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SAPP MPs support no-confidence motion

Kota Kinabalu (11 July 2008): SAPP's members of parliament Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun (Sepanggar) and Datuk Dr. Chua Soon Bui (Tawau) will support the motion of no confidence on the Leadership of Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi proposed by Pakatan Rakyat.



    Kota Kinabalu (11 July 2008):
    1. SAPP's members of parliament Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun (Sepanggar) and Datuk Dr. Chua Soon Bui (Tawau) will support the motion of no confidence on the Leadership of Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi proposed by Pakatan Rakyat.

    2. The support is in line with SAPP's announcement on June 18 to move such a motion.

    This expression of support reiterates SAPP's loss of confidence in the Prime Minister and the need for urgent government measures to address issues on Sabah rights and current concerns (fuel and food prices hike) plaguing the state.

    SAPP President had last week said that the party was putting on hold its intention to move the no confidence motion on grounds of inflammatory and threatening statements from some government leaders. The statements included veiled threats of bloodshed uttered in parliament by Kota Belud MP.

    The prospect that two non-Malay MPs from SAPP was going to bring a Malay Prime Minister into disrepute was an excuse by those who uttered racist threats.

    Now that a motion of no confidence is being proposed by a Malay MP (Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah), the race factor is eased.


    by: Raja Petra Kamarudin

    I said in an earlier article in this same column that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should be out of office by Christmas. And his successor, I predicted, could either be Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, aspirant Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, or opposition head honcho Anwar Ibrahim. I have also always said that seven days is a long time in politics. What more seven months. And the fact that political fortunes change, subject to both internal as well as external factors beyond your control, means that the situation is always very fluid indeed.

    Soon after the 12th General Election of 8 March 2008, the pressure mounted, not only for Abdullah to resign, but also for him to confirm his exit plan with details such as his resignation date and the name of his successor. The pressure, in fact, started in mid-2006 when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad first launched his salvo against Abdullah at a dialogue session in Kelab Century Paradise jointly-organised by Malaysia Today and a couple of NGOs. For almost two years Mahathir continued his attacks on Abdullah, interrupted in between by a couple of heart attacks and a heart operation.

    Abdullah was up against two fronts -- internally from the Najib and Tengku Razaleigh forces and externally from Pakatan Rakyat led by Anwar Ibrahim. Of course, Pakatan Rakyat did not really pose that much a threat until after the general election when it managed to grab five states and 82 Parliament seats -- which resulted, for the first time, in Barisan Nasional losing its two-thirds majority in Parliament. It did happen once before, of course. But, then, it was the Alliance Party of Umno, MCA and MIC that lost its two-thirds majority -- but they managed to regain their majority when Barisan Nasional was formed and all the opposition parties except DAP joined the new coalition (although PAS left the coalition almost three years later and has remained in the opposition ever since).

    There is another internal force, a fifth column, which is headed by Muhyiddin Yassin. But Muhyiddin has been very cautious in not openly siding with any of the three factions of Abdullah, Najib and Tengku Razaleigh. He is very cleverly building up his support base, which can later swing to any of the three factions depending on who has the best chance of winning. In that sense, Muhyiddin can play the role of kingmaker if he so wishes and in the event he feels he can never make it on his own unless he joins forces with Abdullah, Najib or Tengku Razaleigh.

    Muhyiddin is no direct threat. He will only become a threat if he manages to build up enough support and then throws this support behind one of the three contenders. And that contender will most certainly be the candidate who has the best chance of winning. But then, who is it the contender that has the best chance of winning? That is something that is very fluid and keeps changing week to week.

    By mid-June 2008, it appeared like Najib and Anwar were the two hot favourites. When Najib visited the Umno divisions, the grass-root members cheered him and ‘proclaimed’ him the new Umno President cum Prime Minister. This even happened in Abdullah’s own division. And Muhyiddin, who was there by his side, was cheered as the new Umno Deputy President -- although he feigned ‘shyness’ in typical Malay fashion. It looked like Najib was set to become the new Umno President with Muhyiddin as his running mate, which means they will be Malaysia ’s new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively.

    But then this will only happen if Anwar does not pull a coup. Anwar had boldly proclaimed many times that he will form the new federal government by Malaysia Day, 16 September 2008, and that at least 30 Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament are waiting in the wings and ready to cross over. The race was on. Either Najib pushes Abdullah out before 16 September or else he will be pushing Abdullah out just to become the opposition leader in Parliament and not the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    It was now either Najib or Anwar. And there was also Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin to contend with, though not as potent as Najib and Anwar. Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin are not too serious a problem, though problems nevertheless. It was Najib and Anwar who have to be dealt with, and dealt with before the Umno branch elections start this month and the division elections in August.

    Suddenly, Najib and Anwar are facing controversy -- Najib with his Altantuya murder controversy and Anwar in a new sodomy allegation. Now Najib and Anwar have their hands full. They are busy clearing their names and have no time to worry about taking over the Prime Ministership. The issue is no longer which of the two can become the next Prime Minister but whether they can even stay out of jail. That is a more pressing problem. The job of Prime Minister will have to wait.

    Saiful, the man who alleged that Anwar had sodomised him met Najib just before he lodged that police report against Anwar. At first Najib denied meeting the young man. Then, later, he admits that he did meet the chap after all, but only to discuss the young man’s career and future and to help him obtain a scholarship.

    The earlier denial followed by the later admission does not augur well for Najib. The fact that a very busy Deputy Prime Minister has all the time in the world to meet a school dropout so that he can act as the latter’s career guidance counsellor is also a story many find hard to buy. Events and statements point to the fact that Najib is behind this latest sodomy allegation against Anwar.

    That, at least, is what we are being led to believe. But what we have not been told is that Saiful was trained by the BTN (Biro Tata Negara), Malaysia ’s propaganda outfit and an outfit headed by Abdullah loyalists. We are told that Saiful first surfaced a week or so before the 8 March 2008 general election when he reported to PKR’s party HQ as an election volunteer. Where did he come from and who brought him into the party HQ?

    Yes, that is the most crucial question. Saiful did not just turn up on the doorstep of the party HQ from nowhere. He was brought in by his very close friend, the son of the late Dato Nasaruddin Jalil and an Anwar aide. That’s right. According to Dato Nasaruddin’s wife, her son and Saiful are bosom buddies. Then, something strange happened. Dato Nasaruddin’s son was mysteriously killed by a hit-and-run driver. No one knows how it happened or who killed him. But, after that most tragic ‘accident’, Saiful stayed on to become one of the temporary staff of the party.

