Friday, May 16, 2008

Raimie questions cut in funding for Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR : Despite the high incidence of poverty in Sabah,the allocation given to the Sabah Federal Development Department (JPPS) this year was cut short to RM56 million compared to the RM200 million allocated last year.
The member of parliament for Tenom Raimie Unggi raised the matter in parliament yesterday and questioned the government for taking such drastic action.
He pointed out that at 23 per cent,the poverty rate in the state was much higher than the national figure of 3.6 per cent.


  1. PENANG: The Federal Government must take immediate measures to address the issues and grievances of the Sabah people, said acting Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

    He said in a press statement that issues like illegal Filipino and Indonesian immigrants were long-standing issues that affected the people’s livelihood, social fabric and security.

    “Such conditions have led to a lot of discontent among Sabahans, who are questioning how some illegal immigrants had obtained permanent resident and citizenship status.

    “To answer such queries and prevent illegal immigrants from entering the state, it may be necessary to form a Royal Commission of Enquiry, as requested by some Barisan component parties,” he said.

    Dr Koh said more basic infrastructure projects, especially road transportation and utilities improvements, were needed in Sabah to generate growth and provide a better quality of life.

    “Sabah is endowed with natural resources like petroleum, gas and rich tropical forest, but it still has the highest poverty rate in the country at over 20%,” he said.

  2. Again, another sad case of federal executive power imbalance, where funds can be arbitrarily assigned by the federal government's executive branch.

    I don't need to tell you about how much power German and American states have over revenue streams and issues like local law enforcement to illustrate how this power imbalance can be so easily abused.

    This is not an issue of which party is in power, but a fundamental flaw in our federal institution itself.


  3. Obviously, Sabah is being outlined again and again.

  4. Sabah has always been shaft by BN. Sabah should be more agressive to show them we mean business. We have always been look as not united for the benefit of our state.

    Damn! BN never learn. I think the JPPS is angry they were removed from SABAH and that is the reason for this cut back!

  5. I think not only about the allocation has to be increased, but they have to check where is all royalty monies from Petronas go to. I look at the figure that Sabah get more than 1Billion from petronas, but seems like the money somehow gone with the wind.

    Sabahan leader shall clarify where all this monies goes to.