Saturday, April 25, 2009

Take action against anti-Malaysia elements

Recent release without charge of the persons who burned the Sabah flags sends a very dangerous message to many people in Sabah, particularly in the East Coast, that such treasonable actions are tolerated.

"A new publication by the same people can surface any time under another title. Whereas 'Malaysia Today' and other anti-BN websites have been shut down by the authorities, other websites claiming that Sabah is under the 'illegal occupation of Malaysia' are still active.

"In other states, people have been charged for insulting the Sultan and for protesting against toll hikes. Journalists and bloggers have been detained under the Internal Security Act. But in Sabah, people who committed treason by staking a claim on Sabah on behalf of a foreign power and burning state flags walk free. By claiming Sabah as belonging to another country, these people have ridiculed the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Sabah Tuan Yang DiPertua Negeri, our national Parliament, State Legislative Assembly and our Federal and State constitutions to which we have been sworn to uphold.


  1. Go-ahead for Sabah-Johor undersea electricity cable

    MIRI: At least 10,000 megawatts of electricity from the RM6bill-Bakun hydro-electric dam project in central Sarawak will be supplied to peninsula Malaysia so that every states there will have adequate and uninterrupted supply of power for households and industries.

    The Cabinet has decided that the undersea-power transmission cable project between the southern tip of Sarawak and Johor must proceed so that energy from Bakun can be channeled via the bed of the South China Sea to Johor and then to the rest of peninsula Malaysia.

    Water, Energy and Green Technology Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said the Cabinet during its recent meeting agreed that it would be better to undertake the undersea-power cable project rather than to continue building new power plants in the peninsula states.

    ''Over the long term, it will be more economical and viable to transmit power from Bakun to peninsula Malaysia even though the undersea-cable project would be very costly.

    ''This project will ensure that folks in peninsula Malaysia get constant and adequate supply of electricity at a rate that would be much better compared to what they will have to pay if we (Government) were to allow more power plants to be build in the states in the peninsula.

    ''The costs of having to build more power plants in peninsula states will be much more as compared to the costs of the undersea-cable project,'' he said when interviewed after presenting grants for minor projects at the Sarawak United People's Party here.

    Chin said that the 10,000 MWs from Bakun should be enough to meet the needs of the whole of the peninsula, but stressed that the amount could be increased as and when the needs arise.

    The great benefit of hydro-power is that it can be increased when needed, he said, pointing out that Sarawak itself will have an abundant source of hydro-power that will be enough to meet not just the nation's needs, but also the needs of regional countries.

    Asked who will handle the undersea-cable project, Chin said a joint-venture would be undertaken by Tenaga Nasional Bhd and Sarawak Elctricity Board to carry out the job.

    The cost of the undersea-cable project has not been finalised as yet, he said, adding that the rates at which power would be sold to the peninsula is also being worked out.

    Bakun is expected to be operational by 2011.

    ''Sarawak will sell to Kalimantan, Sabah and even the southern Philippines as well because there will be much electricity to be generated not only from Bakun, but also from the other hydro-dams that will be build under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) project,'' he said.

    Chin said Sarawak will have the capacity to generate electricity reserve of up to 28,000 Mws from the SCORE project.

    And where are the ppl of Sabah and Sarawak?

  2. why? anon April 25, 2009 3:22 PM

    you are out of topic lah!

  3. "Our dearly beloved good people of Sabah and descendants of great and brave Tausug warriors living in Sabah and to the members of the Sabah Pro-Independence Movement who made representations and met our Royal Cabinet Ministers earlier on! Assalamu Alaikum!

    This is a special message of greetings and best wishes to the good people of Sabah and to our Beloved Tausug descendants who are sons and daughters of valiant, loyal and courageous Tausug warriors known throughout history as defenders of the Sultanate of Sulu & Sabah, the “Unconquered Kingdom”, who never yielded and never surrendered to the invasion and conquest of Spain.

    Sabah and Palawan were gifts by the Sultan of Brunei to the Sultan of Sulu in 1658 when the Sultan of Sulu gave military assistance to quell the rebellion on the island of Borneo by sending Panglima Illijji as commander of the Tausug expeditionary force numbering over 2,500 battle-tested troops against the Spaniards.

