Tuesday, December 2, 2008

After 45 Years Independence Still The Same For Rural Folks!

It was reported in a local daily that a free movie screening by the Information Ministry attracted more than 5,000 people from Nabawan and Sook to the tamu grounds here on Saturday.

It was reminiscent of the 60s and 70s when rural folks were often treated to a free film that they used to refer to as “wayang piri” (wayang free).

Enough is enough.
After 45 years of independence. in this era of the Petronas Twin Tower and other mega developments including all the "Corridors" developments, most of Sabah rural area are still undeveloped by the Federal Government while the State government had to shoulder the full burden.

Pensiangan also could enter into the Malaysia Book Of Record for having witnessed a number of visits by Federal Ministers within a month compared to 45 years of history.

This is the prelude to the expected by-election for Pensiangan? More goodies coming their way?


  1. Sometimes "NO CHANGE" is better than "CHANGE". About 10 years ago,a highway passed through one rural area,the kp people were very happy. After 2 years,a 20000 acres estate started to operate,they had to give up their lands and shift to the more remote area. After another 3 years,they have to apply a pass to pass the estate.

  2. This is how UMNO-BN ridicules the rural folks.A "Wayang Piri"is sufficient to hoodwink them into believing how UMNO-BN cares for them,a blantant insult to the intelligence of Sabahans..This is UMNO-BN's interpretation of "Reform"and "Changes".How Pathetic.




  4. This is UMNO's own wayang to show to the whole of Sabahans that "We in BN Really Care for You All".

    I am gonna bet this time the Rakyat have awaken and are wiser now to reject those BN good-for-nothing-but-only-for-their-own-pockets leaders.

  5. The leadership of SAPP and PR coalition should work harder to ensure the capture of the Pensiangan seat in the coming by-election.

  6. Well, you had the chance when you were with BN, what did you learn from all this? If SAPP could have learned earlier, would SAPP or Yong have changed the way they do things?
    SAPP could have made the difference, but you didn't, BN used to do the same kind of thing by offering the rural folks entertainment just before voting in every election, did SAPP follow suit too?
    Tell me, if SAPP has finally decided to ditch BN now, and tell all Sabahans that in their face, because SAPP did not make clear their intentions, so people have started not to trust you. SAPP is seen as a weak party, don't even dare to officially join the opposition and retain the option to go back to BN right?

    Sabah has been sold like a cheap toy to anyone who wishes to buy, have SAPP done anything yet to stop the mass sell off? Or does SAPP not know about it?

    Show us something, and we may think of you again later.

  7. Dear DK
    If you are really sincere to help Sabah, do not harp on th epast. We have been hoodwink for so long its about time we look forward to the future.
    Don't you know the word Learn From Your Mistake? If SAPP or any other parties have not done justice to Sabah as a whole, at least now SAPP have woken up.
    You are just being personal by your comments but then its a reall speech world right?
    May you be happy with your status quo or maybe better in my dream for a better Sabah.

  8. Dear Derick Khoo

    It is easy for someone to say that so and so is harping on the past, but to me and many Sabahans, SAPP have been living in the past for a long time.
    If SAPP have finally woken up, then good for you, now it's SAPP's job to wake up the rest.

    Everyone has dreams, some dreams of a better Sabah, nothing more. Some dream of a better Malaysia.
    If SAPP have woken up ( And it does not matter if SAPP woke up late, but still woke up anyway), then lead the way for a better Sabah, get it back from these greedy people, don't play greedy yourself.

    Like I said before in my posts, we need a strong and united party to get back Sabah, not the tiny little 'mosquito' party like you all have become today.
    So go find the will to unite under one roof.
    That would be a feat we would cherish for ages to come.

    'You are just being personal by your comments but then its a reall speech world right?'

    Well, your wrong, I don't, you have got me wrong, but I don't blame you.

