Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Americans have shown the way!

If Obama can be elected as president in a country where the whites are the dominant group, why can't we Malaysians be more liberal and adopt policies to ensure a fair and equal society for our future generations?

Should we not change the New Economic Policy into a "needs-based" economic policy? Wouldn't a more liberalised and fairer policy give us more scope to expand our economic activities and hence avoid being marginalised by those countries outside our own?

The fact that a black man can be elected to be the President of the United States of America, speaks much about the progress of human rights in the evolution of the species called homo sapiens.


  1. If Obama can be elected as president in a country where the whites are the dominant group, why can't we Malaysians be more liberal and adopt policies to ensure a fair and equal society for our future generations?

    Should we not change the New Economic Policy into a "needs-based" economic policy? Wouldn't a more liberalised and fairer policy give us more scope to expand our economic activities and hence avoid being marginalised by those countries outside our own?

    The fact that a black man can be elected to be the President of the United States of America, speaks much about the progress of human rights in the evolution of the species called homo sapiens.

    The election of Obama has obviously struck a resonant chord with many around the world and especially in Malaysia. The fact that a black man who would not have been able to sit in the front of a bus less than 50 years ago can now be elected to the most powerful office in the US speaks much for the democratic system of government to inexorably wash away racism and inequality in a society to promote freedom and equality. I hope the racists in Malaysia will take note of this significant turn of event in the US.

    While there are obviously many problems in the US, a united American people will make it more likely to solve their common problems to rebuild the wealth and power of America. This should be a lesson to the Malaysians of all races that the most humane and efficient way to promote the interests of all Malaysians is to create an equal society based on merit so that all can unleash their individual creativity and initiative which will accelerate the growth and development of the Malaysian economy to make all Malaysians rich.

  2. Comments on the election of Obama

    With the gracious speech conceding defeat by McCain, the race for the president of the US in 2008 is over. And even though not all the votes have been counted as yet, (9 P.M. California time or Pacific time) it is generally acknowledged that Obama is the next president of the U.S. At one point in the election McCain was even ahead. But the financial tsunami soon struck and McCain became the direct victim. It is almost like Fate personally struck him down.

    McCain is probably an honest man with a great deal of intelligence and integrity. He is in many ways a true maverick judging from the usual Republican standard. If he had been a democrat, maybe he would have been more at home. But as it is, many in the US would not vote for McCain because he is supported by people who are a bunch of Bible thumping bigots who have learned their foreign policies from comic books and a bunch of sociopathic Homo economicus whose motto is “wealth above all else.” The Republican party under Bush was supported and led by such unsavory people. America apparently is sick and tired of these people and want to try something else. To many, Obama represents a change that would create a reversal of all the callousness and bigotry under the Bush regime.

    But there are many serious problems facing America. The biggest of which is how to reverse the deepening recession. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to keep America spending like it has been doing for almost twenty years. The root of the financial problem is simply the fact that the American people have spent too much and saved too little. For twenty years, as China reduced the value of its yuan exports from China had steadily became cheaper. A personal computer that cost $1,000 20 years ago now sells for less than $250 and with many more capabilities. The declining prices of consumer goods had allowed the Americans to buy more while spending less of their incomes. And the Americans had used the money they saved from the reduced prices of imported consumer goods to buy houses. At the same time China and other developing countries pumped huge amounts of dollars they earned from trade surplus with the US back to America to buy more treasury instruments and CD’s in American banks. This, together with the wish by the Federal Reserve to stimulate the American economy following the 911 terrorist attack, kept the interest rate low. All of these factors conspired to keep the American consumers overspending while treating their houses not as a place to live in but as a speculative investment. There is even a program whereby retired people are encouraged to borrow against the equity of their homes with the promise that they would not have to pay back anything for the rest of their life. In the end, as the American consumers run out of money, the whole house of cards collapsed.