    Panglima Illijji (the great ancestor of Datu Prof. Dr. Hadji Nur P. Misuari) and other Tausug warriors from Tapul and Parang, Sulu performed their duties brilliantly that made Sabah and Palawan annexed to the Sulu Crown and properties of the Sultanate of Sulu to this day.

    In 1878, the royal father of our grandfather, HM Sultan Jamalul Ahlam Kiram, rented Sabah to a British company with the provisions that it could not be transferred to any person, company or nation without the consent of the Sultan of Sulu.

    The British took over Malaya and Sabah and continued to pay the rent for Sabah to the Sultan of Sulu. The British left Malaya and Sabah in 1962 but instead of returning the Sabah property to the Sultan of Sulu, it was illegally transferred to Malaysia without the consent of the Sultan of Sulu.

    MALAYSIA ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED SABAH SINCE 1963 TO THIS DAY. It was said that a referendum was held for the people of Sabah to join Malaysia but this referendum was unfair and unlawful because Malaysia did not inform and did not give any opportunity to the owners of Sabah namely the Sultan of Sulu and the Sultanate of Sulu to present their side as landowners of Sabah before and during the said referendum.

    Therefore, this referendum, being unilateral and one-sided was unlawful and null and void 'ab initio' and had no effect on the land ownership of the Sultan of Sulu and the Sultanate of Sulu over Sabah. Sabah is still the property of the Sultan and the Sultanate of Sulu to this day.

    We, His Majesty Sultan Muhammad Fuad Abdulla Kiram I, as The Sultan of Sulu & The Sultan of Sabah, Head of the Sultanate and Head of Islam in the Sultanate of Sulu & Sabah, along with our Royal Family and our Royal Cabinet, support A FREE AND INDEPENDENT SABAH under a Parliamentary Monarchy whereby Members of Parliament are elected by the people of Sabah provided, howsoever, that a free and independent Sabah will be under our reign and our successors according to law of succession as the King of Sabah.

    In this proposal, the King of Sabah will reign and the Sabah Parliament will rule and administer services beneficial to all the people of Sabah.

    This proposal will finally resolve the Sabah matter because The Sultan of Sulu & The Sultan of Sabah, as lawful owner, has agreed with this compromise solution that will be a win-win position to everyone concerned.

    This also means that the resources of Sabah and its gross domestic product, as well as the nearly 1 million barrels of oil pumped per day in Sabah, amounting to USD30 Billion per year, will be utilized for social and economic developments of the beloved people of Sabah.

    As per energy report, Sabah contains over 70% of oil reserves of Malaysia today but with this reality, Malaysia (a Muslim nation) dispossessed their Muslim brothers and sisters of their Sabah property without just compensation.

    This act of Malaysia is Un-Islamic and against the law of Allah, and must be rejected by good peoples and the international community of nations.

    It is, however, necessary that Sabah assists in the much needed social and economic developments of their underprivileged Muslim brothers and sisters in the Sultanate of Sulu and of Mindanao.

    We support this compromise solution together with our Royal Family, our Royal Cabinet and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) to resolve the Sabah matter by peaceful means.

    When the good people of Sabah ejected Malaysia out of Sabah, they will be the masters of their own destiny and the masters of their resources in Sabah worth over USD30 Billion per year, with said resources now siphoned off to Kuala Lumpur with little amount left for social and economic developments of the epople of Sabah.

    We pray the good people of Sabah will act soon on this win-win solution to resolve the Sabah matter by peaceful means. We support a free and independent Sabah as proposed by the Sabah Pro-Independence Movement.

    Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!!!"

  4. Anonymous said...

    why? anon April 25, 2009 3:22 PM

    you are out of topic lah!

    April 26, 2009 4:07 PM

    The money could be used for a new GH! thats why! It is the wrong way to spend taxpayers money..... Sabahans pay tax as well! But get nothing!

  5. Sultan of Brunei had the right to give SABAH to sultan of Sulu or not? The North Borneo was belong to Dusun,Bajau,Murut and some orther races for thousand and thousand years. If China help U.S to settle the North Korea problems, do you agree that U.S give Japan to China ?

