Monday, July 14, 2008

Dr Max (PBS) remarks unbecoming

July 14, 2008: SAPP has expressed regret that certain Sabah-based parties like PBS had willingly become the Federal government's instrument to condemn the party for fighting for the rights of Sabah and,for expressing no confidence in the Prime Minister.

"But they (PBS) was silent when Umno leaders called for the PM to step down," said SAPP Secretary-general Datuk Richard Yong.

Yong pointed this out in a statement issued yesterday in response to a statement made by PBS deputy president, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili in a local daily that it was better for SAPP to quit BN besides describing it as a 'political bitch'.


  1. July 14, 2008: SAPP has expressed regret that certain Sabah-based parties like PBS had willingly become the Federal government's instrument to condemn the party for fighting for the rights of Sabah and,for expressing no confidence in the Prime Minister.

    "But they (PBS) was silent when Umno leaders called for the PM to step down," said SAPP Secretary-general Datuk Richard Yong.

    "This clearly shows that some Sabah political leaders holding positions in the federal government had willingly subscribed to Kuala Lumpur's 'divide-and-rule' tactic to try to neutralize SAPP's effort to fight for the interests of the State and people.

    Yong pointed this out in a statement issued yesterday in response to a statement made by PBS deputy president, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili in a local daily that it was better for SAPP to quit BN besides describing it as a 'political bitch'.

    Yong especially regretted that Dr Max had resorted to insult SAPP by calling the party a 'political bitch'.

    "I find it very unbecoming of a veteran politician like him to call another Sabah-based party by such vile names.

    "He shouldn't be too personal as SAPP is purely fighting for justice for Sabah and its people. And for doing so, SAPP and its leaders are willing to take the risk and to make sacrifices," said Yong.

    On Dr Max's labelling SAPP as the "enemy from within", Yong countered that such description was probably most fitting for PBS which has now become "enemy within Sabah"

    To better elaborate this, he reminded Dr Max that PBS had always used "Sabah for Sabahans" as platform of their political struggle.

    "It looks like now PBS has forgotten all about it," he quipped.

    He added that Dr Max should perhaps inform the people of Sabah on what he had accomplished to resolve the problems faced by Sabah, particularly the illegal immigrants and 'dubious citizens' issues, after his many years as Minister in the Federal Cabinet.

    "If our leaders had done their job well and the Federal government had been sincere and fair towards Sabah and competent in solving issues affecting the State and, had not been flip-flop in its announcements and then frantically coming up with all sorts of questioning measures to try to easy the people's suffering which it (Federal Government) had caused as a result of hiking the fuel price drastically, this issue of no-confidence would not have arisen," he pointed out.

    He also said Dr Max and those like-minded Sabah political leaders who are anxious to see SAPP get out of BN will have to wait for time being as, SAPP has until the end of July to answer to the show cause letter issued by the BN Secretary-general earlier.

    Besides this, Yong also vehemently condemned PBS's Information Chief, Johnny Mositun's attempt to split SAPP by saying that PBS is willing to consider accepting SAPP deputy president Datuk Raymond Tan if he becomes partyless.

    He stressed that PBS can say what they like in their attempt to split SAPP but, the fact is that Tan had categorically expressed his loyalty to SAPP earlier that, he would stay with the Party regardless of whether it is in or out of BN.

  2. Dear All
    Kadazan/Dusuns/Muruts/Chinese/Malays of Sabah Origins,

    If you want a better future for the next generations of your families in our beloved "Land Below the Wind", never vote for PBS, LDP and PBRS again come any future elections.

    All those leaders from the 3 Stooge-Parties who are never fighting for the rights of Sabahans are a worried lot coz they are only caring about their personal wealth, whether in business here or overseas.

    They are actually plundering OUR WEALTH and RESOURCES hand-in-hand with the Federal Leaders.

    Have we ever imagine when Sabah's Oil will actually dries up ????

    The Federal leaders will be the first to ignore our problems, and those leaders from PBS/LDP/PBRS will be the first to run away (migrate) FROM Sabah with their LOOT full.

    MARK MY STATEMENTS, Brothers and Sisters of Sabah.

  3. Yeah, SAPP should leave BN. Complaint the government (or PM) from outside the BN.

    Afterall, SAPP is to serve the PEOPLE not BN or any individual.

    Malaysia DIgest

  4. Fuck off Dr Max,
    you not more than just transpoting to BN to enrich yr self.

  5. Dr. Max what BITCH ?
    Why u describe fellow Sabah Party
    SAPP as BITCH ???
    In this case what is PBS ?

    1) Just because SAPP choose to put a vote of no confidence to Your PM ?
    1.1) Tun Dr. Mahathir's son - Mukhriz also ever asked PM to resisign , telling Badawi not fit to become PM .
    So in your way , u may also KINDLY call him Political Bitch ?
    1.2) Tengku Razaleh ( Kuli ) also wanted to challenge Badawi , asking to stepping dowm , Dr. Max u please may cal him Tengku BITCH ?
    1.3) Tun Mahathir also demanded Badawi to resign as PM , Dr. Max again do not forget to call TUN A BITCH ?

    2) Dr. Max , what is wrong if SAPP to represent Sabahans to claim somethings which is long over due ??

    Sabah people will salute anyone sincerely fight for Sabahans , irrespective from any party .
    Now SAPP has done it ,
    What happen to PBS ??

    Many years ago when PBS shouted slogan - SAbah for Sanahans because PBS was in the opposition -they were having a very clear mind . PBS struggled very hard , Aiso sen pergi Ar mai ti .

    But now PBS has chosen to join in BN , all PBS leaders are given high posts , feeding with luxury foods , plenty to drink , Avasi muntuk diao, singalong . The PBS leaders are in the Comfort Zone . They have forgotten our Sabah people are really suffering in the rural .

    The orginal natives are Kadazan/ Dusun / ............etc they crying for help , children ca't even go to proper schooling , no tables , no chairs , bare foot , no bridges, walk through jungle tracks , go across river by rafting ........more . Do our OBS leaders know ourpeople are suffering , do they hear our people are crying ?

    Thank God we have SAPP , a party to stand up for our Sabahans , Why U ? Dr. max Can u have mercy on us all ???
    At least they are fighting for a good cause isn't it ????

  6. SAPP make BN break and be hero this time?
    Posted by Super Admin
    Monday, 14 July 2008

    Will there be a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister today? That depends on the Dewan Rakyat Speaker.

    Will the rebel Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) have its two lawmakers there to support such a motion? That depends on the duo after their anti-climatic no-show the first time around on June 24.

    But if both do happen, notwithstanding it’s a motion that does not call for a vote, can SAPP's move force Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's hand to whittle his Barisan Nasional coalition to his favourite number – 13?

    It's a tough call because BN leaders know SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee wants his tiny Chinese-based party to be kicked out of the coalition instead of quitting, in an effort to underscore his assertion that Sabahans are treated badly and their grouses summarily dismissed in far-off Putrajaya.

    That appears to be the former Sabah chief minister's end-game. He won't quit BN but wants Abdullah to do so and if the embattled prime minister won't go, then BN must kick out the rebel party and turn it into instant heroes.

    The party has 30 days from July 1 to explain to the BN supreme council why it should not be sacked from the coalition for its June 18 decision to propose or support a no-confidence motion against Abdullah's leadership but its next move today could precipitate the sacking.

    BN leaders and lawmakers are already calling for action against Sepanggar MP Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun and Tawau MP Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui if they support the no-confidence motion filed by Parliamentary Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

    "It does not only affect Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but also the entire government and Cabinet appointed after the March 8 election," Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin, deputy chairman of the BN Back Benchers Club, said in Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

    Also in Kota Kinabalu, Parti Bersatu Sabah deputy president Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili weighed in, saying the worst enemy was an enemy from within.

    "Pure logic points that you should get out and fight from the outside," he said.

    Dr Wan Azizah, of course, welcomed the duo's support apart from the 81 that she already has in the House. The government can easily defeat the motion with its 140 members.

    While the SAPP has yet to decide whether it will join the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, analysts say it is inevitable after Yong met the de facto opposition pact leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim twice in Hong Kong and elsewhere to discuss issues of mutual interest. Anwar himself has claimed to have some 30 BN lawmakers ready to cross over anytime.

    But others in the Pakatan Rakyat – which groups Anwar's Parti Kedilan Rakyat, Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) – are less than impressed with Anwar's claim to capture Putrajaya by Malaysia Day.

    Some view the move as unholy haste as the coalition attempts to govern the additional four states it won in the March 8 election while others say the coalition itself has yet to be a firm structure.

    "This Pakatan Rakyat thing is not fully formalised and structured yet. Discussions are still on-going," Penang Chief MInister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said last month.

