Friday, October 31, 2008

Aid For Hardcore Poor Not A Privilege

In Bernama report dated 30 October 2008, Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said various aid extended to heads of hardcore poor households via the Peoples Welfare Development Scheme (SPKR) should not be viewed as a privilege.

He said the recipients should instead work hard and not only depend on state assistance all the time."We need to change attitude and not depend too much on the government for help,"

Pairin said in his speech when officiating the Additional Balanced Food Programme (PTMS) organised by the Tambunan branch of the Community Development Department (Kemas) at the Pisompuruan Square.

Is it not the government responsibility to look after the hardcore poor? Are not more programs and incentives be extend to help alleviate the living conditions of the hardcore poor?


  1. Datuk Seri Pairin has been in government like forever, he is always a minister somehow. And now as minister incharge of rural development. His way of doing his job is officiate something, deliver a speech and adsvise the people to change attitude and don't depend on the government all the time. I would like to ask Datuk Pairan when was it that the government was really dependable, reliable. If the government(Pairin among them) has been going their duties, KDM people would not be like what they are today, to the extend of asking the extension of privileges main for the orang asli in peninsular. If KDM were to compare themselves as backward as the orang asli, the leaders are to be blamed. After many years in the BN, having KDM leaders as chief minister in Sabah, KDM people have now reversed to a position needing special care from the federal. That's ashame. Don't ask the people to change their attitude, ask yourself, as KDM, as Hugiansiou, as UPKO what have you actually don't to help the majority of KDM. Are you just like the UMNOPUTRA only helping their friends instead of the larger bumiputra community. They always talk about 30% share of the economy. How can anyone attend a target if they always sell their rights away. After selling the rights, they ask for new rights more rights again and again. Unless it ends or else there will never be a new biginning. Datuk Pairin and all the others so called KDM leaders, change yourself before you ask others to change. Listen to your consience in the silence of the night, ask yourself, "am i at peace with my soul?

  2. As the minister of rural development, the poverty problem in Sabah especially the rural area has not improved!

    He should be told that his minister post is not a privilege. Go to the grassroot more instead of officiating even golf tournament.

    His record as CM is proof that only cronies and a selected few especially non Sabahan get rich......

  3. Talking about improving the life of the people of Sabah without doing something fundamental to change the overall economy is like running around the bottom of the well. As long as a frog is at the bottom of the well, then no matter how fast it hops around and no matter in what direction it hops, it will not go anywhere. It will still be at the bottom of the well.

    The point of this is that if the overall system of Sabah is not changed, then nothing can be done to improve anything. The politicians will talk but pass no positive laws. And even if positive laws were passed, the government bureaucrats will ony twist it around to use it to stuff their own pockets without doing anything positive to benefit the people.

    Therefore, the thing to do is to get rid of the UMNO-BN government because it will maintain the special rights which corrupt everything in Malaysia. Then the old NEP and special rights mut be repealed. New laws must be passed to create equality for all races. Then the government must be cleaned up to staff the bureaucracies with honest people who are competent and eager to serve the people and not simply trying to hold on to their jobs based on their special rights which allow them a good salary without knowing how to do anything for the people. A system of accountability must be established to get rid of the corrupt and incompetent in the government bureaucracy to maintain a high level of honesty and competence like that in Singapore.

    Then with a competent and honest bureaucarcy that is based on competence and honesty and not on race in place, the new positive laws can be implemented in both letter and spirit to bring about the desired effect of benefiting the people.

    At the same time the people must be educated and taught to be honest and trustworthy and hard working. Ultimately, with an honest and competent government shepherdng a trustworthy and hard working people, the country can advance quickly. This has been demonstrated to be the way to advance not only in Singapore but also in every advanced country from S. Korea and Japan to US and Germany.

    In the end, the poor Malay and KDM peoples of Sabah and Malaysia don't need special rights but a robust economy in order to get rich. But before a robust economy can be attained there must first be a competent and honest government. And only equality and justice for all Malaysians can lay the foundation for a competent and honest government.

  4. Talk is easy.

    For years, we have been listening to politicians like Pairin advising the people on what to do. Musa with his promised of billions. For what ? The funds are not managed efficiently. The people are not having better lives.

    The bottom line is Sabah is still the poorest state in Malaysia whereas it was the second richest next to Selangor in the 70's.

    Can the government explain how Sabah has become the poorest state when it still has all the natural resources like petrol, gas, forest, palm oil and fertile soil ?

