Monday, May 23, 2011

Reject extremism politics

INANAM: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee urged party members and the people of Sabah to reject the culture of extremism politics, violence, racial and using religion as a tool for political gain from Peninsular into Sabah.
He said that such political culture in Sabah had never existed despite having changed several state governments since the formation of Malaysia.
Speaking at the SAPP KK Zone Pesta Kaamatan celebration in Kampung Kokol here Saturday, Yong said such attempt to bring the negative political culture into East Malaysia was evident during the recently concluded Sarawak State Election.
"Now there is an attempt to bring the culture of racial politics, extremism, violence and with tactics to split the people into Sabah. But, this does not exist in Sabah eventhough we have seen the state government changed from Usno to Berjaya then PBS but at the end of the day we are able to sit down and eat together," he said.
He hoped SAPP members and the people in Sabah would not be trapped into the culture that is imported from Peninsular Malaysia.
Yong was glad to note that SAPP Muslim leaders like Deputy President Datuk Amde Sidek and supreme council member, Dullie Marie dared to stand up by issuing statements saying that there is no place for such political culture in Sabah.
It was disappointing, he said that a Minister from Umno during his visit to Sabah in Pensiangan was reported as talking about the May 13 incident and also it was reported in the newspapers of another party accusing another as a communist party.
"But what has that got anything to do with Sabah. We have never had such incident and the Minister went to Pensiangan to talk about it and as though threatening the people there with the May 13 incident.
"Why must you bring this issue here in Sabah?" he asked.
Yong said he was also proud to note that Sabah has never experienced the communist insurgence as well as racial riot, hence raising the issue here would not be of no benefit.
"I want to take this opportunity to tell the people in Sabah not to be poisoned by such racial and extremist politics. As for SAPP, it is not fighting for racial politics but we fight to improve the livelihood of the people so that we can live together in prosperity," he said.
Furthermore, he said the culture in Sabah since pre-independence day until now and whoever is the State government, the people of Sabah will celebrate festival like Kaamatan together.
"We see not only SAPP but other parties and agencies are also holding similar celebration, which is attended by people of all races. This is the way of live in Sabah … not only Kaamatan but others like Chinese New Year.
"Like Datuk Md Noor Mansoor said even if there are differences in political ideology but at time of celebration we will go back to our relatives and friends. This is a culture what we should be proud of being Malaysians in Sabah," he said.
Meanwhile Yong said based on studies on the constitution and from the legal perspective there is nothing preventing a State government from issuing Identity Cards to Malaysian in its own state.
Before Malaysia, the people in Sabah were issued with Blue IC in Jesselton now known as Kota Kinabalu, he said.

Towards this end, he said SAPP had taken a stand that a Sabah ICs would be issued to all genuine Malaysians in Sabah when it formed the State Government after the General Election.

The move was one of the ways to ensure that illegal immigrants who have obtained MyKad through the backdoor would no longer enjoy the privilege as a native.

"What is the difference between my MyKad and their MyKad? If they go to the government offices with their (illegally acquired) MyKad they must be entertained furthermore it is stated there that they are natives," he said.

"That is why when SAPP formed the State Government, we will issue a Sabah IC for the people of Sabah so that he or she could apply for land and deal with Yayasan Sabah as well as apply for trading license among others.

"We have to do this because there is nothing to differentiate us with the illegal immigrants who are holding MyKad too. (With the Sabah IC) we can tell who are really eligible to receive scholarships or assistance … this is the only way," he said.

On another note, he said SAPP was ready to cooperate with other opposition parties but "not get married" with them.

"We can work together with other parties. We can be friends but not married. We must learn from past experience, if we were fools before we should not be fools again today," he said.

"This is my experience and it had also been experienced by Datuk Paul Wong (SAPP advisor) and Datuk Md Noor Mansoor as well as Datuk Eric Majimbun. These uncles already know this," he said, adding that youths must heed to their advice.

"Almost anything is promised before getting married but it’s a different story after married … this is coming from me a man," he quipped.

