Thursday, October 28, 2010


SAPP is facing an uphill task in this by-election with both BN and PKR trying to undermine its chances of wrestling the Batu Sapi Parliamentary seat. Dap Hiew King Cheu with his team is going around distributing leaflets telling the people and voters that SAPP is an agent of BN which is absolutely a LIE .

SAPP is along very consistent with their stand on Sabah and offered to be friends with Pakatan, to conquer Putrajaya and corrupt BN but sadly to say we are on our own at the moment, unless Pakatan understands, that SAPP is fighting for Sabah.  By not joining Pakatan,  does not mean the bridge is broken.

While both opposition parties should be fighting the BN, the PKR and DAP chose to embark on a mission to kill off SAPP with their dirty tactics of smearing Yong and SAPP...So let us show them Our Voice from Batu Sapi.... more information in Batu Sapi Blog


  1. Selamat berjuang. Semoga calon terbaik akan menang pilihan raya kecil Batu Sapi.

  2. jangan tunduk dengan desakan PKR yang mahu SAPP menarik must join the contest..

  3. Most earnest and truthful I beg all in PR-PKR,PAS or DAP leaders to consider deeply and understand role could be play if SAPP is supported to lead the state and contest 1 to 1 with full support facing BN in Batu Sapi by-election.
    PBS had done it almost in the past to administer the state but finally gave it up to UMNO's and led the state to where it is now facing too much difficulty and in poverty.
    PR's strength should concentrate on federal level and making its effort to lead all way to PutraJaya for coming GRE13 instead of this by-election unless what they want is to monopolise or rather be barbaric just like what sabahan are facing with UMNO and BN presently with terrible policy of federal.
    SDR Anwar,LKS and other PR leaders please have wisdom dor people in Sabah and walk your talk as well as fulfill the pledge sabahan hope for!

  4. If no one willing to back out, might as well just have both PKR and Sapp to contest for the by-election.

  5. harap semua parti yang bertanding akan menghantar calon yang terbaik. apa pun, terserah kepada warga Batu Sapi untuk membuat pilihan..

  6. PKR's request for SAPP to back out from contesting Batu Sapi smacks of arrogance. This reminds me again of the attitude of Federal UMNO leaders towards Sabah.

    If we don't help ourselves, who will?

  7. SAPP akan berjuang habis-habisan untuk menarik undi.

  8. SAPP must be driving the KK MP nucking futs by him publicly saying Yong cannot be trusted due to his history in BN. Isn't it a fact that his own boss Anwar Ibrahim were once DPM and UMNO Deputy President?

    This KK MP is the hypocrite of the highest degree to the level of Ibrahim Ali. What a shame on DAP.

  9. 进步党永远不会伏输。但,别忘了,进步党是由每个人的血汗而来的。

  10. Indeed. A dream come true.

  11. for the sake of free speech do not delete this
    1. As Sabahans, we firstly observe that some parties in Sabah have inconsistent loyalty and dubious governance record in Sabah (especially under the same leader for all these long years) and now they try to make a political comeback (by announcing, straight on the newspaper and straight right on Sabahans face, that they want to compete in 40 seats), given that their best chance to care for Sabah has been long gone (by helping UMNO to set foot in and Sabah and keep quiet on UMNO's negligence on Sabah for these 14 years). So, as Sabahans, we have all the RIGHT to question this party motive to compete in majority of the seats, given that until now, they are even unclear on their stand (remember, they are not in PR, therefore is unbounded by PR pledge/consensus). We, of course, have the RIGHT to know the TRUTH and an honest answer from this party. If not, do not even try to convince Sabahans to vote for you, because people has lost confidence and you will be just wasting your time and potentially damage the chance of PR to dethrone BN, which leads me to the second point.

