Monday, June 22, 2009

1Malaysia concept, the butt of jokes

"The 1 Malaysia concept has failed to catch the people's imagination and instead became the butt of jokes among the people. Past excesses of the BN administration is catching up with the current government such as the collapse of the Terengganu stadium and other building failures, the Port Klang Free Zone scandal, the Perak fiasco and falling education standards.

"In Sabah, the failure to resolve the Queen Elizabeth hospital crisis, the controversial coal power plant proposal, the piping of our natural gas to Petronas's Bintulu Liquefied Natural Gas plant, escalating costs of living, poverty, illegal immigrants problems beset the people.

"The Labuan Bridge proposal is at a dead end whereas Johore is getting a third bridge and Penang a second bridge. Both the relaxation of the cabotage policy and the announcement of RM245 million to buy the Sabah Medical Centre turned out to be mere public relations exercise without any real benefits to the people," stressed Yong.


  1. 全国人民真在睁开眼晴,看主政的国阵政府如何解决一宗又一宗的丑闻?这些是反对党引发的吗?不必再熬了。

  2. Quite frankly I don't find 1Malaysia concept,the butt of jokes amusing.

    As long as Malaysians are being addressed as Malays,Chinese,Indians and dan lain-lain(dll)1Malaysia will only remain lip service.

  3. Since the mind-set from each and every Malaysian has to change, we will have a long, long way to got!

  4. It is all nonsense about 1 Malaysia if policy maker have no "heart of sincerity and integrity" to treat with fairness for his all rakyat.
    Look nowaday even police react with double-standard and upsetting rakyat complicating us of meaning for the definition "riot" and "dinner"! Every eyes and ears shall hear their double-standard practice in the coming 27th party put up by MCA and this buddy damned excuse or abuse by force! Hopeless and we can see with our eyes of who is creating trouble!

  5. Greetings,I've just stated a poll in my blog.log on and vote.


  6. Why only few comments in SAPP Blog ? Where are the supporters ?

  7. 1Malaysia concept...should follow our 1Sabah concept...Have we got 1Sabah?

  8. Every PM must have his own such as
    Pak Lah = Cemerlang, Gemilang & Terbilang.
    Najib = 1 Malaysia
    So, after that change government. If ok then we continue our support. If not then we switch back to BN...

  9. Kelihatan PM Najib ada kesungguhan tetapi orang Pak Lah sebelum ni setujukah tidak?
    Sebabnya ialah orang paklah punya ialah "Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Temberang"...

  10. Kit Siang: Unity talk IS against 1Malaysia
    Tarani Palani | Jun 25, 09 12:09pm
    DAP's parliamentary opposition leader Lim Kit Siang today said he did not understand how a Malay unity talk proposed between Umno and PAS was not against the concept of 1Malaysia.

    He was referring to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak who rejected talks that the proposed unity government between Islamic based PAS and Malay party Umno would go against his 1Malaysia concept.

    "The 1Malaysia concept is beyond politics and non-Muslims need not worry if there is indeed a unity government," he had said yesterday.

    Najib's 1Malaysia concept which he introduced when he assumed power in March is deemed to see Malaysians as one.

    Commenting on Najib's remarks, Lim said he was caught by surprise with the prime minister's stand that a unity government between Umno and PAS would not go against the 1Malaysia concept.

  11. Each time some one tells me not to worry I really get worried and all the time I was right to do so. Each and every time my worries came true! So Non-moslems should dtat worrying right away!

  12. Racist umno must be kicked out from Malaysia and we Malaysian doesn't need racist party like umno who always used GOD's name in vain.

    To those KDM who converted to islam and joined umno when umno AGM, why you shouting HIDUP MELAYU instead you are KDM? SHAME on you KDM who are GREED and LACK INTEGRITY and willing to change your race and religion because of EVIL. GBU

  13. Setiap PM yang dilantik perlu ada tag line masing2 termasuklah najib,so 1 Malaysia adalah ideanya samaada rakyat terima atau tidak itu belakang cerita yang penting tag line tu ada,macam akedemi fantasialah kalau tiada tag line kuranglah pengundi,berjaya atau tidak tag line tu bukan najib yang tentukan segalanya di tangan rakyat Malaysia sendiri.Perlu diingat rakyat adalah hakim dalam semua perkara termasuklah perlantikan PM itu sendiri,jadi kita harap najib selalu melaksanakan dasar yang menguntungkan rakyat.merakyatkan ekonomi,merakyatkan pemimpin UMNO,merakyatkan harga barang,menjadikan rakyat sebagai BOS dalam perniagaan politik Malaysia,barulah slogan 1Malaysia ada UMMMMnya...Haroreyyyy

  14. Why not give everyone a language choice - Bahasa Malaysia or English. Don`t bent on depriving others who wish to seek knowledge.