  9. Modus operandi BN-UMNO memang sudah dijangkakan setiap kali menjelangnya pilihanraya kecil tetapi yang menghairankan kenapa mereka tidak sedar bahawa teknik tersebut memang sudah lapuk!
    Kunjungan Menteri Persekutuan sehinga boleh masuk Book Of Record adalah perkara biasa dan ianya akan berakhir berakhir dengan janji kosong.
    Janji terang bulan seperti projek pembesaran airport Lahad Datu boleh ditangguhkan apa lagi kawasan pedalaman Sabah!!! Janji kosong untuk menang pilihanraya demi kuasa sahaja.
    Bermula dari Machap hingga Permatang Pauh... semua kita boleh saksikan sendiri fakta!


  10. Sabahans are not stupidDecember 4, 2008 at 12:28 AM

    Since Pensiangan parliament seat was declared vacant, there are so many govt promises, goodies to the electorate there.

    After, pensiangan, we should force more by-elections so as to get the feds attention and $$$$. It seems so easy for the fed min to just come here and announce his janji-janji.

    After, the by-election, pensiangan will be forgotten again.

  11. About this "wayang piri" show for folks.
    One said:"Medicine could become poison it all depends in whose hand and how he uses it on patient?"

    Why waste people's money putting up dull movie to sweetened kampung folks? Isn't it a bit too late as any good Minister of Information should have done it consistently with "wayang piri" for all Malaysia community with some good educating movies for community awareness!
    You may drop in to any labour Ministry and same they do about human resource development. You will regret to see their attitude to help those register for trainning. A very slow and lazy styles of staff wasting department's and government resources.

    All because of politics or campaign but not for resolving people's hardship & living.

  12. To Persiangan folks, if the evil umno in control, they will import the illegal muslim immigrants to Persiangan to outnumbered the local native.

    After that, they will intoduce the RACIST Ketuanan Melayu policy to discrimate the local KDM people.

    WAKE UP!

  13. DK said :
    "Well, you had the chance when you were with BN, what did you learn from all this? If SAPP could have learned earlier, would SAPP or Yong have changed the way they do things?
    SAPP could have made the difference, but you didn't,"

    The way I see it, SAPP did try to voice out Sabah grievances but its voice was too small and in fact Mahathir said at that time whether Sabah was in or not , the government could not care less. Dtk Yong was also barred from becoming YB for 1 term for such a small offence.

    Today is a different senario, the opposition in W.Msia is almost as strong as BN. This is Sabah chance for change, this opportunity may not come again till 50 years later.

    Whatever in the past, forget about it. Think of the future. Do you want to remain the same whereby Sabah is the poorest state as compared to in 1970s when Sabah was second richest next to Selangor?

    If your answer "NO", then what are the alternatives ?
    1. you form your own party for change. If you do that, I may support you.
    2. support PKR or DAP which are both W.Malaysian parties who would care more about W.Msia than E.Msia as you can see both leaders come here once a blue moon and they might end ruling Sabah like the way UMNO rule.
    3. support SAPP which is Sabah based party .

    It's always easy to criticise people's effort, at least SAPP gave up their current benefits for a better future.

    We should try to improve the living conditions of our state ourselves instead of begging funds from federal from time to time which comes with conditions.

    This is not the time for personal attacks but finding solutions to Sabah problems.

    We need someone to lead for the change. If new party (no matter how clean) will most unlikely win as people don't know them and they don't know how to win the election. So, why not try SAPP for CHANGE IN SABAH ?

  14. YES!!!!! After 45 yrs of BN, we the Malaysian should wake up, vote for PR, at least give PR a chance to govern Malaysia.

  15. come on, let's face the facts.

    Sabah was neglected for all these years becoz the KL guys are too busied with their Semenanjung projects and $$$.

    Sabah was manipulated after the Usno regime becoz of the oil royalty and sabah autonomy.

    After Tun Mustapha was ousted by the Berjaya govt led by Tun Fuad, but backed by KL went as arranged.

    Tun Fuad and company who died in the mysterious plane crash did not agree to the KL proposal of 5% oil royalty.

    They all perished on their way back. "boom" said the residents near putatan..

    They heard a large explosion in mid air before the plane crashed..

    Harris took over the helm, and immediately agreed to the meagre 5%oil royalty offered. At the time, Pairin was also one of the signatories.

