Thursday, October 14, 2010

PBS signed off Maliau Basin to Australian company for coal prospecting

"I am beginning to enjoy the series of rash attacks on me by PBS leaders. It is like a badminton game when I return a bad serve from the other side with a smash. UMNO leaders are smarter than PBS leaders.

They cleverly shelter themselves behind clowns like PBS Vice President Datuk Herbert Timbun Lagadan and Datuk Johnny Mositun, two mouthpieces of UMNO.

But it is revealing enough for Johnny Mositun to admit that (protected) Maliau Basin was indeed signed off to an Australian company to prospect for coal by the PBS Chief Minister...In the news by Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan approved the State's first FMU to the KTS Group of Sarawak - at a time when the PBS rallying cry was of "Sabah For Sabahans" - without consulting the State Cabinet. Pairin, as PBS President, was the Chief Minister then


  1. why sign off to a foreign company?

  2. Yong must be nominated as MP for Batu Sapi this by-election.Sandakan and Sabah need him to reveal every truth protecting native land from abuse.

    If he can't win by-election thereafter that isn't a great matter.He always can come back for GRE13 again.Most important is to win the confident of sabahan now!


  3. PBS is the WORST Sabah government so far by selling off our lands to Malaya and outsider.

    I ever heard that Datuk Pairin when he was a CM need to come the home to see a foo chow guy James Hwang in his house at KK for project.

    Shame on you datuk pai-lin.

  4. PBS under Pairin has failed becoz of lack of measures to address the State's problems...It is all attributed to the kitchen and bedroom cabinet that Pairin only listened to...all about conspiracies.

  5. In MT dated 14 Sept 2010:

    "...A lot has been written and said about this issue, which is now infamously known as ‘PROJEK M’. It was a project to dilute the Christian population of Sabah by flooding Sabah with Muslim immigrants who would be issued with Malaysian identity cards.

    And once they are the owners of Malaysian identity cards they can vote in the elections. And once there are more Muslim voters than Christian voters, the PBS ‘Christian’ government can be brought down. And this did happen, as we all now know.

    The sad thing is PBS went and joined Barisan Nasional after they were kicked out of the state. These guys must have their brains up their arseholes. Did I not say that all politicians are slime-balls and scumbags?

    What the fuck is the ‘Christian’ PBS doing in Barisan Nasional? Their leaders should all be lined up against the wall and shot. And the belacan-brain Malay officers who collaborate with Umno in issuing these identity cards end up under detention without trial instead of getting awards and titles.

    Sama-sama bodoh macam orang PBS."

  6. Is this true?Honestly, I don't think it would be easy for people to trust Yong after the SAS incident.

  7. Anonymous #2,
    whatever it is, it's up to the people to determine if they want Yong. And I can tell it wouldn't be that easy to win the confident of Sabahan. But all the best to Yong and Sapp.

  8. this issue is just a weapon for SAPP to compete in Batu Sapi..

  9. Pairin should explain about these... but if YTL served as chief minister's longer than 2 years, imagine how many problems he would make, even he has 2 years it's enough for him to make Sabah suffer..

  10. explanation needed from PBS about this matter.

  11. Biar rakyat yang menentukan siapa yang layak mendapat sokongan dan undian rakyat.

  12. for coal prospecting? how you know, YTL?

  13. this is just a political issue for political interest..

  14. PBS the worst government? i don't think about Berjaya under harris salleh? he gave Labuan FOC to federal. the very worst in sabah political history..

  15. If it is not true about coal prospecting...then the PBS will be issuing a suit by now. don't u think?

  16. give explanation about this matter

  17. Is it? I didn't hear anything like that before.Maybe I'm not even born at that

  18. I agree that Yong must take this chance to see how well his popularity are.. indeed we see him as a champion of an important issue

  19. Whatsoever most important is Batu Sapi sabahan must realise a dedicated MP is their decision to make and change to Sabah is in their hand on Nov 4,2010 not other!

  20. Proton gostan kah?
    Tuesday October 19, 2010
    Wind up Proton as it’s a failure, says Bung Mokhtar

    BACKBENCHER’S Club deputy chairman Datuk Bung Moktar Radin has called for Proton to be wound up claiming that the national car maker had embarrassed the nation by trying to pass off a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer as the Proton Inspira.
    Bung Moktar (BN-Kinabatangan) said he could not accept Proton’s excuse that it was too costly to develop its own car to replace the Proton Waja.