    Was Dato Nasaruddin’s son’s death an accident? Is there something more sinister than just an unsolved hit-and-run accident? I suppose we shall never know the answer to that one and it may forever remain in the books as an accident or a victim of a hit-and-run. But what we do know is that the young man whom Dato Nasaruddin’s son brought into the party got elevated from a volunteer to a temporary staff of the party.

    The Muftis of Perlis and Perak have suggested that Anwar come out and swear an oath that he is innocent of the allegation of sodomising Saiful. That would be the only way he can clear his name. It is not known yet if he will do that but, if he does not, then the dark cloud hanging over his head will remain there. There would be no other way that Anwar can clear his name.

    Anwar also has to explain what he was doing at that upmarket condo. Yes, I too have clandestine meetings with my many Deep Throats at secret locations such as hotel rooms and apartments. But then I always bring along witnesses to ensure that I have an alibi in the event someone spots me and accuse me of having secret rendezvous for purposes of sex.

    But Anwar’s case is more complex. I was told they have photographs of Anwar and Saiful going into one of the rooms of the One World hotel escorted by another man. If these photographs surface and Anwar cannot explain what is going on, then he may cease to be a threat to Abdullah. Abdullah then has only to take care of Najib.

    The Statutory Declaration (SD) by the private investigator, Bala, has hurt Najib a lot. But the retraction or second SD the following day, which deletes all references to Najib, is even more damaging than the first one. If anyone had any doubts and thought that maybe Bala was fixing Najib up with his first SD, the second SD removed those doubts. Now, people are even more convinced that Najib is guilty. If not then why amend the first SD but only as far as Najib’s name is concerned whereas all the other allegations remain the same?

    Bala’s first SD was not done in a hurry. It took numerous meetings over two months to finalise the SD. Bala had plenty of time to change his mind over those two months. And how can you say that you signed the SD under duress when it was done over many meetings over two months?

    But the second SD was done only a few hours after the first one surfaced. And it was done after his visit to the police station. That gives an appearance of duress. And the fact he does not say that the entire SD is false but only as far as Najib’s name is concerned gives an impression that Najib is behind the second SD and that it was done to clear his name. Why would Najib go to all this trouble if he were innocent?

    I met Bala on 2 July 2008 and was with him for about six hours from 6.30pm. He was jovial and chatty and joked that my SD two weeks earlier had stolen the thunder from his. Now, his has become the second SD instead of the first as he had hoped. After the press conference of 3 July 2008 we had lunch and he was still as jovial and chatty as the night before. He was now the superstar and he was relishing every minute of it. We agreed to meet on Saturday night (tonight) to party and celebrate the ‘success’ of his SD. Then, yesterday, the bombshell.

    Yes, this looks bad for Najib, as well as for Anwar. And it certainly looks like Najib is behind the second SD as well as the sodomy allegation against Anwar -- while Anwar, in turn, is seen as behind the first SD that links Najib to Altantuya. In one swoop, both Najib and Anwar are brought down. And this means Abdullah has now rid himself of two serious problems. And with these two serious threats neutralised Abdullah can now take care of the lesser threats of Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin.

    I might not like Abdullah but I must certainly admire his skills. He looks stupid, he talks stupid, he acts stupid, but a man who can make you think he is stupid is actually cleverer than you.

    Yes, it looks like Abdullah will still be Umno President and Prime Minister of Malaysia come Christmas. I would not have said this three weeks ago but today I say this with confidence. And while Najib and Anwar finish each other off, Abdullah is giggling in the background and choosing the Christmas tree that he will erect in Putrajaya come December.

    Well done, Pak Lah. Brilliant moves. Now let’s see how Najib and Anwar extricate themselves from the mess they are currently in.

  3. SAPP should quit Be End (BN) after this. On Monday, the Speaker wouldn't allow the motion to be debated. This means Dollah will continue being the PM. In its response, SAPP can therefore state that since it has lost confidence in Dollah and its struggle in Parliament undermined, it has no option but to withdraw from Be End (BN) and continue its struggle outside Be End (BN) working with anyone who would help Sabah get its supreme interests. You need to position yourself now so that by the time we go for elections, SAPP can sweep Sabah.


  5. Raja Petra Kamarudin said:

    "But Anwar’s case is more complex. I was told they have photographs of Anwar and Saiful going into one of the rooms of the One World hotel escorted by another man. If these photographs surface and Anwar cannot explain what is going on, then he may cease to be a threat to Abdullah. Abdullah then has only to take care of Najib."
    I have said before that Anwar's presence in the company of Saiful can be easily explained. It could easily be that Saiful had told Anwar that someone had very important information and will only divulge to Anwar alone. If the information could unseat Badawi or convert important BN MPs, then Anwar would have gone to meet the alleged man. Who can say for sure that Saiful did not entice Anwar there with such an excuse? It would be a case of he said he said.

    And why were there photos anyway? Somebody had to be in position to take the photos which would immediately smell of entrapment because such a person had to know beforehand that Anwar would be there. And such a person could only be an UMNO agent who had been sent there to take incriminating photos as evidence to be used against Anwar in a sodomy allegation.

    So, if photos should actually turn up, then Anwar could certainly claim entrapment by UMNO agents. And if there actually was an attempt at entrapment, it would be logical to presume that attempts were made to video record the sodomy act if any had taken place. And since no such recording had been given to the police, it can logically be assumed that no such recording exists. (The recording surely would have been given to the police if any existed because that is the whole point of the entrapment which is to give the police the evidence to arrest Anwar.) And the reason why no such recording existed is because the sodomy act never took place. Which means the entrapment failed.

    Of course, Anwar must officially swear that he had never sodomized Saiful. If he hesitated, then the suspicion will linger and even intensify because there doesn't seem to be any reason why he should refuse to swear other than that he had actually committed the act.

  6. Sabah son said:
    You need to position yourself now so that by the time we go for elections, SAPP can sweep Sabah.
    I couldn't agree more. Sabah can actually be swept by DAP or PKR unless local parties such as SAPP can step forward and provide the leadership for a new political paradigm.