    Sources say the three potential component parties have yet to meet among themselves to discuss the idea let alone the leaders convening an inter-party summit to firm the nascent pact. But some states have called themselves Pakatan Rakyat states while Penang and Kedah have decided to remain as coalition governments.

    Despite the hazy structure, the SAPP could decide to join the Pakatan Rakyat and cherry-pick important posts for itself and redeem its eight-point pledge to Sabahans if Anwar fulfils his promise to topple Abdullah by Sept 16, which is Malaysia Day.

    Otherwise, the SAPP will still be heroes for standing up against the mighty BN which Yong had termed as "swimming with the sharks" when he widened his attacks against Abdullah and Umno leaders for allegedly stirring racial sentiments.

  7. Monday July 14, 2008 MYT 12:34:06 PM
    No-confidence motion rejected, Opposition MPs walk out

    KUALA LUMPUR: Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia rejected an emergency motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet, which prompted a walkout by Opposition MPs.

    The motion was filed by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail last Thursday.

    It was filed as a non-voting motion under Standing Orders 18 (1) and (2).

    The motion was rejected in the Speaker's chambers under Standing Order 18 (7). Dr Wan Azizah was informed via a letter.

    The matter was not brought up in Dewan.

    The motion was rejected by the Speaker due to the "wrong choice of words."

    The Opposition MPs walked out after their appeal for him to review his decision was rejected.

    Pakatan Rakyat leaders said they were disappointed with Pandikar Amin's rejection of their emergency motion.

    They also condemned the police roadblocks across the city, saying the action was "unjustifiable."


    HAIZZZZZZZZzz soi pandikar amin

  8. To the UPKO leaders of Sabah,

    Thumbs up to you all for not criticizing SAPP even when the odds are down on them.

    You all are actually fighting for our Sabah Rights in your heads n minds but waiting for the right time.

    The Kadazans/Dusuns/Muruts and all the indigenious races will definitely give you all the support and votes come the next elections if you dare to come out fighting like SAPP for our Sabahan RIGHTS and our DESTINY.

    Our future generations will NEVER forget UPKO and SAPP for their sacrifices and deeds if ever one day our descendants can live in our beloved SABAH without illegals, our 20% royalties' Reserves in safe hands and our poverty totally eradicated at all rural levels in our State.

    Come on UPKO, fight and give your Statements of Truth to the Federal Leaders who are a ignorant lot.

    From the pure n true-blooded Kadazandusun people in Tambunan.

  9. Someone must insult Dr Max back, why his area Kota Marudu still the poorest place in Sabah. Kota Marudu currently still lacks of water supply, poor road conditions and etc, also ppl here doesn't have sustainable source of income and did he actually do something about it? nah!

    To Dusun and Kadazan ppl, why you guys still want vote someone like him? do you guys see any chances since PBS become your representative during the past 8 years? I know you're smarter than that.

    PBS only a puppet for BN/UMNO, i would like to see Dusun and Kadazan ppl cries for help next time. PBS will be remembered for their betrayal to their own ppl. They only fight for themselves and didn't fight for Sabah Kadazan and Dusun rights.

  10. Usul Pakatan terhadap PM ditolak
    Jul 14, 08 12:03pm
    Usul tergempar hilang keyakinan pada perdana menteri yang dibawa oleh ahli-ahli parlimen Pakatan Rakyat ditolak sebentar tadi.

    Yang dipertua Dewan Rakyat Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia menolak usul yang difailkan oleh ketua pembangkang Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

    Usul itu diserahkan untuk dibahaskan Khamis lalu.

    Gabungan pembangkang - Pakatan Rakyat - mengemukakan usul tidak percaya terhadap Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Antara lain, usul tersebut menyatakan bahawa pilihanraya umum ke-12 menyaksikan tsunami politik apabila lima negeri dan Wilayah Persekutuan jatuh ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat dan BN gagal mempertahankan majoriti dua pertiga di Dewan Rakyat.

    Menurutnya, BN mencapai kemenangan tipis dengan memanipulasi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) dan melalui pembohongan.

    Harga minyak pula, tambahnya, dinaikkan dengan tiba-tiba selepas pilihanraya walaupun timbalan perdana menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak - ketika melancarkan manifesto pilihanraya - berjanji ia tidak akan berlaku.

    Manakala ahli-ahli parlimen BN, katanya, yang menolak sikap tidak bertanggungjawab pemimpin mereka, telah diancam dan dipaksa berdiam diri.

    Perkembangan tersebut, tambahnya, telah menimbulkan krisis keyakinan terhadap perdana menteri dan anggota kabinetnya.

    Rakyat, menurut usul itu lagi, berdepan dengan beberapa krisis seperti kenaikan harga bahan bakar makanan.

    Menurutnya lagi, keyakinan rakyat terhadap polis, peguam negara dan badan kehakiman telah merosot, dan jenayah dan rasuah semakin meningkat.

  11. KUALA LUMPUR: Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia rejected an emergency motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet, which prompted a walkout by Opposition MPs...............

    The motion was rejected by the Speaker due to the "wrong choice of words."

    "wrong choice of words." could be no confidence against the Prime Minister but not the whole cabinet.

    Re-submit your motion tomorrow.

  12. CEMERLANG TERBILANG GEMILANGJuly 14, 2008 at 2:10 PM


    Police report against PM lodged

    Updates 7pm
    "I have proof". Johari Ismail, 49, came out of the Dang Wangi police station at 6.15pm. He said it took nearly two hours as the cops had to call back the officer-in-charge (who was on duty at the PWTC, where Pak Lah is expected to deliver the Umno presidential address tomorrow) to deal with the report against the Umno President.

    Johari said he is backed by no one and no Umno leader had asked him to lodge the report.

    "I'm doing this as a concerned Umno member," said Johari, who is an Umno branch exco member (Kg Tahang Rimau, Segamat, Johor). "I am concerned about the erosion within Umno."

    Johari also told the press conference, "I have proof" that a political crime had been committed by Pak Lah (against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former PM) during an Umno Supreme Council meeting of 28 August 2006, and is prepared to face the consequences of his action.


    Pada Khamis 28 Ogos 2006, jam 300 petang, bertempat di Bilik Mesyuarat Utama UMNO, Ibu Pejabat UMNO, Tingkat 38, Menara Dato’ Onn, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra, Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur telah diadakah sebuah mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

    Dalam mesyuarat itu, Minit Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO selepas telah membincangkan secara terperinci usaha menggagalkan mantan Presiden UMNO, YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad untuk bertanding sebagai Perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu ke Mesyuarat Agung UMNO 15-17 November 2006, dalam pemilihan Perwakilan pada Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu pada 9 September 2006 di Jitra, Kedah.

    Dalam perbincangan ini, turut dirakamkan tugasan tugasan yang ditanggung jawabkan kepada beberapa ahli MKT UMNO untuk laksanakan agar Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad gagal dipilih sebagai Perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu.

    Setelah menyedari Minit Mesyuarat pada 28 Ogos itu mengandungi perbincangan secara terperinci mengenai niat jahat menghalang mantan Presiden UMNO itu dipilih sebagai Perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu, maka Presiden UMNO YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi telah mengarahkan Brig. Jen (B) Dato’ Hussainay Hashim, Setiausaha Kerja MKT UMNO, mewakili Sekretariat UMNO agar tiga muka surat Minit Mesyuarat tersebut dikecualikan dari Minit Mesyuarat asal.

    Walaupun ditegur oleh Ahli MKT UMNO YB Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim kerana perbuatan mengecualikan sebarang maklumat dari Minit Mesyuarat yang telah direkod dan sediakan itu sebagai menyalahi peraturan mesyuarat, namun begitu Presiden UMNO masih berdegil. Maka arahan itu dilaksanakan dan Minit Mesyuarat rasmi pada MKT UMNO 28 Ogos 2006 telah mengecualikan tiga helai muka surat asal mengenai perbincangan mengenai usaha mengagalkan pemilihan mantan Presiden UMNO sebagai Perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu pada 9 September 2006.

    Olehdemikian, kerana MKT UMNO telah mengesahkan satu Minit Mesyuarat pada 28 Ogos 2006 yang telah di’ubah suai’, maka saya minta siasatan dibuat kerana ini jelas melanggar peraturan mesyuarat dan ujud unsur konspirasi melakukan ‘jenayah politik’ kepada mantan Presiden UMNO.

    Original posting
    Dang Wangi.- Right now Johari Ismail, an Umno member from Johor, is lodging a police report against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur.

    The police report is believed to be linked to the "missing minutes" from an Umno Supreme Council meeting last year. The meeting was chaired by Pak Lah as Umno president.

