Monday, August 11, 2008

SAPP must be punished: LDP

Penampang: The BN Supreme Council should take disciplinary action against SAPP at its next meeting over the party's stated intention to support any no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
LDP Deputy President Datuk Chin Su Phin made the suggestion after the official opening of his Api Api Division's AGM by LDP Organising Secretary Yong Vui Chung.


  1. Ldp "Lost Deposit Party" why keep licking KL's asses. Don't you have better things to do???

  2. Yes, Lost Dick Pig want to punish SAPP, we can accept that provided BN punish LDP for taking Datuk Musa and state government to court over Ma Zu issue. If pigs can get away with this, then Sabahan APP have stronger reasons to say " we are doing it for the Rakyat, do as you pleased, you Bodoh Nuts"

  3. Do , a Dear , a female LDP
    Re , a drop of rotten LDP
    Me , a name I call LDP myself
    Far , a not to follow 'soul '
    Sow , a needle pulling 'threat ',
    La , a laugh with Chin Soo Pin
    Tea , projects with butter &

    Do , that will us back to LDP .

    Chin Soo Pin of LDP Deputy President , if u hate SAPP so much . U choose BN to sack SAPP right away .
    I can only sing like this to u .....

    So long , fare well I do , I do , I doooooooooooooo
    Good night ..................
    Sweat dream with your projects
    Good night ..................
    Go well with your retirement .......C U no more .

  4. Differennt people doing things for different reasons. But when it come to the interest of the state and its people there should not be any compromise. If Chin refuse to support the sabah issues raised by SAPP because SAPP lost confidence in the PM, it means Chin and LDP prefers to safe guard its boss over the importance of Sabah interest. In that case, I would suggest him to shut his big mouth rather than revealing to people of Sabah that Chin and LDP can no longer be relied upon for any sabahan's struggle. Chin has shown how low can some so-called politicians willing to go in order to gain more or to protect their own back-sides. I feel sad for Sabah for even though we have so many political parties all claiming to fight for noble cause but never dear to rise against the stronger force. Sabah is doomed not unless we see more courageous Malaysians come up to fight for justice, truth and welfare of the country and its people. God have mercy on the thefts, robbers, liers and murderers

  5. Dear SAPP supporters:

    Just ignore people like Chin Shu Phin who is a 'stand-up' comedian who likes to act like a politician but in actual fact knew nothing about politics.

    With joker like him as its leader, it sums up everything about the LDP.

    Oh, by the way, did he say he's quitting his post soon?

  6. Dear fellow Sabah Chinese, we are already the minority in Sabah after the massive influxed of the aliens into our state. Unfortunately the Sabah Chinese are fighting with each other for self-esteem. Please put down your ego and think for our future generation.

    The evil master umno is laughing at us.

    May Lord Jesus to deliver the Sabah Chinese out from the evil one. Shower them with MERCY and GRACE upon them because YOU are a GOD with love, peace and passion.

  7. It doesn't matter what the LDP and its leader Chin Soo Pin says, SAPP must stand firm on the issue of "No Confidence in PM". The voters of Sabah will make a judgement on the PRU 13, the latest. Look at the unending scandals that surface on the political scene. Had it not for the "political tsunami" of the PRU 12, we may not know these wrongs and improprieties at all.

  8. LDP leaders are an uneducated lot.

    Don't they understand the simple statement by both Tengku Razaleigh and Mukriz Mahathir "asking Pak Lah to step down" AND the call by SAPP to "support any motion to pass a vote of no-confidence against the PM in Parliament" are one same statement with the same interpretation !!

    This Chin Su Phin and his Api-Api division are real traitors of Sabah, still singing to the tune of PakLah.

    But the majority of people in Sabah are NOT stupid but more matured to differentiate GOOD INTENTIONS of SAPP than the POWER-CRAZY, GREEDY, WICKED MINDSET in LDP.


  9. LDP bikin malu orang Sabah. Betul macam anjing!

    pui! pui! pui!

  10. BN can "punish" SAPP all it wants. Next election, the consituents will punish LDP by dumping it for SAPP. I think everybody knows who is working for the best interests of Sabah and who is just being the stooge and henchman of BN which is just a mouthpiece for UMNO whose agenda is the maintenance of ketuanan Melayu and the expliatation of the Sabahans for the benefit of Malaya and the Malays.

