan: LDP
    Published on: Thursday, May 07, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Youth said while it welcomes the decision by Datuk Raymond Tan and Elopura Assemblyman Au Kam Wah to join Gerakan it need not mean that the Deputy Chief Minister post currently held by Tan should automatically go to Gerakan.

    Its Youth chief, Chin Shu Ying, said in a statement that MCA deserved the DCM post for the Chinese quota in Sabah because it is the largest Chinese-based party in Malaysia and has a longer history in serving the people in Sabah than Gerakan.

    Secondly, he said if the position was given to MCA, the person concerned would be able to make full use of his good connection with the four MCA Federal Ministers to help the Chinese community in Sabah.

    In this context, he said it was never LDP's intention to lobby for its own Minister when it demanded that Tan quit the DCM post for being partyless for nine months since leaving the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) when it withdrew from the Barisan Nasional.

    "LDP is aware that our Minister is young in terms of experience in the Cabinet. As such, by asking Tan to vacate the DCM post, it was never our intention to replace him with our Minister," he said.

    However, for the best interest of the Chinese community in Sabah, if the position of DCM was given to MCA, LDP would give its full support even though LDP is now a Sabah Chinese-based party with the most number of assemblymen, he said.

    Nevertheless, it left it to the wisdom of the Chief Minister and Prime Minister to decide who is the best candidate to represent the Chinese community in the State Cabinet. Chin said LDP Youth also welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister that the Government has decided to purchase SMC at a reasonable price of RM245 million.

    "We hope the decision can be implemented soon as possible to end the suffering of the patients and the medical staff in Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

    "Meanwhile, we urge the Health Ministry to do a proper long term planning for the health care services and needs in Kota Kinabalu, including making a decision on what to do with the present QEH," he said.

    At the same time, LDP Youth welcomed the call by the Prime Minister to find a solution to settle the case of Mazu out of court.

    "As the case involves two prominent figures from Barisan Nasional, whatever is the outcome of the court case, it will cause uneasiness for us in BN," he said, adding that it was best that the case be settled out of court for the good of all parties.

    "What is more important is the settlement will bring benefit to the people in Kudat and will help boost the tourism industry in Sabah. LDP is willing to assist and to work closely with the Chief Minister to find an amicable solution that can be accepted by all parties," he said.

    Chin said the willingness of the new Prime Minister to adopt the concept of 'People First' and his walkabout were commendable. "However, we in BN must walk the talk and be careful not to organise events that contradict with what we champion," he said.

    An example, he said, was the meet-the-people session in Padang Merdeka on Tuesday where the organiser had invited thousands of people to fill up the venue of the event. However, by doing so, it caused a massive traffic jam in the town area for the whole morning and inconvenienced people working in the town area and all those who had things to do in the town area.

    "Is this consistent with the slogan of 'people first' where the interest of the general public should be put in front of our interest? I also observed that a big portion of the crowd in the event were public servants.

    "By asking the public servants to attend this kind of function and leaving the office empty for the whole morning without anybody attending to the needs of the people, are we doing the right thing? Isn't this counterproductive?" he asked.

  15. Let us kick these fellas out next election...unprincipled, greedy and followers.

    They have got few years to go before Sabahans kick them out!

  16. who believes we will have a next GE is just dreaming!

  17. Nowaday quite many matter are backdoored here and there!
    See here what's wrong with him? and then....
    who create the chaos?The PA system was turned off and on "shiok sendiri" according to news. It will be a laughing joke for that culprit incharge of PA to control Speaker without query!


    WELCOME TO SABAH…Musa greeting some of the foreign participants.

    8th May, 2009

    KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman is keeping his decision on Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah’s position in the State Cabinet close to his chest.

    He will only make known the decision early next week.

    “I will announce it next week. For now you’ll just have to wait for the announcement,” he said to reporters when asked about the matter after officiating at the opening of the International Inner Wheel 14th convention here yesterday.

    Tan has been retained as the Deputy Chief Minister and Infrastructure Development Minister after quitting his former party Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) following the party’s move to pull out from Barisan Nasional last year.

    On Tuesday, he announced his decision to join Gerakan amidst mounting pressure from Barisan component parties for him to expedite measure to resolve his party-less status.

    While some Barisan leaders commended his action to join Gerakan, saying it puts an end to the growing uneasiness among the component parties, his former party SAPP accused that Tan was only protecting his post in the Cabinet.

    Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) president Tan Sri Joseph Kurup in support of Tan’s move had urged BN component party leaders to allow the latter to begin on a new and clean slate.