    Kaisim: Malaysia is well-known for its flip-flop policy in dealing with important issues. Every time a new education minister is appointed, a new education appears because he wants to make a mark in the book of records.

    In 'Bolehland' anything is possible at the beginning but soon died off when there is not much fund left to back up the programme. Imagine the millions of ringgit the ministry has spent on the progamme all these years.

    The ones who made the most money would be those who have dealings in computers and softwares. Next, comes the textbooks and other materials. The special subject teachers would have made a lot of money on tuition too.

    But the ones who cried the loudest would be the parents because they will have to spend more money on the children to get them ready for the change. The worst scenario is that the ministry is gambling on the future of the children with its flip-flop policy.

    We are moving in a vicious circle of trial and error while our neighbours are moving forward by leaps and bounds in this field. They are producing top-notch world class citizens while we are still struggling to know English. In fact, our politicians have destroyed the golden era of education in the 60s....more next

  15. I cannot understand the logic behind the rural and urban schools put forward by the minister. In trying to be popular with his supporters, he ended pleasing no one! If there are people who well-bent on creating problems, there is no easy way out. The government then has to be firm on what is good for the people and reject the unpopular.

    Why not give everyone a language choice - Bahasa Malaysia or English. With a choice available, it would be easy for everyone. Don`t be selfish and bent on depriving others who wish to seek knowledge.

    Doraisamy Karuppiah: I am impressed by Mr Sim's article titled 'The English Dilemma'. Learning math and science in English has nothing to do with 'communication' English. It's about 'technical' English which students should master before they step into any higher institution.

    For example, a student who want to further his/her education in the field of medicine or pharmaceutical, they need a strong English background. Otherwise, they are unable to read any of the technical books.

    Most of the books for biology, physics, chemistry, fluid mechanics, hydraulic and any technical books are all in English. That's why the former PM has switched only maths and science to English.

    Globalized Malaysian: Regarding the teaching of science and maths in English issue, I have a few suggestions:

    1) Let each school PIBG (Persatuan Ibu-Bapa Guru) vote and decide which language they want to choose.

    2) The government to provide some schools with BM as the medium and some schools with English as medium. Give parents the choice of sending to which school they prefer.

    3) Allow more private schools to be built that are affordable and use English as a medium for teaching science and maths

    On NEP 'dead and buried 18 years ago'

    JKS: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is both right and wrong. The NEP is dead and undead.

    NEP is now a zombie. Giving birth on its death bed to DEB, and other little devilish policies that cannot see the light of day, NEP trudges on, destroying haltingly every bit of resources and sucking the liveliness out of our society.

    NEP lingers on in the shadows of FIC, race-based investment holding companies, race-based transport licensing, GLC top-personnel appointment, hypermarket purchase requirements, bank requirements that their law firms be owned by a certain race, civil-servant policies, university entrance requirements, crony-controlled concessions, small business bank lending, low-cost housing allocation, land policies, farmer cooperatives and subsidies, and virtually all corners of this demoralised land.

    Oh yeah, NEP is technically dead, brain dead, without a soul. But it wobbles on, reanimated by evil desires, bent on devouring the blood, flesh, brains, and guts, of the regular citizens of all races.

    Always Malaysian: The crux of the matter is which parties (political parties within Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, or NGOs, voters, etc) had been successful in exerting the right kind of pressures before and after March 8, 2008 general election such that the ruling government can no longer ignore, but to quickly formulate policies in the interests of all Malaysians regardless of race, religion and creed, as well as in the longer-term interest of the whole nation.

    It will not be surprising that political parties that are arrogant, deceptive, corrupt, racist, unjust, unfair, incompetent, not tolerant, wasteful and practises religious bigotry or hypocrisy are not given the privilege and responsibility to govern the nation in the next general election.