  7. Raja Petra said:
    "Yes, this looks bad for Najib, as well as for Anwar. And it certainly looks like Najib is behind the second SD as well as the sodomy allegation against Anwar -- while Anwar, in turn, is seen as behind the first SD that links Najib to Altantuya. In one swoop, both Najib and Anwar are brought down. And this means Abdullah has now rid himself of two serious problems. And with these two serious threats neutralised Abdullah can now take care of the lesser threats of Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin.

    "I might not like Abdullah but I must certainly admire his skills. He looks stupid, he talks stupid, he acts stupid, but a man who can make you think he is stupid is actually cleverer than you."

    I don't see how Badawi has anything to do with either man's fall - if either has fallen. If Najib knocked down Anwar and Anwar knocked down Najib, then where is the hidden hand of Badawi? It seems Badawi is just the proverbial fisherman who profitted from the fight between the crane and the clam. It is just shear dumb luck if at all.

    So Badawi is still as stupid as he looks, talks, and acts. It is just his stupid luck that gave him the break.

    But it is not over yet. A play is over when the fat lady sings. But real life goes on in an unending play. Anwar could simply swear his oath that he had never sodomized Saiful and be out from under the cloud and quickly go on to win his parliament seat and collect the 30 MPs to form the new government. SAPP already has contributed 2 votes of no-confidence. Others may join in and the snowball will grow. No, it is not over yet.

  8. SAPP NO relevent anymore..
    Learn History from sabah political, Wen people reject , will reject habis habisan. like berjaya, usno...
    "Ah Zu, Ah Gou put any place to tanding also can win....
    Like at Tenom that time haris lawan kadoh agondong.. siapa kadoh agundong masah itu??? Dia tu kaki mabuk la... guru sekolah kalu tak silap sia. manang bah dia tu... kalah matai nah si haris "sah Nga Kiu" Clean sweep for PBS that time ! Ini la kami mau "peoples Power"....

  9. When i read the comment of PBS deputy president Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili on the news today really make my blood boiling, i don't know why Kota Marudu folks still voted him as their YB, he never solve the town problem here like lack of water supply, lack of electricity, poor road condition, plenty of illegal immigrant, etc. This matter already on going for decades since he took over, Kota Marudu still is one of the poorest town in Sabah and did he ever actually serve the people here? no!

    therefore, i urge SAPP setup an office here and we will vote for you and help you campaign for the next election.

    Dr max please look at the mirror first before commenting SAPP for their action. You should smarter than that with a given titled as Dr.

  10. Selamat Pagi Rakyat Malaysia,

    SAPP must SUMPAH to GOD said SAPP MPS SUPPORT NO-CONFIDENCE MOTION bought up by Dato Seri Wan Azizah in Parliament anytime on Monday.

    "Janji Tetap Janji, Sumpah Tetap Sumpah"....SAPP tidak akan mungkir janji dan tarik balik segala janji dan sumpah kepada rakyat Sabah.

    "Lawan Tetap Lawan" bagi SAPP untuk keluar BN sudah BE END soon (dengan IZIN).


    Rakyat Malaysians wish to convey their warmest congrats Datuk Seri Azizah for her strong Iron Lady Will to fight against the BN Goons for past 10 years.

    Well, the long waited honourable “TUN”ship should be bestowed to DSAI for continuing to set good example as a 1st class Parliamentarian and also very strong in voicing out loud for the all Malaysians. Be patient, DSAI will become next PM on waiting before Sept 2008 as promised and sumpah by DSAI to the rakyat Malaysia. Old Kampung Malays saying ” Kasi Layak Kepala Otak Presiden dan Naib President Racist Party keluar dari gormen rakyat”

    Most BN cronies and bad civil servants do not deserved Datuk or Tan Sri titles since rakyat read many past and present BN cronies and senior directors are accused and charged by ACA for severe crimes, corruptions and abuse of power. What a shameful standing ovation for such crooks to receive their titles?

    Today rakyat read a sensation article on Datuk Shukri Abdull, a Director of the Immigration Department together with two Datuks have been arrested for allegedly accepting bribes to issue visas to foreign workers. ( The Star ).

    Our children quoted that these Datuks are worst than samsengs and illegal immigrants in Malaysia. They believed the really Dato’ at home is more respectable than the crook Datuk who destroy the title bestowed by the Malay Rulers. No Malaysians will ever respect and greet such person who carries such Datuk, Tan Sri, Tun honorable titles if the person is a famous crook in town. Do you agree the statement mentioned above?

    Rakyat has full respect to YAB Lim Guan Eng prefers to be called plain name as “Mr. Lim” and decided to reject any titles from the CM Penang. His humble and honest characters deserved a great standing ovation from all malaysians today.

    A Penang Malay Ustaz said: Saudara YAB LGE berkhidmat dan berjuang untuk rakyat Malaysia tak kira bangsa dan agama demi kepentingan rakyat jelata. Semoga ALLAH memberkati beliau sebagai Ketua Menteri P. Pinang selama lama nya” HIDUP LGE !! We have nothing to comment when we listened many Malays supported DAP and Pakatan Parties for more GEs to come. Hidup Pakatan Governments forever.


    We read, see, listen and write without FEAR or FAVOUR in Truts of GOD always!

    by RIPLEYS CSI Malaysia today.

  11. "SAPP MPs support no-confidence motion"

    99.9% Sabahans will rally behind you to vote the incompetence and useless PM down.

    In actual fact, none of the umnok dogs are qualify to be PM of Malaysia because of RACIST, ARROGANT, CORRUPTED, MIS-MANAGEMENT AND SIMPLY INCOMPETENCE in carry out the jobs for Multi-Racial Malaysia.

    ALL UMNOK dogs MUST GET LOST from Sabah NOW! We don't need a RACIST DOGS to lead us!

  12. I am sad that Dr Max said SAPP is a political bitch.

    To Dr Max, you and PBS are nothing but stooges of KL. ie. political bastards, political foot suckers, shits and etc.!

  13. Datuk Eric and Chua Soon Bui are matured leaders n will not eat back their words. You can be sure if Pendikar can get the motion thru, these 2 Sabahans will provide the "LOCOMOTION" for all Malaysians to look for a better future in life under a better group of leaders and better system. Max n pairin are trators to KDN and should be stripped of all traditional honours except "STOOGES".
    Syabas SAPP!

