Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PM slams Khalid over call to open UiTM to non-Bumis

SERDANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has ticked off Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for proposing that Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) be opened to non-Bumiputeras.

"what farsight can our leader of this be?"
We probably can't put a reverse gear and become too backward due to misleading mindset of "politics"!
It is really a Malaysia Dilema of 21st century never ever we can believe with ears!
By: Eileen Ng and Mazlinda Mahmood related stories


  1. Racial abuse teacher gets 'a better deal'

    BANTING: It obviously pays to hurl racial abuse at students, going by what happened to the teacher who did so at a school here.

    The 35-year-old history teacher from SM Telok Panglima Garang was not only transferred to a smart school but to one located nearer her house.

    To add insult to injury, no disciplinary action was taken against her.

    It is understood that her letter of transfer stated that she was being transferred due to concerns for her security and not because she had committed an offence.

    Several parents and non-governmental organisations gathered in front of the school yesterday demanding an explanation from the headmaster for letting her off with just a slap on the wrist.

    However, the headmaster refused to meet them, saying the matter was no longer related to the school since the teacher had been transferred.

    Coalition of Indian NGOs secretary G. Gunaraj said the transfer showed the teacher had got away scot-free.

    "In fact, she even got a better deal. She is now in a better school and one that is nearer to her house."

    He said this set a dangerous precedent as others may think they too can get away scot-free uttering racial slurs.

    He said the Education Ministry should be serious in tackling the issue as what the teacher had done could affect racial harmony.

    Gunaraj said some teachers in the school were blaming the affected students for lack of a history teacher.

    "This should not be the case. Does it mean that students should keep quiet, no matter what a teacher does?"

    In the incident last month, the teacher allegedly told students of a certain ethnic group in a Form Four class that she "wanted to test their level of patience" and then began abusing them with derogatory words.

    She even wrote the words on the blackboard. Two students later lodged police reports against her.

    Several days earlier, she had allegedly entered a Form Five class and called the students using a derogatory word. She also accused them of being gangsters and thieves.

    She was also alleged to have ordered the boys to do push-ups. When some of them could not do so, she allegedly stomped on their backs.

    Last Monday, nearly 500 parents and members of the public gathered to protest in front of the school.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry had instructed the State Education Department to initiate an inquiry and that the teacher "had some explaining to do".

    State Education director Ashah Samah said she had wanted to transfer the person out of the state but had acceded to a request from the teacher to remain in the district.

    She said the transfer letter was issued by the district education department and that she would investigate claims that security had been stated as the reason for the move.

    Posted by St Low
    Tuesday, 12 August 2008 09:36

    So this is another one of the many unfairness practised by authorities towards an imbalanced corrupted society

  2. I was very amused at the protest shown on TV. The protestors think that we non-bumis will scramble for places if UiTM was to open for us. Who wants to study in an institution dominated by one race and knowingly being discriminated against. I had experienced interviewing job seekers who were afraid to say they graduated from UiTM(for obvious reason) and they speak horrible English. These UiTM guys can't even pronounce properly reading directly from a product brochure. My expatriate boss has no choice but to hire good English speakers who were either Chinese or Indians. With such “quality” education from UiTM, these protesters should thank tax payers who are 90% non-bumi financing them…talk about gratitude. They can’t even understand that Tan Sri Khalid is actually helping them to compete intellectually and get out of their tempurong.
    By the way, what is the ranking of UiTM? Mind borrowing a telescope.

  3. Sampai bila baru rakyat Malaysia berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah?

    Jika pemain badminton Malaysia di Olimpik Beijing berjaya meraih pingat untuk Malaysia adakah ianya untuk orang keturunan Tiong Hua di Malaysia sahaja?

    Persaingan sihat harus digalakkan diantara bangsa Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum melainkan sesuatu kaum itu sendiri mengaku tidak mampu bersaing dengan kaum yang bergelar bangsa Malaysia itu sendiri.

    Masa untuk berubah...

  4. "Although he keeps moderating his views depending on the crowd, PKR leaders and members have understood the message that although the Malays still need to be protected, the open-to-abuse NEP should be replaced with a policy that should assist the poor, regardless of race or religion."

  5. "How a good leadership of people be justified?"