    Johari, an award-winning journalist back in the 80s, went into the station at 4.25pm to lodge the report. At this minute (5.17pm), he is still in there.

  13. PBRS+PBS+LDP = UMNO Dogs

    To Dr Maximus, your kadazandusun race in Sabah already been outnumbered by the illegal muslim immigrants brought in by your Master. The Sabah native will need to call the PTI as TUAN soon. SHAME ON YOU as a Sabahan.

    Sabah native politicians are the worst and backward race in Malaysia if compared to the Iban from Sarawak.

  14. Mungkin Dr.Max dikenakan tekanan oleh pemimpin UMNO atau daripada Presiden PBS sendiri sehingga mengeluarkan kenyataan berikut.
    Pemimpin no.2 PBS yang dijangkakan akan mengambil alih jawatan Presiden pada atau sebelum 2012 sebelum ini tidak mengeluarkan kenyataan terhadap SAPP sebab saya percaya dia bersetuju dengan apa yang diperjuangkan oleh SAPP adalah untuk Sabah.
    Dr.Max pernah mengetuai IDS dan beliau sendiri sedar apakah hakikat keadaan Sabah.
    Rakyat Sabah sangat marah dengan Datuk Pairin kerana bukan sahaja tidak memperjuangkan masa depan generasi Sabah tetapi mengkritik SAPP kerana melakukan tugas yang sepatutnya dilakukan oleh PBS.
    Ekoran daripada itu, saya percaya Dr.Max sedang menghadapi tekanan yang luar biasa sehingga sanggup mengeluarkan kenyataan yang bakal menggadaikan masa depan politiknya.

    Mudah-mudahan UPKO dan YB PBS yang lain memberanikan diri untuk memperjuangkan kepentingan dan masa depan Malaysia di Sabah.

  15. Terhina, SAPP digelar 'sundal politik'
    Jul 14, 08 1:54pm
    Parti Maju Sabah berasa "tersinggung" dengan parti komponen BN dan menganggap mereka sebagai "alat kerajaan persekutuan" apabila mengecamnya berhubung usul tidak percaya terhadap perdana menteri dan isu-isu tentang Sabah.

    Setiausaha agung SAPP Datuk Richard Yong berkata parti-parti komponen itu termasuk Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) berdiam diri apabila pemimpin-pemimpin Umno sendiri mendesak Daruk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, yang juga pengerusi BN, berundur daripada jawatan tersebut.

    "Ia jelas menunjukkan sesetengah pemimpin politik Sabah yang memegang jawatan dalam kerajaan telah secara sukarela menganut taktik 'pecah dan perintah' Kuala Lumpur dan cuba meredahkan usaha SAPP berjuang demi kepentingan Sabah dan rakyatnya," kata Yong hari ini.

    Menurutnya, timbalan presiden PBS Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili dalam sebuah akhbar tempatan negeri itu Sabtu lalu menyifatkan SAPP sebagai "sundal politik."


  16. Tidak seperti PM sebelumnya, tiada yang mahu Abdullah kekal
    Subky Abdul Latif
    Mon | Jul 14, 08 | 2:05:52 pm MYT
    Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi telah menunjukkan kesungguhannya untuk berundur bagi memberi laluan kepada timbalannya dengan mengumumkan tarikh penyerahan kuasa itu.

    Sebelumnya sekadar bersetuju untuk menyerahkan kuasa tetapi tidak menyatakan bila. Sekarang sudah diumumkan pada Jun 2010.

    Jadikah atau tak jadikah adalah hal kedua, tetapi dia sudah membuat pengumuman itu. Apa-apa boleh berlaku dalam tempoh dua tahun itu.

    Dr. Mahathir tidak yakin Dato' Seri Najib akan jadi Perdana Menteri yang baru pada waktu itu kerana dalam tempoh itu lebih banyak akan dikeluarkan apa yang dikatakan keburukan Najib. Justeru itu beliau ragu akan harapan Najib.

    Itu pun perkara kedua juga, tetapi yang utamanya Abdullah sudah mengumumkan untuk berundur dan menepati kenyataannya sebelum ini untuk menyerahkan kuasa itu kepada timbalannya itu.

    Tidak dipastikan apakah tindakan Abdullah itu bijak atau tepat. Perkembangan seterusnya akan menentukan jawapannya, tetapi setakat ini Abdullah telah setuju dengan desakan supaya dia berhenti.

    Yang mahu sangat dia berhenti ialah Dr. Mahathir dan anak-anaknya. Hingga Dr. Mahathir terpaksa keluar Umno hinggalah Perdana Menteri itu berhenti. Dia menyatakan kemahuannya dan melakukan apa yang terdaya untuk menurunkannya.

    Orang yang tidak kurang kemahuannya dibandingkan dengan Dr. Mahathir ialah Datuk Najib dan isterinya sendiri tetapi tidak menyatakannya. Segala pengakuannya akan setia kepada ketuanya seperti langkah yang dikatakan dilakukan oleh ayahnya dulu dirasakan kata-kata manis saja.

    Ada pun pembangkang yang suka dia pergi cepat, lagi cepat lagi baik. Cuma dia pergi kalau pemergiannya itu digantikan oleh sesiapa dari kalangan pembangkang. Kalau gantinya bukan pembangkang, biarlah logiknya dia kekal di situ tidak kira betapa buruk sekali pun.

    Abdullah bagi pembangkang adalah dikira lemah dan tidak berwibawa saja, tetapi Najib dipercayai tidak lemah tetapi teruk yang tidak terhingga. Membuang Abdullah adalah membuat sseorang Perdana Menteri yang lemah bagi digantikan oleh seorang yang teruk yang tidak terhingga.

    Orang yang paling tidak seronok dengan perkembangan ini ialah Tun Musa Hitam yang amat mengharapkan suatu yang terbaik dari Abdullah dan Najib setelah sekian lama politik negara bermasalah di bawah Dr. Mahathir.

    Di bawah Abdullah diharapkannya akan benar-benar gemilang, cemerlang dan terbilang. Justeru itu beliau memberi banyak dan yang terbaik supaya pentadbiran Abdullah itu lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya atau paling tidak setanding dengan yang lalu.

    Tidak banyak yang dapat dibuat untuk mengekalkan Abdullah dan tidak diketahui akan harapannya dengan pengganti yang dinamakan Abdullah itu memandangkan segala yang melandanya setakat ini. Dia dipercayai lebih tahu tentang pengganti itu dari sekalian orang awam di negara ini.

    Tun Musa bukan penyokongnya tetapi beliau adalah orang yang sangat inginkan Abdullah berada di tempat itu setelah beliau terpaksa keluar dari politik. Beliau memberi apa saja Abdullah cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang. Adalah dipercayai beliau orang yang akan mempertahankan Abdullah dari disuruh pergi.

    Dr. Mahathir sudah menyuruhnya pergi sebelum pilihan raya ke-12 lagi. Tetapi rata-rata mempertahankannya sebagai Perdana Menteri dan Presiden Umno. Mati-mati yang bersuara itu mahu mempertahannya.

    Selepas pilihan raya suara yang mempertahannya sudah jarang-jarang. Najib antara yang sedikit masih berkata setia. Tidak diketahui sebenarnya kesetiaannya itu, kerana kata orang lidah tidak bertulang. Bila Abdullah menyatakan setuju untuk digantikan oleh Najib pada satu tarikh yang belum diberitahu dulu, Najib terus setia kepada berita baik baginya.

    Abdullah membuat kenyataan seperti itu selepas Najib secara berat berjumpa Dr. Mahathir. Najib berjumpa setelah banyak ditempelak oleh Dr. Mahathir.

    Tiada seorang pun yang bersuara mahukan Abdullah bertahan dulu. Kerana setia dengannya selama ini, maka cadangannya untuk digantikan oleh Najib itu mereka terima bulat-bulat.

    Mungkin meminta beliau jangan pergi dulu seperti tidak setia kepada kata-katanya.

    Sekarang dia memberi Jun 2010. Mengapa tempoh itu? Adakah apa-apa hikmat dengan tempoh itu? Adakah seperti datuknya, Haji Abdullah Fahim dulu, memberi 31 Ogos 1957 sebagai tarikh kemerdekaan? Mungkin ada tuahnya.

    Bila pengumumkan itu dibuatnya, tiada siapa dari sekian ramai orang Umno mengatakan ?jangan dulu.? Semuanya bersuara seperti eloklah, baiklah, satu kebijakanlah dan sebagainya.