    For god's sake, people of Sabah, wake up! You only have one chance in 45 years...but sadly, Sabah was being raped and systematically altered its racial composition.

    Illegal immigrants and refugees from the southern philippines were given citizenship by Dr M's Project IC with the help of Harris.

    Hundreds of thousands got their ICs and can vote thus altering the political scenario of Sabah.

    When are you people going to wake up. "Tunggu apa lagi"

  16. Friday, December 05, 2008
    two letters from the east--malaysiakini.com

    From Malaysiaku Sayang blog;

    Two letters from the East, it is a sad story who have ever visited east Malaysia--sabah and sarawak will certainly feel the way. the great change from 80s to now is intoleratable.

    it is a wake up call.

    Challenge legitimacy of Federation of Malaysia
    Tanak Wagu Dec 4, 08 4:04pm
    I refer to the letter Must Sarawakians beg to be let into the banquet hall?
    I read this letter and would like to echo its sentiments. Many Sabahans also feel the same way about being in Malaysia.
    The Malaysia Agreement has been breached so many times but no one was arrested for questioning the special position of Sabah in the federation.
    Recently, former Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) secretary Dr Chong Eng Leong claimed that the word ‘federation’ in the federal constitution is interpreted as one being formed in 1957.
    Then I would like to ask what is the legitimacy of Sabah and Sarawak being in Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak formed the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. In fact, the federal constitution does not even interpret Malaysia Day, despite mentioning it several times.
    The Federation of Malaysia became illegal on the day Singapore was kicked out. Sabah and Sarawak would not have joined Malaysia if it was not for Singapore being in with us together. The Malaysia Agreement says that Singapore should be part of the federation.
    When Singapore was kicked out, Malaya became the sole decision-maker in parliament. Prior to that, the seat distribution in parliament was 51 percent for Malaya and 49 percent for the three Ss (Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore).
    The legitimacy of the Federation of Malaysia should be challenged in an international court of law. It is time for Sabahans to unite and voice out against unfair Malayan oppression. Sabahans in Malaysia are merely window dressing to attract tourists.
    In reality, most Sabahans are underprivileged. They are discriminated in the federal service especially if they are not Muslims.
    Mixed marriages between Muslims and Christians - which used to be common practise in Sabah - are now being made illegal by Malayan authorities through the National Registration Department (NRD).
    Statues of non-Muslim gods and goddesses can be perceived illegal because they supposedly disturb ‘sensitivities’, a word imported from Malaya. Malaya has poisoned the minds of many Sabahans by harping on race and religion.
    The only time Sabahans were truly united was in the early 1990s under the PBS. But this was only for a short while.
    Once Umno was brought into Sabah, everything changed. Even in the recent general elections, Umno played on racial and religious sentiments to divide Sabahans.
    Sabahans should unite once again. Most Sabahans are related to one another. Whether one is a Bajau, Bruneian, Kadazandusun, Kadayan, Murut, Chinese or Indian, everyone is Sabahan.
    The kind of unity that we have in Sabah is unique and should be preserved before Umno totally destroys it.
    Remember, Sabah for Sabahans!