    So how can the American economy be rebuilt? Only by increasing the productivity of the workers and slowly re-accumulating the savings of the people. Too much spending is wasted on military aggressions in Iraq and Afghanistan to control the oil which in the end only caused a very sharp increase in the price of oil that contributed very much to the miseries of the American consumers. So by leaving Iraq and ending the Afghan war, America can cut the losses. At the same time, America should aim for energy independence by going for wind and nuclear power while promoting electric and fuel cell cars. GM is already doing a lot of research in fuel cell technologies and should be encouraged to accelerate its fuel cell technologies to make fuel cell cars that are competitive in price and performance. Then America could be at the same time create tens of millions of new jobs while making America energy independent and keep the cost of energy at a reasonable level.

    America should also increase R&D into robotic technologies to make cars as well as in agriculture sector. The main reason why American cars are less competitive is the fact that American cars are made with too much human labor. Even Japanese cars made in the US are made with greater degrees of automation which reduced the total cost of their cars. The reason why American cars are made with more human labor is because the American labor union is simply out of touch with reality and irrationally demand that cars and other manufactured goods be made with as much human labor as possible. In the end, American manufactured goods became too expensive and cannot compete with goods made in other countries. So simultaneously increasing automation and reducing human labor will make American manufactured products cheaper and more competitive. And the increased sale of American manufactured goods will in the end provide more jobs even though the human labor content per unit of manufactured product is reduced. And the increased income per hour of labor due to increased productivity due to greater automation will make the American workers richer which in turn will increase the purchasing power of the American workers thus stimulating the expansion of the American economy.

    And robots should be invented to perform simpler tasks in agricultural sector. Robots can be made to pick lettuces, cabbages, tomatoes, etc. If robots can be made to roam about the hostile terrains of Mars and perform complex experiments, surely robots can be made to move up and down the cabbage patch and pick cabbages. Such robots will decrease the cost of harvesting cabbages and other agricultural produces thus increasing the incomes of farmers while reducing the cost of farm produces to the consumers thus increasing the purchasing power of the American people.

    America was hailed as the saviors of the world after WW2. It was also very much admired both for its technological advancement and its self-proclaimed status as the champion of democracy. Unfortunately, in the intervening years, America had turned into a sociopathic Homo economicus that attack weaker nations on thinly veiled pretext of bringing democracy. The result is that most of the world has come to look on America as a rogue and dangerous nation with no morality which will attack another nation to rob it of its oil causing untold miseries to the peoples of the victim nation. It is not too much to say that America today is justifiably regarded as the most dangerous and hated nation on earth.

    So Obama comes to the American presidency with America in financial tatters and feared and hated by most of the world. He has an almost impossible task of rebuilding the wealth of the American people while re-establishing good will with the international community. He is also faced with a Russia that has grown powerful again following the collapse under the old USSR. China and India are becoming more powerful. America has been treating these countries as objects to be suppressed. It is not too long ago that America’s main international strategy was to encircle China. As part of which, America fought the Vietnam war and instigated atrocities against the Chinese in the SE Asian countries causing untold tragedies and miseries to the overseas Chinese in that part of the world. Bush had to a large degree continued that outdated strategy. The continuous demonization of the Chinese is part of the continuation of that strategy. Obama will need to change that policy and try to form better working relationships with these rapidly rising powerful nations. Especially with China, if Obama continued the same old demonization and “containment” of China strategy, it will inevitably provoke resentment from the vast majority of the Chinese and make life impossibly difficult to the Americans in many ways from economic affairs to political and military conflicts. It will require a wise and evenhanded stewardship to guide American policies to achieve international cooperation that benefit both the Americans, the Chinese, and the world as a whole.

    America is still the most powerful nation on earth. And Obama will be the most powerful man on earth. He could do great good to rebuild the wealth of America while promoting peace and prosperity all around the world. Whether he has the wisdom to be insightful and firm to implement beneficial policies or whether he is forced by the powerful interest groups surrounding him to implement policies that ultimately destroy America can only be seen in retrospect years from now.

  3. The Winds of Change had finally arrived from USA and will continue their way to Malaysia soon.

    Have faith in the citizens of Malaysia. They will vote out the useless, corrupted and 'tainted-with-injustice' BN govt !!

  4. PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat reasoned Obama’s victory was a “victory of sorts” for Islam because Islam did not differentiate between race or creed.