    Tunku juga ada yang menyuruh pergi, tetapi ramai juga yang tidak mahu dia pergi. Ada yang mempertahankannya. Rata-rata setuju Tun Razak sebagai gantinya, tetapi ada mereka mahu Tunku kekal lagi. Tiada apa yang dapat mereka buat apabila Tunku mengumumkan di TV untuk pergi dan digantikan oleh Tun Razak.

    Tun Hussein Onn menamakan Dr. Mahathir ssebagai timbalannya. Ramai yang merasakan Tun Hussein tidak sepintar Tun Razak dan Tunku, tetapi ramai yang merasakan beliau tidak wajar digantikan oleh Dr. Mahathir. Kalau boleh biar dia dikekalkan dulu. Ada yang tidak seronok dia digantikan.

    Dr. Mahathir paling banyak tidak disenangi Umno. Tetapi bila dia mengumumkan untuk bersara, semua perwakilan Perhimpunan Umno menangis minta dia bertahan. Abdullah Badawi antara yang menentang pengumumannya itu. Tiada apa yang dapat dibuat untuk menghalangnya pergi.

    Apabila Abdullah mengumumkan untuk menyerahkan kuasa kepada Najib Jun 2010, semuanya setuju. Tiada langsung yang berkata, tunggulah dulu!

    Seoleh-oleh perginya itu seperti ditunggu.

    Ada perhimpunan berpuluh NGO mempertahannya. Tetapi mereka mempertahankan supaya kerajaan BN tidak digulingkan. Bukan mempertahankan beliau jangan pergi dulu.

    Seseorang itu tidak kekal di tempatnya, tetapi dengan memimpin OIC, NAM dan sekarang G8 pula, tiada yang berkata supaya dia dapat menggerakkan semua koridor pembangunan ekonomi yang diumumnya. Semua itu tidak menolongnya untuk kekal lama lagi dalam pemerintahan.- tajdid_

  17. Dear Mr. Anon says:

    Sabah native politicians are the worst and backward race in Malaysia if compared to the Iban from Sarawak.
    Saya rasa komen anda ini tidak adil serta memperkecil-kecilkan kaum KDMR. MP dari suku KDMR seperti Datuk Wilfred dan Datuk Eric dengan lantang menyuarakan ketidak puasan hati terhadap layanan kerajaan persekutuan terhadap negeri Sabah. Sementara itu MP dari Sarawak hanya diam macam tunggul. Poraaah lah lu. We demand you to appolozie to ou community. Show your real name if you dare..

    Sekarang sangat seronok (enjoyed) makan tahi pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO.

    KDM sekarang sangat-sangat tidak bermaruah.

    p/s: menyesal dilahirkan sebagai KDM.

    Sekarang sangat seronok (enjoyed) makan tahi pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO.

    KDM sekarang sangat-sangat tidak bermaruah.

    p/s: menyesal dilahirkan sebagai KDM.
    Saya tidak pernah menyesal dilahirkan sebagai KDMR, saya cuma sesal kerana kita ada pemimpin macam Joseph KURAP, Pai
    LIN, Makimus, Johnny Mositonton.

  20. Siapa ingin tahu di mana Johnny Mositun Simpan Gundik Dia?
    Tanya saya kerana saya tahu.

  21. 3 papan warior said...
    Dear Mr. Anon says:

    Sabah native politicians are the worst and backward race in Malaysia if compared to the Iban from Sarawak.
    Saya rasa komen anda ini tidak adil serta memperkecil-kecilkan kaum KDMR. MP dari suku KDMR seperti Datuk Wilfred dan Datuk Eric dengan lantang menyuarakan ketidak puasan hati terhadap layanan kerajaan persekutuan terhadap negeri Sabah. Sementara itu MP dari Sarawak hanya diam macam tunggul. Poraaah lah lu. We demand you to appolozie to ou community. Show your real name if you dare..
    I am talking about overall. At least Sarawak never face your future TUAN (illegal muslim immigrants) problem and the immigrasent still control by the state government.

    SHAME ON the native in Sabah especially the politician. Of course there are few KDM dare to speak up against your EVIL MASTER UMNO but majority are FUCKED UP! Look at PBS and PBRS but luckily only UPKO keep quiet! Face the reality instead of daylight dreaming! Please look at kundasang and Ranau, all your kampung folks have been converted to the evil because of GREED! Challenge me if I am wrong.

    Why I say KDM is the most backward race? How many businesses or shops in Sabah are owned your KDM? Sadly to tell you mostly are owned by the chinese, bugis, and Indian.

  22. Dr. Maximus Ongkili.... pemimpin PBS pengkhinat.....pentingkan diri sendiri, bongkak, tamak, rakus, mentang-mentang kau sudah ada jawatan di kerajaan BN Pusat...kau terus lupa daratan...lupa rakyat sabah yang sekarang macam nyawa-nyawa ikan kekurangan air, terpaksa mengharungi hidup dengan keluhan setiap hari, dengan kenaikan harga minyak dan juga barang-barang keperluan.....kau mana sedar kan ?

    kerana kau sekarang hidup mewah dengan jawatan dan peluang-peluang yang dijanjikan pada kau....asalkan kau sanggup jadi KERBAU ...ikut arahan pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan BN pusat.

    Dr. Max ....siapa kau yang mahu menyuruh SAPP keluar BN ?

    Sapa tidak kenal bah Dr. Max, masa jadi menteri Perpaduan & Integrasi Nasional.... semua pegawai di sabah di jabatan kau, kau arah buat program dikawasan kau saja... rakyat kudat dan kawasan lain kau limpas saja.....sehingga Rukun Tetangga kota kinabalu dibawah kementerian jagaan kau hidup segan mati tak mahu...kerana semua peruntukan Kementerian kau gunakan untuk kepentingan dikawasan kau supaya kau popular..... kau lah manusia hipokrit...berlagak jadi hero....tetapi disebalik ....nya mencari kesempatan untuk kepentingan sendiri.

    Dr. Maximus ...buat malu orang KDM saja..... inilah pemimpin PBS....yang berlagak jadi hero tetapi disebaliknya mengunakan rakyat sabah sebagai batu loncatan untuk mendapatkan jawatan di Kerajaan BN pusat.....

    Kau buta ke Dr. Maximus Ongkili.... buta kerana jawatan dan projek-projek yang berjuta-juta ke, kau tuli ke kerana telinga kau disumbat dengan kata-kata manis dan janji-janji lumayan dari pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan pusat?

    SAPP ...ada lah rakan seperjuangan dari satu negeri....yang telah mengadaikan dan mengorbankan diri mereka demi menyuarakan kepentingan dan hak rakyat sabah... harap semua pemimpin disabah ini seperti aur dengan tebing....senantiasa tolong menolong....tapi ternyata sekarang kita tahu siapa dia musoh-musoh dalam selimut.....yang hanya pandai cakap besar saja....

    Dr. Max pemimpin PBS ini....jangan pandai-pandai....mencari publisiti murahan.....dengan membuat kenyataan di akhbar dengan kata-kata yang tidak masuk akal dan membuat orang ramai meluat membaca...ketara sekali pemimpin yang tidak punya harga diri dan yang tidak berpendirian...dan tidak berhati perut langsung....terhadap bangsa dan rakyatnya sendiri....mentang-mentang sudah jadi menteri kerajaan BN pusat....

    Kami betul-betul sedih....atas tindakan pemimpin-pemimpin sabah...terutama sekali sikap Dr. Max -PBS, VK Liew - LDP yang sanggup menganianya rakan demi kepentingan sendiri....

    Selaku rakyat sabah....kami tidak rela melihat dan tidak akan membiarkan mana-mana saja pemimpin sabah yang telah bermati-matian berjuang dan mempertahankan hak sabah dikutuk dan dihina oleh orang-orang atau pemimpin hipokrit seperti Dr. Maximus atau VK Liew, biar hujan emas di negeri orang dan hujan batu di negeri sendiri, tapi satu hari kamu akan pulang juga ke sabah untuk....minta undi rakyat sabah....ingat itu....

  23. nilah pemimpin sabah hanya perjuangkan kepentingan diri..saya rasa dr max sudah selesa dgan jawatan tingginya sebagai menteri...sebagai anak pribumi sabah saya anggap diri saya sebagai warga negara class 4...miskin...kemudahan asas tak bagus ada yang tiada air tiada elektrik...jalan buruk..jambatan putus..keadaan sekolah macam kandang peralatan sekolah tak lengkap..anak kita ada yang kaki ayam p sekolah...sudah 50 tahun merdeka apa ada? keadaan sama tiada perancang yang ikhlas untuk maju kan sabah hanya pandai menggambil kekayaan hasil bumi kita...sabah!!!negeri yang termiskin!!!! sampai bila sampai bila???wahai pemimpin sabah???perjuangan apa untuk kaum KDM kita???orang filipine orang indon masuk sabah senang senang dapat ic...makin hari makin ramai..dulu kampung saya mana ada bajau suluk indon??tapi kini tak tau dari mana datang orang orang ni...mereka mereka ni macam tuan di tempat kami...kami ni KDM diorang anggap bodoh..mahu kah pemimipin KDM lihat anak pribumi ni jadi menoriti di bumi sendiri disabah??disabah mejoritih KDM tapi bukan di kalangan KAUM KDM jadi ketua menteri??disemenanjung kaum mejorih melayu..melayu jadi KM..ATAU MB..di sarawak orang iban..kita di sabah lemah bercepah.....sampai bila???sampai BILA???

