Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Go back to the people

Dissolution of the Perak state assembly should be the best option and fair to the people in Perak.

It is morally wrong and unprincipled for the BN to snatch the elected government by hook or by crook. The judiciary has a very important role to play in this respect to safeguard the constitution NOW or NEVER...or it will be forever gone..DEMOCRACY to DEMONCRACY...

Let's go back to the people for their endorsement!


  1. Shameless BN culprits!

  2. Foreign investors do not come to Malaysia because of what is going on in Perak and the Courts! Malaysia is doomed if the Sultan of Perak is not alowing the ppl to vote again!

  3. BN hijackers versus Pakatan and the people of perak.

    People, wake up! Can't you see what BN is doing?

  4. The incipient hope of start of restoration of public confidence in the independence of the judiciary sparked by the courageous and landmark judgment by Justice Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim in the Nizar vs Zambry case was cruelly crushed in less than 24 hours.

    The Court of Appeal’s super-fastracking of the appeal by the usurper and illegitimate Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir for a stay of the declaration by Justice Abdul Aziz, with the stay granted by a single judge, has created a firestorm of outrage and disillusionment that justice and fair play can be expected from the present judiciary.

    This is one email which I received immediately after the extraordinary speed with which Zambry’s application for stay was granted by the Court of Appeal through a single judge:

    “I only wish that the courts act like this in all cases, super fast and super efficient. I am intrigued why in some case, it takes months or even years, when, in the above situation and case, it only took several hours for a panel to be set up.

    “Why the double standards?

    “The man who steals a loaf of bread has to rot in jail for months before his case is even heard. The rationale behind this and the usual excuse is that there is backlog of cases.”

    But is Zambry entitled to return to the Perak Mentri Besar’s Office in Ipoh with the stay by the Court of Appeal.

    The Court of Appeal “stay” does not make an unlawful and illegitimate Mentri Besar a lawful and legitimate one. All it means is that while Nizar cannot claim back his office at the Perak state secretariat (SUK), Zambry has neither lawful nor legitimate claim either!

    From a constitutional crisis with two Mentris Besar, Perak has been plunged into a ludicrous situation where no one can legitimately occupy the Mentri Besar’s office until the Court of Appeal has fully disposed of Zambry’s appeal application or the Assembly is dissolved for new state general elections.

    Why all this rigmarole in the courts when only the Perak voters can make the truly legitimate decision who is the MB of Perak?

  5. "Every legal power must have legal limits,otherwise there is dictatorship.Where it is wrongly exercised,it becomes the duty of the courts to intervene.The courts are the only defense of the liberty of the subject against departmental aggression"...Raja Azlan Shah C.J(Malaya)1979.

    While Perakians momentarily rejoice upon having their rightful MB restored by the High Court,the unseen hand has once again dictated the Court Of Appeal.

    The circus surrounding the events will not end in Perak,unless the mandate and power to decide is returned back to it's people.The only reason why this is not being done is absolute fear.Umno/BN just can't faced the people.

    All these so-called"Distinguished Yang Berhormats"are just dumbfounded and still leaving in dreamland.They are now labeled as "Distinguished Pariahs".Read my blog and find out about them,advocateviews.blogspot.com

  6. Kembalikan kepada rakyat untuk menentukan Kerajaan Perak yang sebenarnya.
    Saya setuju dengan komen Tengku Raz sebab tiada gunanya BN memerintah Perak secara paksa.
    Memang benar PR mempunyai hasrat utk menggunakan taktik yang sama untuk merampas kuasa diperingkat Persekutuan tetapi ianya hanya tinggal fantasi tetapi apa yg BN lakukan di Perak adalah realiti.
    Walau apapun, tolong jangan biarkan Tuanku Perak rasa serba salah dan menjadi mangsa disebabkan oleh tindakan pemimpin yang rakuskan kuasa.
    Harapan saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia di Sabah ialah agar Tuanku membubarkan DUN untuk memberi laluan pilihanraya baru.
    Daulat Tuanku... Hidup SAPP!!!


    Dr M: Pakatan will win Perak snap polls
    Andrew Ong | May 14, 09 12:54pm
    Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Pakatan Rakyat would win a snap state election in Perak and thus he is against it being held to resolve the political impasse.

    "I think the opposition... well, not the opposition... I think Pakatan is going to win. So why have an election? We already had an election," Mahathir told reporters in Cyberjaya today.

    Mahathir added that in addition to the fact that the result would be a foregone conclusion, the election would also be a waste of public money.

    "The voters had previously decided, but then we had some defections," he said.