    “That is why Obama’s victory is groundbreaking. It also proves there is no such thing as the superior race of the Caucasian. Everybody shares equality in Islam,” he said.

    - The Star -6 Nov 2008.

    Those people who still harp on Ketuanan Melayu must be still dreaming.

  5. Thursday, November 06, 2008

    If ever there was something really historical that is probably going to have the greatest impact on humanity that has happened in my lifetime, it must be the sweet victory of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

    Becoming the first black President of the United States of America after only 40 years, when Martin Luther King could only but dream of, says something of the transformation and the utter rejection of prejudices of many and the fizzling of the sense of hopelessness of just as many, has surely got to impact on the collective psyche of a vast portion of the human population that continues to suffer under such prejudices, hopelessness, subordination and discrimination.

    To the leaders of the African continent, for whom, their measure of leadership was, until Nelson Mandela came along, lacking for an icon that was worth anything at all, they now have an icon to measure up to.

    To the leaders of other countries where the leaders decide what is supposed to be good for you, Obama represents an abomination to everything held dear.

    For Malaysia, Obama's victory represents something that is quite opposed and contrary to everything Barisan Nasional stands for and represents.

    Even if there might have been some measure of similarity in what the Republican Party stands for to what the BN stands for in Malaysia, the grace with which the loss of the campaign was met by McCain certainly puts them on a plateau too far beyond the reach of our Malaysian BN leaders.

    In delivering our salutations and congratulations to Obama, who obviously has to detest anything that would suggest support for racism or racist tendencies, it must take quite a heap of hypocrisy and pungent audacity on the part of our own miserable politcal leaders, both present and past.

    Really, I would rather they don't even comment on Obama as their vile and their lie will taint the sweetness of his success and victory.

    Surely there cannot be any honesty and sincerity in any salutations to Obama or for hopes of a better tomorrow as a result of Obama's victory. How can that be, when here, in Malaysia, it is all about fostering the objectives you will find articulated and supported by the Klu Klux Klan.

    And there is more commonness in objectives as well as purpose of the BN that correspond to the KKK than they do with the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr that was realised in Obama's victory.

    If Obama's victory realises the dream of Martin Luther King of all people being equal, UMNO, which leads the BN government is all about fostering "ketuanan Melayu" or supremacy of one race and the subordination of the other races. It is this they say, that is sanctified by the so called "social contract" that makes sacred the unequal treatment of the different races in Malaysia.

    Let us be clear about one thing. The greatest enemy and threat to the Malaysian BN led government is none other than one Barack Hussein Obama, the newly minted President elect of the United States of America.

    If for one minute there is any show of excitement over Obama's victory by any of the Malaysian leadership, it surely has to be cautious, fear filled and full of nothing but hypocrisy and total dishonesty.

    Postscript: Malaysian Premier Abdullah Badawi claims that even in Malaysia any member of the minority races can become Prime Minister.

    Well, for those who have been wondering what hypocrisy is, this is it. When UMNO and Malays, because this includes Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim as well as PAS, cannot seem to think that PKNS can/should be headed by a non-Malay, what crap is this Abdullah talking about? Is it one of his many shiok sendiri quotes for minions to orgasm over?


    Comments of a reader :
    Pak Lah says like there is no KETUANAN ORANG PUTEH in the US, there is no KETUANAN MELAYU here. Anyone can become PM. He forgot to ask permission from his brainless and clueless Home Minister, discredited ex-CM Shahidan, Kerismuddin and some other warlords. Now they will call Pak Lah a traitor to his race and ask him to apologise and renounce his Malay roots.

  6. Comments of a reader :

    No, no, no Obama is not Malaysia's No.1 Enemy.
    He's the UMNOputra's No. 1 Enemy.
    We do not need to elaborate on the reasons do we!
    But for all intents and purposes those fellas are so thick and dense, they will pretend it's just business as usual

  7. ... and Malaysia must do away with that only Malays can be PM. Let it be fair to all Malaysians, do away with all the quotas and preferential treatment to specific race pronounced in bias policies and constitutions, and promote meriticracy through educational systems.

