Thursday, May 22, 2008

SAPP 'dare to speak up unlike LDP'

"It's really amazing that he (Liew) has changed his once hostile attitude towards the Federal leadership so quickly, after having won the election and being appointed Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry," said Tham in a statement, Wednesday.


  1. Kota Kinabalu: Senior Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) leader Datuk Tham Nyip Shen urged Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President Datuk VK Liew to make good use of his Federal Cabinet position to better champion the causes of people in Sabah.

    He said Liew seemed to be defending the Federal Government over its decades-long failure to solve various issues affecting Sabah.

    "It's really amazing that he (Liew) has changed his once hostile attitude towards the Federal leadership so quickly, after having won the election and being appointed Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry," said Tham in a statement, Wednesday.

    He was responding to Liew's statement in a local Chinese daily Tuesday where he criticised SAPP President, Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee for urging the Federal Government to strive to resolve the various issues affecting Sabah by August.

    Liew was reported as saying that it was unfair for Yong to make such a demand because it would be impossible for the Government to resolve issues like the illegal immigrant problem which has existed for more than three decades, in such a short period.

    Tham said Liew failed to understand that Yong was merely making a legitimate appeal to the Federal Government to give serious attention and commitment to resolve some of the perennial issues plaguing Sabah.

    "LDP leaders, Liew especially, must not feel that other people must also think and behave like them, i.e. to be a 'goodie' and fight for nobody except for themselves when they are in politics.

    "I'm afraid we have to tell the difference that SAPP is not a political party that is afraid of speaking out on behalf of the people. Such a distinction must be made known. LDP can continue to play 'goodie' character, that is none of our concern. But to criticise us for speaking on behalf of the people is something that we will not tolerate," he stressed.

    He added that if LDP leaders have nothing better or constructive to say, for the benefit of Sabah and its people, they should keep quiet.

    Tham who is a former deputy Chief Minister also maintained that LDP leaders should not be selective whereby on one hand portraying themselves as a hero by championing certain issues that are to their advantage, while on the other hand choosing to remain silent on issues that are disadvantageous or deemed useless to them.

    "They (LDP leaders) should not have such an ambiguous and inconsistent stand in politics. I feel ashamed about having them as a member in the BN," he said.

    He also reminded Liew of more important things that he could and should do in his capacity as the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, besides securing more quota for the import of cement into Sabah.

    "His Ministry actually also controls many other crucial items like iron and steel bars. Sabahans actually not only have to pay more for these two items, but also in terms of quota we are always at the mercy of the federal agencies and this makes the industry in Sabah grossly uncompetitive.

    "This is something that we in Sabah have been fighting for all along but unfortunately, it has not been successful.

    Now, for the first time in Sabah history we have a deputy MITI Minister coming from Sabah.

    "Hence, he (Liew) should make full use of his position to fight for the Sabah interest, instead of defending and championing the interest of the Federal Government, for whatever reasons best known to him," he said.

  2. They wouldn't dare to speak up before 8-March-2008 though. So were the others, why? Probably they know the giant is sick now.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    It is important that political parties should be consistent in their stands on the various important issues and uphold their principles at all time regardless of whether the giant is sick or not.
    With the support from the people SAPP will continue to speak up for the people.
    Thank you.

  4. Dear President Yong,

    Congratulations to SAPP.

    All leaders of SAPP will continue to speak up for the people.

    Thumb down to LDP Datuk Liew for his coward and self interest first to ignore Sabahan people interests. What a shame ?


    Little Sabahan
    Anak Malaysia

  5. You people of Sabah should know better of LDP President, VK LIew He was a compulsive gambler while studying law in London.

    He was even arrested in 1985 on charges of using someone else's casino membership card to gain access to one London casino. He was placed in a lock-up for 1 nite due to his greed to make extra bucks or rather his own gambling addiction (Hope he is not like one of our ex-CM, Osu Sukam).

    Also stop meddling in SAPP's stand to pass a vote of no confidence on our PM. What have you done for the "people of SABAH", never even dare to make a slightess of noise in Parliament or in our local media on our perrenial problems of illegals, fake ICs, 20% oil royalty, and now the rediculous fuel price hike.

    So VK go and be a YES-MAN and keep your Federal ministry post for now until you fall one day that you will realise WHY SAPP has got more guts than LDP.

  6. Wow, LDP President is a compulsive gambler as far as the people of Sabah are concerned.

    So beware of more money plundered in his present ministry to cater for his addiction of casino gambling.

    No wonder he is so eager to lobby for the federal post and gain access to more easy n wealth lifestyle.

    Still wonder why he could win in Sandakan as his integrity and trustworthiness is questionable.

  7. What do u expect a person like Liew to do since he was given a position in the Federal Gov. He has been given something sweet but hope it will be bittergall. Keep the good work up SAPP. We support you all the way. Yong Teck Lee has guts what have you?

  8. still dunno ???

    aiya..he is now a deputy minister lo....a.ka.a tukang ampu and kaki jek KL...

    Datuk Chong silap pilih pengganti dia dalam LDP.....hahahaha...

  9. V.K.Liew just feel the heat on his seat as DM and afraid to lose it. He will the ball of his boss tightly and become a YESMAN. Hundred over votes is not many and we Sandakan voters will make sure to kick him out next election

  10. SOMEONE FROM LDP Likas will take over the seat from SAPP. Like it it or NOT its gonna happen. Its the will of Likas voters.