    Must Sarawakians beg to be let into the banquet hall?
    Al Tugauw Dec 2, 08 4:53pm
    First of all, I wish to make it clear that I am only anti-BN Malayans and not Malayans in general. All references to ‘Malayans’ here should therefore be read accordingly.
    Sarawak has contributed more than its fair share to Malaya, and the Malayans have messed things up. Not only have the Malayans messed things up, they have ignored Sarawak's contributions and have never even acknowledged the same or shown any gratitude to Sarawak or Sarawakians.
    Even worse, they look down on Sarawak as being backward while enjoying and wasting the fruits of Sarawak's natural resources, especially its petroleum. It is as if the Malayans refuse to invite or even allow Sarawakians to sit at the banquet table and eat the food that the Sarawakians themselves have provided. This is of course a typical colonial and feudal mentality and attitude, even if the Malayans may deny it.
    Must Sarawakians beg to be let into the banquet hall? Or do they grace the festivities only as performing artistes showing off the purported multi-ethnic culture of Malaysia? Do the Malayans really know anything about the culture of Sarawak and Sarawakians? Do they care or even bother?
    Can Sarawakians expect anything different from PKR, a Malayan-based political party whose main aim it would appear is to get Anwar Ibrahim to become prime minister of Malaysia?
    These are some of the tough questions Sarawakians themselves have to answer.
    I have increasingly come to the opinion that the sooner Sarawak parts ways with Malaya the better off it will be. Not even a purportedly born-again Malaysia should deter this from happening.
    The Malayans will never understand Sarawakians because they are too lazy to make any real effort. Sarawakians have made it too easy for them by allowing them to live the good life at Sarawak's expense, so why should they bother? Enough is enough!
    Sarawak will then be in a position to adopt a more representative form of government, along the lines of a presidential system, where every citizen will have a right to vote for the head of the nation, unlike the present system where a few hundred or at most a couple of thousand people (like at the Umno general assembly) decide who is going to be the prime minister. How will anyone who is not from Umno or not a Malay get to be prime minister? Impossible or only with very great difficulty.
    In fact, there is nothing to say that even the chief minister of Sarawak cannot be elected in this manner - by popular vote. All it needs is a few constitutional changes, which, of course, we cannot expect the BN government to make and which is why BN needs to be overthrown in the next state elections or earlier.
    I believe that Sarawakians should have full control of their own government without having to answer to the Malayans, whether Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional.
    Many of the Dayaks (effectively the Ibans) believe that Sarawak's problems can be overcome through ‘Dayak Unity’ and that Chief Minister Taib Mahmud can be overthrown through such ‘unity’. This is misconceived and they are wrong. Other than for the fact that this idea is not shared by all Dayaks, it also ignores the non-Dayak races of Sarawak and this is a mistake.
    Taib Mahmud and the Sarawak BN government can only be overthrown only through a unity of a majority of Sarawakians, Dayaks and non-Dayaks alike.
    It is also a fallacy to believe that only a Dayak chief minister can solve the problems of the Dayaks. What would happen if a Dayak chief minister were to behave like Taib Mahmud and get away with it? What would happen if he were to discriminate against the non-Dayaks? Sarawak does not need this and it would be another disaster.
    In reality, it is only necessary for whoever is chosen to be the chief minister of Sarawak to be fair to all Sarawakians, irrespective of race or religion. Sarawakians must choose the best man for the job, not because of his race or religion.
    Finally, Sarawakians should stop looking to the Malayans for solutions to their problems. The Malayans only know how to create problems, then offer their own self-serving solutions as if they were doing us such big favours.
    Sarawakians can look after themselves, and the first thing they should do is to kick Taib and the BN out, and preferably limit the role of PKR in Sarawak.
    Sarawak for Sarawakians!

  17. From UrangSabah blog.

    Friday, December 5, 2008
    Don't neglect Sabah, please
    Don't neglect Sabah, please
    Another Doctor | Sep 8, 08 5:11pm
    I refer to the Malaysiakini article Kota Marudu needs more than wireless Internet

    I read Dr Hams letter and cannot help but agree with many of his observations. I worked in Sabah for over seven years as a house officer and medical officer. After my housemanship, I was sent to Ranau to serve in the district hospital. What Dr Hams described in Kota Marudu is not something isolated to that district alone in Sabah. It is an often repeated story in the whole of Sabah.

    My first introduction to the poverty in Sabah came during my first months there, when a sweet 70- year-old lady from Kota Marudu was sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with deep jaundice. She lived alone in a small village off Kota Marudu and noticed the jaundice about a month before.

    She had no money for the taxi fare and so waited a month to sell off her chickens to have enough money to pay RM50 for the transport to Kota Marudu Hospital. She had to walk two miles to get to the road to get to the taxi.

    Having been born, bred and educated in Peninsular Malaysia, I was shocked. When she arrived, she was septic and had a gallstone lodged in her common bile duct. The stone was duly removed but she was found to have a heart problem that required a pacemaker. We arranged for her to get a permanent pacemaker but she refused.