  8. It's unlikely a Malaysian Obama will emerge so long the political scene is dominated by UMNO led BN Government. We need to look at the uproar of the recently appointed non Malay to be the Acting MD of the Selangor State Development Corporation by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Had it not been for the initiative of DSAI to reach a workable solution among the 3 PR coalition partners to resolve the impasse, the uproar will spread like a bush fire. On balance the PR coalition is still a better alternative in the current political landscape of Malaysia.

  9. While they Umno hurray Obama's victory, they just about forgot the significance of his historical win means the racial boundary has been open up.

    They only saw on the side that either it is neither white or jewish, its the case!

  10. The Winds of Change had finally arrived from USA and will continue their way to Malaysia soon.


    Ya karatekid..........IN YOUR MAMA DREAM!!!!!!!!!Why don't u people here realize that PKR is MORE terrible than uMnO???

  11. YAB Barack Obama,was historically elected as the 44th President of the United States Of America.In his victory speech,he said and I quote"Changes has come to America,and the people of America have spoken".Will Malaysians be able to make the same inevitable changes?

    It took millions to elect Obama,but a mere 191 UMNO divisions to decide who becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    27 million Malaysians didn't have a damn say about it at all.How pathetic..!!!And the flip-flop Bodowi,had the GULL to say,that a non-malay can one day be the PM.


  12. Seperti dilapurkan oleh Utusan Malaysia pada 7 November 2008:

    Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat hari ini berkata, sudah sampai masanya bagi rakyat Malaysia membebaskan diri mereka
    daripada belenggu isu perkauman.

    Kita begitu gembira merayakan kemenangan Obama sebagai simbol kemenangan meritokrasi, tetapi kita lupa yang Negara kita sendiri masih dibelenggu dengan amalan-amalan yang bersifat perkauman. Ini umpama seperti gajah yang di depan mata, kita tak nampak.

    Kemenangan Obama ini sepatutnya memberi pengajaran yang baik kepada kita semua. Malu rasanya kalau selepas ini nak menyebut perkataan “ketuanan Melayu” itu. Kalau orang yang tahu malu tentu tidak tahu dekat mana nak menyorokkan muka kecualilah kalau kita bangsa yang memang tak tahu malu.

  13. Silambam,

    Could you please elaborate why PKR are worse the UMNO. Just a very simple examples that UMNO big bullies and racist. Before Umno rules Sabah, the civil servants of Sabah states are not monopolies by single communites but now what Happen? Majorities of the high ranking officers are MUSLIM..MUSLIM..MUSLIM.

  14. I do not believe that we are going to have a malaysian Obama.I believe a PI CM is coming in Sabah.




  16. Do we really know that DSAI would now be the Head of Government (Prime Minister with his appointed Cabinet Ministers not from MPs & Senators) although Party Pakatan Rakyat is not having the MAJORITY seats in the Parliament SHOULD Malaysia now having the element of Two Terms PM, Separation of Power and Direct PM election (Electoral College)that are similiar to USA Political System.

  17. Dear fellow Malaysians, i suppose the only way for us to save our beloved country from going to ruin, is to change the present corrupt-and-arrogant regime, and replace 'Ketuanan Melayu' with 'Ketuanan Rakyat'.

    In fact, those who continue to proclaim 'Ketuanan Melayu' should be charged for sedition, as this country rightfully does not belong to just one single race.

    The present regime has completely lost whatever credibility left to be considered as a government. Over the years, it had transformed itself into a syndicate of crooks and bandits who have no qualms of enriching themselves and their cronies on the expense of the rakyat.

  18. RPK's Release : A tapestry of Thoughts and Emotions.

    Click this :

    I pray that there will be more and more people with conscience for justice and freedom in Malaysia.