    Even Datuk VK Liew, who is president of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), a party whose deputy president and youth chief had strongly called for the removal of Tan from the Cabinet, had commended his move to join Gerakan.

    Liew said even though Tan has taken a long time before finally resolving his party-less status, it was good that the latter decided to join a BN component party.

    Asked whether he would maintain his party’s stand to call for Tan to resign from the Cabinet, Liew said it was up to the latter to decide “what he thinks is the best for BN.”

    SAPP information chief Chong Pit Fah however criticized Tan, saying the move to join Gerakan was not done to serve the interest and well being of the people, particularly those who have voted for him when he contested under SAPP ticket in the general election last year.

    The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during his visit here earlier this week, said Tan decided to join Gerakan based on the ground that it is a multi-racial party where he and his supporters could fit in and that there were many branches that have pledged to be with him in his new party.

    Najib had also said that he would leave it to Musa to decide on Tan’s positions in the State Cabinet.

    Meanwhile, asked on the measures being taken by the Government to address the current power problem in the State, the Chief Minister said the issue was currently being discussed in the Cabinet and a decision on it would be made as soon as possible.

  19. power breaks to punish Sabahans for not approving the coal fired plant - thats behind all this! And I believe Tan knows this!

  20. Raymond Tan should quit as DCM to save whatever dignity he's got...

    He is now making use of his DCM post and Gerakan platform to pinch members from Sapp. These very members will leave him and the party if he is no more holding the DCM post...opportunists go to where the honey is.

    Raymond is nothing without his DCM post...he has no charisma, he is a kedekut, no leadership quality, slow mover, indecisive...Just wondering how he got to be Sapp deputy president..or is he spoon fed?

  21. "Kiah Su" Tan is a real loser coz he cannot even form a party of his own, going thru the backdoor to cement his money-making ministerial posts. He is a hypocrit greedy n cunning running dog. Let us wait n see how he fares in the next State Elections, the Sabahans in Sandakan will decide his fate then.

  22. Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Vice-President Herbert Timbon Lagadan???
    Sapa ni orang? Saya dengar dia ni dulu pastor (SIB atau SDA). Tapi kenapa pula dia mcm tiada otak kalau keluar statement. Suka ungkit dulu-dulu punya cerita...
    Setiap kali keluar statement memang ungkit.
    Hati-hati kamurang di Kota Belud. Kalau pernah hutang budi atau hutang $$$ sama dia memang dia akan ungkit tu.

    Hidup YB Herbert Ungkit!!!

  23. Memang kebanyakan orang PBS kurang otak...minumlah pandai!

  24. If this will ever happen in Malaysia?,japan-opposition-leader-to-resign-over-political-fund-scandal.html

  25. kasian,only few of u yg masi makan taik c butak ytl!!!sdgkan member byk yg kluar party suda!brapa byk ahli yg tinggal?cukup utk next GE jugak ka?hahahaha...ya la kan,family & org2 yg t'makan taik ytl mana dpt undur kebelakang suda!sekarang kamu ckp kamu buat utk rakyat?rakyat sapa?pti - pti yg d pelihara oleh ytl d pulau gaya & kg.likas tu yg kamu ckp rakyat?aku heran kenapa kamu t'makan taik ytl trus jd buduh!bikin malu sabahan sja!kamu pura2 ndak tau ka yg ytl kluar bn pasal dia ndak dpt seat?susah kalo org tua merajuk,trus membawa diri & pakat pulak sama gay!!
    Wake up sabahan,jgn t'makan taik ytl!!!

    P/S ; Aku ndak sabar mau tengok reaction kamurang yg rasa sedap taik ytl ni bila nampak sedikit demi sedikit ahli kamu akan meninggalkan parti yg kamu bangga2kan ni.kena la terima hakikat pengaruh Raymond Tan, Au Kam Wah, Jimmy Wong & Nobert Chin bukan calang2 org!kalo ndak p'caya,tanya YTL sendiri!hehehehe...

  26. There are some people in this blog using vulgarities...please do not let these low IQ creatures like Anonymous May 12, 2009 12:18 PM spoil the whole blog.

  27. The LDP Supreme Council's unanimous decision to call for the sacking of partyless Datuk Raymond Tan as Deputy Chief Minister has called into questions not just Raymond's position but also the Chief Minister's prerogative, said SAPP Information Chief Chong Pit Fah .

    Since LDP has deemed Raymond's position as unethical and detrimental to the effectiveness of the BN Government, there is no room for any more delay in an end to the Raymond Tan saga. Other than sacking Raymond, which the Chief Ministers refuses to do, the BN can declare the Sabah State Government as "BN plus Independents" like in Perak State, said Chong.