    This could only mean the current government is incompetent or put it crudely very corrupt.

    A change in government is needed. We should not be afraid of change as it could not be worse than being the poorest at this moment.

  5. Yong Taik Lee. Better join my friend for montoku. I love Datuk Seri Anwar. I'll give him my ass. And I dont mind. I hate DAP Sabah. I go for UPKO or PKR.

  6. Scums who post obscene nonsense should be banned. A democratic forum should allow expression of all political views which are expressed sincerely to voice the conviction of different parties in Sabah, and indeed all around the world, with the purpose of reconciling differences for the ultimate benefit of all.

    But trollish obscene posts that obviously have no value should be deleted and the posters banned.

  7. Article from Sin Chew Daily:

    Resurrection Of Racism

    After the March 8 political tsunami, many thought that we could soon revert the country's fate once dominated by racist politics, and that racism would abate before long.
    But as UMNO is gearing up for its party elections, racist sentiments are once again revived.

    Perhaps the toxins of racist policies and concepts have seeped deep into the bones of some people, that they refuse to vanish with the humiliating defeat in the general elections.

    Controversies over the recent issues of Chinese language road signs, the appointment of PKNS acting general manager, bumiputra equity and the new economic policy are no longer novel, except that they sound particularly shrieking in the midst of the global financial crisis this time round.

    It is obvious that stupid dogs can’t learn new tricks. The racist Malays in the UMNO have found it very successful in the last 40 years intimidating the Chinese with the threat of repeating the racist slaughter of May 13, 1969. Following that racist slaughter the Chinese were intimidated into accepting the NEP which was disguised and sanitized as “social contract” but was in reality a neo-apartheid racist abomination that allowed the Malays to rob the Chinese of their properties as well as their educational and business opportunities which effectively condemned them into second or even third class citizenship.

    In 1969 the world was very different from today. Back then the Chinese were cast as pariahs by the Western world. The Americans were in the midst of the Vietnam War which was part of the encirclement of China strategy. And the SE Asians were encouraged by the McCarthyites to mistreat and intimidate the Chinese in their countries. And Singapore, the biggest concentration of Chinese closest to Malaysia, was virtually helpless and defenseless against a much more powerful Malaysia.

    Today, the might and power of America has shrunk proportionately against China though it is obviously still the richest and the most powerful nation on earth. Indeed, America is now asking China for financial assistance to the tune of half a trillion dollars. And even as the economic power of America is peaking, the economic potential of China is only just being expanded and developed. China could easily grow 1,000% in the coming several decades to achieve a fully developed economy of some $65 trillion (2008 valuation) based on the per capita GDP of some $50,000 and a population of 1.3 billion. In contrast, the total GDP of America is only $13.84 trillion (2007 est.) and the total world GDP is only $54.62 trillion (2007 est.). So obviously the influence of China is increasing and SE Asia must increasingly look to China for mutually beneficial trade and investment.

    And Singapore now is such a powerhouse it is economically and militarily more powerful than Malaysia with 6 times the per capita GDP and a bigger total GDP. Singapore also has forex reserve that is some 50% more than Malaysia’s at some $180 billion to $120 billion. And while Singapore economy is growing by leaps and bounds, Malaysian economy is kept afloat due only to its oil and gas reserve and the businesses generated by the Chinese-Malaysians. Without the oil and gas and the Chinese businessmen, Malaysian economy would collapse overnight.

    Given such a new set of reality, it is no longer possible for the Malays to intimidate the Chinese. Therefore, if the Malays continued to try to intimidate the Chinese, then they would be like smashing Malay eggs against the Chinese rocks. The Malays can no longer perpetrate another racist slaughter against the Chinese. If they did, then the response will inevitably be catastrophic for the Malays. Even the Moslem world will condemn the Malays for their atrocities against the Chinese because the Moslems from the Iranians to the Saudi Arabians are all busily trying to do more businesses with the Chinese and they will not support the heinous Malays for fear of offending their important Chinese trading partners. Singapore alone could destroy Malaysian military overnight. And even the Americans would be happy to slap down the racist Malays as part of their war against Islamist terrorism. And China’s increasingly powerful military will easily crush the puny Malaysian military.

    So given this changed international backdrop, it is no longer possible for the intimidation through racist slaughter to work any more. But the racist UMNO Malays don’t have any clue about how much the world has changed. They are like some cockroach who keep trying to follow the same old path even if the path leads no longer to food but to poison bait.