  6. It is increasingly clear that Sabah is flying apart. This is absolutely predictable. Neither Philippines nor Indonesia has the military power to attack Sabah. But the increasing influx of Indonesians and Filipinos are making it increasingly possible for either of these groups of people to take over the government of Sabah due to their increasingly larger proportion of the general population. For example, if the Filipinos can take over the Sabah government, then they can implement a new vote and take Sabah out of Malaysia. And so the Malays would have through their own policy of marginalizing and decreasing the population of the Chinese while allowing the Filipinos to enter and settle in large numbers give away Sabah.

    Furthermore, even if the Filipinos don't have the numerical majority to take over the government, they can still foment unrest once they have reached a significantly large proportion of the total population such as 30% or more. It will then compel the Malaysian government to concede special privileges to the Filipinos. This is already becoming clear.

    The solution is obvious. Malaysian government must immediately implement equality in the immigration policies to encourage faster inflow of Chinese to restore the balance of population. In 1963 the Chinese constituted some 30% of the total population and Sabah was prosperous and peaceful. Now the Chinese population constitutes less than 10% and the economy of Sabah is stagnant in spite of its rich ntural wealth and social condition is becoming dangerous and unstable. Now the timber is gone and oil will be depleted in some 20 years. When that happens, Sabah will become even poorer if in the meantime the proportion of the Chinese drop to 5% or less. And if the Filipinos establish predominant political control over Sabah, the Sabah economy will become even poorer than the Philipines.

    The trend is grim. Unfortunately, the Malays and the native KDM peoples don't have the wisdom to reverse this downward trend. The Malays and the native KDM are still marginalizing the Chinese and cannot bring themselves to give the Chinese full equality. And without full equality in Sabah, the Chinese will simply move overseas where they are finding better economic opportunities and greater social political equalities. In other words the Chinese are getting richer and be safer in other developed countries such as the US, UK, Australia, China, Singapore, etc. And with the Chinese getting richer and be treated with greater dignity in these developed countries, they have no wish to stay in the deteriorating Sabah where they are marginalized and getting poorer and facing even grimmer prospects in the future. And without the Chinese, Sabah has no hope.

  7. Dusun and other local races are definitely not able to bring Sabah out of Malaysia,because no country is going to help them. I don't believe that Philipine or Indoneasia will treat the Dusun and orher local races better than Malaysia. If Philipine or Indoneasia want to attack Sabah,even Dusun,Bajau,all local races and chinese stand with Malaysia,it is not easy to say 'we are save'. If you are very close to the new bumi or illegal workers,you will understand. It is the time for BN and PR to work together for ' one Malaysia'.It is not too late.

  8. The only thing the Filipinos and the Indonesians can do is turn Sabah into an even poorer version of Philippines and Indonesia. If you think the Philippines and Indonesia are poor now, it will boggle your mind to imagine a Sabah that is even poorer than these countries. And with the Chinese population dropping to 5% or less, they have essentially become irrelevant and the economy will be determined by the other races. This means that Sabah will become like the Philippines and Indonesia except it will be much more chaotic and therefore have a slower and poorer economy.

    With the timber and oil gone, there is no more natural resources for Sabah to sell for quick and effortless profits. And without the Chinese to provide the backbone for economic growth, Sabah economy will simply crash. There is no reason to believe that the Filipinos and Indonesians in Sabah will have greater economic and business enterpreneurial acumen that their stay at home cousins. The Filipinos and Indonesians in Sabah will simply mismanage the Sabahan economy even worse than their stay at home cousins are currently mismanaging the Philippines and Indonesian economies now. And so it is absolutely predictable that Sabah economy will crash to even poorer condition than the Philippines and Indonesian economies now.

    Ultimately, it is people who make the economy grow. If the people are incompetent then the economy will not grow but will degenerate. Therefore, looking at the kind and quality of the various kinds of peoples in Sabah, it is obvious to predict what Sabah will become.

  9. Here are some numbers on the respective GDP of Malaysia and the Philippines:

    Population 25 million
    GDP: $215 billion
    Per caipita GDP: $8,560

    Ppulation: 98 million
    GDP: $169 billion
    Per capita GDP: $1,724

    Now imagine Sabah with a per capita GDP of only $1,500 or even less. Any Chinese with any sense will get out as soon as they can. Sabah is a sinking ship with no hopes left. Sabah will very likely turn into Cambodia whose per capita GDP is only $750.

