Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Review of State-Federal Relations is timely

Kota Kinabalu, Tuesday, 25 May 2010: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President, Datuk Yong Teck Lee today said that the debate whether Sabah is one of three equal partners or one of thirteen states in Malaysia shows that a review of the State and Federal relationship is relevant and timely.

"SAPP will push for a review in line with SAPP's 8-Points struggle for autonomy and the return of Labuan .

"The review may propose that the High Court in Borneo be uplifted in authority and status. The granting of federal citizenship in Sabah must require State consent. Schedule 9 (Legislative Lists) of the Federal Constitution can be amended to give more jurisdiction to Sabah and Sarawak ...more


  1. Quoted:
    "After the March 2008 political tsunami in Peninsula Malaysia , our friends over there commented that "Sabah and Sarawak are behind time" and slow in following the national trend."

    "We cannot blame them for thinking so because that is their perspective of Sabah and Sarawak . But, we could remind them that when Sabah took the lead to change the BN federal government in 1990, all the Peninsula states, except Kelantan, re-elected BN."

    Somehow why wait after 308 only declared "vote of no confidence" but not before 308. Some ambition behind your party leadership with Federal at that time?

    SAPP Datuk dan YB-YB dahulu di BN,
    Most have done it but look at PBS now. Hopefully next GRE no frogging back to shake hand with BN otherwise is same only mere talks about autonomy? Never waste sabahan support like other by example frog-in and frog-out of BN!

  2. Federal govt may not want to discuss this issue which is not to their benefit.

    They will not be concern what Sabah people will think, afterall, what is done is them.

    They are too busy with their Semenanjung affair, not to care about Sabah, now that they have won the government.

    Next time, talk to me when I need U!

  3. Totally suport the move. Give back our State Autonomy!