Friday, June 11, 2010

Malaysia's National Service

My daughter who is only 16 years old questioned me that why Malaysia government wants to involve girls into the National Service. She said she could not even stand a week of the National Service Training and the surprising question she asked is "Why the Singapore Government never involved girls in their National Service program but why in Malaysia".

You are right, my girl


  1. Simple in Malaysia as kak Shahlizat ask:"where did all men gone missing from home?" and...then
    Rosmah is smiling all the way to Putrajaya!

  2. 1 malaysia mah .. next time all our house pet like dog, cow, goat, rhino and cat also need to go national service.

  3. malaysia teng xiao pengJune 11, 2010 at 12:48 PM

    Wat Sabah is asking in 10MP?
    Electricity and more power supply too!
    Puan Melanie wat u say about UEC plus SPM for admission to teaching profession only?
    Is our UEC chinese school standard not competent enough for producing more talents at higher tertiary level?

  4. UEC students complete 12 years of education (6 yr primary, 3 yr junior middle, and 3 yr senior middle) while the SPM students finish 11 years of study (6 yr primary and 5 yr secondary).

  5. 10M Plan, build 78,000 houses. Whether these houses really for the poor or end up more than half given to local council staffs as an incentive. The poor work and work without incentive. In future we may not even get incentive like subsidise.

  6. This is typical of malaysia's policy making....they never make sense

  7. Certainly non-sense! How many houses have they built so far in MP but then..some need badly but do not get one yet other like those tikus or 'YB senarai' have more than one to rent out but not for themselves!

    This socalled smart heads have no 'human sense' just like wasting water into longkang and run back to underground for nothing.

    Your SUDC expert and the pakatan sitting there years and years with someone and connection for their pocket. Housing schemes and shoplots planning get into their hands and share, who care? MACC say they check but no trace of corruption!They just sleep on it too simple ask around many will know sabahan has created rich CM and many BN ministers!

    No wonder always no ending to many problems and poverty. Look at the abandoned projects and apartment scheme. Near Karamunsing long time ago Salleh as CM already said only he wanted to reinstate the scheme!?
    Only at short distance from TYT's palace and CM's place everyone can see that too!

  8. the titles of Dato’ Sri Paduka Mahkota Johor and Dato’ Paduka Mahkota Johor based on three main criteria – loyalty, meticulous service and diligence!
    "certainly some stripped bare and cowardly act not in the category here!"
    "you do not help me I don't help you too!"

  9. if only male go for National service, UMNO & BN only can charge half of the $$$ spend on the participants but plus girls then get more lor.. so, UMNO will say not enough camp need to build more traning camps then project lagi... so, this is one of thousand way for UMNO to korek, korek, korek our $$$...

  10. read this!

  11. My son forced to join this stupid service...but I told him to campaign to his friends in the camp to support Pakatan Rakyat comes GE13!

  12. It is just senseless to enroll girls into this service, it is a futile exercise only to spend billions of ringgit for nothing!

    If ever Malaysia goes to war, the best option is to surrender.

    Just admit it, malaysia even cannot win Singapore, a small nation...not to think about other bigger nations.

    These wasting billions of ringgit can go to helping the poor instead.

    Malaysia's priorities has never been set right for decades and that is why it failed.

    Rhetorics from the previous PM Dr Mahathir 'building castles in the air' is only trash, falsehood and sense of the economics..only a plain moron politician.

  13. It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up


  14. waaatt??? surrender?? wat do u think haa men?? u dun learn sejarah meh??? how can we malaysian surrender..n fyi,the training is not that bad. n IT IS ONE OF THE BEST THING THAT HAPPEN TO ME!!! u said ur daughter can't stand for a week? well,i bet she wouldn't be coming home after a month there!! it was so full of life,colours n so malaysia la.. u think goverment do this saja2 ha? well, it makes people like me n other people to built confidence and stand tall and be proud to become malaysia. n if im not a trainee back then, i would not be so brave to post tiz la..

  15. I have no idea why malaysia NS wants to involve girls also.It's just stupid.It's such a waste of time.rls also.It's just stupid.It's such a waste of time.

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