  14. "Parti Bersatu Sabah Deputy President Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said it is better for SAPP to get out of the Barisan Nasional and fight from the outside since it is insistent on supporting the opposition's no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister. "The worst kind of enemy is the one that is within," he said in a statement, noting the Sabah Progressive Party's "persistent flirting with the opposition to bring down the Government"."


    Datuk Dr. Maximus is a Sabahan, yet he is not promoting the best interests of the Sabahans. Especially he is not promoting the best interests of his own constituents. He is siding with the Malayan clique of Malay supremacists to rob the Sabahans of their rightful oil money and perpetrate Project IC which will inevitably lead to the marginalization of the KDM which has seen its proportion drop from 40% or more in 1963 to some 20% today.

    To the Sabahans and especially to his own constituents, Datuk Dr. Macimus is the "enemy within" who has betrayed them to the Malayan Malay supremacists. Whereas SAPP in supporting the no-confidence motion is trying to clean up the flaws and shortcomings of the BN so that it could reform itself and become a better servant of the people and thereby deserve the trust of the constituents who had voted for them. To that extent SAPP is not the enemy of BN but on the contrary has the best interests of the BN at heart since the removal of Badawi and replacing him with a more competent PM will result in regaining some measure of credibility for the BN in the eye of the Malaysian peoples. Therefore, SAPP's vote of no confidence is not a betrayal of BN but an act of support for the BN.

    But the BN hierarchy simply will not admit that it could do any wrong. And it high-handedly and unjustly take any kind of criticism as a betrayal. As always whenever an organization ceases to accept constructive criticisms, it is on the way to extinction. It is because UMNO-BN had lost the trust of the people that it had suffered massive defection among the voters in Malaya. And now its irrational behavior in condemning SAPP's constructive criticisms as betrayal will only make it very clear to the Malaysian peoples that they cannot hope to see major cleanup in BN. This will mean that more people will abandon BN. Which in turn means that many people will be calling for their MPs to leave BN.

    Datuk Dr. Maximus will in most probability go down with the sinking ship that BN has become and be in the opposition with the BN comes September. And in the next election, he will inevitably be dumped by the people who will vote for SAPP who obviously has their best interests at heart.

    I hope SAPP will see that its attempt to clean up BN is futile. And having realized the futility, it will do the sensible thing which is to leave BN and hopefully can motivate the other MPs from Sabah and Sarawak to form a Pan-Borneo Alliance that will make Sabah and Sarawak a powerful block of political force better to negotiate for the best interests of Sabah and Sarawak.

    In the final analysis, those who betray their own constituents are the real traitors and the "enemy within."

  15. From DAILY EXPRESS NEWS at the following link:


    "What we should be doing right now is support the Government, the programmes rather than consistently causing instability and using all kind of rumours to cause unsettledness not only within the government but also among the rakyat," he (Maximus) said.

    There is no reason why the government must be supported by the people at all times. It is a guiding principle of the democratic system that the government can be subverted by assorted crooked and incompetent politicians. Therefore, the mechanism of elections is structured to allow the people from time to time to get rid of those who are incompetent and crooked and replace them with new leaders who are honest and competent. Therefore, Maximus has much to learn of the principles of democracy if he tried to imply that the government must always be supported because it can do no wrong. And he is undermining the democratic principle if he tried to browbeat the Sabahan people into supporting the BN government when the people have already decided that they don't want it. Maximus is also violating the democratic principle by trying to suppress the freedom of speech through which the people can be provided with the information to decide whether their government is doing a competent job. Therefore, Maximus is violating the principle of democracy by labeling the freedom of speech as "rumors." Above all Maximus is violating the principle of democracy by trying to intimidate the people to prevent them from exercising their right of governance of the nation by calling criticism of the BN government as causing " unsettledness".

    This kind of simpleminded ploy may work 40 years ago. But it had obviously failed in March when the people flip BN the bird and voted for the opposition. It is now time for the Sabahan people to know that they are the real masters of Sabah and not the Malay supremacists in Malaya. The Sabahan people now know that they have the right to talk and criticize the performance of their representatives and government. They now know that it is the principle of democracy that they have the right to the free flow of information that can tell them which politicians are crooked and incompetent. In the end, the Sabahan people now know that free flow of information is not "rumor" and getting rid of the crooked and incompetent politicians is not causing "unsettledness". They are the fundamental democratic rights of the people to scrutinize the performance of their representatives and government and if necessary to get rid of the crooked and the incompetent so that the best interests of the people are served.

    In the final analysis, the people are the masters and the politicians are the servants. It is not for the people to support their government blindedly but for the government to serve the people faithfully and competently or be kicked out as crooked and incompetent servants should.

  16. Datuk YTL,
    Don't waste your time (energy) with the "sharks" BN. (The "shark" is definitely an endangered marine creature in Malaysia.)
    Don't join PR.
    Don't bother the Sarawakian, they are always the cunning ones.
    Be prepared to go to jail till next GE (or get the sharks to put you in jail).
    Clean up your party.
    Get some new bloods in.
    Plan for 25 x 60 seats.
    People will speak up for your when the GE comes.

  17. Pada waktu waktu begini,semua rakyat Sabah tak kira kaum seharusnya menyatakan sokongan kepada dua ahli parlimen dari SAPP. Pengorbanan mereka ini harus kita hormati dan sanjungi.Saya percaya, kalau seluruh rakyat Sabah menyokong tindakan Sapp ini, pasti parti komponen BN yang lain terpaksa akur dan akan memberi kerjasama demi negeri kita yang tercinta ini.

    PBS willing to take Tan

    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) is willing to consider accepting Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President Datuk Raymond Tan if he becomes partyless.

    PBS Chief Information Officer Johnny Mositun, who is also State Assembly Deputy Speaker, said in this situation PBS has always opened its door to those who subscribe to the party and BN's struggle and principles.

    "PBS leadership is likely to consider the application by Tan if he wants to join us," he said when contacted in Kuala Lumpur where he is attending the re-branding of BN function.

    Tan, who is a Deputy Chief Minister, had objected to his party president Datuk Yong Teck Lee's move to support the motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister.

    There were also talks that due to his dissenting views, Tan might be thinking of joining other BN component parties considering that action could be taken against SAPP for its move.

    For the good of Sabahans or for his own????