    May be in the eyes of many one could be a hatred or unwelcome person. But it need to be remembered it is seriously a matter of righteousness when priority ought to be for the good of his people.

    If one merely wishes to fulfill his or her own agenda then this should not be a place for them. Go elsewhere if anyone do not trust us or either try to play a game to undermine our people or friends.

    Remember the history of yesterday in the future for our next generation is all in our hand today.
    Good luck everyone!

  6. UITM is a product of RACIST KOK KOK HAI UMNO. Most of the UITM graduate only qualify to work in KFC, MCDonald and other fast food outlets as you can see.

    What you guys expect a graduate from a kampung university like UITM can contribute in a competitive world?

    If the RACIST UMNO still exist, Malaysia is going towards the direction of Taliban.

  7. Lets face it, the UITM papers are worth garbage at this point in time.

    Anwar is trying to give UITM deserved credibility, and the only way the smaller businesses will accept UITM graduates is a credible education system accepted by all sectors without bias. Our malay friends needs to understand they have to grow up, being spoon feed all the way will simple shrink away our competitiveness.

    If you implement bias into the entry policies, you can only expect bias in the acceptance of the value of the degree or diplomas. Simple = Garbage In Garbage Out.

    I still remember the days when I could not get into university, but there were those of my friends who could not even do simple integration, got to do engineering degrees. As I know, it is still the same.

    But, if the our Malay brethren wants to be protective, it is their college and we do not begrudge them. UiTM is a college with no credibility. It also needs massive human resource - some real professionals - and funding injection to make it a truly credible college. And to have a credible college, you need to raise the level of competitiveness in entry.

    But then again, when you have vice chancellors with small minds, what expectations can we have? More Kopi-O licenses? well we got plenty now.


    Friday the Thirteenth: a day that will haunt you

  9. The malay worried that the 10% of the non malay will be the top of the UITM and then where they going to put their face with 90% majority???? UMNOK intention is to make the malay MORE STUPID DUMB DUMB and cannot compete with outside world so that they dont have brain to think.

    As I mentioned a kampung uni like UITM only be recognised by malay gomen and if you show their cert to the private company, the boss will say your cert is no difference from a toilet paper.

  10. with some 300 UITM students protesting on the streets , obviously it was supported by Politician UMNO , it shows the students has already used as puppets by the UMNO, poor UITM , the students are still in the dark .

    Who built the UITM ? , it was the Govt,
    Who is the Govt ? the people .
    Who are the people ? The Malays , Indian , Chinese , Dayak, Kadazandusun , etc .

    When UITM was initially built solely for the Malays 100% intake , None of the other races question .
    But when Mentri Besar of Selangor Govt propose , mind u just propose only , may be to allow just 10% to the non Malays & foreigners .

    Woh ! A big cry straight away from the Malay Community .

    Do we see justification from here ?

    Where is the fairness of BN govt to all races ?

    This country Malaysia is not belong to the Malays , what about Sabah Kadazandusun ? what about Sarawak Dayak ?

    If u claim " MALAYA " is meant for Malays , We have no say about it

    For the last Ten Years ,
    What is the composition of the UITM students solely for Bumiputra -1) Malays , 2) Sarawak Dayak , 3) Sabah Kadazandusun ?

    Mirror , mirror ,
    Who is the Most Extremist people of all in Malaysia ?
    IT is the UNMO members it self .

    Independent Chinese School , solely Funded & built by Public , all races of Malaysian are welcome to enroll to study .

    Government schools has so many restrictions , why ??

    What ever BN UMNO talks , they fight only for the Malays .
    We believe that long time ago .

    What ever Pakatan Rakyat - PKR talks , they talk on behalaf of all Malaysian .
    We believe this nowadays .

    U guess which school should I send my 8 yrs daughter to study ?

    I choose a Multiracial School ,I won't send her to a ' Extremist shallow minded School .

    Sori Lah

  11. UITM is recruting only Malay students .

    The end result is the students only think of Malay's interest

    Whereas a Multi racial school / Chinese school they open to all races ,
    The end result is the student think of Malaysian's Interest .

    Hi , are we call ourself Malay ? or Malaysian ?