  12. for the sake of freedom of speech do not censor this
    2. We in Sabah has also observed repeatedly the appearance of "spoiler party" or "party kacau" in Sabah, that came in to split the voters among the opposition (as far as First Past the Post is concerned) and keep certain political parties in power. This brings us back to 1999, as an example, where we saw BERSEKUTU (which is an irrelevant but rich party, led by a former CM of Sabah, Harris) contested in every DUN seats and they didn't even want to compromise with PBS (so that every seats can have 1-1 fight against BN). BERSEKUTU certainly didn't win any seats, BUT they have spoilt the chance of PBS to win some of the vital DUN seats in order to topple BN by splitting the voters who were unhappy with BN. So, could this party (who's already quite irrelevant and stayed in BN for 14 years and whose leader was a former CM), who just announced that they wanted 40 seats, be a "party kacau"? This is also one of our worry, in addition to their unpopular acts in supporting UMNO/BN for 14 years. (Ref back to point 1 and points in previous posts)

  13. 3. Suppose they are not really kacau and are really sincere, then they have to realize that people has already distrusted them, so they might not win in any of the 40 seats in the first place, given that they have certain immediate questions from Sabah people to respond to (again, Ref 1 and previous posts). So, to regain Sabahan's confidence, perhaps this party should not start out by greedily and arrogantly demanding 40 seats and parliamentary seats. What we want to see is perhaps they should look up on a parallel party in Sarawak, SNAP, who joined PR by the way, and SNAP ( even as a more credible Sarawakian party who was with BN before) just demanded 10 seats (which are their stronghold by the way) in the upcoming DUN election in Sarawak. To safeguard the possibility that SAPP, after winning a few parliamentary seats, will defect back to BN again (for some reasons) and hence causing PR to lost Putrajaya if PR just won a slim majority in the parliament, SAPP should not compete in parliamentary seats, just to show their sincerity and loyalty with the right side. This safeguard measure applies to any other BN component parties that wish to disassociate themselves from BN for the election.

  14. for the sake of freedom of speech do not remove this
    So, this is not about "bergaduh sesama sendiri" and let "BN ketawa when they see this". We bergaduh not because we want to let BN win in the next election, but it's we want to topple BN and that's why we "bergaduh". No use just "sweep everything under the carpet" so that we don't "bergaduh sesama sendiri" and let BN laugh at us. What I want to say is that, nevermind that we bergaduh and BN can laugh at us now, but don't let BN have the last laugh into our face if PR won the election just to hand back the government to BN three days later (maybe because some dubious party switched side to BN again). Then that time, want to bergaduh also no use, want to menangis also no tears come out. This will be the most unfortunate scenario for Sabah and for Malaysia as time to save Sabah and Malaysia is running out.

  15. SAPP and PKR joint press gentlemen announcement just in the afternoon that the campaign direction of both party will be against UMNO BN, and not SAPP against PKR or the other way round.

    Then, why there are still comments from THOSE DESPERATE keep on attacking YONG to the benefits of Pakatan Rakyat?


  16. The DR from KK oledi feeling so not secured ahhh

  17. Those desperate could be either from BN naturally...they are good at splitting the people's minds.

  18. I read the paragraph- "and potentially damage the chance of PR to dethrone BN, which leads me to the second point." by one anonymous.

    How in this state by-election as PR with national level perception not compromising with SAPP's will to fight against BN in state sending its man can dethrone BN in Putrajaya. Just another greed in politics that undermine wisdom of Sabah people.

    Sandakan and Sabah people should awake to realise as this personal agenda can never help any change unless by one with dignity and faitful loyal to his people.You can see who are those leaders who always move and wander along with other than sabahan leaders and hoping for porfolio in those parties without principle.

    Send out a clear message and never let down yourself as sabahan to guard your state with principle. It is in your hand as electorates for Batu Sapi!

  19. I hope and fight strongly Sabah change with third possibility as mention by SAPP president.

    Send out this clear message and never let down yourself as sabahan to guard your state with principle. It is in your hand as electorates for Batu Sapi!
    Reference Point No 3.SAPP must WIN andBN get lost!

    Batu Sapi and Sabah will be decided by you my beloved sabahan.