    He added the last option for Raymond is to join Party Gerakan, the only BN component party that is willing to accept him. This would be a quick, inexpensive short cut to preserve his much coveted DCM post and frustrate the moves of LDP, PBS and MCA to dislodge him from the Cabinet, thereby saving the face of the Chief Minister.

    Chong said that Raymond had claimed that he won his Tanjong Papat State seat under BN ticket. This is his only reasons for "being loyal in BN" in spite of this brave proclamation at this last meeting as SAPP Supreme Councillor in September last year that he would "resign his DCM post within 24 hours of SAPP being out of the BN"."Seven months later, he is stubbornly and shamelessly clinging on to his post. Unlike the Legislative Assembly which is a multi-party body with opposition and independent members, the Cabinet is made up of only ruling Party members.

    "Raymond should now realize it the hard way that without SAPP, he would not have been both an Assemblyman and DCM. This is the whole basis of BN component parties calling for his resignation. Raymond might love the BN but the BN does not love him. He has overstayed his welcome as a "BN Independent," said Chong.

    "Once Raymond joins another Party, it means he admits that his position depends on his Party status and not being merely "BN independent". Otherwise, there is no need for Raymond to join another Party," he added.

  28. He should give up his job and go back to work to EARN his living? No way! The cake is to tempting! He will stay on like BN in Perak, with hook or crook!

  29. Sabah Gerakan respects Musa’s decision

    KOTA KINABALU, May 13 – Sabah Gerakan respects the decision of Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman in appointing Datuk Raymond Tan as the Minister of Industrial Development, said State Gerakan Liaison chairman Gordon Leong.

    He said he was confident that Tan’s re-appointment into the State Cabinet, although in a different portfolio, would provide more opportunities and platforms for Gerakan’s representatives in Sabah to serve the people in a more effective and efficient manner.

    “The appointment shows that Musa acknowledges Raymond’s relentless contribution to the people of Sabah,” he said here today.

    Tan, the former Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) deputy president, joined Gerakan, a peninsula-based party, recently after being partyless for almost nine months.

    Prior to this new appointment, Tan had also been Sabah Deputy Chief Minister and Infrastructure Development Minister. – Bernama

  30. Kasian si Anonymous May 12,2009 12:18pm.
    Skang Dtk Raymond Tan bukan lagi TKM. Ini lah konon nya balasan dari BN kerana mengkhianati SAPP & setia kepada BN...
    Saya faham perasaan kamu yang telah keluar SAPP tetapi jangan bimbang sebab kamu masih boleh dimaafkan kerana tindakan kamu pada ketika itu hanya dikaburi oleh kerakusan projek dan nafsu $$$. Bumi mana yang tidak pernah ditimpah hujan...
    Kini hilang jawatan dan akan datang pula tinggal Dtk Raymond & Dtk Au yang jadi calon dengan 1 jawatan Menteri. Apa yang kamu boleh buat dalam Gerakan???
    Jimi Wong pula tak dapat jadi calon Likas atau Sepangar sebab UPKO & UMNO mahu Sepanggar dan Likas pula peluang PBS lebih besar berbanding LDP. Luyang pula MCA sudah target. Apa macam...? Kalau Tawau tak payah cakap sebab Parti Gerakan mustahil boleh dapat. Dtk Liew YF ada peluang jadi calon Tawau tapi itupun kalau dia sertai Parti yang ngam.
    Hakikat SAPP keluar BN adalah demi masa depan rakyat Malaysia di Sabah diatas nama Kesaksamaan dan Keadilan dalam semua aspek kemanusian, keselamatan dan kemajuan.
    Dtk Raymond Tan masih boleh terus melombong untuk poketnya dalam masa 3 tahun ini tetapi lepas itu rakyat akan bagi dia bersara lebih awal.
    Yang kamu maki hamun tak tentu arah pula akan berada di mana? Paling-paling ke UMNO tapi apa pula kedudukan ko disana? Bolehkah kamu megah diri mcm sekarang? Tepuk dada tanya selera...

  31. Allways make sure your money flows!

    Tan may stay as DCM; Au may fill Melanie's vacancy
    Published on: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman is expected to announce today (Wednesday) whether State Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Raymond Tan will remain as Deputy Chief Minister.

    According to an advisory from the Chief Minister's Department, Musa, who is State Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman, is scheduled to hold a news conference immediately after the weekly state Cabinet meeting which starts at 10am.