  12. We feel sad when look at those young students from UiTM in protest on the street. Do they really understand what they are doing? What morality they have and by looking at their age suppose not above 30!
    It is infact a very sad issue more on educational than politics but thing seems not change though those born after '69 should now be in about age near 40.
    What is about all these emotional and silly act by all these students?
    Tun M is right in his opinion that "is not time yet" and "they are not ready yet!"
    But then for at least after 30 plus years look at what results of incompetitive feeling we produce in our country.
    Look like the only different between good and bad is only comparable to "MARA" and "Hindraf" what ever many have always justified. We need to alert them like what Datuk MB of Selangor did.

  13. Spell It Right! For act of “Terrible & Terror” !

    2008-08-13 10:42
    大馬律師公會有鑒於此,決定主辦公開講座探討改教事宜與宗教自由在憲法的意義,並邀各方權威交流對話, 但遺憾的是,這項原本意義重大的理性交流,卻因宗教原教旨主義的狂熱與野蠻,而被迫腰斬。他們認為這講座侵犯回教!回教如此脆弱不堪乎?竟然需要有人恫言以暴力保護?更何況一個探討憲法宗教自由的講座,如何侵犯回教?
    明顯的,問題之所以敏感,在於宗教原教旨主義的蠻橫。當宗教信徒只能訴諸自己的宗教經典,並將其價值或自己對有關經典的詮釋,強加於其它人身上,勉強他人遵守, 只能公開遵循和支持,不能公開置疑或討論。這就是宗教原教旨主義的特色,他們的宗教經典大過天!

    News from

  14. Kesian-nya kami. Apabila orang semenanjung mengatakan 'bumiputera', mereka sebenarnya bercakap mengenai kaum Melayu sahaja dan meminggirkan bumiputera yang lain di negeri Sabah dan Sarawak.

    Sebagai seorang bumiputera bukan Islam, saya amat mengalu-alukan tindakan membuka pintu UiTM kepada orang BUKAN MELAYU untuk meningkatkan daya saing pembelajaran pelajar.

    Walaupun bilangan bumiputera bukan islam begitu sedikit (berbanding dengan Melayu) di UiTM, saya rasa ADIL bagi kerajaan untuk memberikan 10% kepada non-bumi.

  15. ITM is now elevated to UiTM (University Satus)

    During my days in the 70s, the medium of instruction was 100% English. Courses available are both internal and external (professionsal courses such as Law, Transportation, ICSA, etc. There were many non-Muslim ethnic minority from Sabah and Sarawak.

    Top students in the 70s were mostly Sarawakians and Sabahans. Many are non-Muslim ethnic minority.

    The ratio of intake at that time was FAIR.

    If we look at the composition now in the main campus and branch campuses, the intake continue to be lop-sided.

    I would like any reader to come up with the statistics (Malays vis-a-vis Non-Muslim ethnic minorities from Sabah and Sarawak)

    Can we from Sabah and Sarawak ASK FOR a FAIR quota?

    If being classified as Bumuputers (non-Muslim ethnic minority from Sabah and Sarawak) the intake continued to be bias in UiTM, we can see what happen in other govt-funded university.

    Another thing that is glaring - streaming of first choice course.

    I have a cousin whose daughter who wanted to pursue a Law Degree ( with all the merits and credential obtained in her STPM). She was asked to take TESL!

    Another daughter friend of mine obtained straight A1 in her STPM as science student. She wanted to be a doctor. Instead she was offered to do COMPUTER SCIENCE! The father sent her to RUSSIA to do a medecal course. The list goes on and on where non-Muslim ethnic minorities of Sabah and Sarawak continued to be marginalised.

    A suggestion is a suggestion BUT, it was blown out to become a BIG issue.



  16. Bodowi and Najis are incompetence to become the PM of Malaysia for all race. They are just the PM for melayu. WTF is this happened to our country?

    There is no point showing in the tourism marketing to the whole world we are multi-racial country living in peace and harmony in actual fact all are BULLSHIT!

    Najis and Bodowi should ask the monkey who protest at the bar council building to stop it and obey the law but they didn't.

    Najis even add salt into it telling the bar council YOU SEE, I ALREADY TOLD YOU. Are you asking the muslim to hate the non muslim?

