Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bung created history! Polygamy

May 19, 2010: Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin has been slapped with a jail sentence for unlawfully entering into a polygamous marriage with actress Zizie Izette Abdul Samad.
The Gombak Timur Lower Syariah Court also sentenced him this morning to a fine of RM1,000 for abetting Zizie in the offence. If he does not pay the fine by 5pm, he is liable to another month's jail.
There was a gasp in the packed courtroom when Syarie Judge Wan Mahyuddin Wan Muhammad read out the sentence about 9.15am.

Zizie was fined RM1,000 or 1 month's jail in default for entering into the marriage.
She was also ordered to pay another RM1,000 or six months' jail in default for abetting Bung Moktar, 51.Zizie, 31, is required to pay the full sum by the end of today.
The defence immediately applied for a stay of execution on Bung Moktar's jail sentence.

Lawyer Amli Embong reasoned that the intended appeal would be meaningless without this, as Bung Moktar would have served all or most of the sentence by the time the appeal is heard.


  1. What!!! Only RM1K fine or 1 month jail which can be reduced or overturn? They should lock him in the Bung-hole and throw away the key! This croc is a criminal!

  2. He seems to enjoying every moment of it.

    No regrets, no remorse and seems like a joke

  3. He seems to be enjoying every moment of it and showing no remorse.

    It is just like walking in the park. What a joker!

  4. Goodbye to Kinabatangan MP. He will not be contesting again.

  5. An umno MP with NO INTEGRITY. Shame on you as a Sabahan. I would rather pick a Orang Utan from Sepilok as Kinabatangan MP if the choice only between bung and orang utan. Palui

    If he can cheat his wife, he can cheat the rakyat, and tax payer money too.

  6. Anon 7:39 PM,

    Agree with you 101% Who are the jokers who voted for this sick man? Remember his sick tactics in Parliament? Animals like him are found everywhere, especially those who have made it (politically or financially) and in the jungles of Sabah!

  7. His sexual desires supercede overcome his conscience and responsibility as a husband more so as a statesman.

  8. RM1k is nothing to him and we all know it. But, look at him he is enjoying every moment with his cheaters wife. How easy he cheat his wife who always with him but must easier to him to cheat the rakyat. Bikin Malu

  9. All i can say is that Bung is a PALUI of the first degree running and in cahoots with all the other PALUIs in BN!!!!

  10. This has just shown how corrupted our country is. It simply shows where part of our tax money has gone to. Such person should be thrown into jail and sentence of maximum cane stroke in public.