  8. He speaks so often, is he the PM alredy? Looks like!

  9. Anonymous said...

    He speaks so often, is he the PM alredy? Looks like!

    May 14, 2009 7:13 PM

    Sorry I am talking from Dr. M!!!!!

  10. Shahid Malik has stepped down as justice minister "pending an expenses inquiry", Downing Street says.

    For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

  11. Perak - Dr M sings a different tune

    ‘Just because Pakatan would come out victorious in a snap election, he would not want a snap poll to take place. He would prefer to deny the people of Perak a government of their choice.'

    On Dr M: Pakatan will win Perak snap polls

    Richard Teo: Mahathir has a failing memory. Just some time ago, he criticised Najib for accepting the three party-hoppers to topple the Perak Pakatan government.

    Now that Zambry is comfortably ensconced in the seat of the Perak government, he is singing a different tune. He is against the idea of a snap poll because he is certain Pakatan will win hands down.

    In other words, Mahathir would prefer to deny the people of Perak a government of their choice and instead allow the illegitimate BN govt to continue to resist any move for a dissolution of the state assembly because the outcome is a Pakatan victory.

    This shows what a cunning and conniving former PM we had for 22 years. Just because Pakatan would come out victorious in a snap election, he would not want a snap poll to take place.

    JK: Dr M should step aside and let the sixth PM run his office. The more he comments, the more he reminds the rakyat that the happenings of today are the doings of his past.

    The rakyat will slowly realise that Pak Lah is a real gentleman for he retired and kept away from the day-to-day running of the office.

    Alice: Dr M said that Pakatan will win a Perak snap poll and therefore BN should not call for state elections.

    Is Dr M saying that since a majority of Perakians want Pakatan to be the state government, BN should ignore the wishes of the majority by not having a snap election?

    Is this democracy or a desperate power grab that must be achieved at all costs?

    Ordinary Apanama Voter: Dr M's statement regarding holding snap elections reveals the warped understanding this man has about democracy. If I may summarise:

    1. Pakatan Rakyat will win the snap polls

    2. So don't hold the snap polls

    He is therefore telling the BN to rule Perak against the wishes of the majority of voters in Perak.

    Even if the defection of the three Adun was legal, the circumstances surrounding their crossover violated the sense of justice of the man-on-the-street. The basic requirement of democracy, which is rule according to the wishes of the majority of the electorate. has been violated.

    Of course BN will argue that they have the majority of Adun on their side. But they forget that:

    1. The basic principle is that an Adun is supposed to represent the majority of the electorate in their respective constituencies.

    2. Legal arguments do not hold any water with the ordinary voters who just think that their ‘wakil rakyat' should be representing their wishes.

    Wastage of public funds? Probably not if BN will stop giving handouts, ‘maggi mee projects', T-shirts, umbrellas, glossy brochures, etc.

    BN could even make some money if they used the same method as Pakatan, namely sell their T-shirts, umbrellas, etc.

    However Dr M will probably tell them to save themselves the trouble since sales will be bad (as the majority of the Perak voters are against BN).

    But maybe the old man is just being sarcastic towards Najib.

    Peter Yew: Mahathir is absolutely right that Pakatan will win if a snap election is called in Perak.

    But to avoid a fresh election because of the financial costs and to say that the people are 'sick' of elections, is wrong. I think Tun just wants to save Umno the embarrassment of a massive defeat.

    I believe the voter turnout will be record-breaking as Perakians will want to show everyone who is the real boss. For once, the state election will show the might of people power.

    Timmy Say: Until BN and Zambry officially send in a request to dissolve the Perak's assembly, don't believe a word they say. Nizar has requested numerous times to dissolve the assembly in his capacity as MB, but BN never once.

    Yes, Dr M said it is a waste of money, but there are higher ideals than money to be protected - our constitution and rule of law.

    Dr M, money isn't everything and BN losing an election isn't the end of the world. But our constitution and the people's democratic right being raped is the start of the end for Malaysia.

    BN is not what defines Malaysia, the people are. And as a statesmen being of the same generation as Tengku Razaleigh, I wished you had the same wisdom as him to put the country above your coalition, party and self-interest.

    Yet, you are still trying to right the wrong, protect the illegal and justify the despicable actions of your very own coalition. As an ex-PM, I find this most disgusting and annoying.

    Malaysian-Thru-And-Thru: Dr M! How can you be so brave to say ‘the voters have (already) decided (but) they appointed people who defect. What to do?'

    The very people who defected, defected because of corruption and the offering of money and all things material that the democracy-loving PKR cannot afford (at the moment).

    The very citizens who voted in these 'ugly frogs' did not know at that time that the very trust bestowed upon them would be betrayed.

