Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When do "Malaysians" learn?

Six staff bodies of state agency Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) have objected to the appointment of a senior official as acting general manager on grounds that she is Chinese.

Pas, a member of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition government in Selangor, is unhappy with the appointment of Low Siew Moi as acting head of the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS).

"Merit doesn't count", colour matters...are we heading backwards?


  1. Sukau YB: I lost because of conspiracy to topple me
    Sandakan: Sukau Assemblyman Saddi Haji Abdul Rahman claimed he lost the Umno Kinabatangan deputy divisional chief post not only to fraud but also because of a conspiracy to topple him.

    In a statement, Monday, Saddi, who lost the post to former divisional secretary Jeffry Ariffin, said some people within the division had deliberately planned to make him lose out in the party elections during the division's annual delegates conference recently.

    "My defeat was not only to the manner the meeting was held, which was a fraud, but was also due to a conspiracy to bring me down," he said.

    "As an Umno member who has fought for the party and the division, I have a right to justice, because this is the rule in the Umno constitution."

    Kinabatangan Umno chief Datuk Bung Mokhtar described Saddi as a sour grape for failing to secure the deputy divisional chief post, and said he was not siding anybody when he defended the results of the party elections.

    Bung challenged Saddi to lodge a report with the police if he had sufficient evidence and suggested he resign as Assemblyman and join another party if he was unhappy with his leadership.

    In response, Saddi pointed out Umno is not owned by any individual in the country who could simply order its members to leave the party at will.

    "Subsequently, no one in the party can tell me to leave Umno as long as I have not broken any rule. I am prepared to go to court to defend the Sukau State seat (and) I was appointed as Assemblyman not by anyone in the division but because of the trust and responsibility given by the (top) leadership.

    "I believe this attempt to get me to leave Umno is intended to weaken the party in Kinabatangan," he said, adding this attitude was totally against the party's spirit and struggles.
    just look at this kind of politics, orang utan politics!

  2. What is this YB Sukau case got to do with the tittle of this posting?. Is he, the Anonymous, a lost monkey in the jungle too? Be civilised.

  3. PUAN LO SIEW MOI is the fourth ranking senior officer in PKNS. She would be skipping two other higher rankin officers if she were (is she appointed?)to be appointed as acting GM of PKNS after the retirement of Dato Haji Harun Salim.They are Md Nasir Arshad,and Abdul Ghani Hasim.

    So, if the two more senior officers then Pn Lo Siew Moi, who are Malays are denied thier chances instead.. Is there any racial isues involved? Is it because both of them are Malays then the hieracy doesnt count in the state governed by Pembangkang..? Common dont play racial issue here. Know the facts.

  4. Know the FACTS... It has been too long that the UMNOputras played the crony games that promote or appoint based on color and not on merit -- their color, that is.

    Simply, the two higher ranking deputies may not be the "most" qualified and capable. Khalid probably aware that Low much better qualified that others.

    Do not under estimate Khalid's judgement as he had experience in managing corporations.

  5. "We have received very huge support in the country. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the existing government will be replaced soon."

    He also pointed out that before the BN backbenchers were off on a study tour to Taiwan in September, already 31 MPs from BN had signed the statutory declaration to agree to hop over to Pakatan.

    According to PKR information, Pakatan Rakyat has reached an internal accord of reserving the PM and DPM posts for Malays once it took over the federal government, as the current political environment is not favourable for a Chinese or Indian to become the deputy prime minister.

    "You will be very shocked, as PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang will be the deputy prime minister."

    "However, two important Cabinet portfolios, namely the home ministry and the international trade and industries ministry, will be reserved for the Chinese, and DAP's Lim Kit Siang is a perfect candidate."

  6. Sack those malay monkey who only interested in playing race and religion. GET LOST UMNO!!!

  7. Simply, the two higher ranking deputies may not be the "most" qualified and capable. Khalid probably aware that Low much better qualified that others.

    Do not under estimate Khalid's judgement as he had experience in managing corporations.

    JomoSama said; her name already show what merit she were, what else are we going to say about. And those Khalid (flinstone)gazebo, what experiences are we talking about..those day while he still with PNB,he doin nuthing there..only signing paperwork..etc!
    Now..he's only a monkey to his master (DAP)..kow tim laa 4ever..

