Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Umno arrogance and 'big brother' attitude

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Umno divisions demanding seats currently being held by other Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties is a clear example of how Sabah have always been treated since the formation of Malaysia, said Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President Datuk Eric Majimbun.

"Since the formation of Malaysia, Sabah have been treated as the small brother that can be bullied by the big brother from peninsula. These are leaders from both camps whether in the government or opposition," he said.

Majimbun who is also Sepanggar MP said even the British felt that Sabahans or at that time North Borneans would not have autonomy without the "big brothers".
"When Usno government tried to ignore the grip of the big brothers, they planted Sabahan leaders to topple the State government. While the same thing happened before that when the big brother claimed to have promoted a Sabahan as High Commissioner to Australia.

"In 1985 when Sabah voted for change, initially the Federal government even refused to acknowledge the people's mandate. It was also fused by riot incident supported by illegal immigrants.

"The State government was treated with hardship, administratively and financially as well as one-way communication," he said.

Majimbun said only the selected minority was given privilege but the majority were far from the treatment as that of their fellow Malaysian from peninsula.

"After 47 years, the difference and gap between the East and West Malaysia is very glaring … can Sabahans and Malaysians deny and ignore this?" he asked.

Majimbun said it was not Sabah who surrender the Immigration power because the matter have been studied the pros and cons thoroughly by the state's fore leaders prior to the formation of Malaysia.

"But due to sweet convincing talk by the big brother which is akin to the those big brothers refusing to be convinced and have little faith on Sabah leaders," he said.


  1. Baru tau!
    Dah 54 taun merdeka kenapa semua lapisan rakyat termasuk dari semenajung tak suka UMNO,kenapa?

  2. aiyo kali kali ko orang bising-bising tapi dio masih jadi tai-lo.
    Ko semua siakap saja sampai undi beres juga!

  3. >MP Eric Majimbun,
    If you or anyone sabahan become PM what is your formula or solution to make Malaysia better not like what you said?
    What do you see about recent Sarawak's action to barr few malaysian from entering the state?Can't we have a better way as a Malaysia for all malaysian?

  4. SAPP is not greedy to become PM. If there is a change in government we will want Malaysia and Sabah to be rid of corruption which is the root of all corrupts the government and it fails the economomy.

    What Sarawak's action to bar few malaysians from entering the state is the right of the sarawak govt of the day, and it is some sort of autonomy and control of its state's immigration powers under the Malaysia Agreement.

    Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia each should be independent in its own way under Malaysia and there should not be any big brother and in other words, we as Sabah, Sarawak and the Malayans should be equal as partners..not to be manipulated by WM.


  5. In reply to YBhg MP Eric Majimbun,
    -For Sabahan PM (individual ability but not party basis as good leader)
    This is not really a matter of greed but more on capability of individual with integrity and good leadership as PM I believe.Why sabahan can't qualify to be PM if equally treat as malaysian?

    Those barr are not terrorists or so and their intention as activists may do so to reform for a better and just society for veryone include sabahan and sarawkian in Malaysia.This is a misjudegement or abuse of power by individual as CM with tyrannic action,whatelse?It has nothing to do with good prevention of crime by immigration too.Like what had said you should agree though not everyone born with equality but do be equally share as malaysian,agree?

    I do agree for your last view but somehow do share as equal but independent malaysian because today new geeneration come with much integration include many sbahan families,right?

    May we see one day here come a good sabahan PM for Malaysia!

  6. With exception of many UMNOnian not all WMsians want to manipulate Sabah or Sarawak.In facts,many sabahan or sarawakian themselves turn to UMNOnian culrures and styles betraying their own people!

    Have not you come across good WM's friends in Sabah who really stand with you to voice along for Sabah.They are numbers counted long before '60 who have stayed put here in Sabah too.

  7. Don't worry, the people knew what to do.

  8. Sarawakian or may be Sabahan have to get out of mindset in inferiority complex that WM are better or boss.They are given same values and times and physically good as other to stand as PM.
    Sad if one can't set this quality to challenge in parliamentary level.I just want to encourage we can if all people stand united!

  9. biarlah rakyat membuat penilaian dan pilihan mereka sendiri.

  10. rakyat tau mana yang terbaik.

  11. Jadi apa kah usaha yang dilakukan oleh YTL apabila beliau menjadi KM sabah satu ketika dahulu? Adakah usaha beliau untuk mengubah layanan SM kepada Sabah?

  12. Jangan tahu mengadu sahaja. Sama2 mencari jalan untuk menyelesaikan masalah.

  13. It was also fused by riot incident supported by illegal immigrants.

    You sure that Illegal Immigrant be supported? How about YTL before he a Chief Minister?IS the same thing to?

  14. "Gotong royong Pemuda menyelesaikan masalah"
    Refer to above being done by pemuda SAPP memang bagus tetapi jangan disebaliknya kita menjadikan pegawai berkhidmat akan malas biarpun selalu mereka sudah tidak bertanggungjawab mainkan peranannya.

    Sepatutnya,pemuda digalakkan keluar dan cari matlamat dengan gambar misalan kelakuan pegawai-pegawai dan tindakan mereka tidak sewajar itu.Kemuadian siarkan diblog aktiviti pegawai2 buruk yang rasuah juga.Ini lebih bermakna untuk menghapuskan mereka jadi ular kepad masyarakat dan rakyat.

  15. I'm not surprised because all political parties always doing the bad things in order to get and protect they power and money.. wherever they come from, all of them are same..

  16. I like "LGE comments on scholarship" part. Let us share positively.
    1. Penang Targets RM6.1B Investment 2. Comment on scholarship on LGE youtube

  17. Change for the better.