    So, I ask of you, is this the fault of the citizens whose trust was betrayed when they voted in the three useless assembly persons? In addition to this, BN plotted and arranged for the three ‘frogs' to hop over just so as to tip the scales of power.

    I am for all for voting again and voting out BN from Perak. In fact, to tell you the truth, I am all for voting out BN in any of the coming elections.

    Let me tell you that I am sad to say I am not proud of being a Malaysian after the May 7 incident. Seriously, you and your lot of BN clowns have made ordinary Malaysian citizens the laughing stocks of the world.

    One piece of advice for you - stop speaking on behalf of (democracy-loving) Malaysians.

    Dr Lee: It is really frustrating to read about our esteemed ex-PM brazenly denying the rakyat in Perak their democratic right to elect their own government.

    Legalities aside, the situation is clear that to solve the current impasse in Perak, fresh elections need to be held.

    But what is happening is the non-ending politicking of a bunch of power-hungry politicians with blatant disregard for the will of the people.

    These politicians should realise that they are answerable to the rakyat.

    It is without a doubt that Dr M knows that a second defeat in Perak will ultimately sound the demise of Umno and BN and he is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening even if it means denying the rakyat's civil liberties.

    If no fresh elections are called for the Perakians, it is clear that the democracy is spiralling towards its grave in Malaysia.

    Andrew Goh: Dr M's views/advice that there is no need for a snap election because BN will lose is really bad advice for BN.

    There is no doubt that the majority of the people in Perak and Malaysia feel that the best way out of this impasse is to go back to the people for them to decide.

    It is rubbish to talk about serving the people and yet thwart their desires. The best solution for BN is to have the snap election and if they lose, they lose honourably because they have done the right thing.

    There will have another three years to win back the voters at the next GE. The best thing for PR is for BN to cling on to power in Perak.

    Then come the next GE, whatever good the BN will achieve in Perak will be overshadowed by their dishonourable behaviour in grabbing power.

    You can bet PR will not let the people forget. I for one, will not forget.

    Mooshie Mooshie: When Tun Mahathir said people are sick of further by-elections, he was either bluffing orcontradicting himself .

    Because he also said it is a foregone conclusion that BN will lose.

    So, Tun what is it really you are saying? Whilst we like to listen to an elderly statesman like you, you must also say the right thing.

    Let's be democratic okay?

    On 'Why fear snap polls, Najib?'

    Anonymous: Dear Prime Minister, BN or the Perak Sultan should ask all the three Adun who hopped to BN to vacate their seats. This will prevent us from wasting time and money in holding a state snap election.

    Which ever party wins the three by-elections should form the next new state government. If BN loses, then they only lose three seats.

    Just imagine if a state election is called and BN loses more seats then what they have now. ‘Malu lah'.

    TKS: The best for every body is that the state should have a re-elections for all the Adun. Please think about the public.

    What if the Perak people start do like what happened in Thailand? Elections are the best solution. Please interview the public for their comment.

    Malaysian Observer: The political crisis in Perak continues to deepen and is set to get worse.

    Calls for holding fresh elections as the only solution are getting louder but Umno continues to deny Perak citizens the right to choose their government.

    Umno continues to hide behind the palace by asserting that it is the sultan's prerogative to dissolve the assembly although in reality, it is Umno which calls the shots.

    The palace should be aware that Umno is set to put the blame squarely on the royalty for all negative consequences arising from this untenable situation.

    The palace does Umno's bidding but gets blamed for the fall-out. Why should the palace favour Umno to its detriment instead of looking after its own interest?

    The power of the royalty comes from the people and not from Umno. It is the love, honour and respect of the people that allow the royalty to survive and flourish.

    The sultan must look at the bigger picture and dissolve the assembly to end the crisis. It is still not too late for the palace to recoup some goodwill by making the right decision now.

    Teokeloomangoop: Since there appears to be no solution to the state assembly impasse, Perakians should refuse to pay tax until they have a working government.

    Similarly all elected assemblymen should return and refrain from all salaries and allowances until the impasse is resolved.

    R Maniwannan: I challenge Najib to call for fresh elections in Perak if he really has the people's interest in his mind. If he is a true leader face the music and call for fresh election in Perak.

    Action speaks louder than words. Najib, don't talk anymore; we want to see action.

    I, as a taxpaying citizen of Malaysia, dare the prime minister who claims that the people comes first to walk the talk and call for fresh polls in Perak.

    Whoever wins will be the rakyat's voice. Are you up to it?