    "It is mostly likely that the Chief Minister will announce the position of Raymond in the state Cabinet tomorrow," said a reliable source.

    Speculation of an imminent minor Cabinet reshuffle has been rife over the past week and gained currency when Tan, the former Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President, decided to join Gerakan, a peninsula-based party, recently after being partyless for almost nine months.

    In making the announcement, Gerakan national chairman Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said that former SAPP Youth chief and Elopura assemblyman Au Kam Wah also made a similar commitment.

    Meanwhile, it was reliably learnt that Au might be appointed Assistant Minister to fill the vacancy left when former State Assistant Finance Minister Melanie Chia chose to remain with SAPP and resigned from her post after the party left BN on Sept 17 last year.

  32. man of his word.....

    allo kawan,itu remon tan suda antar surat resign la last year after sup ayam panas - panas kluar BeieNd,tp itu musa yg reject. U tidak baca paper ka?hehehehehehe...

    Anonymous May 13, 2009 7:39 PM

    ko tulis nih dlm tidur ka?hehehehe...ckp pasal tawau,ko ingat chua soon bui tuh bley menag kalo majoriti 60% melayu pengundi nya?pernah dengar word "anak ndak sedar di untung"? tuh words utk kataks mcm ADUN kamu,kalo btol2 ada pendirian,lepas jawatan adun yg kamu menang dari BN tuh,baru bley bermegah dgn apa yg kamu ckp sini.pengundi@rakyat sandakan ndak perlu TKM utk di undi,dorang cuma perlu BN untuk meneruskan kesinambungan pembangunan,sosioekonomi & kesejahteraan hidup dlm berbilang kaum!!!!work more,talk less!!!!!!!!!!ko ckp hilang jawatan?ko ada baca paper?RT stil full minister at industrial development la kawan...kasian ko nih!hehehehehehe...

    Hakikat SAPP keluar BN adalah demi masa depan rakyat Malaysia di Sabah diatas nama Kesaksamaan dan Keadilan dalam semua aspek kemanusian, keselamatan dan kemajuan


  33. man of principleMay 14, 2009 at 1:25 PM

    Raymond Tan mana ada resign...kalau dia betul ada prinsip, masih mahu pegang minister dan sampai LDP mahu dia digoreng, baru dia cari Gerakan untuk menyelamat sendiri..To save himself...this low-down unprincipled, greedy politician.

    If I see him on the street, I will spit on his bondan face.

  34. "Mau Hak Lon" means No Balls also means Bontan Kiasu..hehehe


    May 14, 2009 11:50 AM

    Mengencang pula si kawan... Hehe!

    Ok lah, Dtk Raymond masih Menteri Perindustrian. Jadi ada tempat melombong untuk poket sendiri dan kroni mcm kamu tapi kamurang mau kerja keras sebab $$$ di kementerian itu tak sebanyak Kementerian Perhubungan.

    Pasal Tawau tu pula kalau hakikatnya ko suka atau tak suka memang SAPP boleh tanding tapi Kalau GERAKAN atau kumpulan Dtk Raymond mau tanding peratusan% ialah Negatif Satu Ratus Peratus (-100%) Hehe... Jangan mengencang yah!!!

    Pasal YTL tak dapat calon pula keluar BN itu ko boleh tipu diri sendiri... Kalau mau tipu orang mcm kami ni terpaksa ko mau kerja keras! Saya nak tanya apa tujuan seseorng itu mau jadi calon (YB)??? Kalau mcm Dtk Raymond sudah tentu pasal $$$ dan jawatan tapi kebanyakkan YB pula kerana ingin memperbaiki kehidupan rakyat Malaysia yang mereka wakili dengan lebih adil dan saksama seperti yang dinikamati oleh rakan lain di seluruh Malaysia.

    Macam mana pula BN dapat meneruskan keseinambungan yang mcm ko repek tu??? Ko tengok saja apa Kamu BN buat sama Perak??? Bikin malu... Tun Dr. Mahathir & Tengku Razaleigh pun tak setuju dengan BN jadi apa yang ko merepek...

    Kasian juga lah ko krana fakta yang ko dapat telah dikaburi oleh sentimen kepentingan peribadi tapi ko tidak salah sebab itu hak ko kan.

    Satu saja saya minta pandangan ko ialah kalau BN tumbang pada PRU13 akan datang. Bukankah kita boleh pilih balik BN kalau PR tak pandai buat kerja mcm Pak Lah!?


