Friday, November 28, 2008


It was reported in The New Straits Times, on Wednesday (27 November 2008), Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) hurled a racial slur at M. Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat) and called Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) biol (stupid) during the debate on a motion seeking to dock Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein's salary by RM10 for failing to fulfil his promises on vernacular school.

We have witnessed numerous antics and "ungentlemenly" conduct of the BN MPs in parliament sittings. Remember the last Parliament session where BN lawmakers created uproar with their statement of "monthly leak".

The ironic is that opposition MPs get punished with suspension and banishment for the slightest "tiff" with the presiding speakers but BN MPs just has to "tarik balik" even that is done relunctantly.

So you know what to do in the next election yah, vote for SAPP !


  1. I have seen this YB from Pasir Salak speaking in parliament on TV.
    His voters should be ashamed of his manner and his speech in BM. But i guess only those without substance would speak like that shouting away to cover up their weaknesses. I may have different ideology from PAS but I salute PAS YBs who speak intelligently, well mannered and good BM in parliament.

  2. The bastard MP's of Pasir Salak are equal to our own Bloody DUNGU MP for KINA BINATANGAN. Bikin Malu sama kita saja tetapi KEBANGGAAN KEPADA JOMOSAMA (Memang kesemua mereka ini adalah keturunan specis yang didakwa oleh Charles Darwin - monkey)

  3. Orang Utan (umno) MPs leading the nation? No wonder our country economy suckssss!

  4. A person's choice of words depicts his character and morality.While Malaysians in general today are intelligent and intellectually substance base,the same cannot be said about this nincompoop Tajuddin.

    The Speaker,talks about ensuring a world class Malaysian Parliament and yet is unable to practice what he preaches.Surely we have better qualified Sabahans to sit as the Honourable Speaker,or politics takes precedence before anything else??

    I'm glad that our Opposition and Independent MP's are more professional and sound mind as compared to the BN's bunch of jungle representatives.Keep up the good work Opposition and Independent MP's,we can now more or less envisage how effective the PR Government will be.


  5. UMNO consists of a bunch of HYPOCRITE! What you guys expect from them? Sadly, our rakyat still vote them bcos of RM50-RM200 given out every 5 years.

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  7. Monsopiad, you critisize MP okay. But NOT the "keturunan" sorry. I think you should be given a MF tittle for going against our keturunan. You know what is that tittle. I mean the... MF Monsopiad..Mother Fucker Monsopiad. Why dont you go to heel..

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  9. What we ask from our MPs should also apply to ourselfs on this blog! Only ppl who do not know how to speak propperly and without arguments will shout! Intelligent ppl do not need to shout because they have something TO SAY!

  10. Those umno dogs keep licking your boss ass. Smell good? But unfortunately, you can't bring your dirty money to heaven and yet you may suffer CANCER for donkey years before you die. Kesian!

    RIP Evil umno and umno dogs!

  11. To all,

    Please refrain from using vulgarity.

    Comments that contained these will be deleted!

    To all SAPP supporters, please give your constructive comments but do not be dragged down by those lowly "enemies of Sabah" who use vulgar words to distract or disrupt the PURPOSE and CAUSE of this blog's existence...

    That is my simple message...
    Cheers, Support us!

  12. A well known dictum of Confuciuss says:


    (If the name is not correct and proper then words will not be congruent. If the words are not congruent then affairs will not be successful. If affairs are not successful then decorum and music will not flourish. If decorum and music do not flourish then the people will not know how to behave themselves.)

    The "name" can more properly be translated as the fundamental principle or empowering authority. For example, the minister of internal affairs should not intrude into the problem of foreign relations. Otherwise, there will be conflict of authority. For another example, a government that is based on democracy should not institute racial supremacy for any one race or set of races. Racial supremacy or the words cannot be congruent with the principle of democracy. Which ultimately leads to a disharmonious society.

    The problem with Malaysia is that it is racist and corrupt. UMNO has perverted the original democratic principles of racial equality by unfairly and through terrorist force as in May 13 to instill in the Malays the belief of racist supremacy as the method of garnering their support and loyalty. Once the governing principle changed from democracy and racial equality to Malay supremacy then the unjust laws of NEP followed automatically. And with the institution of NEP and the consequence oppression of the Chinese and Indians, many of them left Malaysia and those remaining are deprived of their ability to create robust businesses. And so Malaysian economy became stagnant and rely on the oil incomes to stay afloat. When the oil runs out in another 15 to 20 years, Malaysia will collapse like the Philippines.

    Therefore, before Malaysia can become a moral and economically dynamic country again, it must rectify the name or the moral and social principles of democracy and justice to safeguard the rights of the minorities and allow all Malaysians to fully expand their creativity and initiative. Therefore, if UMNO is unwilling or unable to institute democratic equality and justice, then it must be toppled by a new coalition.

    Actually, the opposition is only short of some 32 seats to topple UMNO. There are more than enough seats in Sabah and Sarawak to join the opposition and topple UMNO-BN. If Sabah and Sarawak MPs can't or won't unite to topple UMNO-BN, then the problem is not with UMNO but with the Sabah and Sarawak MPs and people themselves.