    What kind of fuckup and yet incompetence PM we have?

    WAKE UP Malaysian especially Sabahan, we want a PM for all race and not just for the bangsa melayu only, sigh!

  17. I am sorry, but I feel very sad for each and every Malay who thinks if they have special rights they have something special. Actually this is not the case! Having a Cert or a master from this place do give them NO advantage at all since the status is not there and no english, and to work for an well paying intern. company they are not suitable at all. So on the end they lose aot big because of there believe to be sombody special. Look around in all the big you find them??? No! And this should be a point for THEM to think twice for what they should ask!

  18. I am sad also to read PAS Youth reminder/threat to Pakatan Rakyat governments.

    If this carries on, I think the PR will collapse becoz of Islamists trying to create is islamic state and that is not what we hope for.

    Why just leave religion out of politics? Keep religion to yourselves...We want progress, Not simplistic ideology! Wake up, fellows, go round the world if possible the universe and you will come back a different person.

    Do you think God feeds you if you just stay in your house?

  19. Pls. make religion a private issue and keep it private. No one wants to be told what to do, believe or do you think international investors will still consider Malaysia a country to invest money and knowlege in when we go backwards? Other countries just waiting for that! And then what than? Religion does not feed people nor does it generate money. So pls. try to be open minded und go into the future and make it a place where your children can still live in in the years to come!

  20. 'Non-bumis will be an asset for UiTM'
    Aug 15, 08 9:52am
    ‘Quoting one placard at the demonstration, the MB's suggestion might not only ‘Selamatkan UiTM' (Save UiTM), but might propel it to be a world-class university that makes all Malaysians very proud!'

    On PM vetoes call to open UiTM to non-Malays

    Chin Tu Lan: I'm a Chinese, and if you ask me whether I feel hurt by this whole issue, I would say no.

    Mara was set up to help bumiputera students get their education in Malaysia. Let them have their own institutions if they think the concept of staying in their own cocoon makes them better.

    Just allocate more local university spaces for non-bumiputeras. The whole concept of having 10% participation from non-bumiputera and foreigners is to prepare the bumiputeras to be more competitive when facing the global community. It is their loss anyway.

    What should we non-bumiputera be worried or angry about? However, I'm angry at the Umno politicians who made a fuss out of this whole issue.

    Umno claims to be the protector of the bumiputera, yet their actions only tell me that what they are doing is for Umno survival, not for the good of the Malay race. They do not want the Malays to progress.

    You see, as long as they could keep the bumiputera a marginalised race in the country, Umno will still exist and stay relevant. If all bumiputera are well to do, then why do they still need Umno?

    I hope one day the Malay race will realise Umno's evil ploy and I hope the day will come very soon. Please, let us not be angry with the UiTM students and graduates. They are just tools used by these Umno politicians.

    I know of many UiTM graduates who are hardworking and honest. They just want an equal chance and opportunity to survive in this world, as do all of us.

    I'm afraid that their leaders do not see far enough in the future to take them further, and this is making it worse for them.

    Har Wai Mun: The MB's reasoning for his suggestion is to allow UiTM students to gain more exposure and be friendlier to people of other races.

    If anyone thinks his reason is not correct, the logical counter-point would be along the lines of either ‘the suggestion would not allow students to gain more exposure and be friendlier to other races,' or ‘allowing students to gain more exposure and be friendlier to people of other races is not beneficial'.

    Hopefully, the MB's suggestion will be viewed constructively and is not obscured by communal sentiment. Non-bumis will be an asset to UiTM.

    Quoting a declaration on various placards on parade at the demonstration, the MB's suggestion might not only ‘Selamatkan UiTM' (Save UiTM), but might propel UiTM to be a world-class university that makes all Malaysians very proud!

    Anti Double-Standard: It is unfortunate that the MB of Selangor's view about UiTM made him become a racial and political scapegoat when all he was trying to do was foster greater racial harmony in the country and encourage better quality bumiputeras to go through an open university system.

    After all, he was only proposing a 10% allocation for non-bumiputeras and foreign students. In fact, allocating a small percentage of places for non-bumiputera students has already been practised by the present BN government in fully residential schools. (sekolah berasrama penuh)

    This has happened even though these schools were originally meant for bumiputera students coming from low-income families.