  20. Sabah has been short-changed too much for far too long. We need leaders with dignity who are willing to sacrifice themselves to fight for the general well beings of Sabah.

    Talk is cheap. People should ask every candidate what their parties had actually done and sacrificed in fighting for the rights of Sabahan?

  21. SAPP won't gave up. I can see through their words and actions.

  22. do what is necessary..if SAPP want to contest in the batu sapi by-election then go..

  23. maybe its better if the SAPP president be the candidate for SAPP in the by-election..this is a chance for SAPP to prove their stand and people's support before GE13.

  24. PR want SAPP to give a way so PR will fight one on one with BN in the batu sapi election..what is the SAPP decision?

  25. its better SAPP to contest in the batu sapi need to compromise with PR if SAPP truly want to rule the state.

  26. I am hopeful for a SAPP win in batu sapi, this will show that Sabah is still intact.



  29. Bangunlah rakyat Sabah. Jangan kerana diberi "gula-gula" sebiji, kita ditipu dan kekayaan negeri dirampas. Lihatlah semenanjung Malaysia. Tidak ada istilah "pedalaman" kerana tidak ada kawasan yang jalannya tidak berturap ataupun berelektrik. Tidak seperti Sabah, masih banyak kawasan yang jalannya tidak berturap, tidak bereletrik. kenapa? sebab Kekayaan negeri disalur sepenuhnya ke semenanjung. Kita dirompak, dimanipulasi secara halus oleh BN. Di semenanjung Malaysia sekarang ini banyak lebuhraya dari johor sampai lah ke perlis. Di mana lebuhraya di sabah? Sabah masih dilabel sebagai negeri termiskin di Malaysia dengan kadar kemiskinan sebanyak 17% berbanding sarawak yang hanya 7% paras kemiskinannya. Tepuklah dada, tanyalah Minda saudara senegeriku.

    Kita dikatakan sebagai "monyet tinggal atas pokok" oleh orang Malaya. Kenapa? Dari dahulu sampai sekarang masih ada cakap-cakap sebegini. Saya berasa sedih kerana Sabah seolah-olah bukan negeri yang lain di Semenanjung. Kita dianaktirikan. Saya ambil contoh analisis Bajet 2011 daripada DAP. Peruntukan pembangunan bagi Sabah DAN Sarawak hanya 10 billion, sedangkan peruntukan bagi semenanjung Malaysia secara keseluruhannya 110 billion. Sedangkan negeri Sabah dan Sarawak lebih memerlukan peruntukan itu. Sabah dan sarawak mempunyai keluasan yang jauh lebih besar berbanding semenanjung. Dan kita lebih memerlukan peruntukan itu di sini.

    Justeru itu rakan-rakan, Saya berharap sekiranya sapp dapat menang semua kerusi di sabah, kita berpisah dari malaysia. kita jadi macam Brunei dan Singapura. Rakyatnya kaya raya di bumi sendiri tanpa perintah orang Melayu. Jangan kita diperalatkan lagi.Berpisah dar malaysia jalan terbaik bagi kita. walaupun saya seorang guru, saya tidak takut untuk menyatakan pendirian sebegini. Bagi saya, Ini yang terbaik untuk negeri Sabah yang tercinta.

  30. PBS is fielding the wife of the late MP who has just passed away as the candidate for BN. What a play of compassionate card. But they forget that the job of MP is to look after the general welling being of its people, and this is not an asset in which u can pass it to another family member in the way of inheritance.

  31. Bn is relying on compassionate and sympathy to garner votes..this goes to dynasty style.

  32. Never underestimate woman in your life...salah-salah ini yang terbuangkan air daripada cawan pembangkang PR dan SAPP!

    Apa macam,'taiko perang Batu Sapi' sekarang?

    Hebatnya cabarn atau taruhan kali ini.

    Peranan MP hanya untuk Sandakan atau Sabah?