    Those who want to verify these figures can go to the following link:

  10. The country's sovereignty here is at loose ends and is being undermined by a foreign government eager to stake continuous claims on Sabah,which is a State in the Federation Of Malaysia.

    Whats puzzling is why are the Malaysian authorities not addressing the issue as "high alert"?As a Malaysian,I'm insulted and baffled that foreigners can stroll in,burn our state flags,shout claims that this land belongs to them and let off by the authorities as if only a traffic offense was committed,OR is there more to the story that meets the eye which is on a need to know basis?

    The Federal Government should be seen as addressing this matter seriously as otherwise the 1Malaysia,People First,Performance Now is merely lip service out to hoodwink the people.This is of course that Sabah is part of Malaysia?

  11. Malaysia still pays rent to the sultan of sulu and this shows, they are right

  12. Personally, I've had nothing but trouble from the Malay ruled government since the day Malaysia was formed. Now, the Sabah government is tearing down my house and taking my land without any compensation. How can anybody who has been so robbed by such a thuggish government have any wish to support it?

    If the Malaysian government wants people like me to support it, then it has better start acting like it is halfway civilized and not a thug out to destroy me. Otherwise, I'd have nothing to lose if the Filipinos take over Sabah.

  13. Ronnie wrote:
    1Malaysia,People First,Performance Now

    More realistically, this is more like:

    1. 1 Malaysia,
    2. Malay people first, other bumis second, Chinese and unconnected people last,
    3. grab what you can now.

  14. what is the difference to be robbed by UMNO BN or the sultan of sulu?

  15. I wish you all a good day and enjoy!

  16. for history based on facts watch Astro 555 History Channel: Raiders of the Sulu Sea and you will see where the Keris and silat came from! and a lot of other things.

  17. anonymous wrote:
    what is the difference to be robbed by UMNO BN or the sultan of sulu?


    I know Malays have already treated me like an enemy for no apparent reason other than racism. (I had even supported the formation of Malaysia at the beginning and was perfectly willing to treat the Malays equally. But, of course, the Malays don't want to treat me equally. Ant therein lies the whole problem.) Whether the Sultan of Sulu will rob me or treat me like an enemy is still to be be seen. Maybe it won't be better. But it surely cannot be any worse. (Who knows? Maybe the Sultan of Sulu is a wise man who understands the need for democracy and will implement equality and adhere to human rights.)

    Tens of thousands of Chinese have fled Sabah. The Chinese population has dropped from more than 30% in 1963 to less than 10% today and is one of the slowest growing Chinese populations anywhere in the world. (By contrast the Chinese population is growing at double digit rate every year in America. The Chinese now constitute more than 1% of the American population. The Chinese-American median household income is also some 20% higher than the overall median household incomes of America as a whole.) Obviously, many Chinese in Sabah have felt as I do the same sense of hopelessness and resented being treated as second class and as enemies of the dominant Malays and various native races. Frankly, I don't think the vast majority of the Chinese in Sabah really gives a damn who rule Sabah. It will just be the same corruption and racism.

    The only hope is for Sabah to be federated with Singapore. Then there will be a new government that will be truly clean and efficient. And all the races in Sabah will benefit by having a dynamic economy that will make them all rich or at least richer than they could ever hope to be under the Malays or any other races.

  18. I agree but this is a dream not to come true! Sorry!

    The only hope is for Sabah to be federated with Singapore. Then there will be a new government that will be truly clean and efficient. And all the races in Sabah will benefit by having a dynamic economy that will make them all rich or at least richer than they could ever hope to be under the Malays or any other races.

    April 30, 2009 3:59 AM

  19. Anonymous said:
    I agree but this is a dream not to come true! Sorry!

    As I said before, Sabah is sinking ship with no hope.

  20. Some of the real Sabahans also consider that it surely cannot be any worse if Sabah is under sultan of Sulu. It is very dangerous for 'one Malaysia'. Our leaders have to solve the problem,but don't use the "ISA".

  21. Anonymous wrote:
    Some of the real Sabahans also consider that it surely cannot be any worse if Sabah is under sultan of Sulu. It is very dangerous for 'one Malaysia'. Our leaders have to solve the problem,but don't use the "ISA".

    First, the Chinese have contributed more to the development of the Sabahan economy than any other races combined. The Chinese also have paid more taxes than all the other races combined. I think that qualifies them to be "real" Sabahans. And if you people think the Chinese are not real Sabahans, then there is the root of the problem.

