Saturday, December 6, 2008

Government makes RM16mil a day from fuel windfall

The crude oil price in New York fell to a four-year low at below US$44 per barrel yesterday, dragged down by demand worries amid the worsening outlook of the global economy.

At this level, the market price for RON 97 grade petrol should be about RM1.30 per litre, which is 60 sen lower than the RM1.90 per litre Malaysians are currently paying, the analysts said.

Based on a consumption estimate of 27.5 million litres per day, this translates to roughly around RM16.5mil in extra revenue a day for the Government.

Now, the feds are sucking every 60 sen per litre from consumers. Pay back time? Who is profiting all along? "Head I win, Tail you lose" fits in.


  1. That is the Bn's way. They always win, the people lose out all the time.
    They can give all reasons for using this windfall profit for etc, etc..
    At the end, the money goes back to the cronies through projects!

  2. The government used to subsidize the petrol for the people , now the people have to subsidize the government for their extravagances. Haven't the people suffered enough under this government with the high prices of goods and now this petrol price ?

    Wake up people , do not be hoodwinked by the government anymore .

  3. Windfall profits mean the government is making profit out of the people's pockets i.e. for every litre of petrol we pump, the government makes 60 sens from us. The people are giving money to the government for their cronies projects.

    Since, the government refused to subsidize the petrol, we must insist on market price, i.e RM1.30 not RM1.90 per litre with immediate effect. Do not be an ignorant consumer anymore.

  4. That's what people say "Head I Win Tail You Lose". It's very unlikely East Malaysian will get the 20% oil royalty as long as BN are in control of the Federal Government in Putrajaya.

    When PAS controlled the Terengganu State after the 1999 General Election, Mahathir even channelled the 5% oil royalty meant for Terengganu through the so called "Wang Ehsan" arrangement. The BN Government continued that practice even though they recaptured the State in the 2004 General Election. As a result of the "Wang Ehsan" practice, it bred a series of misallocation-of-fund controversies which are not resolved to this day. Even the BN Menteri Besar claimed he did not know how the "Wang Ehsan" fund was utilised. The "Wang Eshan" was abolished by Badawi only after the 2008 General Election.

    Today we also read in newspapers that the BN replicate the "Wang Eshan" practice under different label, namely "JKKK" in allocating Federal Fund to the 5 PR controlled States.

    The correct first step for East Malaysian especially Sarawakian is to elect a PR State Government in the coming State Election. Thereafter the 13th Federal Election is not too far way. They should know what to do then.

  5. First step: Save as much on petrol as you can! Drive only if you realy MUST do so!

    Second step: Next GE or by-election: use your Vote and change to compossition of the gouvernment!

    Third step: DO NOT FORGET what is happening and tell us much ppl as possible what is going on and that they have to vote for the opposition and not stay home because it is much easier to do just that!

  6. Shahrir insists government can profit from petrol sales
    By Frank Julian Martin

    JOHOR BAHARU, Dec 6 — It is not unusual for the government to gain revenue from the sale of petrol, Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said today.

    In fact, the last time government gained such revenue was from September 2001 to February 2002, he said.

    “This is done in countries like Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom even when the price of petrol is high. But in our country the government subsidises petrol when the price is high, thus when the price is low the government would gain revenue,” he said.


    The government always compares itself with other countries whenever it benefits to do so. Has Dtk Shahrir considered the income per capita of Spore as compared to Msia?

    It's a good sign that the government is looking to Spore for comparison now, maybe it's about time they should look at how Spore manages the country to improve the living conditions of the people.

  7. The UMNO-BN government taxed the oil palm growers for windfall profit. But now the oil palm growers are in deep financial trouble with low palm oil prices and high fertilizer prices. This is a double whammy that is pushing many oil palm growers into bankruptcy. Yet the UMNO-BN government still maintain the windfall profit tax? Are these people insane or blind? How can they maintain the windfall profit tax when there is no more windfall profit?

  8. Below is some quotes from a Sin Chew article and my comments:

    Sin Chew article:
    Mukhriz has an exceptionally smart father, and knows exactly where the baseline is. He is also well versed in gamesmanship in politics.

    Let’s see how he defended himself:

    “I was only proposing ‘a unified medium language’ and didn’t even say I wanted Chinese and Tamil primary schools closed.”

    “Chinese and Tamil primary schools will remain. While the teaching medium will be Bahasa, mother tongues will be made compulsory for Chinese and Indian students.”
    Liang’s comment:
    I doubt if Mukhriz is so very smart as many consider him. Only a fool will think Mukhriz is smart. A smart man will not underestimate the intelligence of his opponents nor will he insult their intelligence needlessly with nonsensical illogic that could be easily refuted. In saying that Chinese schools will remain “Chinese��? but will only use Malay as the teaching medium he had insulted the Chinese people’s intelligence. How do you define a school as Chinese? You define a school as Chinese not because it is attended by Chinese students but because it uses Chinese as the medium of instruction. Once a “Chinese school��? uses Malay as the medium of instruction it has for all intents and purposes become a Malay school. It is nonsense to say “mother tongue��? will be made compulsory if Malay is used as the medium of instruction in teaching the mother tongue. Where do you use the “mother tongue��? if all instructions are taught in Malay? Are the teachers supposed to teach Chinese language by using Malay as the medium of instruction? This is preposterous!!!