    What wrong with Sukau articles.. it's good that guy posted it that you people have more bullets to shoot at Sabah UMNO...

    And those Anwar statement...kuang-kuang-kuang, don't fooled yourselflah people, never happen and don't even dream about it...

    JomoSama still rules...where are you monsopiad and karatekid clown...

  8. Here comes the PEMBELA PTI'S JOMOSAMA. He rather see and happy to be ruled by PTI than pure Malaysian.

  9. JomoSama (cheese what name is this), don't play with others' name. Many of us Malays have names that sounded so stupid and funny in other languages too.

    Agreed with that Khalid has the corporate management experience, and is a more pro-democracy leader, and he will lead the state/country to success. Also agreed with monsopiad that if we continue to be stubbon on race based politics and forego meritocracy, our country will be doomed because of the so called "Malay Supremacy". --MM

  10. "Merit doesn't count", colour matters...are we heading backwards?
    If this is true then obviously it is disappointing. PR is supposed to be for equality and justice. If PAS tried to play the race game and try to perpetuate ketuanan Malayu then PR will quickly lose it support from the decent Malaysians.

    I don't know what the truth is whether Low is the most qualified person to do the job. If she is, then she should have the job. If she isn't then she shouldn't. It is that simple. Malaysia must be based on merits. I have every confidence that given the chance and opportunity the Chinese will be fully competitive. We don't need any special favors based on race. At the same time we will not tolerate discrimination against us that is based on race. In the end, everybody will be better off if Malaysia is merit based.

  11. Please do NOT forget, seniority is not neccesarily going hand in hand with qualification for a job! One can be 25 years in a deparment and knows not more then a newcomer. And often it is an advantage to get new ideas into the running of a department.

    For Malaysia it is high time to get over this race issue before the rest of the world is not looking at this beautyfull country as a place to do business! Companies bring a lot of money to the country their invest in and this gives THEM the right to disiede where to go and Malaysia will be an the loosing end if the mindset is not changed quickly!

    Other ASEAN countries do NOT have all this restrictions what Malaysia has set to "protect" Malays, but do you know "normal" Malays in the kampungs who has benefitet from it? I dont!

    So wake up and start a different way treating everybody fair, giving everybody a chance! What is not working we have seen in the last 51 years. Lets do it differently and make it better for ALL MALAYSIAN!

    Dont forget, YOU are the guardian of this world and YOU hand it down to your children! What will tey say? How will they judge us? On a job well done!

  12. Tunku Aziz: PKNS staff shouldn't interfere
    Oct 29, 08 : The former corporate man turned politician said PKNS' interference in the appointment of the acting general manager goes against good management practices



  14. KHALID IBRAHIM jilat tahi DAP dia pandai. SAPP pun will be wiped out by DAP and soon will be kicked by PKR if Tong Taik Lee tak join in segera.

  15. This is where we equate,the true Malaysian Identity."When and How will we Learn"?If merits is no longer the criteria for an appointment,then we are heading to the doldrums.

    A great number of the Aduns and MP's are not even qualified,yet the were still voted in by the people.Could it be,that they were voted in because of their merits or because of money politics?

    Let us not loose sight,of what and who we are in the True Malaysian Context.Any attempt to erode this identity,will lead to a catastrophe,and history will judge us as being hypocritical and racist.


  16. kpd orang umnok, lebih baik kamu pigi jilat toli orang utan lah. Otak kamu semua kosong, tahu saja KOREK KOREK KOREK!




  18. plato, pluto & plutoniumOctober 30, 2008 at 11:27 PM

    “Thank you Sabah for Saying Sarawak Politically SMARTER..hehe” ref Malaysiakini

    As far back as in the 80’s I have always said that Sabahans are ‘politically miles ahead’ of Sarawak in the world of Marchiavellian Politics.Natasha contacted Cindy and asked her about this Malaysiakini report on Harris-Pairin war heating up in the dailies. The full report

    Is it happening in Sabah too? Who is the bigger bully? Pairin or Harris?

    The headlines in local dailies in recent days speak for themselves: ‘Amused by our double-standard politicians’, ‘Sapp should contest in Labuan to prove it’, ‘Time right for more Sabahans in federal posts’, ‘Harris’ bully claims have basis’ and ‘Just who bullied who?’, are among the more memorable ones.