    Thus, Khalid Ibrahim's proposal concurs with the present government's line of practice - only that he is trying to extend it into the universities.

    If UiTM remains die-hard on its decision to keep the university as an all-bumiputera institution of learning, then why does it have a programme of study known as 'UiTM International' and why is it scouting for foreign students from abroad to study there?

    I know that UiTM has even participated in an international exhibition on higher education in China as late as last year in order to enroll students from China to study at UiTM.

    What has UiTM to say on this matter? We would like to hear from the vice-chancellor on this question.

    Kaisim: I salute the Selangor MB for having the courage to make this call to open UiTM to non-Malays. This is the type of leader we need to build Malaysia. A leader representing a multi-racial country cannot be narrow-minded and selfish.

    Schools, colleges and universities are places for our future leaders to mix and become good citizens. Open any religious text - where does it say that you only have to help your own kind?

    Ibrahim Abu Shah, vice-chancellor of UiTM, has acted like a politician and made absurd statements about Khalid`s good intention.

    Ibrahim should concentrate more on becoming a politician. Only then he can make drastic changes to universities to suit his whims and fancies.

    Many politicians forget that Malaysia needs policies that emphasise need rather than race. We must never forget that, just as there are many rich Malays and non-Malays, there are many poor and unfortunate ones as well.

    We wish there were more good and responsible politicians who could speak the language of peace, fairness and unity at a time when many of us view with concern the deteriorating spirit of tolerance from an ethnic and religious perspective.

    Richard Teo: When Abdullah Badawi assumed the mantle of prime minister, he vowed he would be a leader for all Malaysians.

    However, his vetoing the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Menteri Besar's call for UiTM to be opened to non-bumiputera, clearly showed that what he espoused was not what he had meant and that the PM is a leader of only one race.

    No leader of a country that is diverse and multi-ethnic can ever perpetuate a policy that favours one race but claims magnanimously that he is a leader for all.

    The myopic policy of enrolling one exclusive race in an institution of higher learning will result in a generation of Malays growing up without contact with other races.

    Such a policy will have adverse implications on future race relations, particularly when religion has already created a wide chasm between the three major ethnicities of the populace.

    This proposal is a legitimate plea to open up UiTM so that some form of competition can be given to the otherwise isolated Malay students. This in turn would also allow some form of integration among the races and facilitate multi-racial identity.

    It is rather unfortunate that Ibrahim Abu Shah should even oppose such a plan, since you would expect an academic to be supportive of attaining academic excellence by opening its institution to students based on merit.

    It is ironic that an academic who chooses mediocrity as an enrollment policy should be appointed vice chancellor of an institution that professes to be churning out students who 'now hold top positions in both the public and private sectors'.

    Adrian CF Ng: To say I was shocked by what was said is an understatement - I was actually
    dumbstruck. I cannot understand why the UiTM students are so reluctant to accept change.

    The well-respected former corporate figure, the MB of Selangor has merely suggested opening up 10% to non-Malays. He has a vision, a long term one.

    Is it really so important that we have to segment our Malaysian society? At this level? Enlighten me, please.

    In addition to this, the issue is not about Malays or non-Malays. Look at the standards of all of our local universities - where are we now?

    At a time where global universities are competing for top academics to study or conduct research at their universities, our local students are rejecting competition.

    What a shame. Look at Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford and Harvard, just to name a few. Why are top students wanting to get a place in these prestigious universities? Think a bit, local grads,
    think - use your heads for once.

    These universities are the places where all the top students are and where they can learn from each other. In order to improve, we need to learn, and to learn from the best, if possible.

    No wonder our local graduate unemployment rates are so high, and are getting higher. Just like what the uncles, aunties, pak cik and mak ciks say - ‘No standard!' I couldn't agree more...

    Elsie Goh Siew Khim: Once again, this PM has put his foot into his mouth. He did not check his facts and history, and without hesitation exhibited his power to veto the call to open UiTM to non-Malays.

    Past records of UiTM will prove that two Chinese non-Muslims were admitted into UiTM, and there was no fuss, no protests, no veto, etc. The double standard practised by the BN-Umno regime is obvious.

