Saturday, May 7, 2011

What happened to land allocated to SUCCC?

Status of land allocated to SUCCC, We Want straight answer, says group
Land scam

KOTA KINABALU: Association of Sabah National Type Chinese School Chairman, Datuk Wong Yit Ming said he raised the Sabah United Chinese Chambers of Commerce (SUCCC) land issue for the interest of the Chinese community.

"I do not deny that I am a politician but I raised the issue up not to gain popularity as claimed by former SUCCC President, Datuk Sari Nuar," he said.
In a press conference here, Wong who is also Sabah Prosressive Party (SAPP) Treasurer-General, denied that he had political agenda when he brought up the issue.

"The lands given to SUCCC by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government 13 years ago was supposed to be used to earn revenue for the Chinese community so that it does not have to depend too much on the Government to resolve its financial problems.

"But we have not heard anything about the lands since then. The Chinese community is asking whether SUCCC is still in possession of the land or has it been sold," he said.

Wong said in 1998, the then Chief Minister Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee had approved 20,000 acres of land to SUCCC, KCCI and the Sabah Bumiputera Chambers of Commerce and industries.

Based on a 30:30:40 per cent distribution system, SUCCC's given 40 per cent of the 20,000 acres while KCCI ed SBCCI received 30 per cent each. The land has been planted with oil palm. SUCCC was also given another piece of 200,000 acres of FMU land for re-forestation activities.

According to Wong, SUCCC under the leadership of the late Tan Sri Wong Chik Lim, during Bejaya time, was allocated a 10,000 acres piece of land and they set up the Kinabalu Foundation with the revenue from the land.

"Every year, the Kinabalu Foundation gives close to RM1 million to the Chinese community in Sabah so we are just wondering if the two tracts of land have been generating any revenue and if yes, why have the Chinese community not benefited from it?" he asked.

On Sari's statement that he will expose Wong's wrongdoings for the last 30 years if the latter keeps harping on the issue, Wong challenged Nuar to report to the relevant authorities if he (Wong) had committed any wrongdoings.

'Please don't deviate from the issue and drag politics into it. Just tell the Chinese community what they want to know if the Chinese community will benefit from the land," he said.

By: Chris Maskilone


  1. What Malaysia's ultimate joker we have as party ultimate leader!!! see below>>
    tweets on April 13 2011 between
    @yiising and @drchuasl

    @yiising wrote:!/YiiSing/status/57939632888877059!/YiiSing/status/58041951144001536
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    "Gong Xi Fa Cai"



  3. 冰冻三尺,非一日之寒!

  4. ஹ்யாபீ மதர்ஸ் தாய்

  5. Be careful when dealing with businessman.No merciful thing to talk about with them.

  6. Mum mum says Sari Tan, saya sudah makan, jangan tanya.
    He has created companies to take over land meant for SUCCC..this crook is good.

  7. Harap penjelasan diberikan.

  8. Just wait for the explanation..

  9. penjelasan perlu diberikan

  10. Sari Tan sudah mom mom tanah itu...melalui company beliau.

  11. sari, i think you are the one who committed the wrongdoings.

  12. Datu SPanglima,
    muntah kurual saja jgn diam tak mengaku salah.

  13. We want explanations.

  14. Obviously, Sari Tan cannot get explanation for the land that he has walloped, transferred to his own company.

    He should be accountable for and punished for Breach of Trust or cheating.

    The association should make a formal police report to incriminate this culprit.

  15. Hope that investigation are made.

  16. Sari Tan is a crook from top to bottom..he should be incriminated by the law if the law still exist

  17. Siasat jangan tak siasat.