Friday, May 28, 2010

Malaysia bankrupt in 9 years?

Malaysia risks becoming the next Greece unless voters swallow subsidy cuts that will see the price of petrol, food, electricity and other staples rise, a government minister warned today.

What is Malaysia doing!!! Just we look at Brunei, they have free electricity, water, gas, tax free...and Singapore, with no natural resources surpassed Malaysia economically.

Malaysia should have very rich...if not for the corrupted politicians and their cronies.


  1. ya tats true.. msia.. a full of resources country can go bankrupt??? msia like to spend something for nothing... then use up our rakyat money.. then say 1 malaysia.. yala.. in our beloved mother earth sure got 1 malaysia ma. tak kan 2 or 3 malaysia..

  2. it will be in 2 years and Sabah is bankrupt!

  3. Petronas and its proxies sucked away all the money.

    Petronas twin towers is one of landmark white elephants BN foolishly spent with our oil money.

  4. Idris Jala, please cut the subsidy to the toll operators and the gas used by the IPPs (independent power producers) before you cut the subsidy to the rakyat. Can you do that? I think not - the IPPs and toll operators will be the last to be cut, if ever, while the rakyat will be the first.

    Can the government force the toll operators not to raise tolls without using public funds to compensate them? Do they need to make obscene profits every year when increased traffic will more than compensate them?

    The BN government spends more to subsidise gas for IPPs, who have fat contracts with TNB (Tenaga Nasional), than for subsidising petrol. Yet the first subsidy to be cut is petrol not gas for IPPs, who use the gas subsidy to make obscene profits.

    This is a government which robs the poor to give to the rich. Big corporations cannot be touched while the man in the street is a soft target to be clobbered again and again. Why ask the public to accept subsidy removal while the big corporations laugh all the way to the bank?

  5. Come to subsidy for the rakyat will make the nation go bankrupt.
    Come to by election can spend so much and will not make the nation go bankrupt.Where are all our natural resources monies gone to? Where are all our taxes gone to?

  6. BN's mismanagement, corruption and bias practices made the country bankrupt.

    If not for oil, the country would be bankrupt long ago.

    Corruption among Umno, MCA, MIC politicians ran into billions and billions of ringgit every year.

    Just imagine for 5 decades of Umno corruption particularly, how much money have gone to overseas swiss banks???

  7. Malaysia's Bank Negara huge losses by playing Forex.

    All the over priced purchase of jet engines, submarines etc by BN ministers and agents.

    RM1.7 billion cost overrun in Bakun.

    What about the hefty independent power producers' gas subsidies?

    White elephant Petronas twin towers

    Payment millions to Singapore as compensation over bridge project by Bodowi.

    The most part is to investigate Umno's and its cronies' immense wealth through their corruption...more to come.

  8. don't complain YOU voted them in for 50+years!

    and next time again????????????

  9. One of good reasons! and..
    Not really true instead look into weakness of addressing difference towards different malaysian by the administrative governance.
    Also this has nothing to do with 'anti-government' issue for nationalism. Reconcile corrupt attitude and favouritism in education,not too much of politiking then everything shall improve!

  10. How not to get bankrupt when we have such impeccable politicians in Bolehland below from Malaysian Unplug:-

    1. A Chief Editor of a mainstream newspaper (Utusan Melayu) who had an affair with a young girl while his wife lay paralysed in bed
    -Zainuddin Maidin (became Ministef of Information)

    2. A Chief Minister who eloped to Thailand to secretly marry his second wife
    – Muhammad Mohd Taib (then Chief Minister of Selangor).

    3. A Federal Minister who was caught with a female artiste in a Port Dickson hotel room
    – Najib Tun Razak (Defence Minister) and Ziana Zain.

    4. A Federal Minister whose brother was arrested for drug trafficking
    – Muhyiddin Yassin (who became Deputy Prime Minister)

    5. A Federal Minister who had an affair with someone else’s wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage
    – Ruhaini Ahmad.

    6. A Chief Minister who had an affair with someone else’s wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage
    – Muhammad Mohd Taib ( Chief Minister of Selangor)

    7. A Chief Minister who had an affair with an under-aged girl
    – Rahim Tambi Chik (then Melaka Chief Minister).

    8. A Chief Minister who had an affair with a girl who eventually gave birth to an illegitimate child
    – Shahidan Kassim (Perlis Chief Minister).

    9. A Chief Minister who kept an under-aged mistress at a condominium in Kuala Lumpur
    – Shahidan Kassim.

    10. A religious leader who had an illicit affair and who is now holding a prominent position in a very important government religious body
    – Ismail Ibrahim of the National Fatwah Council.

    11. A Chief Minister who had an affair with his sister-in-law who gave birth to an illegitimate child
    – Abu Hassan Omar (then Selangor Chief Minister).
    Bear in mind, the above list is not exhaustible. I would say we have a much much bigger bunch who are similar if not worst than them running the country.
    Really amazing!!!

  11. Today "31 May", Star Newspaper read, subsidised Malaysian sugar avilable in Thailand.
    It reads “ Several residents (which mean Thailand citizen) said the sugar with the “subsidy” label was easily available especially at night markets in these provinces.” With the word easily available indicated there must be large quantity taken out from Malaysia. As such it is impossible for individual to do the job. There must be someone behind with strong backing to do this job. We are struggling to request our government to maintain the subsidy but others are making use of our money. So what will the authority going to do?
    On the other note, who control local councils? The state or the federal government? Local councils show poor management and still able to remain on their job. No local council election so who is the main person always want to keep those who cannot perform. Wrongly allocate low cost flat for the rich instead should be given to the needy and low income group. Slow in issuing certificate of fitness for completed project. Street and traffic light are not properly monitor always at faulty. Some housing estate with trees covering street light and cause darkness.