    When it comes from them, everything is a non-issue. Could it be that these two girls were admitted because their parents were/are BN supporters?

    Whatever it is, I demand that the PM explain to the rakyat why non-Malays are not allowed in UiTM. Why were these two Chinese non-Muslim girls allowed in UiTM?

    If the PM is unable to provide a logical explanation fit for human consumption, then this confirms the perception held by a huge majority of Malaysians that this PM is incompetent and should gracefully resign.

    Otherwise, we have no respect for this man.

    Michael Sun: I find the reaction by the UiTM students and the vice-chancellor to be very racist, immature and definitely lacking in wisdom befitting an institution of higher learning.

    UiTM students screamed that ‘UiTM is Hak Melayu' and that it needs to follow the constitution.
    Firstly, the constitution only spelt out the ‘special position' of the Malays in respect to jobs in the government service.

    UiTM has been funded by taxpayers' money, and according to Dr Mahathir Mohamad, 90% of individual taxpayers are non-Malay Muslims.

    So here you are, using our money to fund a university that is not open to us.

    Secondly, education is a right under the UN Human Rights Convention. Of course, Malaysia dares not sign it, as we do not practice human rights.

    Why, then, do we tax the non-Malays to fund a university solely for the Malays? Is this an Islamic Hadhari way of justice?

    Thirdly, look at the Harvards, Cambridges and Oxfords of the world - do they restrict their student enrollment by race?

    No wonder the UiTM graduates cannot find jobs, save those taking professional accountancy courses.

    Unless and until UiTM changes its mindset, the university will remain mediocre. God really has to bless Malaysia and protect us.

    Yeap Cheng Liang: I am very disturbed by this recent event. When I looked at the UiTM students' demonstration and all the shouting about defending Malay rights and calling Khalid pengkhianat bangsa, I wept.

    I wept for this country, the country that am I supposed to love unconditionally, and I looked at my little child and asked whether this country still loves me and my family.

    It is not that non-Malays will immediately accept UiTM's offer if they open up that tiny 10% allocation - there are so many colleges and universities around, the choices are abundant.

    What makes them think that non-Malays would want to apply at all?

    For me, it's the betrayal of the promises this country had for my family and for future generations, for my daughter Hannah and many who are born in Malaysia.

    I am very, very disturbed and sad that, after 50 years of Merdeka, we are still divided by race and religion.

    Calling your own race pengkhianat bangsa is actually implying that the other races are invaders, that these other races are out to conquer Malaysia and are not fit to be in this country.

    No doubt this is the saddest day of my life - sad because I realise that I am not recognised as a Malaysian, no matter how good my Bahasa Malaysia is, no matter how long I have stayed here.

    Sad because my Malay friends will be called pengkhianat bangsa just because they are fighting for a better Malaysia.

    True Blue Malaysian: For the past 50 years, Umno has made Mara institutions a breeding ground for perpetuating Ketuanan Melayu.

    Mara graduates will end up with government offices, and this is where policies will be implemented and carried out throughout the country.

    Many will end up as top government officers and directors. Will they practise sound and fair governance? Are they of the right calibre? Look at the qualities of some of the vice chancellors and professors - you can tell.

    They do not show the true traces of scholars. True scholars and academics, such as Ungku Aziz and his peers, are all gone and have been replaced by a bunch of party cronies running our institutions of higher learning.

    The whole country is in a mess because capable people are not given the chance to run the government machinery, and only mediocre, incompetent and untrustworthy people favoured by the current and past government.

    It is no wonder the education system has gone down the drain, thanks to their ‘under siege' mentality and their imaginary fears of being overwhelmed by ‘others'.

    The results show - compare us with Singapore. We were on par with them in almost everything 50 years ago.

    Now we are left far behind, in education especially. I believe we are all aware of it, but to the government, it does not matter. What matters most is the preservation of their own race and religion..

    Cinaputra: When talking of UiTM opening to other races, I really wonder whether UiTM students have any pride of their own. Are they too weak to compete with others, with non-bumis?

    Or do they feel that this university is only for the highly privileged, elite class of people - the so-called Ketuanan Melayu class?

