Friday, July 16, 2010

Fuel, Gas, Sugar prices hike!

RON97 petrol will no longer be subsidised and is subjected to a managed float with a monthly automatic pricing mechanism.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced yesterday the government was reducing subsidies for petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and sugar from today as a first step to the saving money for the BN government.

Following the reduction, the price of RON95 petrol went up by five sen to RM1.85 a litre and diesel price also increased by five sen to RM1.75 a litre.

While the rich umnoputras will say this is just 'chicken feed' to them but NOT to us!

So they are telling us to tighten our belts and face the increase of other goods and services, sparked by price hikes of petrol, gas and sugar. Malaysia is a oil and gas producing country and rich with natural resources...fertile lands for sugar, oil palm and various crops.


  1. Barang barang ikut naik lagi!!!

    Susah kami orang miskin, kerajaan BN jadi bankrap sebab kuat korupsi, sekarang negara akan bankrap, kami orang biasa yang jadi mangsa pula.

    Turunkan BN, hapuskan Korupsi!

  2. Like the DPM said, change your lifestyle.

    Previously, you eat kangkong, now you can change to eating cows do

  3. It is clear evidence that Malaysia is going bankrupt and now asking the people to pay back.

    All the misused billions of ringgit gone to corrupted BN and its cronies and now, we have to pay for their corruption!

    Down with BN!

  4. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has flayed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's decision to raise prices of fuel, sugar and cooking gas without attempts to address government leakages, corruption and protecting the low-income group.

    "The savings of RM750 million announced by the Prime Minister is minuscule compared to the leakages and wastage resulting from BN's negligence," said Anwar in a statement today.

    Anwar (left) said that the government is embarking on a strategy where a spendthrift government is funding itself by forcing the public to tighten its belt.

    "Where is the dignity in a prime minister which takes the people's money - under the guise of 'subsidy restructuring' - and uses it to fund international consultants such as Apco (Worldwide) which costs RM77 million annually to boost his image?

    "The cost of paying Apco (whose contract is for two years) is almost the same amount as government savings from (reducing) sugar subsidies which is RM126 million, according to government figures," he said.

  5. "The premier cannot merely ask the people to change their lifestyle at a time when the cronies, politicians, the elite and those with interests continue to enjoy corporate subsidies, such as independent power producers (IPP), who enjoy RM18.9 billion in subsidies annually, which is 25 times more than the 'government savings' announced last night."

  6. RM3.8 billion to be spent by the pm dept and is it logical to say that these meagre savings by BN govt of few hundred millions can decrease the deficit.

    wat a crap!

  7. 1 million laptops to Malaysians? That will cost approx 1.5 billion or more considering the profit margins for these cronies to make and BN to gain from this political gimmick.

    It is also equivalent to a political bribery ie. to gain 1 million + votes through this scheme.

    anybody knows how they distribute this? through the corrupted BN channels, is it?

  8. 1 million laptops to Malaysians? That will cost approx 1.5 billion or more considering the profit margins for these cronies to make and BN to gain from this political gimmick.

    It is also equivalent to a political bribery ie. to gain 1 million + votes through this scheme.

    anybody knows how they distribute this? through the corrupted BN channels, is it?

  9. Share 94Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak yesterday attempted to preempt a public backlash over the '5-in-1 price hike' by discouraging the press from using specific words in their reports.

    During a special briefing at the Prime Minister's Office in Putrajaya afternoon yesterday, editors were told not to use the words "price hike" or its Malay equivalent "harga barang naik".

    Instead, they were told to use the words "upward price adjustment" or "subsidy rationalisation".

  10. It is a wise move by the BN government.

    The stupid and forgetful Malaysians will forget all these hardships when the election is eventually called because by then they will be splashed with goodies that make them feel well to vote for BN again.

  11. Reactions in a street poll to yesterday's fuel, natural gas and sugar price hikes were mixed, with many saying they have not felt the pinch yet, while others criticised the increases as unjustified.

    All the respondents to the poll in Bangsar expressed shock over the government's sudden move, but not all felt that their current lifestyles would be affected.

    “A five sen increment in petrol prices is not a big burden to the public in this day and age,” said 37-year-old civil servant Hasnulhasi Yasin.

    Drinks vendor Mohd Sofian and restaurant owner Mohd Iqbal stressed that even though the price of sugar has increased, their prices would remain the same.

    “I won't suffer any losses as a result of the sugar price hike. But it would mean less profit instead,” lamented Mohd Iqbal.

    'Increases unjustified'

    However, many disapproved, because they felt that the price increases were unjustified.