  33. Orang Sabah susah kalo berdiri buang air kecil di kepala!

  34. BN is desperate!
    PBS is fielding the wife of the late MP who has just passed away. Counting on the compassion of the voters. They do not think clearly out of desperation, that the job of a MP is to look after the general welling being of its people, and this is not an asset to be passed on to another family member in the way of inheritance. I hope Sabahans see it and vote for a Sabah party!!!!!!!!!! It is time to change from PutraJaya ruling to Sabah ruling!!!

  35. Fielding the wife of the late MP shows that PBS and BN is just like playing a game only by sending a puppet with due respect.

  36. reply to :Anonymous Oct 25,1:54 PM
    quoted:"Inilah akan jadi MP Kita."

    Itu lihat macam si 'Om' pendatang asing tanpa izin (PATI) bah.

  37. A good lesson to learn...

    All Sabahan should learn from Batu Sapi by-election today how SAPP Yong is slapped and stabbed-in-back by cunning politicians and some bad Sabah leaders.
    All have shown their ugly faces include those who had met helpless sabahan only once in Kuala Lumpur and now in Sandakan again with mask!
    Is Yong really so useless as said and in the eyes of many sabahan? You surely know better to judge from past.

  38. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman claiming that the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) slogan "Sabah for Sabahan" and "fighting or the return of autonomy for Sabah" as outdated and not in line with the country's aspirations.

    So what is the country's aspirations and for Sabah? Yes, the people in Sabah are living in harmony under Malaysia for now..but we Sabahanas are being subjected to the West Malaysians divide and rule, the negative influence of the Malayans racial politics imported to Sabah which enjoyed racial harmony, the religious conflicts, the inequalities accorded to ordinary citizens and more so the unfair practices of Federal dictations over the State.


  40. Yes PBS ( PARTI BANKRAP SABAH ) same goes for LDP, PBRS, UPKO...& all the shit parties of BN they r all YESMEN and LAPDOG of AMNO! Writing is on the WALL......FCK@#*$%^^&* OFF from Sabah

  41. It is this crucial moment that genuine Sabahans realised that their future should be protected..and it is now or never.

  42. "It is this crucial moment that genuine Sabahans realised that their future should be protected..and it is now or never."
    Good and true too for our country to be globally with standard like what Najib aspire be competitive and develop.

    But then how we always choose our parlimentarian?
    -jobless to become a candidate?
    -choose one never have merit of any relevant
    performing as a professional lawyer but only
    get the wealth in politics?
    -anyone who makes fortune out of politics?

    In the past even today people know well how Malaysia's many politicians have done or performed to contribute as chosen parliamentarian. Is this our standard as malaysian or sabahan to choose one in election and vote one blindly?

    Really malaysia boleh with that way?
    I was told it was at PBS president recommendation and he knew what politicians or candidates he did create since even long times ago in the past.

    All way and means in politics for a job but not for people!

    So have a wisdom in politics but not soley wanting as politician for own wealth.

  43. Saudara dan Saudari..

    Apa KPI untuk kita pilih seorang ahli parlimen yang butul butul untuk negara dan Sabah?

    Macam-macam langsung tidak ubah.Fikirkanlah baik-baik masa depan kita.

  44. dulu PBS adalah parti pairin brothers and sisters, sekarang, Batu Sapi adalah hak husband to wife, dan nanti to son dan to wife again dan again again and again. Dynasty lah ini Batu Sapi dan bukan hak orang Sabah.

  45. Dulu taun'60-70 mereka datang dan angin tiup habis kayu balak kita selepas '63.
    Kemudian '70-80 sampai sekarang mereka tiup dan potong apa untung dari minyak kita.Juga tanah-tanah diubah tangan dan kuasa.
    Lihatlah,mana si Berjaya si Usno si Akar dan sekarang siapakah dulu dan dipilih?
    Fikirlah 'sabahan first' atau 'Malaysia first'?Itu juga tahu DPM yang berpendapat satu ketika.