    “Proton said it would cost RM700mil to produce a new car. If it cannot afford (to design a new model), then just close down.
    “Do not embarrass the country. Proton has been doing research and development for years. Don’t tell me that there is no design that can make the people proud,” he said while debating the Budget 2011.

  21. SAPP dan Yong Teck Lee susah..ada penacau dari PR!

    PKR to field candidate, wants SAPP not to contest...more from thestar news

  22. Seeing SAPP is a threat to them, PR would rather split the votes and deliver the seat to BN. After all, PR is West M'sia party while SAPP is only confined to Sabah.

    Sabahan should now be wise to play divide and rule against the national parties to safeguard Sabah's interest in Malaysia.

  23. SAPP should go for B/Sapi. PKR should let SAPP do the job. Anyway, if 3 corner fight is unavoidable then let it be.

    Very good for testing ground, which of the opposition could garner more votes. From then, let use the outcome of this election as a yardstick, which of the opposition should go for more seat in the coming GE.

    If the contest goes this way:

    SAPP - Chinese Candidate
    BN - Chinese Candidate
    PKR - Malay Candidate

    My bet is SAPP will WIN !!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am not too sure about those UMNO Sabah opinion about "melayu" concept in UMNO since many are not really melayu here.Karim Bujang not a melayu and neither Salleh or Ghapur!Musa Aman not sure what he is?

    But if DR.Hiew K C DAP were to be used to divide sabahan over SAPP he has been trapped like what Kitingan family doing all those time wander and politiking to sacrifice Sabah to other.They are not really good christian but instead always x-stianise bitter life for people with poverty.Fooled by past natinal tokoh-tokoh and now repeat same mistake.
    Remembered someone before even said Tun is IBM-"international big mouth" but then later partner again with BN.
    Another used to be a jumping frog who jump here and there.
    Real sad once they get the votes never change Sabah to better.

  25. Kalau apa dikatakan benar Dato' Chong Ket Sui patut pergi buat laporan polis! Jangan biarkan orang cina buruk macam ini tipu kita.

  26. We have learn our lessons from PBS after taking over the state UMNO came to Sabah with the help of USNO (out of bitterness losing to PBS)
    The situation is different since PK is expected to win big in west it is very promising to get a good deal in the event SAPP capture Sabah and PR goes to Putrajaya. We are dealing with PR NOT UMNO.
    My advice to all Sabahan to support SAPP to make it a resounding victory in this by election to proof to our frends in the west that a local party is capable to wrest control from UMNO.
    My guess is that if PR forms the government, Sabah will get more allocation (instead of the miserable 8% as we are getting today)compare to the 40% in oil revenue Sabah and Sarawak is contributing to the federal coffer.
    SAPP cannot be the opposition again, as we can see what PBS have brought us into after victory in the state election.
    It is wise and safe to have a deep and honest understanding between PR and SAPP. between

  27. Have you not heard of the statement by a federal minister,'Monkey or Gold'?

  28. people need a good leader in batu sapi not a good gambler project maker!!a big casino plan in batu sapi its not a good idea...thats was a people say what is been say by late dato edmond...wake up people...why we want to vote BN still??trhe road over there is bad...people live there is not been help when leader never visit the community EXEPT THE VOTING TIME!!this kind of leader u want??in my life i never see a dato tan sri want to seat together with community exept dato yong teck lee...he stand together and sit together with all people witout any gab....this is the leader that we wanna in our country...plz all sabahan..wake up and change our for SAPP...i guarantee dato will make a lot of changes...everybody see what BN done to us till now here at BATU SAPI..THEY DO NOTHING,EVEN THE ROAD NOT BEEN FIX!!HOW BOUT THE PEOPLE WELFARE??NO NEED TO SAY...ITS NEVER BEEN DONE EXEPT THE VOTING TIME!ONCE IN 4 YEARS!!IF THATS WHAT U WANT??THINK BOUT IT!!

  29. Penjelasan lanjut diperlukan.

  30. eople need a good leader in batu sapi not a good gambler project maker!!a big casino plan in batu sapi its not a good idea...thats was a people say what is been say by late dato edmond...wake up people...why we want
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