    Mukhriz might have gotten away with such insulting underestimation of the Chinese people’s intelligence before because the Chinese were intimidated by the brutal force of the ISA and the threat of wholesale slaughter as in May 13th terrorist act. If such insulting nonsense were shouted out by the Malays before the 308 election, the Chinese simply kept quiet without answering back which led the Malays to think they had overpowering logic that overwhelmed the Chinese and made them speechless. But the truth is that the Chinese were not overwhelmed by the “logic��? of the Malay nonsense but kept quiet because they were intimidated by the Malay controlled ISA and police and army and the blatant threat of another racist slaughter. The truth is that had they dared to speak their mind, even a three year old Chinese child could have easily refuted the stupid illogical nonsense.

    Sin Chew article:
    He insisted he had done nothing wrong, and therefore refused to withdraw his proposal.

    Of course, nothing is going to happen to him, again.

    Liang’s comment:
    Nothing will happen to him in the sense that he will not be punished by UMNO. But plenty will happen to him as far as the Chinese and Indian communities are concerned. The Chinese will be even more disillusion by the “goodwill��? of the UMNO. Many who had voted for MCA, Gerakan and MIC will now be determined more than ever to switch to vote for DAP and PKR or some other new Chinese political parties not affiliated with BN. And that will ultimately put pressure on UMNO and make it implode. UMNO may not punish Mukhriz. But the Chinese and the Indians and non-Malays and even fair-minded Malays will punish UMNO. As it is, UMNO’s dominance is kept up by the Sabah and Sarawak MP’s which many say is done through bribes. So how long can the bribes continue? Even more cogent is the question, how long will the Sabah and Sarawak people continue to vote for their current MP’s? Literally, things could change overnight. And with Mukhriz rocking the UMNO boat, the change will come just that much sooner.

    Sin Chew article:
    Mukhriz is by no means Zaid Ibrahim, who has quit as minister in the prime minister’s department. He will not be sacked by UMNO, or invite any major trouble.

    Not only will he be immune from any danger, he will even emerge a hero in the Malay community as the Chinese and Indian communities step up their effort censuring him.

    As such, the louder the outside world slams him, the greater is his chance of getting elected UMNO Youth chief.

    So, go ahead and condemn! (By LIM MUN FAH/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)
    Liang’s comment:
    Mukhriz is of course playing to the Malays. And as long as Malaysia is totally dominated by the Malays, then he would be absolutely right to play only to the Malays. But Malaysia is changing. The world has changed greatly. The international forces that allowed and even encouraged the racist tyranny of the Malays are rapidly fading away. As a new world order is moving into place, the Malays cannot go mindlessly on playing the old racism game. Democracy and equality will be instituted. And with the institution of genuine democracy and equality, such political hacks as Mukhriz will simply be repudiated even by fair-minded Malays as more of the Malays come to understand that only a truly democratic nation can unleash the initiative and creativity of all the people. And only if all the initiative and creativity of all the people are unleashed can Malaysia be fully developed to make all Malaysians as rich as they want to be. In the end, no special rights of the Malays can make the Malays rich. Only a robust economy enabled by the full unleashing of the initiative and creativity of all the Malaysian peoples can make all the Malaysians rich, including the Malays themselves.

    In the end, UMNO will be toppled and evil political hacks like Mukhriz who base their political power by fanning racial hatred between the Malays and the non-Malays will be repudiated and dumped. And the Malays will turn to fair-minded Malays like Zaid, RPK, and Anwar who understand the necessity of genuine racial harmony and equality and are willing to establish genuine democracy and equality as the long term foundation for a new and harmonious and wealthy nation.

    Evil political hacks like Mukhriz rely on racial hatred for their own power. But racial hatred of the Malays will only provoke racial hatred from the non-Malays. And the mutual hatred will tear Malaysia apart. Fair-minded political leaders such as Zaid, RPK, and Anwar will help institute mutual understanding and respect amongst the races and establish genuine interracial harmony that will usher in a new age of mutual acceptance and universal recognition of common interest in establishing a modern and wealthy society that benefits all and so that all can take pride in calling themselves Malaysians.

  9. For so long, it was and is going their BN-Umno way to suck you people dry while their own cronies will get richer and richer.
    Wake up and get rid of umno!

  10. 马哈迪靠一本“马来人的困境”登上权力的最高峰,在他统治22年的大马衍生多少弊端?到现在才慢慢露出水面。他的儿子也逐渐走上同样的道路,有其父必有其子!他为儿子辨护,一点都不奇怪。

  11. Sabahans are not stupidDecember 8, 2008 at 11:29 AM

    JOHOR BAHARU, Dec 6 — It is not unusual for the government to gain revenue from the sale of petrol, Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said today.

    In fact, the last time government gained such revenue was from September 2001 to February 2002, he said.