    Needless to add, voters who do not suffer from political dementia, and who know how to reward those who selflessly and sincerely sacrifice for all Malaysians, will also act as a determining and powerful force in shaping the nation's political landscape going forward. quoted from Malaysiakini...

  16. Why do we not use the kindergarten to start with english? Why? Because kids like to lern new things and they are fast picking up a language. You know why expats like they kids speak different languages on different days? English with the one who's mothertounge is english, korean or anything else from the other parent and on top the language from the maid! So, this kids can speak and understand 3 languages BEFORE entering school! This is a simple system which each and every family can support. Just make it mandatory to speak in more then one language at home! Buy books and read with your kids, play "intelligent" games with your kids! Create question and aswer games with your family including the maid. Involve your kids in intelligent conversations and do not fall for advertiesements who tell you EYE Q has something to do with IQ.

  17. 一个马来西亚是在国阵之后



  18. 马华公会,你的良心何在?

    我的意见是回应: 内安法令与翁总的马华公会“封口令”



    不知几时马华公会党员会起而反对翁总的禁口令?看来马华公会党员奴性使然,纵然有多少不满,党内绝对很难找到几个人敢对翁总说不(say No)。



  19. 1malaysia, May be is an good idea for Malaysian unity but how is become reality ? Mari sama-sama tengok perkara berikut :
    1. Perhimpunan menentang ISA dianggap sebagai penjanayah dan di tangkap.
    2, Perhimpunan menghantam individu tertentu dan menjatuhkan hukuman sebagai penderhaka negara adalah sebagai perhimpunan dibenarkan dan dikira sebagai rakyat bertanggungjawab dan perlu dipuji.
    3. Minyak tanah turun ke RM1 di Sabah dan Sarawak, Thanks dan ini adalah petunujuk masaih ramai keluarga di Sabah guna lampu suluh minyak tanah yan g sudah dilupakan oleh orang semaananjung kecuali orang asli.
    4. Kalau Fasiliti Kesihatan di Semananjung mengalami masalah, dalam masa sebulan sudah ok tetapi di Sabah selapas QEH satu-satunya referal hospital di Sabah dikosongkan, sudah lebih setahun masih lagi menumpang kasi dengan Sabah Medical Center.
    5. Untuk penjawat awam yang datang ke Sabah dan Sarwak, banyak ke istemewaan tapi yang datang ke Semananjung dapat apa?
    6. Pengetua Sekolah, Jawatan-jawatan tinggi persekutuan semuanya dimonopoli oleh orang semananjnug, samalah seperti sektor perladangan yang dikuasai oleh PTI, mana kedudukan dan keistimewaan orang Sabah. Buatlah statistik, berapa jumlah jawtan tinggi perkhidmatan awam di semanajung yang dikuasai oleh orang sabah.
    7. Isu PTI di Sabah bila nak selesai.

    Walaubagaimanapun, kita tetap menyokong kuat agenda perpaduan untuk satu bangsa Malaysia yang merdeka.

  20. What r d steps taken to show n guide us to this 1 Malaysia concept ? .....

  21. let's look at the bright. Najib may not have any achievements for 1Malaysia, he is our PM, a man that always had a handful of things to do. Why don't we loosen up a bit and let Najib take a break?

  22. Butt of jokes is not funny at all. How can anyone think that way? We are 1Malaysia, 1Unity!! Curses from a mouth that is dirty will always stay dirty, yong...

  23. Although Malaysia's economic is unstable, politic is bad and things eventually seems to be getting nowhere, i still support Najib. 1Malaysia, 1Unity!!

  24. than against, its much better we support this concept. this is the best of gov. effort to show their concern.

    buat baik salah + buat jahat pun salah = serba salah

    jd yg baik kita sokong yg jahat kita tentang...

  25. 2718, we are 1Malaysia, Maybe you won't think it's not important, but we are in a country that consist of different races, that is called Malaysia. I support the concept 1Malaysia.

  26. 1Malaysia concept is not everybody's butt of joke. It's rude to say that.

  27. Can we trust YTL's words?

  28. People could have imagine 1Malaysia concept if they are to think the positive side of the page.

    It's hard to imagine the new life 1Malaysia can give if people keep thinking that Sabah didn't even achieve the goal of getting rid of poverty, the hospital crisis and the chaos in Sabah(negative things), then how are they gonna achieve 1Malaysia?