  24. wahai dr max...adakah anda nampak sapp menperjuangkan ni..adalah untuk keburukan sabah?? apakah sebab kau tak sokong?jangan hanya pandai angkat kaki dan lancau orang saja...

  25. Well, ever wonder why since Tun Mustapha time, we have been on the decline ????

    You have your answer now... Sabahans selling out on Sabahans...

    When are we going to wake up ????

  26. Orang Sabah mesti bangun dan HALAU syaitan umno keluar dari Sabah. Saya percaya PENDATANG HARAM MUSLIM AKAN KURANG DAN TIDAK AKAN BERLAKU LAGI.

    Jika orang Sabah masih dibodoh-bodohkan oleh pemimpin kamu yang HYPOCRITE, hancuslah generasi2 kamu yang akan datang. KDM akan panggil MUSLIM PENDATANG HARAM sebagai TUAN. Kamu sanggup kah cucu-cicik kamu panggil PTI TUAN selaku ini TANAH AIR KITA ORANG SABAH?

    UMNO ialah punca MUSLIM PENDATANG HARAM bertambah di Sabah. Kenapa orang Sabah masih undi UMNO? Kenapa pemimpin kita masih jilat bandat UMNO? May Jesus do not lead them to TEMPTATION!

    May Jesus saves Sabah and cast the evil umno into the sea. Amen

  27. July 14, 2008 It takes a dog to speak to another dog! For this PBS and SAPP are like dog brothers or sisters. We are the same, that's fine. However, we are also different. SAPP maybe a female dog (Dr. Max called it bitch!) or an under-dog, bullied by Dr. Max all the time. Unlike PBS and Dr. Max, he is (or they are) a running dog!
    While I may have my own views on many things, for Dr. Max to use insulting words is unacceptable, especially now that he has his tail in between his legs.

    I remember he violently objected my proposal to introduce a border-pass (restricted passport)for foreign workers, a better way to trace foreign workers without them using Sabah as a spring board to other countries (as getting a full passport will allowed them so).

    Now that Dr. Max is a full Federal Cabinet Minister, I hope he can come out with something smart to handle this heartwrenching PTI issue!

    Tham Nyip Shen

  28. Anonymous said...
    July 14, 2008 5:03 PM

    Goh Cho Tong

  29. PBS ketua Datuk Pairin sendiri punya adik pun tidak ambil peduli, apatah lagi rakyat nya sendiri. Jika beliau masih ingat adiknya Jeffrey kena tangkap oleh ISA tanpa dibicara, beliau patut rasa BN/UMNO perlu di hukum kerana salah guna kuasa. Ini adalah masa yang paling sesuai untuk membalas dendam untuk membaiki maruah PBS.

    Datuk Pairin jangan mimpi lagi, kamu bukan hidup selama lamanya tetapi maruah kamu yang mengkhianati rakyat Sabah seperti Dusun, Kadazan dan lain lain akan diingati selama lamanya.

    Goh Cho Tong

    July 14, 2008 6:31 PM

    FYI, I am a PURE SABAHAN CHINESE. I am sick of our local native leader who are GREED and easily TEMPTATED by the EVIL.

    When I look at our native future compared to Sarawak native, they are much better than the KDM. KDM is going to become minority in Sabah soon or already and THIS IS A FACT!

    PBS in control for past 10 years and done nothing much to uplift the standard of living to the native especially education. Not need to talk about the public transport system and basic infrastructure in KDM kampungs. What PBS did is to recuit more KDM in the state government. Itu saja!!!! After collapsed of the PBS government, everything goes back to square!

    The KDM leader really need to BUCK-UP if not you generations will be in darkness.

    As I mentioned many times, the root cause of ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS problems are from the EVIL UMNO. They are here to champion the BANGSAT and RELIGION. They are the syaitan for Sabahans and we need to stand firm and believe in HIM to cast this SYAITAN out from Sabah.

    Let our prayer be heard by Almighty Jesus!

  31. santangkui said ...
    manyak susah lah ini loktor maksifoot lia itu sudah kila punya kalau tidak mana boleh marah itu sapp lia orang lawan untuk kita orang sabah ma kanapa lia itu kulang ajar punya orang ini.

  32. Dr Maxisiifoot (tiau sifoot).
    Sudah berapa penggal kau jadi wakil rakyat tandik? sekolah di kampung solimpodon, talantang dan kawasan ulu di tandik pun tak boleh kau bangunkan. Dimana peruntukan itu semua? masuk poket ka? atau takut minta peruntukan kerana takut kena marah AAB? Buanglah doktrin kau itu tiada guna guna pun. ontolow masuk dalam ka?

  33. Good luck KDM. Make your mind up. You don't have the advantages as you used to be. You should capitalise any opportunity to fight back and regain some reasonable power and respects. A new and transformed KDM is needed; do some soul-searching and find out what your failures were, and hit back with brains. Join whoever so long as not part of BN. Are you ready to govern if opportunity knocks? Please do something to save Yong Teck Lee from the crucification although he might be dying for one. The crucification would make it more of proof of ones sincerity and conviction to the cause. Any one from the KDM aiming to be crucified by BN?

  34. selain KDMR, kami Cina should join the fight too, KDMRC now is more powerful!!

    jia you!!

  35. taiko
    peminpin seperti ini patutnya di hukum kerana sanggup mengadai nasib rakyat negeri sabah demi kekayaan kemewaan kesenangan diri saya merasa sedih malu kerana saya juga berasar setempat seagama dengan syahitan ini. "APALAH GUNA KAU HIDUP MEWA RAKYAT MERANA"sedih.......................sekali lah .

  36. jojo
    Betul taiko marilah kita berdoa bersama supaya tuhan yang maha kuasa ini akan menhukumkan syahitan ini.doa lah...................................supaya syahitan ini hilang dalam bumi yang suci ini maka nasib rakyat sabah barulah dapat di selamatkan .

  37. All along I never have any good feelings about Dr max. He is just another tool. Just look into his face and u can feel! heartless moron!

    To all marudu voters, your only duty is to vote him out totally! Think properly, has he help you people there for all these years???

    Think again!

  38. Dear All Kadazans, Dusuns, Muruts, Chinese, Indians, Pri-Bumi of Sabah Origins and small tribes,

    SAPP is real fighter lawan tetap lawan for "Sabah for Sabahan" today. Now PBS, LDP and PBRS are three Stooges forgot about the Sabah for Sabahan but are fighting for "BN Sabah for BN Federal Cronies " only.

    BN/UMNO Federal leaders will be the first to ignore tangisan Sabahans issues and problems. Those leaders from PBS/LDP/PBRS will be the first to fly away (migrate) from Sabah with their Billions"LOOTs" full to safe heavan countries.

    MARK THE ABOVE STATEMENTS said all Brothers and Sisters of Sabah.

    ( We read, listen, see and write without Fear and Favour in GOD, we Trust.)

    from Ripley CSI Malaysia

  39. Dr.max, you are nothing but similiar to a bunch of bananas, green when you starts off, turn yellow very quickly and can't find a straight one in all of them.

    I am amazed of his outrage for calling SAPP 'a bitch' as if he is objection to the sabahans'cries for the federal govt. to address the illegal issues, asking for fair and equitable share in our oil revenue, sabahans' rights to choose their chief minister and equitable share in allocations to address the hardcore poor in the interior (marudu is one of the poorest district in Sabah where Dr. Max is the MP. I am ashamed that people like you are selected to represent Sabah in the federal govt. Come next election, we will spit on your face.

  40. Hero Tambunan Pairin & Dr Max sudah tewas!!! belalai dalam seluar sudah di pegang oleh UMNO/BN. Bagus pigi join minim lihing/tapai lah, kerana sajuk bah itu sunsuron.
    Bikin malu saja sama orang Dusun. Kalau saya kana hina hina macam ini bagus saya minum goromoxon ooooh. Kerana malu sangat sangat, di mana taru muka. Sialan punya pemimpin. Makan taie datuk yong dan taie Datuk erik lah!!!!