    Tan Keng Liang: I refer to the challenge Anwar Ibrahim to PM Najib Tun Razak to dissolve the Perak state assembly for a fresh state election. In my personal view, such a challenge is premature at this juncture as:

    1. Before the dissolution of the state Assembly, it is important to determine who is the legitimate menteri besar who is thus entitled to advise the Sultan of Perak on the dissolution of the state assembly.

    Failing which any call for the dissolution of assembly by a person purporting to be the MB could be challenged again in the court.

    2. As the matter pertaining to the legitimacy of the Perak MB are currently being brought to the court of appeal, it is only right that the matter should first be resolved at the judicial level to avoid any future complications; and

    3. With due respect, I feel that the Sultan of Perak should consider this factor before deciding to dissolve the state assembly of Perak.

    The Healer: If state representatives were meant to be representative or the voice of the people they represent, then the House must echo the voice of the people.

    Was what happened in the Perak assembly the voice of the people of Perak?

    BN had hijacked the house, but that does not mean Pakatan is blameless.

    Whatever happened in the House on May 7 was not voice of the people but voice of the greed for power, leaving the people powerless.

    On one hand, Pakatan desires justice, for their position was hijacked unjustly.

    On the other hand, BN attained ‘justice' when they hijacked the legitimate ruling party and sought to defend this pseudo-justice of theirs.

    Nobody wins in this war except injustice.

    Chelvam: The prevailing situation in Perak warrants an immediate solution to this political impasse. Legal avenues will not give a conclusive decision.

    Decisions are not helping to form a stable and strong government. In fact this is becoming like a ‘circus'.

    Like most Perakians, I do believe and stand affirm that the only solution is to go back to the people as the situation is deteriorating fast.

    This can backfire on whatever actions taken by both the conflicting political fronts currently chasing for power.

    It is is no longer who is right or who is wrong, The fact is the administration of the state must go on and people's welfare is at stake.

    So once and for all the only solution is a fresh state elections. This will determine the right to govern.

    K Ragu: What next in Perak? Najib has made it obvious that his style of leadership is that of his guru Dr M. When the whole nation is boiling, he diverted attention by the ISA release.

    But does he realise that the days of ignorant Malaysians are gone? How long can he rule the country using police tactics?

    There are hundreds of cases not solved by police. They are just too busy taking instructions from politicians.

    Have they caught the person(s) who brutally raped and murdered Audrey Monica? Have they found Sharlene?

    Have they solved the Nurin case? Kugan murderers have not been charged yet. Numerous similar high-profile cases are still pending.

    Who the heck gave them permission to rush into an assembly to physically remove a legally elected speaker? Come on

    Malaysian police, there are more pressing issues to be solved. Musa and his men must concentrate on what needs to be done and not be stooges and servants for politicians.

    Krishnan: Picture some secondary school students in 2109. What will they study about Perak of a century ago?

    What will our historians and politicians be telling these students about the Perak we witnessed in 2009, or more precisely, in May 2009 - and all that led up to it?

    Will it all really matter to those secondary school students in 2109? Will they care? Should they care?

    I suppose one way we could consider and ponder these questions is to ask if we care about what our current history books say about Perak in 1709, 1809 or 1909. Do we bother about it?

    Does it really matter or is it just another set of historical scrap told in a way that some think it ought to be told and others may only see as more of some distant and esoteric story.

    Do you care what story the history books in 2109 tell? Should we care?

    Frustrated: What happened in the Perak legislative assembly on May 7 is a serious travesty of justice.

    Seeing the way Sivakumar was dragged out showed blatant disregard for the speaker.

    Would the so called ‘new' speaker like it if he were treated the same way? The proceedings of the house on that day were carried out without regards for Sivakumar or the rules of the proceedings.

    Motions were passed without him allowing it through and the ‘new' speaker got him booted out.

    But all of a sudden when the ‘new' speaker was ‘appointed' it seemed that he should be in charge and that he had the right to give orders. Such a shame!

  12. Not in Bolehland!

    Labour MP David Chaytor is suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over his expenses claims.

    For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

  13. For your information...
    Malay Rulers and political neutrality

    I was a poor student of history, as a subject. But I love the history of truth, and therefore pursue all subjects that enlighten me about truth within the true history of the world.

    I primarily disliked early study of history because of poor teachers, at least at lower secondary level. They wanted me to memorise facts when I did not then have a real reason to do so. Not even good grades in an examination was a motivator.

    As young as I was, I had figured out that those facts were only information, if not just data, which may not redefine the future world for me. I would much rather work to understand the true context of events and to learn from the text of history, so that mistakes of the past are never repeated, at least though my actions or inaction.