  19. Tahniah Presiden Obama! Kalau golongan Bumiputra ingin berjaya haruslah mencari peluang dengan usaha sendiri.
    Jangan kerana kedudukan kaum sendiri tidak maju maka kaum yang lain dipersalahkan sebagai contoh darisegi ekonomi.
    UMNO telah membuat kesilapan kerana memanjakan rakyat dengan alasan Bumiputra dan itupun hanya untuk mereka yang menganut agama tertentu.
    Berhentikan segera sindrom memberi peluang! Jangan nak layan sangat mereka yang inginkan peluang atau hanya tahu tunggu peluang! Ianya umpana tambatan ringgit. Biar ianya ditentukan oleh nilai pasaran sendiri.
    Kalau Malaysia masih mahu memaksa rakyat untuk menunggu Bumiputra mempunyai peluang atau"level playing" maka Malaysia akan terus tertinngal dibelakang.
    Yang boleh lari dengan laju teruskan berlari untuk memperbaiki ekonomi negara. Yang tertinggal dibelakang masih nak menunggu dibekalkan kerusi roda atau beca. maka tunggu lah kamu tetapi jangan salahkan kerajaan atau kaum yang lain kerana sesuatu kaum itu sendiri yang berlu berubah atau ianya akan diubah yang terus tertinggal dibelakang arus pembangunan dan kekayaan negara.

  20. Monsopiad said;
    "Could you please elaborate why PKR are worse the UMNO. Just a very simple examples that UMNO big bullies and racist. Before Umno rules Sabah, the civil servants of Sabah states are not monopolies by single communites but now what Happen? Majorities of the high ranking officers are MUSLIM..MUSLIM..MUSLIM."

    hehehe...come on lah gaman..have you forgotten something here..when your SABAH FOR SABAHAN slogans being used by your idiot step brother jefrey...still remember that times..majorities of the high ranking officers are MONSOPIAD..MONSOPIAD..MONSOPIAD. What a joke..they not even pass their BM subject,but promoted to officers post...!!

  21. No way....not in here, not in my land..Sorry dude!!

  22. Malaysia has a loooong way to go!

    Record number of Asians elected to New Zealand parliament

    Wellington - The New Zealand parliament will have a record six Asian members - including the first ethnic Korean and Sikh - following Saturday's election. Korean-born television presenter Melissa Lee, 42, and former New Delhi businessman Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi will join Pansy Wong, who was New Zealand's first Asian Member of Parliament when she was elected in 1996, in the newly-elected National Party government ranks.

    Wong, who was born in Shanghai and educated in Hong Kong before coming to New Zealand in 1974, won the new Auckland constituency of Botany with a majority of more than 10,000 after previously being in parliament on the National Party list.

    Former race relations commissioner Rajen Prasad, 62, who was born in Suva of Indian parents, and Raymond Huo, 44, a lawyer and former journalist, will join Pakistan-born Ashraf Choudhary, in the opposition Labour Party.

    Choudhary, 49, was New Zealand's first Muslim member when he was elected in 2002.

    All the Asian members are immigrants and Wong is the only one elected to a constituency, with the others serving in the 122-seat parliament by virtue of being on their party lists.


    Pemilihan Obama telah mencetuskan lembaran baru dalam politik global apabila ramai yang mentafsirkan kemenangan Obama itu sepatutnya dicontohi oleh negara-negara lain, yang menunjukkan bahawa penduduk minoriti yang berkebolehan juga boleh diberikan amanah dan tanggungjawab untuk memerintah dan mentadbir sesebuah negara itu.

    Pemimpin2 pembangkang dari kaum minoriti negara ini juga tidak ketinggalan mengeluarkan pendapat biul mereka dengan menyeru rakyat negara ini mencontohi cita rasa pengundi negara Uncle Sam itu tanpa berfikir panjang. Mereka hanya mengambil satu sudut saja dengan mengagungkan keputusan yang dibuat oleh kumpulan majoriti terhadap pemimpin minoriti itu.

    Persoalannya, apakah rakyat negara ini yang majoritinya orang-orang Melayu sudah sedia untuk berbuat demikian? Apakah parti-parti perkauman yang masih menjadi landasan perjuangan kaum-kaum dinegara ini sudah sedia untuk dihapuskan (LDP,UPKO,PBS,MIC,MCA).