  41. A prior poster said:
    When I look at our native future compared to Sarawak native, they are much better than the KDM. KDM is going to become minority in Sabah soon or already and THIS IS A FACT!
    KDM is already in the minority. Their population now is only some 21% if counting the illegals. Not counting the illegals, KDM is 28%. This is down from sme 40% in 1960.

    The political power of the KDM is correspondingly weak. UMNO has 13 MPs accounting for 52% while KDM including UPKO-4, PBS-3, and PBRS-1 comes to only 8 or only 32%.

    So the KDM peoples are being weakened and diminished. And with the Chinese being racially cleansed out of Sabah, the KDM will become even more marginalized because the Chinese are being replaced with Indonesians and Filipinos. In time KDM will have only 10% or less. Then they will become foreigners in their own homeland with a hostile alien race who will dominate them with ketuanan Melayu or Malay supremacy and ketuanan Islam or Islamic supremacy. Then the KDM will not only lose their land and their jobs but also their religion. At least in Singapore the Chinese treat everybody equally without marginalization while giving evrybody a high income which allow them to have cars and houses not to mention wide screen HD TVs and HD recorders.

    If KDM want to have a good future they must support the Chinese to form a Pan-Borneo Alliance.

  42. The issue of our local native leader are simply incompetence and no dignity for their own race because of GREED! They can sell everything to their EVIL MASTER UMNO because of TEMPTATION!

    Their generations will be in the DARKNESS and will address the ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANT as TUAN. This is the EVIL MASTER UMNO agenda.

    Semua cina tahu tapi native Sabah macam masih BLUR dengan agenda syaitan umno ini di Sabah. Itulah leader mereka masih jilat bandat itu EVIL MASTER UMNO dan sanggup jual bangsa dan maruah mereka

  43. I must speak up for Dr, Max, He didn't mean "P Bitch" but "P Itch" when he called SAPP. But since Max has been playing with so many Bitches, he got mixed up bah! On behalf of Max and all his Bitches, I apologize to SAPP and the people of Sabah. From yours truly - Max's leading bitch, Dr. Bitch.

  44. Semua sudah terlambat, KDM sudah tiada kuasa di Sabah. Semua KDM seperti Pairin, Dr Max etc pergi sunat masuk Islam dan sokong UMNO. 'Thumbs up' kepada KDM di Sabah.

  45. KDM peoples want to have cars and houses and big HD TVs and many other goods things. They tried to do this by cooperating with UMNO to kick out Chinese and fill the state government with KDM people. But as the Chinese leave Sabah, the economy stagnates and the KDM people have nothing except their government jobs. As time goes on and the oil depletes in Sabah there will be no federal government "subsidies" to the Sabah state government. Then the number of jobs in sthe state government would decrease. Meanwhile the Malays, the Indonesians, and the Filipinos enter the state government and push out the KDM from the state government jobs. In the end the KDM have no businesses, no government jobs, and will be abjectly poor. And there will be no cars, no houses, no HD TVs, etc. for the KDM peoples.

    The only hope for the KDM people is to cooperate with the Chinese to form the Pan-Borneo Alliance that will give the Sabah and Sarawak politicians the power to influence the national policies of Malaysia to clean up the problems of Sabah such as eliminating the illegal immigrants while encouraging more Chinese to immigrate into Sabah to stimulate the economy. Also to get more share of the oil money that rightfully belongs to Sabah. Only by going in such directions can the KDM ensure themselves a fair share of the Sabah economy while the economy of Sabah become bigger due to the economic entrepreneurial skills of the Chinese.

    In the final analysis, the KDM must unite with the Chinese and support the increase of the Chinese population in Sabah. Therein lies the safety of the KDM from the expanding Muslims. Also the Chinese are the only ones who can expand the economy thus providing high paying jobs for the KDM peoples and make them rich enough to buy cars, houses, HD TVs, etc.

  46. In another 20 years, the oil will be depleted. In the meanwhile millions of Muslims from Indonesia and the Philippines will come into Sabah. But the number of Chnese will dwindle down to just 2% or 3% and without the Chinese the economy of Sabah will collapse. This will turn Sabah into something like the Philippines where the official unemployment rate is some 8% to 12% but the real unemployment rate is some 30% or more. People will turn to crimes. Sabah will become a living hell. Then the Chinese who had emigrated out of Sabah would laugh at the miserable Sabahans for pushing them out. They will say that the Sabahans deserve to be so miserable for racially cleansing them out of Sabah, so now they must suffer the consequences of their racist crimes.

    Therefore, to avoid the collapse of the Sabah economy and make Sabah a good place for all races to live in, the following policies must be implemented:

    1. stop the entry of illegal immigrants by kicking out all those without valid permits; those who claim to be stateless will be put in internment camps to do hard labor such as clearing jungle for the rest of their lives;

    2. allow the planters to hire cheap labor who are well documented and issued temporary work passes;

    3. encourage the Chinese to stay by issuing citizenship to those who are not citizens but are currently in Sabah and who have jobs and/or investments;

    4. encourage those Chinese who are not currently living in Sabah but have substantial investments to return to Sabah to expand the economy by giving them citizenship;

    5. demand at least 20% of the oil money;

    6. abolish all race based requirements for jobs and businesses as well as jobs within the state and local governments;

    7. increase foreign investments by sending out state committees to China, Singapore, HK, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, America, EU, etc. to promote more foreign direct investments to increase more jobs.

    Only by such positive policies will Sabah become a dynamic place that will provide abundant jobs to its peoples while maintaining a safe and secure society for the people to live and enjoy their lives.


    PKR melahirkan kekecewaan berhubung perubahan saat-saat akhir program debat isu kenaikan harga minyak antara penasihatnya Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dengan menteri penerangan Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek malam ini.

    Debat yang asalnya dijadual sepanjang 90 minit kini dikurangkan kepada sejam, termasuk lapan minit iklan, kata ketua penerangannya Tian Chua.

    Beliau juga kecewa dengan keputusan menukar saluran televisyen kepada TV9, asalnya TV3, yang belum mempunyai liputan menyeluruh.

    Bernama TV dan Astro Awani akan turut menyiarkan siaran langsung debat "Hari ini membentuk kerajaan, esok turun harga minyak" mulai jam 9 malam ini.

    "Apa yang mengecewakan lagi ialah, disebabkan oleh pertukaran stesen penyiaran dari stesen kerajaan kepada stesen swasta, masa penyiaran telah dikurangkan dari satu jam setengah kepada 52 minit ditambah dengan 8 minit iklan," kata Tian dalam satu kenyataan.

    "Pertukaran stesen penyiaran dan pengurangan masa siaran jelas adalah untuk menyekat orang awam daripada mengikuti perdebatan yang jarang ini bagi mendengar penjelasan Anwar Ibrahim berhubung dengan isu harga minyak.

    "Tindakan ini timbul tidak lain daripada rasa takut BN untuk berhadapan dengan Anwar dalam isu yang menjadi perhatian semua rakyat."

    Bagaimanapun, tambahnya, Anwar akan tetap menghadiri program debat tersebut yang dianjurkan oleh

  48. Dr. Max is now show his real colour by searving his Federal Master , COW TOW to Federal leaders like cim tangan, yes Tuan , yes Boss , yes Man

    Dr. Max as a Running Dog with its tail always between its legs even obey his Federal Master & to condemn his Sabahans fellow a BITCH .

    We are very sad that KDM has produced such a leader & I am truly sure if KDM former leader Peter Mojuntin were still alive , he will be the first to spit on Dr. Max cos u have brought Shame to KDM people .

    We believe in politic we serve only our people , not Federal Leaders or UMNO .

    Dr. Max live too long in KL city life . He forgot his rural people in Kota Marudu still in poverty .
    No proper roads to all villages . Children got to walk miles to reach the school......rural folks may have only one meal a day ...

    Just because he lives being in KL too long , now he talks like KL , bark like KL , think like KL , he walks like KL . He totally forgot about Where Is SABAH & who is Sabahan ??/Who is KDM ??

    Dr. Max , pls be reminded where ido u come from ? where is your ancestor ? You should talk like Sabahan, save your people , talk like Sabahan , behave like Sabahan , Why u are now in the side of Federal only ?

    Sabah under KL UMNO for the last decade , Dr. Max pls tell me what KL UMNO helps Sabah ?
    UMNO bringing more illegals into Sabah . More than KDM , do u know that ?

  49. PBS will now go down in History among the legions of shameless scums.PBS has finally unveiled the demon behind it's face beyond repair.

    SAPP,you have proven your sincerity towards the people of Sabah,Pakatan Rakyat awaits you.