    Natasha says,Machiavellian politicians are not frightened of crisis. A crisis is an oppurtunity.As Malays would say,”dalam kesempitan ada kesempatan”(there is an oppurtunity in a crisis) Of course there are other philosophies in politics and good politicians always back the winner.Losers must be avoided like the PLAGUE.Good politicians never swim near SINKING politicians.

    So we picked this up from Malaysiakini,” J/Z from Lagud wrote in another local daily that “Sarawak leaders have long been noted to be more shrewd and politically smarter than those in Sabah. Which is why Dr Mahathir was not able to bully them. We should learn from our neighbour Sarawak which has progressed tremendously without Umno.

    Sarawak has PROTEM UMNO committees but up till now they have not made any headway in Sarawak unlike Keadilan who has been opening branches here and there. UMNO Sarawak would beg to differ. I need to be convinced wouldn’t you? Sarawak has learnt form Sabah and the CM and PBB must be credited for all this. As a political analyst said,” No two states are the same and Sarawakians will weigh all options first before they jump,” So after all these years its great to know that Sabah has come out and praised Sarawak leaders for being shrewd and politically smarter. WE say,”THANK YOU “TERIMA KASIH”……………

  19. In the true spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh'?

    Here's another glaring and convincing proof that our Government is in actual fact a syndicate of crooks in disguise; in the name of the country and the people, they 'sapu'!


    Eurocopter scandal: No inspection done on choppers
    Syed Jaymal Zahiid
    Malaysiakini| Oct 30, 08 3:33pm

    Defence Deputy Minister Abu Seman Yusop received a beating from Pakatan Rakyat MPs today when he openly admitted that the multi-billion ringgit military helicopters did not undergo any physical inspection.

    Abu Seman, in his Budget 2009 winding-up speech, said the ministry’s technical committee had decided to buy 12 units of the Eurocopter Cougar EC 725 helicopters based on documents alone.

    He also took pains to explain that the purchase of the helicopters had cost the government RM1.6 billion, instead of the RM1.1 billion figure given by the ministry’s secretary-general Abu Bakar Abdullah in a press statement last week.

    His revelation sparked an uproar in the House and prompted several Pakatan Rakyat MPs, led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, to grill him.

    “How is it that a government procurement as big as this did not undergo any physical inspection? I have eight years of experience as finance minister and we have never make procurements without first inspecting (the items),” thundered Anwar.

    M Manogaran (DAP-Teluk Intan) took a swipe at the deputy minister, saying that “even when you purchase something as small as a Perodua Kancil, you would want to inspect it first, what more when it is helicopters worth RM1.6 billion.”

    Anwar said various aspects have to be taken into consideration like the safety of the pilots should there be any defects in the helicopters and it was absurd of the government not to make such deliberations when procuring the helicopters.

    He demanded answers as to why conflicting figures have been cited on the cost of the helicopters.

    Abu Seman then replied that it was a mistake on his part as he had overlooked the fact that the services charge and 'offset package' like supplementary military hardware had added RM500 million to the original RM1.1 billion to make it RM1.6 billion.

    Set up royal commission

    At a press conference later, Anwar said he could not accept the reasons given by Abu Seman although he believes that the deputy minister was only “reading the text provided to him by his superior” and was not involved in the matter.

    “This is a shocking revelation by the deputy minister. A procurement this big without a physical inspection being done is swindling the people’s money par excellence.

    “How can you allocate RM1.6 billion for something that you have never even seen or (when you don't) know if it works or not.”

    He said he could “vouch on behalf of the Malaysian army that they would definitely want to inspect the helicopters before purchasing it.”

    Asked what he thought of all this, Anwar reiterated his demand for the government to set up a royal commission to probe the matter.

    Earlier today, a decision on Anwar's emergency motion to set up a royal commission to probe not just into the Eurocopter scandal but two other ‘mega-projects’ was deferred to Monday by the speaker.

    A RM11.31 billion high-speed broadband project and the RM4.26 billion purchase of the Bank Internasional Indonesia by Maybank were the other projects Anwar had wanted to government to probe.