    When I pressed her for her reason, she told me that she couldn't afford to buy batteries for the pacemaker, having sold off her chickens. Once I explained to her that the batteries would last for years and we would provide them, she agreed to the pacemaker.

    Ranau town itself has roads and is on the main highway between Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu. It developed primarily as a result of the Mamut Copper Mines in the district. However, highway in this context means a two lane road with frequent landslides and potholes, with a two-hour drive to Kota Kinabalu.

    Outside Ranau, transportation becomes a problem as tarred roads disappear to become gravel or crudely marked logging trails. Anyone who has worked in Sabah would have the same stories to tell, of extreme poverty and poor transportation.

    During my 2 years in Ranau, I've heard and seen it all, patients with cerebral malaria, a condition unheard of in Peninsular Malaysia, coming in after 48 hours to the hospital from places like Kaingaran and Karagasan, with relatives having to push the ‘pirate taxi’ through the mud, spending RM50 on fare during the monsoon season, the equivalent of 2 months income, this too when petrol was only around RM1.20 a litre in Ranau.

    Patients having to delay treatment for life threatening conditions because a bridge washed away along the trail (I won't even call it a road) to Tambunan. Emergency surgery such as caesarian sections, appendectomies and even ectopic pregnancies had to be performed in our little district hospitals by Medical Officers with little more than 4 months housemanship experience.

    Medical emergencies such as myocardial infarctions, which in Peninsular Malaysia would be managed in a Coronary Care Unit setting, had to be managed in the district hospital level. I'm grateful however, that my staff in that hospital were the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with and were dedicated enough to want to make a difference in their patients’ lives.

    But poor transportation does not only affect the access to healthcare. Having no roads to be able to transport their agricultural produce for sale means that these people are stuck in a never ending cycle of poverty.

    At most, some of them get RM20 to RM50 by selling their produce to middlemen to be sold at the monthly tamu or market at prices that are perhaps only 10 percent of the value of the goods. These innocent people are also preyed upon by traveling cloth merchants, mostly foreigners, who offer them ‘easy payment schemes’ to buy cloth for clothes, and when they cannot pay for the cloth and the interest accumulates, they end up having to marry their daughters to these men, who often have wives back home in Pakistan.

    One of the cases I could never forget was of the family who came to Ranau Hospital just as I was leaving, a family who had failed crops, were hungry and unable to get food. The father collected some toad eggs and fed them to the whole family in a desperate attempt to stave off hunger. When they arrived at our little emergency room, one of the children were dead and two passed away within 10 minutes of arrival in our casualty unit due to poisoning.

    Education is a problem in parts of Sabah outside major towns like Kota Kinabalu at the moment. Many children would be lucky to be able to get to a school or even afford to get to one. Most of my patients outside Ranau were lucky to even have a primary school education and a vast number of women marry in their teens.

    I've had 14 year olds delivering babies in Ranau, most of them have never ever stepped foot in a school. The education level is so poor that many women feed their children condensed milk thinking that it's better than breast milk.

    But at the heart of it all, these mothers want the best for their children but are not empowered with the knowledge to help them. Major towns in Sabah have electricity courtesy of the Sabah Electricity Board, but smaller villages have either diesel generators or rely on candles or lamps when night falls.

    How can children study in these conditions? Like many doctors in the districts, I had to learn Dusun to communicate better with these patients who could speak little else.

    Forty five years after the formation of Malaysia, the promise of a better life for these poor Dusun, Murut and Rungus patients in the districts of Sabah is a pipe dream at best. How can our politicians claim to have brought development to the state and have neglected these poor people, many of whom still wear the cheap t-shirts and caps given free by political parties from many elections ago.

    How can I claim to be proud of Putrajaya with it's beautiful bridges and lamp posts and the Petronas twin Towers when our fellow Malaysians in Sabah are so neglected?The cycle of poverty and illiteracy one sees in the districts in Sabah brings despair to the heart. Eradication of poverty must tackle the real issues of education and transport and not just handouts to poor people.