    “The prices have gone up because the government is too comfortable now, but when things take a turn for the worse, they will lower the prices again,” said Vivekananda Sukumaran, a 22-year-old law student.

    18-year-old marketing executive Mohd Harith added that the government did not offer sufficient reasons for the move.

    “The government should match the prices with the public's earnings. Now, it would be difficult to enjoy drinks like we used to because sugar is more expensive”

    On Friday midnight, the government raised prices of fuel, natural gas and sugar to reduce expensive subsidies.

    Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said that the controversial “upward price adjustments” would save the government more than US$230 million or RM750 million in subsidies this year.

    RON95 grade petrol and diesel prices rose by RM0.05 per litre, whilst RON97 grade petrol will be floated according to market price.

    Liquified petroleum gas went up by RM0.10 per kilogramme and sugar prices have increased RM0.25 per kg.

    The government has however said it will still be spending RM7.82 billion until the end of the year on fuel and sugar subsidies.

    The subsidy cuts are believed to be the first stage of the govenment's plans to reduce subsidies for essential goods as proposed by the Performance and Delivery Unit (Pemandu).

    Idris Jala, Pemandu's chief executive officer had warned that Malaysia would face bankruptcy by 2019 and risk becoming like debt-ridden Greece, if subsidies were not cut.

  12. Whether you call it price adjustment or increases, the public now have to pay more for the petrol, sugar and several other items. They want to know the rate of corruption and other wastages have been reduced.


  14. Stop complaining! YOU VOTED FOR THEM EVERY TIME AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vote for change and see what will happen - price goes down because corruption, under table payment and vote buying will not need so much tax money!

    Vote for change or shut up!

  15. Need to increase price because need to build more big bungalows like Khir Toyo, a person can walk freely.


    For what is expected to be the biggest mega project of them all, the RM43 billion Mass Rapid Transit proposal has received little prominent media publicity and most Malaysians remain in the dark about it.

    The ‘unsolicited proposal’ for a 180-200km partly underground railway network in Kuala Lumpur by Gamuda Bhd and MMC Corp is now undergoing feasibility studies by two government-appointed consultants, according to a report in The Star.

    The actual project is expected to cost RM36 billion. Add land acquisition and rolling stock cost and the tab reportedly could come up to a jaw-dropping RM43 billion. (What about possible cost overruns?) That makes it the largest construction job under the Tenth Malaysia Plan.

    The Gamuda MD is reported in the Star as saying the commercial investment return (IR) would be quite low though economically the IR would be quite high.

    That might explain why the two firms are not interested in becoming the MRT operator. The Edge (14 June 2010) suggested that government-owned Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd, could end up with the tough job of actually owning and operating the system i.e. ‘holding the baby’ for the public.

    The two firms are mostly interested in the lucrative tunnelling work, which has been estimated at RM14 billion, according to the Star report. The Edge had earlier estimated the figure at RM10.8 billion. Either way, we are talking big money here.

    Let’s look at who the major shareholders of Gamuda Bhd are as at 15 October 2009: OMG!

  17. The government may be trying to justify the subsidy cut for oil, gas and sugar as something essential and crucial to fuel economic growth. However, a lack of well thought out implementation plan is not going to convince many that the subsidy cut is going to help us become a high income economy in the near future.

    There are several things which the federal government had overlooked and does not show any sign of willingness to address them:

    1) Wastage & a lack of financial accountability. The government cannot rationalize its subsidy cut without first addressing its own financial prudence.

  18. Quoted:

    Yong Teck Lee: "This is my promise to you, that our struggle continues and I will always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a serious political party of the future"

    Why so much complaint? Are we ready to change then?

  19. Is Malaysia going bankrupt with these prices hike?

    The BN government will say, it is better the people go bankrupt than the government.

    That is 1Malaysia, people first, you people go bankrupt first!

  20. giving 1 million notebooks to the people of malaysia may cost RM1.5 billion to buy votes for BN.

    Subsidies only cost 700 odd million per year.

    Question is, why the BN govt can afford to allocate this sum but they cannot subsidize the people?

    Why they can spend billions of ringgit on submarines, the PM's department, other mega projects costing many billions?

    Malaysia is doomed with BN-Umno morons and corrupts!

  21. When our sugar produced by Robert Kuok for the past 25 years, the price never goes up but after the STUPID DUMB DUMB KOK KOK HAI umnok took over, not only the sugar price keep on increasing but cause the shortage of sugar.