  12. How can a country with huge natural resources be bankrupt because of some subsidies to the rakyat?

    The problem does not lie with the amount of subsidies given.

    While oil prices increases, Malaysians were made to pay more. Why we should be paying for more and the government saying that our oil is subsidies and as a result they lose (rugi).

    Other oil producing nations are laughing to the bank with their people enjoying more perks.

    Just look at our nearest neighbour, Brunei, which is amassing huge profits from oil price hike.

    How come we don't? Just can't understand....Malaysia boleh? or Malaysia Bodoh, to be exact!

    Malaysia going bankrupt, get me nuts about what this BN corrupt government is doing all along.

    BN (UMNO) has created many millionaires through corruption, bias and favoritism. Indeed they have enriched the 1 or 2 percent of the Malays by what Singapore Ex PM said systematic discrimination.

    Malays in Peninsular Malaysia are considered the "bumiputeras" while Sabah and Sarawak bumiputeras are regarded as "others" or "lain-lain" worse than the Chinese and Indians.

    This whole crap is the inequalities practised by the Federal government...more

  13. With the government trying to remove subsidy for the rakyat, the more varieties of gambling will cause more hardly for the rakyat.
    There are so many different kind of gambling in the market ie 3D, Magnum, Toto etc. For some gamblers they will not think. The will bet on all the gambling in the market. End up they will have to borrow money from Ah Long. Gambling will enrich Ah Long.
    Talking about Ah Long. It is rather surprise that the public can get in touch with Ah Long. But the police unable. There must be something hidden that the public do not know. Or else why the Ah Long know who call them. If public call they will pick up their phone. If police call they will not pick up their phone. Why must some peoples want to have additional method of gambling like sports. Are they trying to enrich Ah Long? If they are concern about the rakyat then they will limit the type of gambling.

    So for the next election,vote for the party that take care of the rakyat.

  14. We can easily spot the PAKISTANESE AH LONG, CARPET SELLER doing business at every corner of Sabah without any valid trading license after they just came in as a tourist.

    Is that because they are muslim brother of aaaaaasssssNO? I really SICK of our racist and traitors from our gomen to make use of religion and race for their politic survival. GET LOST AssssNo!

    Sometime I wonder is this Sabah or another taliban state?

  15. don't complain YOU voted them in for 50+years!

    and next time again????????????

  16. Malaysia will not bankrupt in 2019 as Greece, even the subsidy amounted to RM74 billion a year will be continues. the reason to cutting the subsidy is to reduce the national deficit and to stabilize the national finances. the allegations about the Malaysia will be bankrupt in 2019 is only a mere prediction.

  17. the only lead to bankruptcy is corruption not the subsidy. look, a lot of our goods such as cooking oils, petrol, sugar,.. has been smuggled to neighbors countries.. just continue to cut the subsidies and also cut the corruptions.

  18. I Think it's true. We are heading toward penniless...

  19. Maybe yes, maybe no.. lets wait & see but at the same time prepare ourselves for any possibility.

  20. Anonymous (May 29, 2010 3:39 AM)...
    uii na palis2.. Jangan ba kan, karau hidup nanti oo..
    harap2 ekonomi negara kekal stabil :)

  21. KOTA BARU - Malaysia will not go bankrupt in 2019 even if a subsidy totalling RM74bil a year is continued, said Deputy Finance Minister Dr Awang Adek Hussein.

  22. malaysia govt give the highest subsidy compared with neighbor countries. that why there are always cases where our goods has been smuggled to neighbor countries. this problem is actually will lead to bankruptcy..

  23. think Malaysia will not bankrupt in 9 years. Malaysia have many source to develop. how we can bankrupt?

  24. So many white elephant projects and useless big ambitions, how can we not bankrupt?

  25. MAlaysia will go bankrupt because of corrupted asssno. period.

    Singapore a small country with nothing would not go bankrupt but look at our country with abundant of natural resources running by who? A bunch of EVIL asssno hypocrites! Of course we are heading to Taliban!

  26. saya merasakan malaysia takkan bankrap pada tahun 2019. jika kerajaan dapat mengambil langkah awal bagi memperbaiki ekonomi negara. semua rakyat harus bekerjasama dalam meningkatkan ekonomi negara.

  27. Subsidies may not be the reason that will lead the country to bankruptcy. However, other factors will bring Malaysia to it's doom if the government refuses to change.

  28. jika dengan pemotongan subsidi kita dapat menyelamatkan ekonomi negara, kita sebagai rakyat hendaklah menerimanya dengan hati terbuka.

  29. It may be not surely...Malaysia has many chances and also sources to get up...Declaring Personal Bankruptcy

  30. uranglama....u know what will happend if fuel subsidy is cut? Food price will go up n they never come down even fuel price comes down. Poor will become poorer, rich will become richer.

    Seriously think about it. Where is the tax payer money goes? New road which can last 3 days, Space??? For what? 2 Submarine for Defense. I agree but I cant submerge and why pay commission to u know who?

    and the best of all

    New palace costs RM811mil, no open tender. Well maybe this Palace will generate more income for the country. Who knows.

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  32. malaysia will not bankrupt.