    Jatuh di sungai sebab 'tiang buruk bukan penting kerja seorang pemimpin akan jadi MP. Yang penting MP itu dipilih berperanan menjaga hak negeri dan Sabah. Tidak lagi kekayaan di rompakkan habis-habisan.

    Tahukah anda siapa anak tempatan tak bersetujui hak kita dirompak?Tenguklah sokongannya dari parti-parti mana.

    Yong Teck Lee bukan anak macam bayi dibuang oleh BN atau PR!

  46. to all of you sabahan either in bn or pkr wake up...join hands..masuk sapp you all know your objectives are the same...what's the point clinging to nationalise platform if our peoples mindset is below par in comparason to the you think being in the mainstream can win the peoples vote...god should know the answer.....

  47. people need a good leader in batu sapi not a good gambler project maker!!a big casino plan in batu sapi its not a good idea...thats was a people say what is been say by late dato edmond...wake up people...why we want to vote BN still??trhe road over there is bad...people live there is not been help when leader never visit the community EXEPT THE VOTING TIME!!this kind of leader u want??in my life i never see a dato tan sri want to seat together with community exept dato yong teck lee...he stand together and sit together with all people witout any gab....this is the leader that we wanna in our country...plz all sabahan..wake up and change our for SAPP...i guarantee dato will make a lot of changes...everybody see what BN done to us till now here at BATU SAPI..THEY DO NOTHING,EVEN THE ROAD NOT BEEN FIX!!HOW BOUT THE PEOPLE WELFARE??NO NEED TO SAY...ITS NEVER BEEN DONE EXEPT THE VOTING TIME!ONCE IN 4 YEARS!!IF THATS WHAT U WANT??THINK BOUT IT!!

  48. SAPP's win is a win for Sabah, whilst a loss will be the end for Sabah for Sabahans. The voters of Batu Sapi must support Sapp for this crucial battle of all battles for Sabah.

  49. Calon BN, Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin dari PBS adalah seorang calon yang kurang disenangi dan kurang di sukai oleh pengundi-pengundi di kawasan Batu Sapi terutama sekali pengundi pengundi kaum cina.

    Pengundi pengundi kaum cina lebih senang dan dengan penuh harapan supaya Datuk Thien Fui Yun atau Edwin Tsen, mantan Wakil Rakyat Sungai Sibuga, dipilih untuk menjadi calon BN dalam pilihanraya kecil Batu Sapi ini.

    Pengundi pengundi terutama sekali ahli-ahli PBS amat kecewa apabila Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman dengan persetujuan Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan mengumumkan pilihan Datin Linda Tsen sebagai pemimpin yang kurang aktif dan jarang sekali berdamping dengan rakyat semasa mendiang suaminya, Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah, masih menjadi MP dikawasan ini.

    Ramai pengundi pengundi bukan saja dari kaum cina malah kaum bumiputra juga amat kecewa atas pemilihan Datin Linda Tsen. Mereka meramalkan calon BN ini (Datin Linda) tidak akan mendapat sokongan memuaskan dari rakyat di kawasan Batu Sapid an Karamunting. Yang menyedihkan para mengundi Calon BN ini tidak pun fasih berbahasa Malaysia. Bagaimana mau jadi wakil rakyat dan menerangkan dasar dasar Kerajaan kepada rakyat kaum bumiputra.

    Kalau pun ada yang mengundi Datin Linda Tsen, itu hanyalah merupakan undi simpati kerana mengenangkan jasa dan khidmat mendiang suaminya, Datuk Edmund Chong. Mereka khuatir bahawa pilihan Datin Linda Tsen sebagai Calon BN adalah pilihan sia sia dan pengundi akan membuat keputusan pada 4hb Oktober ini..

  50. In reply to Dr Edwin Bosi accusing SAPP having hidden agenda

    It is no surprise that you Dr Edwin, being an animal doctor, has chose categorily to implicate SAPP having a hidden Agenda...and he is from DAP from the opposition Pakatan Team.