    “This is done in countries like Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom even when the price of petrol is high. But in our country the government subsidises petrol when the price is high, thus when the price is low the government would gain revenue,” he said.
    What is the stupid minister talking about??? Why is he comparing price of petrol with the other countries that only imports oil?
    We are not as stupid as you, Shahrir, becoz if u said words like is probably your lack of mental capability to deceive us...try other methods instead...malaysians are always ready to hear lies, cover-ups and jokes like yours.

    Shahrir, do joke with us anymore, you said it's not unusual to gain revenue from the oil.

    Come on, man, the govt has never lost money from the oil revenue. It always gain from the taxes, and petronas also the govt financial pillar. What are these political morons talking about!



  13. The government made windfall profit for the past years when the petrol price unexpectedly shot up.

    But this RM16 million a day profit should not be called fuel windfall which is too polite and nice term for it because the government actually made a calculated profit out of the people regardless of the hardships faced by people today.

  14. When the govt increased petrol to 2.70 per litre, it caused irreversible effect and stability of the local food and supply, resulting in the highest inflation recorded ever.

    The economy was stunned by such flip-flop decision, when the PM suddenly announced a steep increase a few hours before midnight causing huge traffic jams, motorists rushing to fill their tanks.

    I never get to the nearest kiosk in time, caused by delay in the long queue...cursing the villians all the way.

    But when crude oil prices went further up, the govt was having a windfall tax...petronas also laughing to the bank. Fuel prices still remain high, and people from the middle to lower income group suffered tremendously financially.

    Now, we are paying what ought to be our right to a lower fuel price..The govt said fuel windfall, at our expense?


  15. 马哈迪靠一本“马来人的困境”登上权力的最高峰,but then.....still expect tis to happen!
    They never learn at all.

    Shame you and never learn to be good at all.
    They must be judged and punished severely.

  16. Sabah produces petrol, federal government gives back 5% oil royalty to Sabah government and then federal government makes money out of Sabah consumers from pumped petrol.

    Have the Sabahan been taken advantaged by the federal government ? Can our Sabahan BN leaders explain to the people whose side they are in ?

    Wake up Sabahan! This is how they treat the Sabahan and the other oil producing states , i.e keep the people poor and ignorant.

    We cannot depend on our BN leaders anymore to defend our rights and improve our living conditions.

  17. Dear fellow blog readers:

    To cut the story short, just get rid of BN in order to save our beloved country. Period.

    The present band of BN bandits are worse than the Ah Longs!

  18. YES WE CAN ! We can build our own state without these BN / Ah Longs.

  19. The BN Sabah leaders with conscience and love for your state Sabah and could not get out the last time as BN was too strong and your voice was too soft to be heard, it is now the time to get out of BN and give Sabah the chance to change.

    We are smart people, we do not want to be "diperbodohkan" by Federal BN/UMNO anymore.

  20. So what is SAPP going to do about it?
    All talk but no action?
    If SAPP not lead the way, then how the people of Sabah can follow?

    Come next election where is SAPP going to stand? at the neutral side? How to win back Sabah like that?

  21. To anonymous Dec 10, 10.51 AM,

    I suppose SAPP cannot do anything now . SAPP alone cannot change the situations. SAPP needs all the people of Sabah comes next general election. In the meantime, I can see that SAPP is highlighting to the people our plights and how to rectify them. Someone has to talk first , otherwise people don't know what is happening and what we can do about that.

    Without talk, there won't be any chance for change . So, don't just shut people's efforts, at least they are trying. Be patient !

    You also can contribute now by telling others about Sabahan plights as a small riple will cause a big wave and when the time comes, I pray SAPP will lead the way and Sabahan will follow.

    SAPP, please do not be dishearten by comments like "all talk but no action ?". This comment should be directed to BN Sabah leaders because they have been talking for decades and we have become the poorest state in Msia which is something I cannot fathom and accept with all the resouces Sabah has.

  22. With all the resources Sabah has and proper management, it should be one of the richest state. If only , our ancestors were clever enough like Brunei ancestors who refused to join the Malaysia Federation, Sabahan would live comfortably like Brunei people.

  23. The sawit planters are not able to get any profit but they still have to pay 7.5 % windfall tax to state government. why state government did not ask for windfall tax from the big big company?

  24. Check out this website

  25. Why dont we Sabahans get together and fight this regime.
    insted of just watching the sun go down on the horizon full of PTI's fishing boats running on subsedised diesel?

  26. Chisss...cakap tak serupa bikin,phorahhhlah.

    the money goes back to the cronies (Malaysian also bah)through projects..(they fight for tender what,bukannya projek tu terbang masuk poket durang begitu saja.)Yang tidak dapat tu..berusahalah lain kali..sampai dapat!!
    Ndak dapat projek saja, marah UMNO,ndak dapat naik pangkat..
    marah UMNO,ndak dapat kontrak maintenance,marah UMNO..NDAK DAPAT BERAK PUN MARAH UMNO!! Budu punya kerja!!
    YOU people...have one mission,try to dissoriented the mind of the SABAHAN,and then led them to go againts the Federal your back people..!! Ada yang kana sumpitan ISA ni...tengoklah!!

  27. 我的意见是回应:
    政府调低电费 平均降幅3.7%



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