    I hope the saner heads in the Malay community will prevail and talk some sense into the racists. I hope the Malays as a community will quickly understand that they can no longer deny the basic human rights to the Chinese, that if they tried to perpetrate another racist slaughter it will only lead to the ultimate destruction of the Malays themselves. I hope the Malays will understand that the future of the Malays themselves depends on a robust economy that is the only way that can provide the high paying jobs that can make the Malays rich enough to buy all the things they want. It is time to cleanse away the insulting lies about “social contract” of “sharing” the wealth of Malaysia through NEP which in reality is nothing more than a race based robbery. The only ethnical and democratic way to share is through the equal sharing of opportunities. Ultimately, only equality can make Malaysia rich which will then make the Malays rich on a sustainable and honorable basis.

  8. Pairin and his bandwagon of undesirable bandits alongside the Huguan Siou of all bandits,Musang Aman are currently in cloud 9,enjoying the luxuries of life.Hardcore poor,perhaps we should ask,how did these hardcore poor became "HARDCORE".What happen to all the allocation meant to uplift their living standards?

    The KDM's are backward,for only one reason,they refuse to acknowledge the fact that their leaders are doing nothing for them.Wake up my KDM brothers and sisters,surely there are better and concern leaders among your mist who are capable.

    A change is inevitable,the sooner we realize this,the better it is for all Malaysians.


  9. The name KDM has been taken for granted, has been abused by politicians who used the slogan " leaders for KDM, fighting for KDM rights" only to secure their positions in the government. Look back, Pairin did not fight against Harris, he was chased out by Harris. It was the people of Sabah who gave him back his dignity. Lets ask ourselves, did Pairan, Bernard D, Joseph K ever really fought for Sabah's rights? or for that matter KDM's rights? Do you really think anyone of the KDM leaders in BN today has got the guts or even willing to give up their own privilege for the sake of larger interests? They have make use of the name of KDM for their own positions. Similarly MIC for Indians, MCA for Chinese but only for a few Indians and for a handful of Chinese. They opt to be silent when it come to the critical moment when the people really need them to voice up for their land rights, social and economic development, education religions...and they will tell you to be sensitive, not to cause racial unrest, religious conflict, behave yourself... Let them stay in cabinet and let them use the right channel. But they can't even stop the construction of a 500km gas pipeline taking our gas away to Bintulu. Does Petronas even pay State a single cent for passing through our State land? Is the State Government doing anything about it.God help us save Sabah!





  11. The following is a quote from the speech by Senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim delivered at LawAsia 2008 on Oct 31, 2008.

    Democracy, a system of government based on fair and transparent rules and laws, and the respect people have for institutions of government – these make the difference. Economic prosperity drives democracy but stifle true democracy and the inevitable outcome is economic ruin. It is useful to remember that freedom is vital for economic development.
    This is very true.

    This is similar to what I’ve been saying about equality being the only foundation that can lead to economic prosperity. Equality will promote competition based on merit which in turn promotes efficiency and advancement. Inequality will lead to nepotism, favoritism, and racism which will inevitably lead to inefficiency and corruption and ultimately result in economic stagnation and cause intractable poverty for the vast majority of the peopel.

  12. Since pairin joined bn, PBS became never voice out anything for the more.

    Why badawi said Sapp a nuisance was becoz Sapp from day one always conscientiously spoke up for the people...badawi and bn don't like people criticizing them.. Go and kiss their hand, kowtow, lick whichever part they ask of will get promoted.

    Good example is Chong Kah Kiat and VK Liew, the best dogs of BN-Umno!

  13. spirit of the monsopiad warriorsNovember 4, 2008 at 1:09 AM

    Remember at one time, just soon after PBS readmitted itself into BN in 2001,where during its Party congress held in the KDCA, Pairin publicly said that even though he and the then PM Tun Dr M did not see eye to eye when PBS was outside the BN, he was in fact a 'secret admirer'Dr M, who was present at the occasion as the guest of honor?

    And recently, he lamented that Dr M too had once bullied PBS.

    Is he really 'nanyok'(senile)or just being himself, thinking that except for himself, the rest of Sabah populace, PBS leaders and members included, are stupid.

    Pairin should really be ashamed of himself that it was during his tenure as the Kampung Development Minister that his own kind, an 11-year-old student (Donni John Duin) had committed suicide due to abject poverty of his family.

    It is also during his tenure that a Kadazan father high on drug's influence slit her young daughter alive.