  22. Tulah nama dia Kerajaan Korupsi... Dulu TS Robert, kerajaan UMNgok tidak kasih benar naik. Subsidi pun mcm tak pernah kena bayar sama TS Robert... Korupsi, korupsi, korupsi... Berselindung dibelakang nama Ketuanan Melayu. Memalukan...

  23. Independent MPs going for road show from this coming August.
    This group of Independence MPs is indirectly working for BN because they only know how to tell their problem. They always criticise on their formal party. They hardly solve rakyat problem.
    If they are sincere to the rakyat, they should try to solve the rakyat problem instead of telling their problem.
    The rakyat lose part of their sugar & petrol subsidies but this group of Independence MPs did not even voice out. They just keep quiet because is rakyat problem and not theirs.They seem to be selfish. Part of the subsidies may have keep for future to buy frogs.

  24. The Government must set the priority right if it expects the public to be on its side. They don't need the so-called economists and experts to tell them how rosy and bright the future of the nation are. They want the corruption and wastage curbed. In general the public are quite frugal in their spending. Haven't the Government noticed it? Most of retirees spend all the EPF money in about 3-4 years after retirement. Their purses are lighter now. True, they cannot do anything at the moment. Wait for the deciding moment. They may just cast their votes in protests.

    We are no longer comparing with the economies of Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or China, we are at about same rank as Indonesia, Vietnam or even Cambodia at the most. We have lost all the competitive edges that we once have over the former groups of countries.

  25. Like to share this article by an unknown writer...

    Bodoh, bangang atau bahlul?

    When I was in Form One, a class-mate asked me "Engkau ni bodoh ke, bangang ke atau bahlul"?

    That's when I learnt that there are 3 categories of stupidity.

    I forgot all about it untill this week - when I suddenly remembered that question again.

    It was triggered by 3 pieces of news, all about spending money on unessential projects, splashed all over newspapers.

    News 1
    Government's plan to build a new Parliament House in Putrajaya at a cost of RM800 million.

    News 2
    Cost of building the new palace escalates to RM811 million.

    News 3
    Minister Datuk Nazri Abd Aziz says "government hasn't got enough money to provide our students with scholarships".

    Bodoh, bangang or bahlul? If you spend RM1.6 billion on building a new Parliament House and a new palace, you of course won't have money to provide scholarship for our students. Many have already questioned the need for a new Parliament House. The country already has many palaces, many of them hardly used. So people wonder how does the idea of "rakyat didahulukan" fit in here.

    Note RM1.6 billion can finance the entire university education for at least 40,000 students or be used to build at least 40,000 low-cost houses for the poor rakyat.

    So think about this, which category do we fit in : bodoh, bangang or bahlul?

    Hello Malaysians, in future, think carefully before you cast your valuable votes because the 50 odd years old corrupted govt believes we are bodoh, bangang or bahlul.

  26. When you were in Form one!
    Me too but now an old man.
    We are keeping on with many 1001 night neverending tales till today. Nothing has changed but 'maggie-mee' is RM2.00 now.
    Someone still say as compare to other countries in world our petroleum is still the lower rate but silly boys r u think our standard of living, and gaji in-par with other countries?
    Fool even know when he get hungry!

    Gandhi said:"Enough"!

  27. Anonymous
    July 17, 2010 6:48 PM

    Yes Anonymous, Vote for the change! But what if the change turns out to be worser than it is now? Then, who are we gonna vote next?

  28. Subsidies are cut to help the BN? Well, that's a god reason.

  29. They should really think about the people and how can they manage with this?

  30. We like to compare instead of looking into our own problem. So now let’s compare.

    Compare with our neighboring country like Singapore. Even petrol price is high but their salary is better than ours. They earn good income.

    Why don't we compare poverty with Singapore?

    Many some towns we always face electricity breakdown, street or traffic light always blow out. Compare with Singapore, their citizen seldom face this kind of problem.

    Compare with Singapore, they are small but they can attract so many foreign investors. We have only
    limited foreign investors. Why can't we attract triple than Singapore?

    Compare with Singapore, even their hotel rates are expensive yet they can attract more tourist.

  31. sometimes kita kena fikir kebaikan dan keburukan subsidi kepada negara. kalau di sabah sendiri banyak benda tidak boleh bergerak kalau tiada subsidi...subsidi adalah penggerak kepada pertanian, pengangkutan dsbnya..namun rakyat yang leka dengan subsidi juga kenalah diambilkira...sekali sekala kenalah berkorban jika pemberian subsidi ni menjejaskan ekonomi negara..lebih baik berjaga-jaga sekarang, jangan sudah terhantuk baru tergada!