    I wish to ask what is the hidden agenda of SAPP and very interested if you can also tell me what is PBS hidden agenda so the people will know.

    I am more concerned about your allegation of 'hidden agenda' of SAPP...just tell us what is that you are talking or just plain bullshit.

    Do you also think that it is more relevant that Pakatan should withdraw from the contest instead of SAPP since it is the local-based party. Pakatan is considered an outsider party, you should knock on our door and ask "can I come in?" This is the kind of respect to be given to the Sabah people, don't you think so, as you are also a Sabahan, if I am not wrong.

    If you really a concerned citizen, your comments will be different from what you have wrote. If it's not for personal opportunity, I don't see any other plausible reason.

  51. To all Batu Sapi voters, we in SAPP needs your crucial vote to make a difference for Sabah to be relevant.

    Young voters, show them that Sabah can...Just remember, Sabah was the richest but now one of the poorest, why? becoz of equality, unfair practices and colonization.

  52. We should rid of these dirty tactics by Dap Hiew Kin Chiu..a person corrupt of all ideas to help his KL and Musa boss to win. both ways.

    Hiew, an engineer has got many projects from Musa of BN..this is true

  53. Juga apa itu berita LDP V K Liew tak mampu mempertahankan Ma Zhu diKudat.Butul sakitkan hati si bekas Menteri Kah Kiat sebagai presiden LDP orang ini.
    Mungkin dia pandai "bunuh diri" satu ketika dan itu perangainya sebelum jadi MP bagi ahli-ahli sendiri juga.
    Orang Sabah macam begini diKL syok sendiri tapi suka menangis.
    Tanya kawan beliau mana harapan parti LDP terus.

  54. Read this URGENTLY!!!!!!!!!!! And do something against this view! Declare your stand or lose!

  55. Joe:
    Is down or hacked!
    Couldn't read anything this morning.

  56. We are prepared for is the BN trademark of dirty dirty.

  57. An
    interesting piece of news was just released from the grapevine.....Yong
    Teck Lee's elder brother Yong Teck Shing was appointed Economic and
    Trade Adviser for Malaysia(as good as a Consul-General)in Taiwan,can
    someone confirm this?If there's truth to this,then there is a possible pact between UMNO/BN and SAPP.

  58. Joe:
    yeh hit it right!
    Always they play dirty include public broadcasting media like TV 1-7, even 8.

    RTM specially use Wilayah Time in TV 1 at 5:30-6:00 for BN news in by-election instead of Wilayah news.
    Batu Sapi isn't a Wilayah suppose?

    Also hardly good news on opposition parties except bad news will show in channels.

    Can rakyat or ask this issue in parliament why BN can use our public money in public broadcasting media for their political use? Who's money paying for it?

    Worst is always abuse taking advantage of Jab.Penerangan as everyone know.

    People should be told about this abuse.

  59. RK real Naive!
    Can't you separate the different between politics and civilian's appointment?
    How can as Information Chief of PKR for Sabah with acute common sense if this is true taking advantage of families members and drag all in!
    Brothers too can be in different boats politically.
    Will you do asking your daughter or close-related if as financial adviser for Government corporate to quit for your political pursue?
    No future could we have under such a leadership and wisdom like you.

  60. It's really sad for anyone in politics who cannot make distinctive judgement as politician for between social and political responsibility of anyone.
    No wonder only lousy one drag on but good with wisdom has left!
    Sabahan has to wake up with wisdom to focus on issue instead.

  61. Ronnie, where u get this kind of news? Pursuing a link with BN is just one of the desperate lies by Pakatan to ruin SApp's chances in the by polls. The people will not buy such cheap, lowly smearing campaign

  62. reply to Ronnie Klassen,
    you answer to this question;
    cows eat grass, do u know what shape of shit do they shit? sure u do not. round bullshit u also do not know and u like to shit all over the place. shame about u. from anak sabah

  63. It is a waste and gabbage we have a sabahan who had made his way to meet sabahan once in PJ.
    Thereafter had a coffe @rocketcafe yet come back here not to defend Sabah Autonomy but talking shit around!
    Hope he will see through mirror again.
    "Sabahan For Sabah" remember that!