He said that SAPP would support PKR or DAP in places where the party is not active, having not many members and no local leaders.

"But in Karambunai, Inanam and Sepanggar we are definitely stronger and we have our candidates here," he said.

"And we hope and appeal that they (other opposition parties) will support us. What is wrong with that? In places they are strong we will support them but what is important that in the struggle for autonomy a local party must have sufficient majority in the State Assembly.

"Lest we would only become a buffalo tied with a noose … no we don’t want that," he said.

Also on hand were SAPP advisor Datuk Paul Wong, veteran politician Datuk Md Noor Mansoor, Deputy President cum Sepanggar MP, Datuk Eric Majimbun, Datuk Amde, Tawau MP Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui, organising chairman, Julian Goduli and SAPP committee members.


  1. The people must make the right decision.

  2. Sabahan know what is good and what is not.

  3. not always true...after 48 years stiil..
    >goods increase prices so good
    >UMNO in Sabah so good
    >what else so good?

  4. Extremism politics just like what PERKASA did.

    1. Where they always bring the religion matter up for nothing.

  5. i agree that we should reject any attempt to incite hatred by using race & religion, but first we must accept the fact that some Sabahan also has a strong feeling towards their races or feels that their races is superior than others...

    A way must be found to bring these kind of Sabahan out from their coconut shell. One way to do it is through politics...because it was through politics all races in Sabah united & supported PBS to ousted Berjaya in 1985.

  6. Make sure SAPP walk the talk.

  7. >>ongkol
    your comment is perfectly true and some said..
    change a way to bring these kind of Sabahan out from their coconut shell.

    Certainly many among them are not happy to see and always jump about other malaysian from other states(so-called federal level or West Malaysia) by them having suck' into much of state business.

    One common nature even they have so often to disregard other except sabahan but worst is they hardly accept about making way to national level or make changes to govern with equal right as malaysian together with other.

    This stand could probably be categorised a 'compelexity' or create sort of 'isolatisma inferiority' affecting future generation's mindset. Always differentiate with other malaysian or create untrust towards rest of malaysian won't help to an extent even protect their revenue or resouces in past till today from tapping away by the so-called 'Federal governing authority',right?

    Why sabahan feel so inferior to take up equal challenge of their reserve right all way to Putrajaya equally as malaysian after 48 years or not even think about that since as a borneon state forming Malaysia?

    I am putting this Quest as a challenge to new Sabah leadership or their season leaders who always talk about changes!What changes?

    Lastly,it is uneasy breathing if with disregard attitude yet still singing our 'Negara Ku' as other!Feel hard for anyone in common to understand where they are heading as malaysian for future though?

  8. Look like SAPP active to get the supporter. Whatever la people still have own choice for the best for them.

    1. Apa pun sokongan terhadap SAPP memang sudah berkurangan.

  9. Sabahan have to sit and analyse...
    Which local party didn't harbour on big party elsewhere but still walk and talk for its people in Sabah?
    Which party may look small but have confidence to believe all sabahan will awake now with their strong support other than party's supporters?
    Which leaders always there since '70 but enjoy his own ambition yet not realising sabahan need them most for hearing people's voice?
    Enough and make your move today or never!!!

  10. We are not extremist culture. We don't need Perkasa.

  11. Perkasa where?Keningau or Kundasang?

  12. Sabah mengamalkan politik yang baik. tidak ada politik ekstrem.

  13. today,, not only politicians who using the culture of extremism politics, violence, racial as a tool for political gain, they supporters(rakyat) also doing the same thing to protect their beloved party..

  14. >Don
    "The people must make the right decision"
    More importantly,
    Dedicated leader must make a right decision too to convince people otherwise....

    >Amdesidik yr opinion?

  15. SAPP may said they want to reject political extremist, but bare in mind that they are on the verge of getting themselves involve with DAP, a party which use race & religion as their political tools as seen during the Sarawak State Election..

    very interesting to know whether the SAPP leaders is still interested to form a pact with DAP after the "open your eyes" speech by LKS recently...

  16. Just do what you must and let the people cast their votes in the next GE.