  19. If Datuk Raymond Tan join PBS, i would say Sabah Chinese ppl and others will treat you like a dog, no chinese ppl will respect you and your future will be bleak as a politician. What so great about PBS? I can't wait to see Dusun and Kadazan ppl to struggle more for supporting PBS. As long as UMNO Sabah still exist, which holding majority seats, I don't see Dusun and Kadazan ppl will be in controlling their own state for the rest of their life.

    For Malays, which constitutes of 50% population in Malaysia, becoming PM sure guaranteed for them. As for Kadazan and Dusun ppl? I would say today they can become a head of minister for several department just because of their luck for this time. luck won't strike twice for sure.

    I felt pity for the indigenous ppl in Sabah, they're becoming more divided and some MPs self pro-claim fight for their own ppl. But what i had observed since child till today, they only care more for their projects and power. What a shame for Sabah to have such politician.

  20. If SAPP is a 'political bitch', then PBS must be the 'political pimp' of Sabah whose leaders have no qualms or whatsoever to prostitute the people of Sabah, in return for positions and projects dished out by their political masters in KL.

  21. PBS and other BN components are simply despicable that Sabah people can forget them for any slightest hope at all. Look at them, they are worst than dog. No wonder some peoples already can’t wait to proclaiming themselves as the "Malay" race in Sabah. These new Malays are fast thinker and smart enough to ditch PBS and going for UMNO; at least UMNO is an excellent party looking after their "elites".

  22. Sedar bah YBs,MPs, Datuks,Tansri dari parti PBS. PBS is not relevant anymore. PBS is a loyal dog for UMNO. Dr. Max konon macam mana dia dapat title tu Dr. atau Dr= Dumb Rat macam tikus palui yg kana kasih makanan bangas utk tutup mulut. This is how our older generation KDM MPs work, all is kissing ass hole UMNO leaders. We need young blood who can lead Sabah to a better tomorrow or else we will be end up like Bosnia people, being slaugther by the pilak and indon the so call Malay Supremacy in Sabah.

  23. BN ABUSE
    Azamin Amin
    Mon | Jul 14, 08 | 9:11:25 am MYT
    KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Julai (Hrkh) - Seperti yang 'dijanjikan' oleh pihak polis hari ini telah mengadakan sekatan jalan raya di sekitar Kuala Lumpur bagi menghadapi kemungkinan berlaku perhimpunan di bangunan Parlimen dan bantahan berhubung usul tidak percaya terhadap Perdana Menteri, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Menurut wartawan Wan Nordin Wan Yaacob, yang bertolak daripada Negeri Sembilan jam 6.30 pagi tadi, terdapat tiga sekatan jalan raya oleh pihak polis yang menyebabkan kesesakan yang teruk daripada kebiasaannya.

    Antara sekatan yang dikenal pasti ialah berhampiran Muzium Negeri Sembilan, Lebuh Raya Senawang- Seremban menuju ke Lebuh Raya Kuala Lumpur dan diadakan berdekatan Petronas Sungai Besi menyebabkan orang ramai merungut terutamanya yang menaiki bas kerana kelewatan mereka menuju ke tempat kerja masing-masing.

    Dalam pada itu wartawan Nyza Ayob memaklumkan bahawa di Pandan Jaya dan Batu Caves terdapat beberapa sekatan jalan raya yang sudah pun diadakan semenjak semalam lagi.

    Stesen-stesen radio juga melaporkan kesesakan jalan raya di hampir seluruh ibu kota, khususnya di Jalan Duta menuju ke Parlimen namun tidak menjelaskan punca sebenar mahupun jumlah sekatan jalan raya yang di buat oleh pihak polis.

    Sementara itu Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim menafikan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat bertindak untuk menganjurkan perhimpunan hari ini.

    "PAS tidak terbabit dengan tindakan sebegitu, malah semakan saya dengan PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) juga menunjukkan mereka tidak pernah menganjurkan tunjuk perasaan sedemikian," kata Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS Salahuddin Ayub yang turut serta menafikan dakwaan tersebut dan perkara ini juga dipersetujui oleh Penasihat DAP Lim Kit Siang yang menyatakan hal yang sama.

    Semalam pihak polis telah mendapat perintah mahkamah untuk melarang Anwar dan para penyokong pembangkang berada dalam lingkungan lima kilometer dari Parlimen dan akan membuat tangkapan jika pihak terbabit melanggari perintah tersebut.

    Di Lebuh Raya Persekutuan, kesesakan masih berterusan berikutan beberapa sekatan teramasuk di pintu gerbang berhampiran Universiti Malaya, sementara wartawan Salmiyah Harun melaporkan satu sekatan dibuat di Kajang Silk menyebabkan kesesakan hampir 4mpat kilometer.

    Turut dilaporkan, di Jalan Ipoh terdapat sekatan jalan raya yang menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas./wann _

  24. KUALA LUMPUR: Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia rejected an emergency motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet, which prompted a walkout by Opposition MPs...............

    The motion was rejected by the Speaker due to the "wrong choice of words."

    "wrong choice of words." could be no confidence against the Prime Minister but not the whole cabinet.

    Re-submit your motion tomorrow.

  25. This means PM is not sure to win against the motion! If he would be sure about it, he would have gone with it to show democracy is ruling even in BN.

    He KNOWS he would loose on the day this motion is tablet!!! Sad for him, Sabah and the so called Democracy in UMNO BN.

    SAPP get going and do what is right not what brings you the biggest profit privately. And ask Tan what he wants and is. Sabah and Sabahans first or his own profit and place within BN.

  26. as predicted Pandikar siding BN/Pak Lah. Shit! on him!

  27. Usul ketidakpercayaan ditolak, MP Pakatan Rakyat keluar dewan

    14 Julai - Seperti dijangkakan, speaker telah menolak usul ketidakpercayaan yang dibawa oleh Ketua Pembangkang, Dato' Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail hari ini.

    Tindakan speaker yang menolak untuk dibawa ke dewan usul tersebut telah menyebabkan Ahli-ahli Pakatan Rakyat bertindak bangun dan keluar dari persidangan yang sedang berlangsung.

    Berikut adalah kronologi peristiwa

    1.00 petang: Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat keluar daripada dewan hari ini sebagai protes terhadap speaker yang tidak membenarkan usul dibawa ke dalam dewan.

    Sementara itu, Wan Azizah dalam sidang medianya sebentar tadi melahirkan kekesalannya atas perintah mahkamah yang dikeluarkan untuk menghalang Ketua Umum KeADILan, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim daripada hadir ke parlimen.