  13. To Anon 8.41pm, Sorrylah kalau Perasaan, tetapi saya tak cakap bangsapun, keturunan dan bangsa adalah tidak sama, sila rujuklah kepada kamus. Bahasa kesat yang anda gunakan itu, saya jawab dengan pantun sajalah. "MENGATA DULANG PAKU SERPIH, MENGATA ORANG AWAK YANG LEBIH".

  14. Eric Mojimbun ( I'm NOT sure if this a real and original name)and Chua Soon Bui... Sabahan Pls compare the quality and the participation plus the contribution of these two MPs in our Parliment..DO SAPP regards them as quality MPs.. So damn lucy they we "MENEMPEL" on BN..Next election all you know these two will be dropped in PR line up or if they contest under SAPP alone..sure LOST DEPOSIT...PPl of Sabah please be realistic.

  15. To Monsopiad, you have used the harsh word "bastard" and "monkey" so that why your get it back..remember the good old day saying.."well, keturunan even more serious the bangsa coz some people have changed their "bangsa". Look at ERIK MOJIMBUN, KOLEONG MOPILIN,SARI TAN, Jimmy Wong (DAP).. But "keturunan" will remain (=) till death.

  16. Sebagai Institusi yang tertinggi dalam pentadbiran Negara memang agak memalukan apabila dilihat tingkah-laku para ahli parlimen kita yang tidak begitu berparlimen!
    Saya terpaksa menerima hakikat bahawa ramai rakyat Malaysia yang menggelar diri mereka pemimpin masih lemah darisegi pemahaman moral.
    Semoga Malaysia diberkati...

  17. 'F' constructors have to attend few days of courses to get the licences. coffeeshops have to send their workers to attend few hours of courses before they start to work.
    The YBs should have:
    1, A pass of SPM including BM with credit or higher.
    2, Attend a course of meeting procedures and pass the tests.
    3, Medical (physical and mental)report.
    4, General knowledges test.
    We need high standard YBs.

  18. Is very typical for years even in other "business" too!
    Not only you feel it but smell it with instinct!
    Look at the recent events....never they can learn about paying mutual respect to other in the world.

  19. Sabah is known for its wildlife and especially the orang utan.

    One MP from Sabah fits into this category and you all know who I meant.......kinabat.....hahaha

  20. From Malaysia Today:


    Martin Jalleh

    Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, has a very long tradition of treating parliament as his personal playground where he proudly leaves a trail of his political pooh behind.

    When he fails in an intelligent debate in parliament or when an answer deserts him, leaving him dumb, he dishes out a diatribe, creates a dramatic diversion or distraction, and/or goes into a delirium.

    Nazri acts tough, talks and thinks as though he is the PM, or he knows everything, threatens and taunts those who stand up to him, throws a tantrum together with some theatrics when things don't go his way.

    Past and present Speakers or their deputies have always given the Minister full and free access to the House to go into a fit or a frolic or to flaunt his foolishness according to his whim and fancy.

    Nazri's rewriting of history on 6 Nov. 2008 adds to the list of growing examples of the Minister treating the House as a place where he "play-plays" by being provocative and pokes fun at serious issues.

    He told Parliament that former Lord President Salleh Abas and other senior judges involved in the judicial crisis 20 years ago were not "sacked" but had their "services terminated early". Yet, in Sept. 2006 he had himself taken part in a '1988 Judicial Crisis - To review or not?' forum attended by 1,000 people who had heard him defend the sacking of the judges!


    Another UMNO YB with unacceptable behaviour which is encouraged by UMNO. We can see many UMNO YBs get promoted faster if they are racists, outspoken for the wrong reasons, rude, ......etc. I always wonder "How can the real Malay elites and educated continue to accept it as the party which champions their interest ???"

    No wonder Zaid has resigned from UMNO, it must have embarassed him to be associated with the party everytime these YBs showed their actions.

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  22. Hello monsopiad....
    Yang keturunan monkey itu not us..kami dari keturunan ADAM..mungkin monsopiad yang percaya pada teori charles darwin ini yang dari keturunan kuya bangkau!!

    About MP's Pasir Salak $ Kinabatangan...baik juga, at least mereka bersuara...bukan macam erik dan chua bumbum..betapok bawah meja kali tu, takut kana soal..

    Bukan semua tahu aturan persidangan..sedangkan dalam blog inipun ada yang macam`indada skol' kalau menulis....apa lagi diparlimen...!! Kalau nak komen pasal tingkah laku MP dalam dewan...kita semua ndak ada urusan woh..!! NOT OUR DAMMNED BUSINESS, yang boleh tegur mereka ialah Pandikar Sabah saja..bukan monsopiad,bukan momogun..apalagi anonymouse!! APA MAHU BISING,SEMUA AHLI POLITIK TIME KEMPEN CAKAP LAGI KOTOR..PENUH JANJI TARANG BULAN..LEPAS TU,KALAH...INGE PORINGGI AMAHH!!