    They is a Malay proverb that I will never forget - seperti katak di bawah tempurong - that exactly describes those who are not open to challenges.

    In my opinion, the BN is not helping them. The ministers' children will be sent to the UK, USA, Australia, etc. Why not UiTM?

    Ipohwood: I'm a non-bumiputera parent and I strongly support the move by some UiTM students to protest the proposal by Selangor MB to allocate 10% of seats to non-bumiputera students.

    If UiTM is opened to non-bumiputera students, it could lead to serious negative consequences to the non-bumiputera students, such as

    1. It is very likely that they will end up to be mat rempit or kaki lepak;

    2. They may become unemployable, as UiTM is probably the lowest ranking public university in Malaysia;

    3. Instead of making other UiTM students become more competitive, these poor non-bumiputera students may become less competitive, depending on what their potential allows;

    4. This will deprive the non-bumiputera students from securing a place in other public universities such as USM, UTM, UM, UKM, UPM and others.

    Imagine the devastation a parent will have should their children obtain four As for STPM but be sent to UiTM instead of UM, USM, or UTM just because UiTM is now open to non- bumiputeras!

    Contrary to general belief, UiTM students, in this case, showed how farsighted they are indeed.

    Truth: I hope Malaysians will understand and treasure the true values of ‘justice and fairness' in our society. One cannot expect a racial discriminatory policy to perpetuate forever in any nation.

    How do we teach or explain to our children the justification of such a policy? How can we justify that such a discriminatory policy exists long-term in our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural world?

    (Just look at the ethnic Chinese badminton players representing different countries in the recent Olympics.)

    If poverty is what we need to address, let's address poverty. If underprivileged people need to be helped, let's help the underprivileged.

    Race, culture and religion should never be used to discriminate against one community or another to serve one's own self interest.

    Multi-ethnic, multiculturalism is a fact of life in the world we are living in. The notion of ‘truth, rightness and fair play' must prevail in every aspect of our daily lives because there is no justice in ethnic or racial discrimination, no matter how you try to rationalise it.

    You are just kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

    Sionna: My friend was surprised to learn that UiTM was for bumis alone, as according to her, she has seen plenty of foreign students on the campus, ranging from Bangladeshis to Arabs students, just to name a few.

    And these aren't students there for a visit; they're there to study. So, one wonders, does the UiTM vice chancellor really know who's studying in his campus?

  21. When Chong Wei Lee kissed “Malaysia” tag on his t-shirt twice
    it reminds those Malaysian that we should be proud to be a good
    Malaysian rather than showing emotion and go about “amok”!

    Your act will regret many other who love Malaysia after 51 years merdeka.
    Be a first class citizen in any ethnics,belief or culture and Malaysia is not yours
    alone. It is not our “budaya” to take things on the street!

    old alumni

  22. These students took to the streets to protest makes me feel like vomiting!

    Obviously, someone is behind all these. They are making a mountain over a mole.

    Is this necessary???? So what, no no no lah! Nobody wants to enter Uitm anyway!

  23. 2,000 Sabah Mara students protest

    Kota Kinabalu: Some 2,100 students from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Sabah branch marched in protest Friday over the proposal to set a 10 per cent quota for non-bumiputeras to study in the institute of higher learning.

    Is this necessary? Enough lah, it is no big deal, just created by over zealous, selfish people and morons

  24. Selangor MB's unnecessary honesty

    Sometimes, politicians make remarks which are calculated to win over certain political constituencies. At other times, politicians make remarks without much regard to the political impact of their statements.

    Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim's statement on opening up UiTM to non-Malays clearly falls in the latter category. While those statements were made in good faith, Khalid's political inexperience showed when he made those remarks, which does not win him additional non-Malay support and probably lost him some Malay support at a crucial time for PKR and for Pakatan Rakyat.

    Khalid's (photo, centre) statements were not intended to win over non-Malay support, contrary to allegations by some, including the UiTM vice-chancellor, that they were made in view of the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    Non-Malays were not clamouring to get into UiTM in the first place and in all likelihood, even if 10 percent of the places there were opened up to non-Malays, it would not be filled up easily. The opening up of the Mara colleges to non-Malays is a good example in point.