  20. If a society were not based on merit then what is the point of getting a good education and working hard at one's business? If the way to get ahead in life is to kiss the ass of the right people, then everybody will abandon education and stop working hard at one's job and learn instead to kiss asses since that is the only way to get ahead. And then what will happen to the businesses? They will all collapse. That is what will happen to all the businesses. And when all the businesses collapsed, the society will collapse as a logical and inevitable consequence. This means there will be no electricity, no water, and no mail services. Everything will be slow and filthy and very expensive. And nothing will work. And the quality of life will decline.

    This is why the government of Malaysia is run by a bunch of imcompetent crooks who got their jobs based on race while the government of Singapore is run by very competent and honest people who got their jobs based on competency. And without a competent and honest government Malaysian society is poor and backward and unsafe. Singapope on the other hand is advanced, rich, and very modern.

    The Malaysian people, especially the Malays, must know that a society based on racist supremacy will inevitably become corrupted and collapse. This is why after decades of NEP the ordinary Malays are still poorer than the ordinary Chinese. And if the ordinary Malays want to earn higher incomes, then they must vote for the PR. Otherwise, if they keep voting for UMNO-BN then they will forever be poor while making the corrupt UMNOputras filthy rich.

  21. "That's the difference between governments and individuals. Governments don't care, individuals do. - A Tramp Abroad"

  22. ya ya ya... in Spanish, JOMOSAMA is pronounced as "HOMOSEMA", meaning is like homosexual pervert. Look at your own self in the mirror before critial of others.

    These people are probably the products of the "Malay Supremacy", mean nothing else but paracites being spoon-fed by the government policies through tax payers money. They are incompetent and always fear of being challenged by the capables from other races.


    Quote from a Sin Chew Daily article:

    Today, we must come to the realisation that UMNO is not as vulnerable as many have imagined. This political entity remains the pillar of the Malay community. In the face of a crisis, most Malays will still choose to rally around this party. This party is not completely falling back and unrepentent. Even after falling, as long as it knows how to crawl back onto its feet again, this party will remain where the hope of the Malay race is.

    This is not entirely true as more and more Malays are realizing that UMNO does not benefit all the Malays. UMNO is only using the ordinary Malays to keep it in power. But UMNO has only benefited the few Malays who are well connected at the top while the rest of the ordinary Malays are still poorer than the ordinary Chinese. And the reason why the ordinary Malays are poorer than the ordinary Chinese is because the Malaysian society is totally corrupted by the racist policies of ketuanan Melayu or Malay supremacy. Such a policy bases everything on race. Thus a Malay has no incentive to study hard in school or work hard at his job. In short the Malays rely on their race to give them a guaranteed income for life and therefore have no incentive to study hard or to work hard.

    But since the Malays don’t study hard and work hard they are as a race very much unproductive. And since they are unproductive they must parasitize the Chinese and other non-Malays for their existence. But the Chinese cannot keep carrying the dead weight of the Malay deadbeats on their back. As the Malays take more and more of their outputs and incomes, the Chinese have less and less to reinvest. And as their reinvestment decline so is their output and incomes. And so everybody in Malaysia have less and less. This means as the Chinese produce less they have less to give to the Malays. And so the Malays end up also with less. If this sorry state of affairs were allowed to continue, the logical conclusion is that nobody will have anything.

    The UMNO has been able to keep itself in power by demonizing the Chinese creating a society that is filled with hatred. The surface harmony is only a smokescreen created through the brutal suppression of all dissents using the ISA. The Malays hate the Chinese because they have been brainwashed into believing that the Chinese are greedy and dishonest transient foreigners who have somehow stolen from them and kept them poor. Therefore, they believe they are now justified in taking from the Chinese while denying them equal rights. But this is racism at its most evil and condemned by all the civilized world. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifically condemned such racism. Many fair-minded Malays have also realized the injustice and the immorality of such Malay supremacist racism. But above all such racist dogma and racist government policies such as the NEP will ultimately keep the Malaysian society inefficient and unproductive. And the ordinary Malays are the ultimate victims because as they lost the incentive to study hard and work hard, they inevitably lost their ability to earn high incomes. And so ironically the more UMNO used racist hatred to mislead the Malays to keep them in power, the more the ordinary Malays become impoverished. Call this poetic justice or whatever else. But the demonstrated reality proven over decades of Malay supremacist racism is the intractable poverty of the ordinary Malays.