    The danger however of current methods of teaching history, whether in universities or schools, is that we tend to give greater value to the ‘facts’ but not necessarily to truth. The facts approach has built in an epistemology based on objectivist science. I call it ‘the textual approach’ in schooling the nation.

    A similar phenomenon and dialogue in the US some time ago was called ‘The Closing of the American Mind’, the title of a book by Alan Bloom. If truth is always sacrificed in our pursuit of both the study and teaching of history of this nation, we will end up closing the Malaysian Mind.

    I believe that we should teach our kids how to think and how to learn, unlearn, and then to relearn. Learning is a life-long process. Teaching context involves learning not just what and how but also why. ‘What’ and ‘how’ can be learned through facts and all related information. The ‘why’ question always challenges us to review history taught and history understood.

    For example, in the history of the Malay peninsula, then called Malaya, there were no sultans. There were chieftains who got rid of their rivals gradually. Their territories slowly but surely morphed into the nine Malay states that came under British overlordship.

    I believe even the word ‘sultan’ may be of British definition. If my lessons in history are right, the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British legitimised the nine ‘sultans’, the three Straits Settlements (including Singapore, a former Johor territory), and the two ‘protectorates’ of North Borneo and Sarawak.

    Imvolvement of Malay Rulers

    The Sultan of Perak has reportedly said that “the Malay Rulers are above politics”. Are they?

    Obviously, for a start, we would need to understand what ‘above’ and ‘politics’ mean.

    Unless all three parties - Rulers, the government and the people - are included in any national dialogue, we may never agree on what ‘politics’ mean. This balance is crucial and critical to nation building.

    The concept of being “above politics” may be out of date and a relic of the objectivist worldview of the modern western science of empirical observation and logical deductions. The Heisenberg phenomenon in modern western science has demonstrated that the very act of measuring molecules distorts the object of the measurement.

    What, perhaps, the sultan was trying to clarify is that he has no personal interest in the two contending political parties embroiled in the current governance of Perak.

    Rulers are human beings, who are always constrained by the here-and-now issues. Whether we like it or not, they are already quite involved in the politics of the nation.

    The clear roles defined for them by the federal constitution specify the agreed political role they can assume without favour or fear to help in good governance.

    Theirs is definitely a political role in determining, reviewing and advising in any matter of political governance. They must remain absolutely neutral in assuming this role. But I would argue that they, like most human beings, cannot be objective enough under most circumstances to attain political neutrality.

    After half a century of peaceful governance by the political coalition called Barisan Nasional that is headed by Umno, maybe, just maybe, the Rulers have historically taken sides on some matters because of their fear of the ‘other’ power.

    We are of the human race involved in the politics of nation-state development. Some are in politics with a clear and declared agenda.

    Others are politically neutral, but want good governance to prevail: that which is good, honest, right and true. There is nothing wrong with this stance, but we must remain neutral and politically astute and wise.

    May God direct and guide our nation forward towards all truth. God Bless Malaysia!

    By KJ John

  14. "GO Back To People"More Prayer between 21-052009 to 31-05-2009 and whole world is doing it!

    Bring more blessing to our "Land Below The Wind"

  15. Frustrated MalaysianMay 21, 2009 at 11:46 AM

    As a true Perakian, I'm wondering if both the sultan and Zambry can sleep peacefully every night what with the current political storm in Perak.

    They are merely the scapegoats for Najib's failure and unfortunately they will have to deal with the mess that will be left behind.

    Everyday, I can see Zambry smiling like he knows what is the outcome on many things and is so confident that he's still the legitimate MB.

    Whether he is acting or not, I'm wondering how can he be so cool. After capturing Perak no thanks to the three ‘frogs', Najib passed over the baton to Zambry and from then on the ‘war' started.

    Now, because of the high court decision was not in BN's favour, Najib passed over the baton to the sultan to decide and to hide all his (Najib's) wrongdoings


  17. Barisan Nasional Akan Bubarkan DUN Perak???
    Khabar angin dimana DUN Perak akan dibubarkan kini tersebar luas. Maka keputusan rayuan hari ini amat penting bagi pihak BN kerana mereka perlu memastikan pembubaran DUN Perak ini adalah dikemukakan oleh MB BN iaitu Zambry.

    read more @ http://gomalaysian.blogspot.com/2009/05/keputusan-mahkamah-rayuan-hari-ini.html
    Malaysian Come First

  18. Paling adil untuk rakyat di Perak ialah pembubaran DUN Perak.

    Rakyat Perak akan memilih kerajaan sendiri, bukan PM atau 3 orang hakim saja!

  19. UMNO BN is just disgusting!