  32. can we educate our nation for not too dependent on subsidies?

  33. do we have a proof to say that kerajaan BN semua korupsi? Love to see black & white evidence on all coruptions the BN has done!! No evidence no talk....

  34. Please read this!

    SINGAPORE: Singapore’s increase in costs of living problem cannot be solved by giving subsidies, said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Urging AGAINST subsidies, he said that even countries like China and Malaysia have started to re-think their policies on this.

    Cutting petrol duties and giving out subsidies are not the answer to soaring global oil prices. Instead, National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan suggested modifying lifestyles to cut household bills. This involves car pooling, using public transport, or just turning off lights and air-conditioning when not needed.

    This year alone, crude prices have risen some 40 per cent. He explained that if subsidy is given, it would send the wrong signal to consumers about the real price of oil. ‘Subsidising oil will not be right as it would encourage consumers to use more oil, which would drive up the price even more. ‘We want to make sure that we pay the correct price for oil and tackle the problem in a sustainable way.’

    Ring any bells? Emm..

    Link from

  35. So think twice whether planning to cut sugar, fuel and gas subsidies are wise? think what Singaporean say about Malaysian policies on subsidies!

  36. Malaysia cannot compare itself with Singapore.

    Yes, Singapore do not provide subsidies, but just look at the income per capita of Singapore and Malaysia, you will understand the whole picture.

    Why Malaysia cannot achieve what Singapore has achieved?

    The policies of Malaysia are lopsided. What Lee Kuan Yew said is perfectly true about Malaysia ie. systematic discrimination and everyone in Malaysia knows that is true.

    Only a change in the government and all their corrupted policies, their racism, their cronyism be eliminated then can we see the light for our future generations of hope.

  37. mulai sekarang kita kena belajar untuk berjimat cermat..rancanglah perbelanjaan dengan sebaiknya.

  38. The people really need to stop depending so much on the government. Once you're hooked, there's no turning back.

  39. It is time to be independent and free of reliance towards the government.

  40. Agree with Kari. We shouldn't be depending too much on the government. Learn to be independent and learn to plan our financial properly. Only buy things that are REALLY NEEDED.

  41. Of course people will start complaining. All of a sudden their crutches are taken away from them. Will they be able to stand up on their own after a lifetime of depending on governmental aids?

  42. Don't just change your lifestyle, change your mindset.

  43. glad to see some 'other side' comments here..i think what government did is good for the country & the people as a whole, because not only the government had the money to build public infrastructure, it also can minimize the people dependable towards the government for the things that most of us can afford to pay more...

  44. Lets try to view this situation in a positive way. I think positive outcome will come out from the price hike. With the increase of price, we will automatically learn to save money. Ppl will have no choice but to carpool which therefore result in reducing traffic congestion, save gas money, reduce greenhouse emissions...etc. And as for the increase of sugar price, ppl will try not to consume too much sugar which therefore will prevent being diagnosed with diabetes.

  45. Mary got a point there.. Well, I guess its a good thing to have the price hike after all. But still, I'm hoping for the government to decrease the price.

  46. this can make poor people suffer because the rise of this all. Gov should try to find the solution to help this people.

  47. kerajaan harus memikirkan kesengsaraan rakyat miskin dengan kenaikan barangan tersebut.

  48. tindakkan yang kerajaan ambil ini adalah untuk kepentingan rakyat dan juga negara. harap para rakyat haruslah dapat terima semua ini walaupun susah ntuk terima tapi kita perlu juga terimanya. Kerajaan akan mencari cara lain untuk membantu rakyatnya.

  49. Oh man, I hardly breath now.

  50. Penghapusan subsidi terhadap 3 barang tersebut tidak menjanjikan apa2 realistik.

  51. If they are against cuts in the subsidies it must be because they want the country to go bankrupt so that the Government party would be defeated. You may defeat the Government but if you inherit a bankrupt country, you will not be able to turn around the country either.

  52. the oppositions is actually aware about the impact if govt still give high subsidies to the rakyat. even our neighbor countries can survive with their low subsidy, then Malaysian should be able too.

  53. Be ready for prices hike for for our daily consuming items.

  54. Wha? No more RON 97? Aiseh, no wonder I didn't see any RON 97 sign at Shell Petrol station.

  55. If we have high income, everything should be ok.

  56. kopi-o sudah naik kpd RM1.20

  57. Kerajaan dah memberi amaran bahawa harga dijangka naik sebelum ini.

  58. Scorpene maintenance cost: RM1.3 bil for 5 years!