    Much more salient to the non-Malay community are the issues of the allocation of JPA (Public Service Department) scholarships and the quotas in public universities rather than the opening up of UiTM to non-Malays.

    Ironically, Khalid's statements were made in response to a question on how the education standards at UiTM could be improved for the benefit of the Malays. All this nuance was somehow lost in the clamour of protests by certain groups of UiTM students, the vice-chancellor and a litany of other Malay rights groups.

    Khalid quickly found himself embroiled in a situation which economists or political scientists would term 'an asymmetry of preferences'. On the one hand, there was a group of highly motivated individuals who strongly objected to the spirit of Khalid's suggestion (and it was only that, a suggestion) and who were ready to mobilise support against Khalid.

    On the other hand, there are also Malays who feel that opening up the UiTM to non-Malays might not be such a bad idea but who do not feel strongly enough to mount protests in support of Khalid's suggestion.

    This comes at a time when the 'Malay' credentials of PKR and Pakatan is increasingly under attack.

    PAS' commitment to Pakatan has been questioned on the grounds that Malay rights and Islam had been sidelined, Ezam Mohd Nor quitting PKR on the grounds that it was becoming a multiracial rather than a Malay-led (albeit multiracial) party and the accusations by Dr Mahathir Mohamad that the Malays were losing their rights in their own country are all examples of politicians playing up fears among the Malay community, a fear which PKR and Pakatan cannot afford to ignore. Khalid's remarks just added more fuel to this already combustible mixture.

    Lost amidst of the political rhetoric surrounding Khalid's remarks, was the larger question which he was trying to address. Can UiTM aspire to be a 'world-class' university if all the students in this university was of one particular race? Is this a realistic goal, especially given that these students are not admitted on a particularly selective basis?

    This is akin to saying that we want to be Harvard but we don't care about the quality of the students admitted as long as they are from one ethnic group. Do the UiTM students suffer in any way in the long term, in terms of their career and their outlook in life, because they studied in a mono-ethnic, mono-religious environment?

    These are certainly issues which should be addressed and these are challenges that will long remain after the political rhetoric has died down.

    Source: Malaysiakini
    Ong Kian Ming & Oon Yeoh | Aug 16, 08 10:39am

  25. Lets see how fast a Chinese will become the "best friend and most cherrisched Malaysian" when winning an Olympic medal.

    From third class Malysian to better then first class Malysian in 1 second! Thats my bet!

  26. Gerakan is asking for all university to be open up to all Malaysians. Let see whether these racists will start asking to revoke citizenship of Gerakan members.


    "UiTM plans legal action against MB

    SHAH ALAM: Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Vice Chancellor Datuk Seri Prof Ibrahim Abu Shah said the university will take legal action against Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for refusing to apologise for proposing that it admit 10 per cent non-Bumiputera students. He said Khalid should apologise for making the statement on UiTM as it was not only unethical and degrading to the university but also not true at all. "

  28. 家定:“是放下种族包袱的时候"





    more news from....

    It's time to awaken those students through a debate forum in order Malaysia never be left
    behind again because of their incompetency! Why can't change after past 51 years independent and who can't accept Malaysia for all Malaysian?
    Recalling your past time in UM whenever students always faced crisis in '70s.
    It's time not to point finger out on other as an excuse and have all close-door policy in education!

    Jabatan IPT 干嘛?


  29. Malaya PM for Malay ,
    I hav no objection .

    Malaysia PM for Malaysian
    U will hav my full support .

    UITM was initially built for Malay BUMI only .
    Non-Bumi never said a word .

    Today MB Selangor Khalid proposed only 10% open UITM to Non- Bumi ,
    Students demonstraction right away .

    What is happening in our country ??
    Who is behind all these demo???
    Ten out of Ten persons I asked around , all reply it was UMNO, UMNO , UMNO, UMNO, UMNO , UMNO < UMNO .

    No wonder PM slams MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid over call to openUITM to non - Bumis .

    So our PM is infact PM for UMNO , not for Malaysian , at least I do know our PM is not for BN .

  30. Tan Sri Khalid is right to suggest 10% of UiTM's student quota to be given to non-Bumi for the sake of competition. Under the severe market condition and globalization UiTM students must compete just like everybody else.