    Second, you cannot achieve one Malaysia if you don't give equality to all races. As long as you categorise some as "real" Malaysians or "real" Sabahans and other races such as the Chinese or the Indians as "not-real" Malaysians or "not-real" Sabahans, then you will never achieve one Malaysia.

    Third, UMNO-BN is using terror tactics such as ISA and other more sinister tactics such as confiscating the properties of those who call for equality as is being done to me as I mentioned earlier in this thread. But such sinister terror tactic and intimidation do not work. I am independently wealthy in America even if they rob me of all my properties in Sabah. It will not intimidate me. It will only make me angry and want to get rid of this evil from Malaysia even more.

    In the end, any political party that wants to rule a country must first win the trust and support of the people based on common decency. Using terror tactics such as ISA and sinister intimidation such as confiscating land and houses will only engender even more opposition. And instituting inequality only makes it necessary to use force to suppress those who are being marginalized. In the end, such a society cannot endure and will eventually end in violent chaos.

    It is also stupid to try to intimidate me. Since I'm a US citizen I can call on the help of the US government which takes a very prejudicial view of foreginers who harm the persons and properties of Americans abroad. If the American government decide to support the Sultan of Sulu in his claim to Sabah, then Malaysia will be booted out of Sabah overnight.

  22. Dream on... Let me remind you that, Singapore implement ISA as well. Thank you.

  23. Pls. read even if it is in the wrong blog and start cashing out our fixed deposit!

  24. The chinese who born in Sabah or were in Sabah before Sept.16,1963 are real Sahahans.

  25. anynymous wrote:
    Dream on... Let me remind you that, Singapore implement ISA as well. Thank you.

    Every country in the world has implemented some kind of laws against high treason. In fact, no country can do without laws against treason because, unfortunately, there are always traitors. But the important thing is whether the government itself is righteous and give the people no reason for treason. Or whether the government itself has betrayed the people or violated the basic moral principles of humanity and deserves to be overthrown. In which case there is no treason to overthrow such a corrupt and despotic government through the democratic process.

    Singapore has treated all its peoples fairly and equally. There is no violation of human rights where some race is above other races and has special rights. Therefore, there is no reason to fight against the Singapore government. And the Singaporean ISA is used only against those who are evil and seek to undermine the Singaporean society to create chaos and misery.

    In Malaysia's case the UMNO-BN government has separated its different races into distinct classes with different rights. Therefore, Malaysia's UMNO-BN government deserves to be replaced according to the UN human rights. And overthrowing a government through democratic means is not treason but the normal workings of a civilized society.

    The misuse of the ISA by the UMNO-BN government to eliminate and intimidate its political opponents is itself a gross violation of the laws.

  26. Anonymous wrote:
    The chinese who born in Sabah or were in Sabah before Sept.16,1963 are real Sahahans.

    The Chinese as well as anybody else who have lived in and contributed to the advancement and growth of Sabah are real Sabahans. A Chinese who had entered Sabah following 1963 and have contributed to the growth and development of Sabah is much more of a real Sabahan than somebody who was born in Sabah but contributed nothing to the growth and development of Sabah.

    The problem is that the so-called native sons are envious of others who entered Sabah and have gotten rich by contributing to the growth and development of Sabah. So they take the properties of these people and kick them out. But when these productive people left, the native sons don't know how to be productive. And so Sabah economy stagnates and the native sons themselves become even poorer.

    It would be obvious good to welcome as many productive people into Sabah as possible, especially the Chinese since they have demonstrated their enterpreneurial expertise. Treat these people with decency and equality and encourage them to be as productive as possible. And even as they grow richer, they also create wealth for the native sons. In the end the Sabah society will be more harmonious and all the Sabahan peoples of all races will be richer.

    Trying to treat the Chinese as second class citizens and robbing them of their properties will in the end be counterproductive to the benefit of the native sons. I said it many times before, and I say it again. The natives don't need special rights. What they need is a robust economy to give them more jobs with higher wages. And the only way to achieve such a robust economy is to welcome those Chinese who are rich and enterprising into Sabah and treat them as real Sabahans with equal rights to encourage them to develop the Sabahan economy for the benefit of all Sabahan peoples.