    11.35 pagi: Masih tiada sebarang maklumat mengenai keputusan usul yang dibawa oleh Ketua Pembangkang, Dato' Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

    11.30 pagi: Wartawan yang menemui pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat di luar parlimen sebelum ini melahirkan rasa terkejut dan mengakui tidak mengetahui sebarang usaha dan rancangan untuk mengadakan demonstrasi oleh sesiapa. Sehingga kini, wartawan dari media alternatif masih tidak dibenarkan masuk.Dan

    10.30 pagi: Dilaporkan pihak berkuasa dengan kekuatan seramai 200 anggota polis, 100 orang anggota berpakaian preman dan 4 trak FRU berkawal di sekitar parlimen. Sementara itu, wartawan dan jurugambar dari media alternatif termasuk dari agensi asing turut dihalang dan berlegar di luar bangunan parlimen

    10.10 pagi: Media alternatif termasuk dari Harakah, Malaysiakini dan WebTVPAS dihalang dari masuk ke parlimen dengan alasan tidak mempunyai pas rasmi

    9.45 pagi: Wartawan Harakah yang ingin membuat liputan sidang Dewan Rakyat yang berlangsung hari ini masih lagi menunggu giliran untuk masuk ke kawasan tersebut.

    9.30 pagi: Wartawan Harakah dan petugas media lain telah 'dipaksa' berjalan kaki sejauh hampir sekilometer daripada pintu pagar Parlimen dan sebarang kenderaan media tidak dibenarkan masuk.

    Sehingga berita ini ditulis, hanya kenderaan Ahli Parlimen sahaja yang dibenarkan masuk.

    8.30 pagi: Jalan raya sekitar Kuala Lumpur dilaporkan sesak akibat beberapa sekatan jalan raya yang dilakukan oleh pihak polis.

    7.30 pagi: Pengguna jalan raya memberikan laporan bahawa pihak polis telah melakukan sekatan ke jalan-jalan yang menuju masuk ke Kuala Lumpur dan sekitar kawasan parlimen.

    Sebelum ini,Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri,Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz berkata langkah keselamatan itu terpaksa diambil selepas beliau mendapat maklumat satu demonstrasi besar-besaran akan diadakan oleh pihak pembangkang sama ada di dalam ataupun di luar kawasan Parlimen.

    Ia ekoran tindakan Ketua Pembangkang Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail mengetuai 14 ahli Parlimen pembangkang mengemukakan usul ketidakpercayaan terhadap Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, kepada Speaker, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia, yang akan memutuskan sama ada menerima atau menolak usul itu, Isnin ini.

    "Saya difahamkan, sama ada usul ini akan diterima ataupun ditolak, saya telah mendapat maklumat satu demonstrasi besar-besaran akan dibuat sama ada di dalam atau di luar kawasan Parlimen, Isnin ini,"dakwanya.

    Nazri berkata pihak polis akan membuat kawalan yang ketat dan hanya akan membenarkan ahli Parlimen sahaja masuk ke dalam kawasan Parlimen.

    "Saya telahpun menghubungi Speaker memaklumkan tentang tindakan yang saya ambil ini, semata-mata untuk keselamatan ahli-ahli Parlimen dan juga kawasan Parlimen.

    "Keselamatan Anggota-anggota Parlimen dan keselamatan kawasan Parlimen adalah diutamakan dan kita tidak mahu apa-apa perkara yang tidak diingini berlaku dalam kawasan Parlimen," katanya lagi.

    Ditanya sama ada pihak media yang membuat liputan akan turut terjejas dengan langkah keselamatan tersebut, Nazri berkata perkara itu adalah terpulang kepada pihak polis.

    "Media, memanglah mereka bertugas. Jadi apa juga tindakan yang diambil oleh pihak polis itu terpulang kepada budi bicara mereka kerana akhirnya polis yang bertanggungjawab di atas keselamatan di kawasan itu," katanya.

    "p/s- Pandikar harus bersekongkol dengan BN/Badawi kerana takut hilang jawatan. Inilah senario politik malaysia, asyik takut kena pecat.

  28. YOUR SAY: 'Let us elect our prime minister'
    Jul 14, 08 11:31am
    ‘The PM of this country should be elected by the people to represent them nationally and internationally. The question of race and religion should not interfere.’

    On PM hands over job to Najib in 2 years

    David Anthony: Whether Abdullah hands over the Umno presidency to his deputy or whether the Umno grassroots want to see the position of their leader contested is a matter for Umno to decide.

    Their decision, however, has a significant bearing on the citizens of the country because whoever becomes the president of Umno will automatically become the prime minister of the country.

    The prime minister is first minister of all Malaysians. If his prime ministership depends on Umno he remains indebted to Umno. How can he administer to the nation as a whole without a conflict of interest?

    He may or may not hold the leadership of Umno but he has to be the choice of the people. His premiership must depend on the people.

    I am first Malaysian and not a Malay, hence, cannot be a member of Umno. A vast segment of Malaysian citizenry are not Malay and a good percentage of them do not subscribe to the behaviour of Umno leaders and members.

    Not all Malays, on the other hand, are Umno members.

    After half a century of independence are we or are we not all equal citizens irrespective of race, colour and religion? I, a Malaysian citizen, would like to have a say in who I want as my prime minister.

    The prime minister of this country should be elected by the people to represent them nationally and internationally. The question of race and religion should not interfere in this democratic process.

    Whatever the founding fathers may have decided then, we live in this day and age. The laws and the constitution are not absolute decrees. I would like to see rules put in place that are relevant to the people of the time.

    Let us elect our prime minister.

    Mengchai: ‘(Deputy Prime Minister) Najib (Razak) also needs time to prepare the party for the next elections - whether it's 2012 or 2013.’

    ‘During this period, I will also let Najib sit in more committees and get to know the leaders of other countries.’

    But Can Najib last that long with the scandals going on? Maybe our flip-flop PM will change his mind again in the next two weeks!

    Nithiyaavaani: I'm very happy to hear Pak Lah's decision but I’m very angry and irritated with the suggestion Najib as PM.

    Who chose Najib? The rakyat or Pak Lah? I didn’t choose Najib. How could Pak Lah think that the rakyat will accept all his decisions?

    The rakyat gave a mandate to Pak Lah to be the PM. The rakyat did choose him. But there shouldn't be another mistake like how Dr M came to power.