    They are probably many more depressing and misserable instances of his own kinds, that had gone unreported.

    Oh, the other one was the 'Kg Maang' issue where only Upko President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok had came forward and defended the Kg Maang folks.

    With all these embarassing-yet-sad cases Pairin still gladly and un-ashamedly clinging to the title of the 'Huguan Siou', the so-called 'Paramount Chief' of the Kadazandusuns and Muruts.

    Is this a true reflection of the sad situation that the KDM are in now? Hopefully not!

  14. we all as good and forgiving sabahan must forgive Dtk Seri pairin for whom even thought he had "jual murah" so much of sabah SFI, HBI,prime lands in KL...he is so old and buttered so badly by Dr M..:-(.

    give him apeace of mind so that he can maintained as the most faithful BN follower....

  15. Where is the Pairin that we know when we was kids in 1986 when event there havoc happen when he become minister we the SKDM & KDM of Penampang family stand for him we go to school as usuall. If Shock me off that Penampang was never be a ilegall Pino hang out now become one already. Drug deal happen & some other crime. The Pairin I know in past are the man who save Sabahan from get suffer from Federal goverment, unity the chinese with the kadazan & get all religion to stay in one kampung not like we view & live in west Malaysia we sees Chinese one kampung, indian one kampung,malays one kampung its sees clear in Selangor to KL Area which Sabah we only stand for Sabahan yet not race.
    I wish & hope the west Malaysia need to learn from the Sabahan who stand for one nation not race & we Sabahan we speak bahasa we as Sabahan we feel ashame as Malaysian when we fail our bahasa yet this not sees nor shown in west Malaysia especially negeri yang di perintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat. That why Yong of SAPP go kempen say bahasa in public that where Teresa Kok of DAP need to learn why she in ISA. Why not Yong of SAPP as I feel Yong its more worse then Teresa cause he challenge the PM yet the positive thing its Yong say bahasa in his kempen to deliver to all Malaysia what ever race they are... yet not the DAP member they say english as matter respect of Malaysian we has to speak bahasa in our country just people in Indo they speak indo, people in HK they speak cantonese.. the best example for member of DAP need to realise its the Virginia, USA, boy from korea who shooting in school what the lesson we learn from its... so my wish DAP should learn from Yong of SAPP to sanjung bahasa then talk politic understand the history who revamp UMNO? Mahathir & Pak Lah what race? so does race matter in Malaysia anymore after 50 years or the west malaysian chinese & indian forget they are live in Malaysia land now not in india or china. I wish the west Malaysia chinese or indian to call themselve Malaysian yet not Malaysian Chinese or Indian if they has too then call themselve MBC or MBI as most the ABC if this short form they not understand then that where they not fit to proud speak english in Malaysia as we Malaysian should learn sanjung bahasa Malaysia like Yong of SAPP do.. event Jimmy Wong of DAP also use Bahasa in his speech in Dewan Rakyat till berpantun pulak that we Sabahan who not even a malays yet we speak bahasa...

  16. `Why badawi said Sapp a nuisance was becoz Sapp from day one always conscientiously spoke up for the people...badawi and bn don't like people criticizing them..'

    you must be kiding man..what have YTL done when he become Chief Minister??? Same or worst than what he did right tell me.

    `Scums who post obscene nonsense should be banned. A democratic forum should allow expression of all political views which are expressed sincerely to voice the conviction of different parties in Sabah,' is this true or just janji kosong Pakatan Rakyat terbiar diMalaysia.??

    if he said democratic forum, why only expression from one side which is PEMBANGKANG LIKE YOU ALL can be posted here, and my side are banned!! are you people scare of the truth,?? Shame on you people..shame on you and your leader Yong Teck Lee.

  17. You all have seen ka Pairin's kampung mansion in tambunan. he has alot of money collected during his tenure as CM. why dont he gives his wealth to benefit his native rakyat. instead of begging shamelesly from the malay assh***s, and stop making comment about sabah's poverty as if he the only savior to sabah Poor.

  18. Datuk Seri Pairin, think, what is KDM to you? Ask yourself, are you one of them? As a Rural Development Minister, what have you done for the poor KDMs? No Aid? non-need? Be sincere, what are you talking? Go on Show us..resign from all your positions/posts..and join us here and I am very sure you will become the LEADER of our group SHOUTING at the Govt.. Tolong lah kita KDMs!!!

  19. JomoSama,
    Muntah saya baca kau punya comment.