    By all means, declare Sept 16th a public holiday, but remember it in it's real context, where we made a promise to our brethren in Sabah and Sarawak to treat them as equals in Malaysia, and give them the development they've been long denied

  18. http://www.mysinchew.com/node/18911

    Qauote from MySinChew.com article at the above link:

    He(former Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim) has confessed that he is in no hurry to join the opposition Pakatan Rakyat. He has said just as much that he is keen to explore political ideals instead of seeking political fortunes.

    Sacking Zaid means getting rid of a problem as well as consolidating the internal factions. However, the reformist ideas brought by Zaid when he first joined the Cabinet had faced a lot of setbacks. Perhaps, UMNO leaders believed that they are not against reform but Zaid is just running too fast that could not match the pace of UMNO. However, some are of the opinion that sacking Zaid would make it more difficult for UMNO to change.

    The fact that Zaid who is an honorable man and who wishes to implement political ideals to better bring genuine racial harmony to Malaysia and turn Malaysia into a rich and advanced country cannot implement his ideas and ideals from inside UMNO means that UMNO is a failed political party which can never be reformed to espouse racial equality. Therefore, UMNO can never turn Malaysia into a racially harmonious and wealthy country. I hope whatever Zaid does politically he will contribute to the equalization of Malaysia which is a fundamental prerequisite to establish racial harmony and to enrich all the diverse races of Malaysia including the Malays.

  19. Dear fellow blog readers:

    To save Sabah and Malaysia as a whole, just get rid of BN. Period!

  20. Yes!
    Im sick and tired of listening to those malays speaking with that stiupid west malaysian accent and talking about our future.
    i still cant forget a comment i heard from the mouth of an anonymous west malaysian saying

    " Bile enkau sampai MALAYSIA?"


    "Oh! your from Kota Kinabalu, SARAWAK!"

    It was kind of funny to hear that kind of statement coming from an educated division 1 goverment officer Who really2 cares about Malaysia but dont even know where the international border is nor where are the state capital of sabah and sarawak is.

    Shame on us for not fighting for our rights from the early days.

    And shame on us Bumi's of sabah for asking a Chinese leader to lead us when we are not handicaped and have the power to do so ourself.

    Its not that we dont want a chinese leader but it seems that our own leader is still busy drinking mantaku ("Chivas" for modern times) while others plunder and rape our states anf feed us to the illegal dogs.

    We should all be aware that when the time comes when the number of foreigners exceed the actual natives and chinese of sabah we could be wiped clean from sabah, and our children will not be able to see the lands of their forefathers let alone be alive to see it.

  21. Dear Momogun,

    You are aware but our leaders are busy in mantuku and visiting Australia and others. The foreigners stay in Sabah already more than actual sabahans. After 20 years,if the new Sabahans support his sultan to claim sabah from Malaysia.we will not able to safe Malaysia. We will be the foreigners.

  22. "Sabah has been sold like a cheap toy to anyone who wishes to buy, have SAPP done anything yet to stop the mass sell off? Or does SAPP not know about it?"
    At least their Botak boss know about it, he even giving away all the GLC (Pengswastaan period)during his term as Chief Minister.!! WHAT SAY YOU..anony mikimouse??

  23. "You are aware but our leaders are busy in mantuku and visiting Australia and others. The foreigners stay in Sabah already more than actual sabahans. After 20 years,if the new Sabahans support his sultan to claim sabah from Malaysia.we will not able to safe Malaysia. We will be the foreigners."

    Well said....i agree 100% + RM50 +RM200..semua bagi saya.

    Wahhh..KARATEKID `the idiot'is here again..!!

    Momogun...who's to blame if people don't know about Sabah!! You and the rest of people who don't like UMNO... UMNO is UMNO, UMNO Sabah is run by Sabahan...not by sapi or babi utan from your backyard..LOL.

    What Sultan wanna claim Sabah for himself?? LOL...not going to happen as long as UMNO SABAH still in power...after that,maybe..like what jeffrey try to do last time...!! SO..PEOPLE..BEWARE!!

  24. There is always be the case. Wheneverthere's an election. Many BN leaaders come in full force with all sorts of sweet promises and goodies. Thereafter, they will leave the rakyat high and dry. To this type of BN government, we have enough of suffering. It is high time to change.