    Anyway, another month, and BN will be out of the Malaysian government. So what is the point of "punishing" SAPP when BN and LDP becomes totally irrelevant? SAPP will be inside the government and LDP will be on the outside looking in. And people will look back to this nonsensical talk about "punishment" and have a good laugh.

  11. If only Steven Spielberg run out of out cast actors for his next science fiction movie,Sabah would be the place for casting.The good news is the actors don't need to be in Alien attire,LDP are all aliens themselves.


  12. LDP is categorises the into the frame of "Worst Party Politics" together with PBS and PBRS.

    they are the worst party ever, better LDP close office. a Licking Party like you guys is the worst example bringging into the generation, how you guys face your children , ur cucu and grant cucu...u will tell you are a good politician net time....bikin could you ???? Your children might be sitting next to mine now....learning to become a leader when we gone.....

    now we are talking for the people , not for ourselves, when u ask SAPP to be punished, i beleive you would liek to look at your self 1st....look at the mirror more often, am i working for my self or for the PEOPLE....with the People/ Rakyat, then they is a goverment, Mr Chin with all due respect, please keep ur mouth shut if you are FOR the People Rather than for yourself.

    I fully support SAPP eventhou i am not a Member or involve in any politicking party.....

    Datuk Yong, Keep the Faith , Sabahan is Behind You.

    True Sabahan

  13. LDP,PBS,民政党,马华,MIC,联合党等等都是巫统的应声虫,每一点骨气。老大说了就算了,连嗑一声都不敢,还是SAPP行。

  14. Setiap kesalahan hendaklah dikenakan hukuman yang setimpal. Hukuman yang dikenakan hendaklah berdasarkan ketegasan dan keadilan agar tindakan hukuman yang dikenakan tidak dipertikaikan.

    Seperti mana dalam komen "tanak vagu" mengapa LDP menyaman Pengerusi BN Sabah di mahkamah tetapi tiada tindakan yang dikenakan.

    Nampaknya suara rakyat dan hakikat yang dihadapi oleh Sabah tidak disedari oleh pemimpin senior LDP.

    Mungkin juga sesuai untuk Chin melepaskan jawatan beliau bagi memberi laluan kepada salah seorang YB LDP.

  15. LDP is like a "Kaki pengampu" to BE END+UMNO. What a sad to all SABAHAN people to have a local party like this. Same with the rest like PBS, PRBS and so on.

    Do join the forum above.

  16. Can you believe the BN leaders ACTUALLY said these stuff?
    To my dear fellow Sabahans:

    Please read the following, and tell me that you can elect better leaders than these.

    "Malaysia is an Islamic state, you don't like it, you get out of Malaysia!"
    Badrudin Amiruldin (BN), July 2005 - Debating on the status of Malaysia as an Islamic state.

    "I talking about Muslims, not keling."
    Badrudin Amiruldin (BN), October 2005 - Referring to the Indians as "keling" in Parliament (translation = 'keling' is a highly derogatory term used to describe people of the Indian race)

    "It is part of our Malaysian culture and not meant to threaten their rights. It would also show respect to the House. Moreover, it would only make them look younger and sweet looking."
    Badrudin Amiruldin, October 2005 - On why NON-MUSLIM women should wear the tudung.

    "Batu Gajah (Fong Po Kuan) tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor." (translation = she leaks every month too)
    Bung Mokhtar and Mohamad Said Yusuf (BN), May 2007 - In Parliament, in response to a female Opposition MP's observation that the roof of the building was leaking. Incidentally, Bung Mokhtar is a Sabahan...

    "Bloody racist!"
    Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz (BN), June 2005 - Nazri shouted the phrase "bloody racist" 28 times in Parliament at an Indian MP. Watch the video on YouTube: Search for "Nazri"

    By Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak:

    "Revoke the citizenship of those who oppose the Malay rulers. May 13 has begun (referring to the May 13 racial riots in 1969), and "soak it (the keris) with Malaysian Chinese blood!" (1987)
    In 1987, as UMNO Youth Chief, Najib defended special Malay privileges in a speech where he vowed to bathe the keris with Chinese blood.