  50. Anonymous said...
    Semua sudah terlambat, KDM sudah tiada kuasa di Sabah. Semua KDM seperti Pairin, Dr Max etc pergi sunat masuk Islam dan sokong UMNO. 'Thumbs up' kepada KDM di Sabah.

    Ngam lah itu...kalau pairin & Dogkotor Max makan chasau/saw nyuk badan dia berkurap dan gatal gatal sampai ke tulang.


  52. عزيزي pairin & maximus ،.. قبل ان تلقى ادانة من
    سىء للمجتمع kdm لكم افضل اثنين من القيام بشيء ما.يجب عليك ان تفتح فمك عن الوضع الحالي للبلد. لا اعتقد
    ان من جيبك فقط. من اللعن

  53. " PBS denies trying to cause a split in SAPP " said PBS chief Information officer Johnny Mositun .
    First of all PBS cannot wait officially announcement by PM or Najib to expel SAPP , so its information chief very smartly & quickly woo ( Running Dog chasing after bitch ) SAPP Datuk Raymond Tan to apply to join PBS when exactlly Datuk Raymond had made a statement early that even to the extend of SAPP be no more in BN , he will stand by it to be in SAPP as Deputy President .

    PBS Johnny Mositun went even further saying that by asking Raymong Tan to join PBS , that is not the same as asking Raymond Tan to abandon SAPP ? ( DE 16/07/08 )

    What is wrong with Johnny Mositun ?He must hav suggestted to Ramond that he can join PBS but no need to leave SAPP ??

    Johnny Mositun said " Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee is behaving as if SAPP is already out of the BN when it is not "

    Come on , Johnny ,
    if UMNO Tengku Razaleh to challenge and ask PM to resign , do u dare to marah Tengku ?

    If UMNO - son of Tun Mahathir also asking PM to step down , do u dare to condemn him ?

    Johnny , U only know how to bully & choose to marh Sabahans sahaja .
    but when u meet KL / Federal leaders , u tend to kiss their tangans , Kow Tou to them , Shame on u lah . How come Sabah has produced such a " SON " like u ???

    No wonder Federal/ KL is very smart , they have divided us very successfully , Brothers against Brothers , Susters against Sisters , Sabahans against Sabahans ,

    UMNO has divided Sabah & rule Sabah .
    Do u realise it ?
    Wake up Sabahans , we need to unite once again .
    Let us gain back the Spirit of Borneo .

    It is Borneo
    Land Below The Wind
    Land belongs to Sabahans ,
    Not the UMNO
    Not the illegals

    It belongs to people of BORNEO .

  54. Dear Pairin, Dr Max, Dr. Yee with their LDP/PBRs Cronies of Federal UMNO leaders,

    Do not take us, the true-blooded Sabahans for a ride. We are not asleep as you running dogs might have thought we are.

    Come the next elections, the people of Sabah will and make you lose your deposits.





  55. Once again it's all pointless now, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut etc already irrelevant in Sabah. What relevant now that UMNO Sabah getting stronger and spreading quickly to every district in Sabah. So it's already game over for KDM ppl unless they're all united again and form one party or join opposition. Otherwise, becoming next Sabah CM only a dream for KDM ppl. Then again, maybe PM will be generous enough to appoint KDM to become next Sabah CM? I doubt that with the current situation.

  56. 15, 2008 at 8:46 PM

    watch ONLINE debat anwar dengan shabery cheek !!!!!!!!!!! fast !!!

  57. What do you expect from an Umno-trained dog. Such unparlimentary language from a castrated dog. At least SAPP is "bitching" whats right for Sabahan.

  58. What a debate! Anwar has obviously the winner.
    BN's representative, Dtk Shaberry Cheek, just don't understand that the poor peoples need subsidy to live through the fuel price hike as fast as the government can deliver; and worst, he doesn't know the relationship between the price of oil and inflation. He also failed to understand that the poor people must be helped immediately than the riches. The riches can wait a little bit longer. Do you all remember the little boy in Penampang killed himself because of slowness or helpless action from the welfare department last year? BN leaders must get down to the grassroots and experience for themselves the hardship peoples suffering from. No wonder the BN’s performance doesn’t seem to have any improvement so far.

  59. Breaking news...the Sabah Wildlife Department yesterday announced that Sabah has discovered a new species of dog called "Maksimus KL familiaris".

    This new species of dog, the first-of-its kind in the world was discovered in the smelly out house of a farmer in the district of Kota Marudu.

    Among the unique features of Maksimus include its tail always in between its rear legs, especially when it runs, and with plenty of foam in its mouth and constantly laughing like a hyena.

    According to Joni Mositaun, the farmer who found Maksimus, it also has an exceptional appetite for human faeces thus, its mouth always full of shit.

    And because of this, no bitch would go near it, not even its own kind.

    This has somehow caused deep concern to the Department concerned that this newly discovered species may become extinct once Maksimus died.

    The Department's spokesman, Ah Tam Cai said the department might seek the help of the state veterinary department to find ways to help Maksimus to find suitable bitch to mate, so as to prevent it from become extinct.

    "We will do whatever we can to prevent Maksimus from becoming extinct, as it is indeed a very rare species of canine. In the meantime, we will try to convince the State government to use Maksimus to promote the district of Kota Marudu," said Tam Cai.

    Meanwhile, he also thanked Mositaun for handing over Maksimus to the department.

  60. Momus..

    Hahah...well done mate's! funny like hell.

  61. Hello , MOMUS ,

    I fully agree with u .

    In order not to let the rare species of canine- " Marksifoot" become extinct , let us find him a " ill li girl " to match them up .

    What say u ?

  62. Hi , MK

    Thats correct
    , if u allow me to choose ,
    I still prefer the
    " Inn Dun girl " rather than the
    " ill Li girl "

  63. Anwar-Chik debate: Chik eaten alive.

  64. fohyang wrote:
    PBS Johnny Mositun went even further saying that by asking Raymong Tan to join PBS , that is not the same as asking Raymond Tan to abandon SAPP ? ( DE 16/07/08 )

    What is wrong with Johnny Mositun ?He must hav suggestted to Ramond that he can join PBS but no need to leave SAPP ??

    Tan can leave SAPP without joining PBS, but he cannot join PBS without leaving SAPP. I guess this guy Mositun has a few cylinders missing. No cognitive ability at all.

  65. An anonymous poster wrote:
    and worst, he doesn't know the relationship between the price of oil and inflation. He also failed to understand that the poor people must be helped immediately than the riches.

    In the short term the poor must be helped. But over the long term the goverment cannot go on "helping" the poor people if the number of poor people keep increasing. The fundamental solution is to expand the economy so that almost all the people can have high paying jobs. Then the government can tax a reasonable amount of the rich people's incomes to help a small number of the people who are unemployed and poor.

    We must remember that the government cannot produce any goods and services by itself. It can print money but that will only increase inflation. Therefore, whatever it gives to the poor it must take from the rich. And if the government took too much from the rich, then the rich will become poor. Then there is nobody to pay taxes and no help can be given to the poor.

    This is the reason why NEP has failed because it marginalized the Chinese and made them poor. And as the Chinese became poorer they cannot pay as much tax. And so the revenue decreases and there is not enough money to help the poor. Malaysia is lucky up to now to have so much oil. But as the oil dries up, there will be no more oil money to spread around. And the poor will have no more help from the government.

    Unfortunately, the UMNO government will probably respond as it always has by blaming the Chinese for "stealing" the wealth of the Malays and marginalize the Chinese even more. In the end, the Chinese would leave or stay in Malaysia and become poor themselves. And so the Malaysian economy would collapse and everybody will turn into thief and robber.

  66. momus wrote:
    The Department's spokesman, Ah Tam Cai said the department might seek the help of the state veterinary department to find ways to help Maksimus to find suitable bitch to mate, so as to prevent it from become extinct.

    I suppose its semen could be taken and then artificially inseminated into a bitch of its own kind. But, it may be too late because there are no such bitches left in the world. But I heard that it is closely related to Canis KL Umnois and the two can be mutually fertile. But nobody knows for sure what kind of bastard can come out of this cross-insemination. Maybe some kind of monster that the world is not prepared to see. Maybe, after all due consideration, it is better to let this strange creature go extinct.

  67. Live Debate! Anwar the Better Man!

    After watching the debate "Hari ini membentuk kerajaan, esok turun harga minyak" Information Minister Shabery Cheek is totally the WRONG PERSON for this position.

    1) Shabery compared Malaysia to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, yet he mentions that please don’t compare Malaysia to those countries.

    2) He said that we are not even the top 20 oil producing countries, yet he mentions that we are one of the top oil producers.