  64. Joe and all Sabahan:


  65. Joe and all Sabahan:

    Fight on and stand as a brave Sabahan!

  66. Vote for Sabah based party. I am proud of Datuk Yong Teck Lee. It is time for us all Sabahan to make a difference. Vote SAPP!

  67. From my observation, the continuous attack by Tham Nyip Shen against Yong is a carefully thought out strategy between Musa and himself, to end the political career of Sabah Progressive Party.

    It is clearly evident that Tham (as SAPP members called him, "Smiling Tiger" is the most dangerous and evil type of human behaviour) because the person does things inside without others knowing what he can do. He reads and practices the Art of Sun Tzu.

    Recent accusations and lies he made through the Chinese and English presses were all engineered and 'revealed' accepting the fact that the general public will tend to believe him because he was once a close aide of Yong. The most dangerous enemy is the one who was once 'too' close to the saying goes.

    Tham thinks that by his incriminating lies will make a difference on the public views on Yong, and to satisfy his new boss, the CM for obvious reasons anybody can guess what.

    If BN lost Batu Sapi, his boss will be in dire straits including the only way, by hook or by crook this top dog will do the dirty job for his master...Now that I know Tham is a lowly cheapskate...a person of low moral...time will tell if I am telling you the truth!

  68. Pilihan raya kecil Batu Sapi @ Galas telah berlalu dan keputusannya kita sama-sama ketahui. Adat pertandingan, ada kalah dan ada yang menang. Sebagai penduduk Sandakan saya sangat berterima kasih kepada Datuk Yong Teck Lee daripada SAPP serta rakan-rakan dan Haji Ansari Abdullah serta rakan-rakan daripada PR yang berjuang habis-habisan.
    Kerana mereka-mereka inilah Kerajan Persukutuan terpaksa mencurahkan ratusan juta ringgit di Batu Sapi. Jadi, bagi saya ini adalah kemenangan SAPP & PR.
    Saya beberapa kali mendengar ceremah SAPP & PR dan agenda politik mereka lebih kurang sama iaitu kebaikan negeri Sabah tapi apakan daya kebanyakan pengundi di Batu Sapi bukannya 'genuine Sabahan' jadi haraf kamu faham.
    Saya sekali lagi mengucapkan berbanyak-banyak terima kasih dan diharap tokoh-tokoh ini tidak jemu-jemu memperjuangkan hak-hak rakyat Sabah.

  69. Lain kali masih ada peluang lagi.

  70. all and all, what we have seen is the kind of attitude, the kind of 'sincerity' shown by these West Malaysian imported parties claiming to be your champions, they even plot with BN to kill our local parties from winning.

    What are we Sabahans, while these WM so-called championing your rights are actually taking it away from.

    Put your full trust on SAPP a local party! I can only advise you this!

  71. eople need a good leader in batu sapi not a good gambler project maker!!a big casino plan in batu sapi its not a good idea...thats was a people say what is been say by late dato edmond...wake up people...why we want to vote BN still??trhe road over there is bad...people live there is not been help when leader never visit the community EXEPT THE VOTING TIME!!this kind of leader u want??in my life i never see a dato tan sri want to seat together with community exept dato yong teck lee...he stand together and sit together with all people witout any gab....this is the leader that we wanna in our country...plz all sabahan..wake up and change our for SAPP...i guarantee dato will make a lot of changes...everybody see what BN done to us till now here at BATU SAPI..THEY DO NOTHING,EVEN THE ROAD NOT BEEN FIX!!HOW BOUT THE PEOPLE WELFARE??NO NEED TO SAY...ITS NEVER BEEN DONE EXEPT THE VOTING TIME!ONCE IN 4 YEARS!!IF THATS WHAT U WANT??THINK BOUT IT!!
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