Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Unfulfilled promises coupled with delays and uncomplete projects

Big projects around Putatan Parliament areas costing more than RM500 millions have been delayed for many years, said Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP).

SAPP Secretary General Datuk Richard Yong said the most visible one is the railway project costing more than RM300 millions, which experienced delays since 2005.

He said the contractor had been given an extension but it was lapsed in October 2009 and the government gave them another one-year new extension.

"The section of the railway from Lok Kawi to Tanjung Aru station with multiple crossings is actually potential problems to traffic havoc and endangering lives of the people as well as motorists," he said...more


  1. sabah is UMNO's fixed deposit ONLY!

  2. It could be another joke before CNY....
    Chinese have bad time for $20/kg of daging babi and if chicken price were to increase then
    "cat or dog" will suffer or more in missing for the Tiger year! are right "1 Malaysia really have many jokes around"

    Gong Xi Fatt Cai- SAPP boleh!

  3. poor planning of the government. they build the railway traffic lights only!

  4. BN should give sabah 30% royalty instead of giving Sabah allocation as their will take back in end of year. If royalty, Sabah can keep the $ and do a proper planning to develop Sabah...

  5. why give away the money if you just can send it on a round trip?

  6. Good movie better than elsewhere or even Hong Kong. Too many starring here.

  7. gaga, after the construction is over, no more jam u see. its just for a while, why u think for short time only. then NO MORE JAM!

  8. My dear Iboon,
    Kita tak bantah pembangunan tetapi kalau buat plan tu pastikan mengikut piawaian.
    $$$ banyak kena bayar sama kontraktor tapi jalan lambat siap mcm mana?
    Sepatutnya masalah kesesakkan sudah selesai tahun lalu bukan mahu tunggu sampai sekarang pun beleum selesai, kan gaga?
    If they do it for free then no comment lah! Why we need to suffer because of poor planning of the government...

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  10. The FIXED DEPOSIT mentioned by the evil amino party in Sabah was the 25% Sabah population filled up by all the illegal immigrants who already got MYCARD here and definitely not refer to the genuine Sabahans.

  11. The BN leaders will never admit their failure in the people's projects because they have done very well in all the other commercial peojects like 1 Borneo, Suria, water front, JV projects and many more in the pipielines. Infrastructure for the people? slowly lah u wait.

  12. how many young ones from Sabah go to KL with the idea to earn money without hard work? A lot- most of them, because they would have jobs in Sabah, but............. earning money has something to do with working hard and asking what they like to do, you get the answer: clubbing! If you offer them a job 8-5 and 1hour lunch break the next question is: how much do you pay? below 1500RM they say know - if interested, the next question is: how many leave days do I have? Answer: 14. Next question: can I have 3 days off right away? Answer: No! You have to work for a minimum of 6 month to earn this days. Next thing you know - they walk out on you! They want 21-30 days leave, 1800RM ++, longer lunch breaks and starting work on Mondays only after 10 O'clock! And in the first month they are on medical leave for at least 4 days if they have to work on Saturdays! How to find a job with an attitude like this??????

  13. Published: Tuesday February 16, 2010 MYT 3:12:00 PM
    Updated: Tuesday February 16, 2010 MYT 3:16:13 PM
    Malaysia’s richest recover some of their wealth

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s 40 richest people recorded an increase in their fortunes and were collectively worth RM156.7bil as at Jan 15, or 63% more than the RM96.3bil a year ago, on the back of a recovery in the stock market, a Malaysian Business survey reveals.

    However, according to the fortnightly magazine’s survey results released in a statement Tuesday, their combined wealth was still less than the RM171.9bil recorded in 2008 (based on their 2007 earnings).

    The benchmark FBM KLCI has risen 44.3% since its last survey as the world strives to get back on its feet following the global financial crisis.

    The full list of the 40 tycoons and details of their wealth were published in the magazine’s Feb 16 issue.

    As in the previous year, the wealth of the Top 40 was assessed based on the value of their stakes in listed companies as at Jan 15 this year.

    The survey also revealed that close to half on this year’s list recorded jumps of 50% or more. There are also more billionaires this year -- 22, eight more than last year.

    Tan Sri Robert Kuok, the Kuok Group patriarch who relinquished his “Sugar King” crown last year, still tops the list with a wealth of RM42.76bil, up RM16.1bil from RM26.6bil a year ago.

    Media-shy telecommunication tycoon T. Ananda Krishnan ranked second, clocking in at RM27bil.

    IOI Corporation Bhd’s Tan Sri Lee Shin Chen was third with a wealth of RM11.92bil, followed by prominent banker Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow at RM10.86bil.

    Genting Group’s Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, valued at RM10.38bil, leapt a full 10 spots to five. This was because he assumed a large chunk of the wealth of his late father, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

    Hong Leong Group’s Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan took the sixth spot at RM7.09bil while Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary of the Albukhary Foundation, valued at RM6.01bil, settled at seventh.

    Others in the Top-10 ranking were Lim Goh Tong’s widow Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua, Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King of Rimbunan Hijau Group and Tan Sri Vincent Tan of the Berjaya Group.

    There were five newcomers to the list, namely Lee Swee Eng of KNM Group, brothers Datuk Shahril Shamsuddin and Shahriman Shamsuddin of Sapura, Datuk Seri Nazir Razak of CIMB Group and OSK Holdings’ Ong Leong Huat, who made a comeback to the list after a one-year absence. -- Bernama

  14. better late than never guys...

    as long as the project is finish, and then it will give a lot of benefits to the people...i dont mind waiting extra long...

  15. yup agree with polemic.. its better to have the project done behind schedule than uncompleted at all!!

  16. how to find that in the government of the day???

    Emulate Prophet Muhammad qualities to achieve excellence: Najib
    18:39:10 PM

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today called on Muslims to emulate four qualities of Prophet Muhammad -- "sidiq" (sincerity), "amanah" (trustworthiness), "tabligh" (ability to deliver) and "fatanah" (wisdom), saying they were vital to achieve excellence.

  17. it is real pity that Sabahan has to accept 9th grade quality of works while the government pay 1st grade money to contractors. Hundreds of milions or billions being spent in so-called Sabah corridors, one way corridor, dark corridor, haunted corridors and whatever corridors, Sabahans are in fact getting real raw deals. State with richest resources being the poorest state in Malaysia. In no time we will be the poorest state with no more resources. Timber gone, land gone, oil gone, children gone to KL and overseas. Nothing more for us or for our future generations. If we are prepared to accept whatever the government give us, even if it is a bone, then we are just like dogs. poor, self pity, no future, no a beggars in a big mansions. allowing our own mansion taken over by the greedy politicians. Allahmak!

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