    The rakyat are the ‘power’ in Malaysia. The rakyat should be allowed to choose their PM.

    Please have a referendum when choosing the next PM. We need a PM who is berjiwa rakyat - not a PM who wastes the rakyat's money in buying submarines and allowing expensive shopping trips abroad for his wife.

    Maran12: I belief the credibility of both the PM and DPM have been tarnished. Neither of them should hold the PM’s position.

    We need a fresh and new batch of politicians and ministers with a new way of thinking to lead Malaysia in to a new dimension. BN leaders act like kindergarten kids.

    On Altantuya allegations 'will not affect handover'

    Dhammika: What is he talking about? How can he be sure that Najib won’t be implicated. The case is still under investigation.

    Bala’s first declaration is strong enough to implicate Najib. What kind of BN personalties are these?

    In other countries, minister quit once there is a scandal. Some commit suicide. Here they cling on power.

    Their mind is so deluded that it makes them ignorant of the truth. BN is so defiled with greed,hatred and delusion. They are hungry for power.

    They shall be punished by the ripening of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

    Santan: Our PM is either a genius strategist (very likely) or not smart (not many think so). Either way, we’re doomed if he doesn’t step now.

    Why give anyone, smart or not, another two years to mess up? Haven’t we had enough?

    Are we really living in a democratic country? Why are we putting up with gross incompetence, acute corruption, intense abuse of power, manipulation of justice, racial discrimination, cronyism, filthy politics, etc. in broad daylight?

    The rakyat have to suffer from it and the whole world can see it but there’s nothing anyone can do about it. What kind of country are we living in?

    And we’re supposed to celebrate our 51st year of independence in less than 2 months.

    Dear PM, please stop insulting our intelligence and testing our patience. Retire today.

    Dear DPM, please check your conscience.

    Dear PM’s cronies, please don’t be so greedy – just take your loot and leave.

    Dear PM wannabes, please check your reflection in the mirror first.

    Dear opposition, please remember what you originally started out to do. And do your best.

    Dear Rakyat, the power is in your hands – please don’t hesitate to use it, and use it wisely.

    I think the rakyat are willing to forgive and forget if the incompetent, the corrupted, the racists and the parasites are willing to go away quietly instead of holding back Malaysia’s progress.

    We just want to move forward as soon as possible.

    On Najib worse off with two-year transition

    John Weinthal: Ladbrokes' odds on next Malaysian PM:

    5 to1 Anwar Ibrahim

    10 to1 Wan Azizah - Raja Petra

    50 to1 Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

    100 to1 Muhyiddin Yassin

    1000 to1 Rafidah

    10,000 to1 Samy Vellu

    99,999 to1 John Weinthal

    100,000 to1 Najib Razak

  29. "In other countries, minister quit once there is a scandal. Some commit suicide. Here they cling on power. "

    Bangsat melayu ini memang pandan muka. Inilah bangsat melayu yang cacat. Mati2 minta tolong dari kerajaan sejak kemerdekaan sampai hari ini masih minta tolong dari kerajaan.

    Kenapa bangsa lain tidak? sebab bangsat melayu ini bangsat yang cacat. Tuhan kita yang adil cipta semua manusia ada otak, mata, telinga, hidung, mulut, tangan dan kaki tapi bangsat melayu ini bikin malu kita orang malaysia.

    Bangsat melayu = pengemis!

  30. Dr. Max,

    Sayang saja kau belajar sampai dapat PHD tapi otak kau tidak buli pakai.Kau ni ada Penyakit Hasat Dengki bah. Bagus kama kau pigi jumpa doktor sebelum kau terlambat. Kalau tidak nanti, alamat bye-bye gaman kau.Kau,Pairin,Mositun,Radin,Jahid,Moi Chai,Gunsalam, semua tidak buli pakai.Kamu semua adalah JUDAS.

  31. BY: Tun Mahathir

    Kata Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi; "Tindakan menyebarkan fitnah dan pembohongan melalui internet dan SMS untuk mewujudkan persepsi negatif rakyat terhadap Kerajaan adalah perbuatan khianat," - Berita Harian 8 Julai, 2008.

    Perdana Menteri mengaskan perbuatan itu jelas melanggar prinsip Rukunegara seperti;

    1) Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara

    2) Keluhuran Perlembagaan

    3) Kedaulatan Undang-undang

    4) Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan

    Dimanakah disebut "Kerajaan" dalam Rukunegara? Atau apakah pada pendapat Dato Seri Abdullah Kerajaan adalah sama dengan Raja dan Negara?

    Memang dalam sebuah negara demokratik, mengkritik Kerajaan menjadi satu daripada tanggungjawab parti lawan dan Badan-Badan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO), bahkan rakyat biasa. Jika ini dianggap fitnah dan pengkhianatan, lebih baik lagi Kerajaan isytihar pemerintahan kuku besi.

    Apakah kritikan dalam internet dan SMS (sistem pesanan mesej ringkas) semuanya pembohongan?

    Bohongkah Kerajaan Dato Seri Abdullah berdolak-dalik kata sesuatu hari ini, batalkan hari esok?

    Bohongkah Kerajaan rugi satu billion Ringgit apabila batalkan projek jambatan, apabila jual M.V. Agusta yang dibeli dengan harga 70 juta Euro (RM300 juta) dijual dengan harga satu Euro (RM4), kenaikan harga minyak dengan mendadak, kenaikan kos untuk bina landasan kembar berelektrik keretapi daripada RM14 bilion dari Johor Baru ke Padang Besar kepada RM12 billion hanya dari Ipoh ke Padang besar, kekalahan teruk Barisan Nasional dalam Pilihanraya Umum 2008 dan lain-lain.

    Yang membohong ialah Kerajaan dengan membuat kenyataan segala-galanya baik dalam negara, semua rakyat sokong Kerajaan, parti UMNO sebulat suara hendak Dato Seri Abdullah kekal sebagai Presiden dan lain-lain.

    Jika pembohongan adalah pengkhianatan, maka yang mengkhianati Negara dan Rakyat ialah Kerajaan dengan pemimpinnya.

    Jika rakyat melalui saluran yang tidak dikuasai oleh Kerajaan meminta supaya Dato Seri Abdullah berhenti daripada memimpin Kerajaan, mereka bukan buat fitnah. Sebaliknya mereka setia dan sayang Raja dan Negara dan ingin lihat negara ini tidak dibelenggu oleh Kerajaan pimpinan orang yang tidak sedikit pun setia kepada negara, hanya setia kepada diri sendiri dan keluarga.