  36. Tan gambled high and lost all! Serves him right!

  37. kamu ni orang si lateman kana kasih duit kah ni untuk menjaga dia cuma d blog sapp kah atau kalau dia pergi tandas pun kena jaga .orang macam ni masih ada orang sangguh bela dia kalau bukan kerana $$$$$$$$$$$$$ apa lagiiiiiiii.

  38. Shahid Malik has stepped down as justice minister "pending an expenses inquiry", Downing Street says.

    For more details:

  39. I would like to see that in Malaysia!

    O, sorry no one there anymore!

    Labour MP David Chaytor is suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over his expenses claims.

    For more details:


    Saudara Pengarang,

    Saya terpanggil untuk menulis surat kepada selepas membaca artikel bertajuk PERLETAKAN JAWATAN RODERICK ADA KAITAN DENGAN KES HONG KONG? yang disiarkan pada 6 Februari 2009, namun tugas untuk mengumpul bukti memerlu masa yang agak panjang untuk memberitahu rakyat Sabah siapakah sebenarnya Michael Chia Tien Foh, seorang lelaki istimewa yang digelar penduduk Sandakan sebagai 'adik angkat' Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman, Ketua Menteri Sabah.

    Saya terpegun kerana Michael Chia begitu kebal dan seolah-olah berlaku 'Total Media Black-Out'apabila tidak ada satu media cetak yang melaporkan kes beliau sekalipun Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Hong Kong (ICAC) menangkap beliau ketika cuba membawa keluar $16 juta dolar Singapura daripada Lapangan Terbang Hong Kong.

    Kekebalan Michael Chia begitu menyerlah apabila Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) belum mendakwa Michael Chia ke Mahkamah walaupun semua bukti kegiatan haramnya telah diperolehi.

    Saya begitu kagum bagaimana dan di mana beliau memperolehi kekayaan untuk memiliki harta berikut;

    Sebuah Lamborghini WQD 12
    Sebuah Mercedes Benz S 350
    Sebuah Mercedes SLK SAA 63 K
    Dua buah Skyline Model terbaru (R35)
    Sebuah Nissan 350 (FERLIDY)
    Sebuah Hammer
    Lima buah Skau (Tongkang).

    Tidak cukup dengan kereta mewah yang diletakkan di sebuah garaj khas di Taman Tyng, Sandakan, Michael Chia turut mempunyai dua orang isteri yang mempunyai wang yang cukup banyak dalam akaun namun semuanya terlepas pandang oleh SPRM.

    Isteri Pertamanya, Yap Loo mien mempunyai USD100 juta di sebuah bak perdagangan di Hong Kong. Manakala isteri keduanya, Yap Siaw Lin pula mempunyai USD 30 juta di samping akaun mereka di UBS Hongkong sejumlah USD 100 juta lagi.

    Saya mengenal pasti syarikat mereka, Sabah Wangsa Sdn.Bhd yang digunakan untuk membeli secara tunai RM2 juta dan mendaftar lima buah Skau berkenaan di Sandakan.

    Mungkin SPRM juga gagal mengesan Michael Chia turut mendapat Konsesi Pembalakan di Yayasan Sabah seluas 100,000 hektar dan tiga lot tanah mewah di Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu.

    Lebih hebat daripada dijangkakan, Michael Chia turut melantik seorang peguam terkenal di Sabah yang mempunyai USD 500 juta di dalam akaun di Hong Kong Shang Hai Bank, Central Hong Kong sebagai pemegang amanahnya.

    Bilakah SPRM dan Jabatan Hasil mahu bangun daripada tidur lena ketika rakyat Sabah menderita dengan bebanan cukai dan kadar inflasi yang tinggi sehingga tidak lagi mampu untuk makan tiga kali sehari?

    Lorong Indah 3, Taman Indah,

    NOTA: PANDANGAN atau surat ini tidak semestinya pandangan yang menyiarkan surat ini setelah menyiasat bukti yang disertakan adalah sahih dan dapat dibuktikan secara munasabah.

  41. Ok lah, Dtk Raymond masih Menteri Perindustrian. Jadi ada tempat melombong untuk poket sendiri dan kroni mcm kamu tapi kamurang mau kerja keras sebab $$$ di kementerian itu tak sebanyak Kementerian Perhubungan.


    kementerian perhubungan?ko tinggal d ulu ka sampai kementerian yg ndak wujud pun ko sembarang ckp sja?hahahahaha....nih t'lampau t'makan taik c yung suck li la nih!hehehehe...
    kita tengok sja nanti next PRU kalo sapp dpt manang d tpt yg kamu tanding.kalo kalah,jgn trus tutup blog BUDUH kamu ya,bley aku kasi sedia teh tarik pagi2!hehehehehe........