    Why is he saying things which is contradicting with his own words. Where are all the facts and figure? We are debating on "fuel price hike" and it is not a LIVE BASHING session. Shabery only know how to attack Anwar Ibrahim personally from the start and at the beginning of his speech and at the ending of his speech and in the middle of his speach, he is totally off topic...


    All I can say is that

    Shabery just Humiliated himself on national TV...

    Let’s just look at Anwar, he did not even mention anything bad about Shabery. He answered according to the question asked and gave actual facts, figures and suggestion. Most of all, he carries himself as a professional and even went up to Shabery to shake his hands.

    We all saw the live debate and we all know who is the better man…


    Itulah gambaran awal yang dapat saya simpulkan berhubung perdebatan antara Shabery dan Anwar sebentar tadi. Seperti dijangka, Shabery akan mempergunakan pentas debat tersebut untuk menyerang peribadi Anwar. Isu IMF, IPP, hubungan Anwar – Mahathir dan sejarah silam Anwar yang 30 tahun dahulu pun menjadi bahan dan tumpuan isi hujah Shabery Cheek.

    Anwar ternyata tidak terpengaruh dengan taktik Shabery. Sebaliknya Anwar berjaya menjelaskan kepada audien tentang ‘tindakan awal’ yang akan diambil olehnya untuk menurunkan harga minyak daripada RM 2.70/liter ke RM 2.20/liter. Tindakan awalnya itu turut disokong dengan angka dan juga kaedah yang akan digunapakai.

    Manakala Shabery pula dilihat hanya mengulangi fakta dan alasan yang selalu digunakan oleh pihak kerajaan sebelum ini untuk mempertahankan keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh pihak kerajaan. Misalnya, faktor kenaikan harga minyak mentah dunia dan juga jumlah subsidi yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh pihak kerajaan. Alasan sebegitu sudahpun dipersoalkan oleh rakyat sebelum ini. Shabery sepatutnya memberikan alasan baru yang lebih kukuh dan malangnya, itu tidak dapat dibuat oleh Shabery.

    Oleh kerana waktu perdebatan itu hanya 50 minit sahaja, memang sukar untuk kedua-dua pihak menjelaskan semua isu yang berkaitan dengan tajuk perdebatan sebentar tadi iaitu “hari ini memerintah, esok turun harga minyak”. Apapun, audien yang menonton perdebatan tadi tentunya sudah dapat mengetahui kaedah yang akan digunapakai oleh Anwar untuk menurunkan harga minyak di negara ini.


    To Be Continue....

  70. Tong san zai said...

    It is incredible that these Malays are still being so racist in the 21st century. Even in America a black man is having a good chance to become the presindent. But in Malaysia it seems time has stood still for 45 years and the Malays are still having their collective head stuck up their ass and still thinking that they could terrorize the Chinese with threats of massacre.

    In 1963 China and Singapore were weak. Today China is a world class military power and Singapore has a much more efficient military than Malaysia. Singapore alone could wipe out Malaysia's airforce and navy in a few hours. And then Singapore needs only to call up its hundreds of thousands of active reserves and march up the Malay peninsula to accept the surrender of the Malay regiments. ("More than 350,000 men serve as operationally-ready servicemen assigned to reservist combat units, and another 72,500 men form the full-time national service and regular corps." from Wikipidia - Singapore + Military)

    Below is an article about Singapore's third generation air force:

    "Advanced technology continues to be the SAF's asymmetric advantage becase it exploits Singapore's highly-educated population and sophisticated science and technology base.

    "Today, more than 47% of MINDEF/SAF personnel already hold tertiary qualifications, a proportion that will rise further in the future as education levels in the new recruits continue to improve. Such high levels of education permit the SAF to operate and maintain highly sophisticated weapon systems in areas such as unmanned vehicles, precision strike and network-centric warfare.

    "At the same time, the SAF has also built up strategic R&D capabilities within the DSO National Laboratories and the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA), as well as nurtured strong relationships with local and foreign defence industries. This constellation of defence technology partners has delivered to the SAF world-class systems in selected niche areas such as infantry weaponry, artillery systems, and guided weapons.

    "Looking ahead into the future, the 3rd Generation SAF will focus on the three core capabilities of precision strike, unmanned warfare and IKC2 (integrated knowledge-based command and control). Precision weaponry will ensure the delivery of lethal and accurate firepower where it matters most, while unmanned systems will increasingly undertake more and more sophisticated roles. Finally, IKC2 technologies will enable the SAF to fight as an integrated whole, so as to multiply the effectiveness of each individual and weapon system.
    Singapore has participated in the development of JSF or Joint Strike Fighter of the US which is currently the most advanced fighter in the world:

    "In February 2003, Singapore joined the JSF program's System Design and Development (SDD) Phase, as a Security Co-operation Participant (SCP)."

    It is possible that Singapore will replace its F-16s with F-35s. Each F-35 costs some US$80 million to US$100 million each. Since Singapore's military spending is about 5% of its GDP, and its GDP is some US$170 billion, its military spending in some US$8.5 billion. If Singapore spend 20% of its military budget for procurement of new weapons, then it could some 20 F-35s every year. In 5 years it could have 100 F-35s to wipe out Malaysia's air force even faster.

    Furthermore, Malaysian fighter pilots are mostly unqualified or underqualified being allowed in on the basis of their family connections and not their abilities. On the other hand, the Singapore air force personnel are 47% or more with college degrees. I don't think Malaysian air force has such a high percentage of college graduates. Therefore, the Singapore air force is much more potent and lethal than the Malaysian airforce and can expect to destroy it within half an hour of the start of a war.

    The bottom line is Malay arrogance and bloodthirstiness is baseless today because it's ultimate base of power is the Malay regiments. But since the Malay military can be defeated by Singpore military alone as well as a joint peacekeeping force by China and the US, there is simply no credibility in the Malay's threat that they can slaughter the Chinese. Therefore, all the threats by the Malays are just so much idiotic rantings of some morons who are too stupid to understand that the world has changed in the last 45 years and still acting like they are back in the 1960's. It is time for these morons to wake up or be taught a very painful lesson.

  71. This is funny when malay claimed they are who really belongs to malaysia...when we all know malay were actually from INDONESIA.

    and read back malay history, if werent WE CHINESE who protected them from SIAM, all our lovely malay brother now are SPEaking SIAM and being BUDDISH!!!!

  72. ......apa macam kalau kita bikin kumpulan guerilla?

    ...kita minta autonomi Sabah dikembalikan secara berdiplomasi dan mengikut lunas undang-undang pun tak dilayan.

    ...lebih baik kita "main kasar sikit-sikit" style Colombia...mungkin barulah KL buka mata!

    ...apa susah....di Sabah banyak bakakuk canggih sudah kini....BATULL BAHH!

    ...hehehehe....aku serius ni!

    Nur Misuari

  73. 吉隆坡十五日讯)巫统最高理事拿督斯里沙菲益阿达今天宣布将在12月的巫统党选竞选副主席职位,希望能将沙巴人民的心声有效带到巫统最高决策层。

    >>Are you sure, YB for your sabahan & Sabah you ask? May be for himself only!
    Your experience too good untill sabahan have to face high and expensive price increase in everything.
    It was told by many still enjoy "roti canai" elsewhere at $1.00 and kopi-o at $1.00 but here we pay almost $1.50 for these!
    Please never fool many because of your gain and do more for Sabah overall.
    You cannot behave like those who never think for Sabah as UMNO from here Sabah so be different! Show us like YB Gapur you are among real sabahan from Sabah.

  74. Dr Max, look at yourself. Have u accomplished anything besides being the KL dog?

  75. I am Penangite, we are so proud to defeat the UMNO and his dogs. How about u Sarawakian and Sabahan? Where is ur warriors? But i saw a good dog, names Dr. Max, ha......

  76. Jikalau parti parti politik kita di sabah di ibaratkan anjing, maka SAPP ada lah anjing yang berani dan yang pandai menyalak, manakala PBS, PBRS dan LDP adalah anjing bisu yang tahu mengampu saja...

    Wahai kawan-kawan sekalian, mana yang kamu mahu?? Anjing yang tahu menjaga rumah dan akan menyalak jikalau ada yang datang menggangu atau anjing yang bisu yang sentiasa mengoyang-goyang kan ekornya dan asyik tidur dalam rumah saja...??

    wat bitch? u sun of the beach! "tie ta soo". kdm pls wake up! we dun this kind of leader in kdm.

  78. Kota Marudu, the most backward place in the whole of Malaysia. Don't you Dr max feel ashamed?

    As to me, better you go and commit suicide, you are better dead than alive!

  79. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.