    Pada hakikatnya,adalah amat sukar untuk melaksanakan pendapat demikian kerana orang kulit hitam diAmerika sendiri terpaksa menanti 200 tahun untuk mendapatkan seorang pemimpin kaum mereka menjadi presiden Amerika. Tetapi, kita diSabah, walaupun baru saja merdeka 51 tahun telah membolehkan kaum minoriti diSabah menduduki kerusi Ketua Menteri meskipun mereka hanya mempunyai beberapa kerusi sahaja dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri.

    Sistem pemerintahan negara ini adalah berdasarkan sistem Parlimen yang mana Perdana Menteri dipilih dari parti-parti yang menguasai majoriti diParlimen.

    Berdasarkan fakta dan sejarah yang lampau, Sabah sebenarnya adalah negeri yang terawal mengamalkan sistem yang membolehkan kaum minoriti terutamanya pemimpin Cina menjadi pemimpin nombor satu dinegeri Sabah. Hanya dengan pemilihan Obama sahaja yang telah `membuka mata' masyarakat dunia tentang amalan tersebut sedangkan ianya sudah dan pernah berlaku dinegeri bawah bayu ini. Negara Singapura sendiripun belum pernah dan tidak akan merelakan orang Melayu Singapura menjadi pemimpin mereka.

    Kita seoatutnya bersyukur dengan sistem pemerintahan dinegara ini,tidak ada rakyat yang ditindas atau dipinggirkan,orang Islam dan bukan Islam hidup aman dan damai walaupun agama Islam dan Bahasa Melayu sebagai agama dan bahasa rasmi.

    Pihak yang mahu mengambil contoh kesan dari pemilihan presiden Amerika ini sepatutnya tidak melupakan pengajaran yang positif dan yang perlu dijadikan iktibar. Contohnya ialah sikap dan kepimpinan yang ditunjukkan oleh calon Republikan John McCain, meskipun tewas dan akan menjadi sejarah sebagai pemimpin kulit putih pertama kalah pada pemimpin kulit berwarna,telah membuat ucapan tahniah dan menyeru rakyat Amerika terus bersatu dan memberi sokongan kepada presiden yang baru dipilih itu.

    Sikap ini sepatutnya dijadikan iktibar oleh pemimpin-pemimpin pembangkang negara ini dan bukannya terus menerus menggangu-gugat kerajaan yang telah diberikan mandat oleh rakyat. Pembangkang sepatutnya bersikap gentlemen dengan memberi peluang kepada kerajaan yang diberikan mandat oleh rakyat untuk terus mentadbir negara ini sehingga pilihanraya akan datang dan bukannya mencetuskan `keadaan' yang mengelirukan rakyat atau mahu menumbangkan kerajaan dan berhasrat menubuhkan kerajaan baru. Mengapa tidak tunggu pilihanraya akan datang dan biarkan rakyat yang akan menentukan semula parti atau pemimpin yang akan mereka berikan mandat untuk memerintah berdasarkan amalan demokrasi. Mengapa mesti ada isu-isu lompat katak,undi tidak percaya dan segala bentuk tekanan kepada perdana menteri??? Mengapa tidak mencontohi McCain yang akur dengan kekalahannya serta meminta rakyat Amerika kembali bersatu dan membantu presiden baru untuk sama-sama memajukan negara mereka dan menghadapi krisis kewangan dunia yang mula melanda negara itu!.

    Sepatutnya, sebagai rakyat yang sudah matang berpolitik, suara-suara sumbang yang hanya mahu mencari kesempatan dalam kesempitan itu tidak harus kedengaran. Pemimpin2 pembangkang juga berperanan dalam usaha pembangunan ekonomi negara. Negara maju,rakyat makmur.



  25. To Anon the clown...



  27. The dust of Barack Obama elected the 44th President of USA has now settled. Whether there is a Malaysian Obama depends very much on the steady evolution of a healthy 2 party system. Out of the recent financial tsunami, there is a debate of the emergence of a six nation economic block VISTA (Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina) after the first block BRICK (Brazil, Russia, India and China). We did not see Malaysia. Malaysian can forget about racial politic and press for more open competition if they want to catch up with the rest of the world, which do not see us as a Malay Malaysian or a Chinese Malaysian or Indian Malaysian.