    By Haji Roselan Johar Mohamed (Kota Kinabalu UMNO pro tem head):

    "If you cannot fight rape, better lay down and enjoy it."

    Placards displayed during the UMNO Youth demonstration led by Datuk Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, former UMNO Youth Deputy Leader:

    "Burn down the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall!"
    (August 2002)

    By Hishamuddin Hussein, Malaysian Education Minister (BN):

    "UMNO willing to bathe in blood!!"

    "Do not provoke us! The Malays know how to amok!"

    "Don't mess with our rights! Time has come for us to act against those who question Malay special privileges!"

    "There is no religion above Islam, don't challenge us! Whatever is required for Malay development, we will push for it!"

    "Bangsa Malaysia is the Malaysians with Malay as the pivotal race!"

    "New Economic Policcy (NEP) is the social contract, it will never end!"

    "Use the ISA to jail those who question our rights!"

    "Raise the bumiputera equity target to 70% to reflect the actual population ratio!"

    "The (non-Malays) are manipulating the bumiputera equity figures. If we want to use the ASLI figures, let's set a new target. Let's make it 70% for Malay equity!"

    "Force the government-linked companies (GLCs) to set-up Malay special-purpose-vehicles (SPVs) to break the monopoly chain of the Chinese companies!"

    "Since the racial riots in 13 May 1969, UMNO and the Malays have been too patient & tolerant!"

    "When tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins! UMNO willing to bathe in blood!"

    By Hashim Suboh, UMNO delegate from Perlis:

    "Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Datuk Hisham when is he going to use it?"
    (November 2006)

    "... The Land Office had demolished a church in an Orang Asli settlement in Gua Musang, Ulu Kelantan on June 4. The Orang Asli community in Kampung Jias had embraced Christianity in February."

    (Source:, June 2007)

    This is not the latest information but it's for our reminder. That is one of the reason BE END + UMNO mest be kick out from SABAH!!!

  17. I almost spat out the coffee in my mouth the other morning, when i read the headline news on LDP calling for SAPP to be punished.

    This was not because i was shocked to read about it, but rather because i was really amused by it.

    I must admit that no one could have done better than Chin Shu Phin in humiliating LDP at this point of time.

    Almost every right-thinking Sabahan, right from the Primary One pupil to 70-year-old grandfather could tell that SAPP is fighting for the interests and wellbeing of the Sabah people when it proposed for the no-confidence motion against our useless "sleeping PM", backed by its "8-points declaration".

    Hence, when Chin called for the punishing of SAPP by BN, he was literally putting LDP on the chopping board for the people of Sabah to chop it into 'mincemeat'.

    But the most laughable part was where Chin said if SAPP did not pass a motion of no-confidence against our sleeping, flip-flopping PM, LDP would go all the way to support SAPP for raising the issues affecting Sabah.

    This was tantamount to saying no matter how bad or abusive our spouse is, they are still our spouse and, we should plead to them every time when they cheated or abused us, and should never take any drastic action to correct their behavior.

    Can Chin or any of the learned and able LDP leaders please inform the people of Sabah on what it has done so far to highlight the legitimate plight of the Sabah people or, how it is going to help solve such perennial issues like illegal immigrants, illegal in possession of Malaysian IC, and its stand on oil royalty and etc?

    And on the Mazu statue issue, if LDP really felt strongly for BN and in its best interest, then it should urge its former President, Chong Kah Kiat to drop the suit against the State government, at the same time urging the Chief Minister, Musa Aman to allow for the construction of the Mazu statue on the same spot.

    By the way, i had a feeling that Chin could be eying for the LDP president's post for himself, in view of the fact that it's current president, VK Liew's position now hangs in balance pending the outcome of the election petition for Sandakan.

    This was especially so when he announced his intention to quit his party post during the AGM and, today a bunch of LDP members came out to retain him.

