Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sibu by-election revisited ... Deal or No Deal?

By Mariam Mokhtar...
Days earlier, at Rejang Park, the prime minister convinced me that BN does not have the interests of the people of Sibu at heart.

1. He said: “I don't have to come here… Rejang Park……This is not the place for a prime minister to come.”

2. He insulted the intelligence of the people by making deals in exchange for public service.

3. He lowered the tone of his speech by saying “Bull Shine”. Is vulgar slang accepted speech by a prime minister?

Who could forget that 'speech'? Some people have called it 'You help me, I help you' talk. Those present witnessed the display of arrogance of condescension; how he talked down to people; and disgracefully made the public gesture of money in exchange for votes.

He showed us how NOT to demean people and thus get the backs up of those whom we wish to help us. Surprisingly, Najib overlooked how the Internet beamed his unflattering comments worldwide.

Najib also showed the political elite how NOT to treat the electorate or to make empty promises. To a lesser extent, it revealed how his spin doctors, who stage-managed his campaigns, failed to register the suffering of the Sibu people.

The PM joked about solving the flooding, saying: “Can we have deal or not? Can we have an understanding or not? You help me, I help you. It is quite simple.”

I recall how a policeman once stopped me for apparently going through a red light, even though I had not. He also used similar phrases like, “We got deal or not? We have understanding, yes? I can help you. Easy-lah.” These phrases sound very familiar don't they?


  1. out of Malaysia and form a Borneo Alliance with Sarawak and Brunei!

  2. Altantuya ghost may be seeking her justice.

    She got the bad deal ...being murdered instead.

  3. Election commission has the prerogative, powers to qualify or disqualifies a candidate should the BN candidate wins, which he lost.

    Using government funds (which does not belong to the ruling party but the people) should not be used as carrots to fish for voter support.

    It is actually government corruption which MACC should look into.

  4. How come that NO SABAHAN knows that?????????????

    It's inclusive now: Max
    Kota Kinabalu: Sabah and Sarawak became just like any other State under the Federation of Malaysia after the first 10-year review of the Federal Constitution, according to Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili.

  5. What is Max talking???

    Look at the 20 points safeguard...clause No. 3 that..."Constitution:
    Whilst accepting that the present Constitution of the Federation of Malaya should form the basis of the Constitution of Malaysia, the Constitution of Malaysia should be a completely new document drafted and agreed in the light of a free association of States and should not be a series of amendments to a Constitution drafted and agreed by different States in totally different circumstances. A new Constitution for North Borneo, was, of course, essential."

    Let study the 20 points her

  6. Look like Sabahan have different history lessons about its independence!
    lesson 1
    lesson 2

  7. ini "gong-cao-cao" ponya montili cakap!

  8. time for Sabah to follow!