  32. What a debate! Anwar was obviously the winner.
    BN's representative, Dtk Shaberry Cheek, just don't understand that the poor peoples need subsidy to live through the fuel price hike as fast as the government can deliver; and worst, he doesn't know the relationship between the price of oil and inflation.
    He also failed to understand that the poor people must be helped immediately than the riches. The riches can wait a little bit longer. Do you all remember the little boy in Penampang killed himself because of slowness or helpless action from the welfare department last year?
    BN leaders must get down to the grassroots and experience for themselves the hardship peoples suffering from. No wonder the BN’s performance doesn’t seem to have any improvement so far.
    Show the red card to Badawi without hesitation.

  33. Land of the rotten, home of the gullible

    Another case of sodomy? Don’t make me laugh. It’s just the latest outbreak of ‘sodUmny’ or the shafting of anyone who threatens the power, privilege and patronage of Umno and its accomplices.
    Even the timing of this latest attempted perversion of justice, together with the frantic search for scientific evidence, suggests that it’s yet another frame-up.
    Especially in the light of ridiculous statements like Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar’s "Anwar Ibrahim shouldn’t worry about giving his DNA sample if he was interested to seek the truth behind the sodomy allegations against him."
    Surely, as the accused, Anwar knows the truth already, which is that the charges are a conspiracy to divert the public’s attention from a far more serious crime allegedly involving the initials DNA, namely Dotty, Najib and Altantuya.
    Dr M's take on the matter
    Strangely, considering his bitter antagonism to the Badawi regime, the supreme ‘sodUmnist’ himself, Mahathir, has done his best to lend credibility to the latest assault on Anwar’s liberty and credibility.
    In his blog, he claimed that the present government is not "so stupid or unimaginative" as to trump-up sodomy allegations all over again, adding that "surely (the government) would come up with another story that would be more credible if it is deliberately plotting or conspiring against Anwar."
    But anyone familiar with Anwar’s trial on sodomy charges 10 years ago will be vividly aware how stupid, unimaginative and incredible the allegations and court proceedings were, and what a ‘sodUmny’ they constituted on Malaysia’s self-image and international reputation.
    That disgraceful episode has since been further compounded by the elevation of key figures in the conspiracy to positions whose incumbents are supposed to be beyond reproach or political influence.
    Incredibly enough, lead investigator and carrier of the notorious stained mattress tendered as evidence in the original Anwar case, Musa Hassan, has since been promoted to inspector-general of the Royal Malaysian Police, and the chief prosecutor of the case, Abdul Gani Patail, is, equally unbelievably, now the nation’s attorney-general.
    Crooks roam free
    With people of such dubious character in powerful posts, it’s small wonder that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is failing so miserably to convince an increasingly incredulous electorate of his genuine intention to enact reforms.
    Under the leadership of Musa, the police are apparently helpless at tackling their own systemic corruption or Malaysia’s soaring crime rates, but incredibly efficient when it comes to ‘sodUmnising’ the rakyat with roadblocks and resultant gridlock, as in KL a couple of Mondays ago on Syed Hamid’s "intelligence" that an opposition rally was imminent.
    And on the same day, they helped ‘sodUmnise’ Parliament itself, following orders by the powers-that-be to deny access to the people and the press to witness the opposition’s threatened motion of no-confidence in the government.
    Malaysia’s otherwise pathetically poor police force is also mighty effective when it comes to arresting and charging opposition figures, like the Hindraf five, Anwar on the new sodomy rap and Raja Petra Kamarudin, first for sedition and now criminal defamation.
    The attorney-general, for his part, apparently easily finds that such dangerous opposition figures have cases to answer, but consistently fails to convince himself that there’s ever sufficient evidence to prosecute most high-profile Barisan Nasional suspects.
    So S Samy Vellu of the Maika Holdings mess and the Telekom shares scandal is still free to go about his business, AP queen Rafidah Aziz remains at liberty to live off the fat of the land and Najib Razak and his consort Rosmah haven’t been so much as mentioned, let alone called as witnesses, in the endless trial of selected suspects in the matter of the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder.
    With ‘sodUmny’ being committed on this sort of scale, it’s no wonder so many Malaysians despair of their country’s future.
    But I’m not so pessimistic. As desperate as Malaysia’s ‘sodUmnists’ are to cling to power, and as low as they’re capable of stooping, I think they know in their bones that they’re doomed.

    My guess is that they’ll fail to stick Anwar with this latest sodomy rap. Partly because they have no intention of seeing it through to the bitter end, as it’s just a diversion from all the dirt surrounding Najib and partly because they know they wouldn’t survive the public backlash like they did last time around.
    Sexual orientation not relevant
    And I believe that, having survived the sodomy charges, Anwar will eventually lead Pakatan Rakyat in the final electoral defeat of the ‘sodUmnists’.
    Of course he may well, as my old friend Ktemoc never tires of telling us, be tainted by his previous high-level involvement in the Mahathir regime, and is also too devious to be trusted. But he’s still currenly Malaysia’s best if not only hope.
    He may also actually be a sodomist. Not that I or anyone else I know believes he is, or could care less either way. Peoples’ sexual orientations have no bearing whatever on their fitness to hold political office, or any other position of responsibility.
    As everybody knows, Australia’s first Malaysian-born federal government minister, Senator Penny Wong, happens to be lesbian. And the leader of Australia’s Greens Party, Bob Brown, is avowedly homosexual, as is one of Australia’s most eminent and widely-admired jurists, Justice Michael Kirby.
    Not all male homosexuals practice sodomy, of course, whatever the sexually-uninformed may believe. But in any case, it’s nobody’s business but their own. And I’d rather my country was run by an honest and public-spirited sodomist, or even an entire coalition and cabinet of sodomists, than by a bunch of homophobic hicks, crooks and serial ‘sodUmnists’.

    Dean Johns
    Malaysiakini | Jul 23, 08 12:09pm

  34. To Raymond Tan,
    Don't be a coward. You are scared of losing your JKR big projects.
    We SAPP members do not welcome chickens like you...You are not worthy to become deputy president or even DCM. All along you never take care of our members, never bother even to meet us.
    Inanam Member