    I believe many right-thinking Sabahan knew

  18. LDP bukan lah nak diletakkan parti yangmengampu dan angkat kaki tapi dai tahu guna konsep kerjasama di dalan Komponen BN. Tak perlu lah nak marah or cemuh dai kecian kat dia. Cakap SAPP bukan parti satu aliran tapi kalo dah mengarahkan pengundi Cina bersatu dalam satu parti itu ape ceta pulak. PIKIRKAN la ye.... DEMI RAKYAT DI SABAH BUKAN DIRI SENDIRI

  19. Banyak juga undi yang diperolehi SAPP untuk buat keputusan keluar dari BN dan sertai Pakatan Rakyat. Jadi bila lagi nak buat tak sabar nak tengok 'kuasa' yang ada pada SAPP untuk rakyat Sabah.


    PM slams Khalid over call to open UiTM to non-Bumis
    13 Aug 2008

    Eileen Ng and Mazlinda Mahmood

    SERDANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has ticked off Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for proposing that Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) be opened to non-Bumiputeras.
    read more from news link above....

    "what farsight can our leader of this be?"
    We probably can't put a reverse gear and become too backward due to
    misleading mindset of "politics"!
    It is really a Malaysia Dilema of 21st century never ever we can believe with ears!

  21. To LDP, why don't you show your ball to criticise Tengku Razaleigh who also ask PM to step down? Why only attack SAPP who raise the issue of Sabah problems. Are you guys ok? Otak Udang?

    PLease don't sell your pride to your evil master for the sake of Sabahan.

  22. Chin Su phin definitely wanted to "angkat kaki" the feds like he defended JPPS becoz he can get more projects! Just simple like that! Makes me feel like vomitting when think of this fella!

  23. Sekarang masalah yang timbul kaum Cina kita mula pecah mau pergi mana pun susah. Tolong lah pemimpin CINA jangan buat macam ni susah mau cari makan kalo kacau-kacau macam ini.

    Datuk Yong adalah pembela rakyat Sabah tapi kenapa sekarang Datuk baru nak bersuara masa Datuk jadi Menteri Sabah tidak ada macam ini punya cerita.

  24. tanak vagu TAHNIAH u give me "KESEDARAN" about this issue. But one thing u must know how (Dialih bahasa kepada bahasa Malaysia) susah lah korang buat macam ni mahu tahu juga apa Datuk Yong dah buat selama ni. Masa dia pernah jadi Ketua Menteri apa dia buat tidak semua rakyat Sabah dibela. Sekarang baru mau buat mesti ada sesuatu tak kena. PIKIRLAH

  25. to sumandak bayu...

    saya mau tanya sikit,
    mengapa mempersoalkan apa yang datuk Yong telah lakukan pada masa lalu... dan mengapa apabila beliau bersuara untuk kepentingan rakyat harus diragui...

    maksud awak kenaikan harga minyak yang mendadak adalah wajar... jikalau anda katakan wajar bermakna anda adalah daripada golongan berada dan mungkin mendapat kepentingan daripada kenaikan minyak... try to think about the poor...

    apabila rakyat bersuara barulah nak menurunkan harga minyak alasan disebabkan harga minyak dunia turun tapi bagi saya adalah disebabkan oleh by election permatang pauh.

    awak nie sebenarnya puteri UMNO bah kan? nda pun wanita UMNO nda hairanlah kalau kau boleh berfikir macam tu... ada otak simpan di lutut.. macam kerbau dicucuk hidung.

    GKB Chief..

  26. Sumandak Bayu, are you still living in the history? The people are suffering now bcos of the high cost due to the raise of oil price. We should solve the current issue face by the people urgently instead of questioning why and why in the past blar blar blar right?

    All of the human are the sinner right? The most important thing is he/she will repent for his/her sin. Don't tell me you never commit any sin in your whole life sumandak bayu?

  27. Stand your way SAPP...

    We (the poor) Sabahans have suffered enough... What excuse can they give to justify their existence in order to improve the well being of the Sabahans, after given the chance for sooooooo many years...


  28. to,

    anonymous said
    August 15 2008
    3.02 pm

    saya sokong awak, jelas sumandak bayu nie ketinggalan sangat jauh dalam merasai keperitan rakyat.

    kepada para blogger sila layari laman http://www.sumandakbayu. dan lihat komen daripada seorang blogger yang (ntah nak rate macam mana)bla...bla...

  29. Come 17 September 2008, if S
    SAPP pulls out from BN, LDP and PBS will be rejoicing. Hurray! Now, we can get their posts!

    Licking is better than fighting!