    The logical conclusion is that if the ordinary Malays want a better life for themselves, then they should do the honorable thing which is to support PR for equality and justice. Many fair-minded Malays have realized this and shifted their support to PR. And if the Chinese and the Indians and the non-Malay natives of Sabah and Sarawak also shift their support to PR, then it is easy for UMNO-BN to be toppled. MCA, Gerakan, and MIC still have 20 parliament seats. The Sabah and Sarawak non-Malay natives still have some 40 seats. Together they have some 60 seats. If these can change over to PR, then PR will have up to 142 seats. It will surely have the majority and possibly even have the 2/3 to change the constitution. If MCA and Gerakan don’t support PR now, then their Chinese constituents will suppose correctly that they are traitors who are supporting the marginalization of the Chinese for their own benefits. Most of the Chinese have already abandoned MCA and Gerakan in the last election. If MCA and Gerakan stayed with UMNO-BN then it is a foregone conclusion that they will be totally abandoned by their Chinese constituents in the next election. What Chinese will vote for someone who support the hated NEP?

    The same hatred for UMNO and Malay supremacy are also cherished by the Indians and the non-Malay natives. It is again the so-called leaders of these people who betrayed them to UMNO for their own benefits. But it is increasingly clear that the Indians and the non-Malay natives in Sabah and Sarawak are increasingly calling for their leaders to leave BN. It is obvious that the next election will see a totally new set of MP’s who will form a new alliance to topple UMNO-BN. So even if the current crop of MP’s are too intimidated and too much in the pocket of UMNO, the next crop of MP’s will have no such fear and will not be beholden to UMNO and will not hesitate to band together to topple UMNO-BN.

    The obvious conclusion is the toppling of UMNO from power is not dependent on the Malays but on the Chinese, the Indians, and the non-Malay natives in Sabah and Sarawak. The important thing for PR and Anwar to do is to convince them that it is to their enlightened self-interest to support PR. And PR and Anwar can only do this by emphasizing their goal of achieving total racial equality. I’m sure in the end, the Malays are intelligent enough to understand the clear logic and the morality of the benefit of equality and justice. They only need to be convinced of the sincerity and goodwill of all the races to work together for the benefit of all. In the end, it is in the best interest of the ordinary Malays to create a genuinely equal society without which they have no chance to ever become rich. And the embrace of UMNO will ultimately be the embrace of death.

    As for the Chinese, the Indians, and the non-Malay natives, their grievances for the lack of equality and justice still remain and loom ever larger the longer they are suppressed. UMNO can only blindly try to suppress them with brutal application of ISA while trying to rally the support of the ordinary Malays by demonizing the non-Malays. And race relationship will only get worse due to the increased mutual hatred and the brutal suppression. And this guarantees that in the next election all the non-Malay citizens will be even angrier than they were in the last election and vote in a new generation of MP’s who will not hesitate to topple UMNO-BN. So MCA, Gerakan, MIC, and all leaders of non-Malay natives should not snicker at Anwar and PR and think they are smart to stay with UMNO-BN. Their days are numbered if they remain unrepentent and don’t prove themselves faithful to their constituents by quickly joining PR to topple UMNO-BN now.

  24. PAS opposed the appointment of Mdm Low as the new GM of PKNS on the grounds that she was part of the management team which caused PKNS to lose Billions of Ringgit. In order to ensure an effective change, a new management made up of new people needs to be appointed. PAS’s opposition is NOT based on race.

  25. I ask again how you and every other decent member of the Dewan Rakyat might, in all good conscience, say that you have the fullest confidence in Yang Berkhidmat Dato Seri Najib to lead this country as Prime Minister? Would not every man and woman in the Dewan Rakyat who has sworn to act in the best interests of this country, be under an obligation to disclose to His Majesty that by reason of the matters stated above remaining unsatisfactorily answered, you cannot lend your support to Yang Berkhidmat Dato Seri Najib to lead this country as Prime Minister?’ - excerpt from my letter of even date to Yang Berkhidmat - Yang Berkhidmat Bernard Dompok, Ong Tee Keat and Dr. Koh Tsu Khoon.

    The full text of the letter, in pdf, is linked below.