Monday, October 19, 2009

Yong: Sep 16 national holiday long overdue

Kota Kinabalu, Oct19, 2009: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president, Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee, said that the September 16 national holiday is a long overdue rectification of national consciousness of Malaysia Day.

"Because of the PM's belated announcement today, the five Pakatan Rakyat States have missed out on 2 years of opportunity to take the lead in fulfilling public expectations that they would declare September 16 as public holidays in their respective states, like Sabah and Sarawak.

"Further, it is only right that next year's Hari Kebangsaan be declared as 47th, and not 53rd and this 2009 year is also no longer 52nd Anniversary of Malaysia, but 46th.

"School books and government publications must similarly be corrected," Yong stressed.


  1. One wrong corrected! Hundreds more to go!

  2. The arrogance of Melayu Umno by not recognizing Malaysia Day on Sep 16 for the past 40++ years...but why now???

    The gimmick is there...there is no sincerity but placating only...a means to an end...problems still exist.

    Najib should stop all these rubbish about 1Malaysia.

    To me, it is just a piece of shit!

  3. So read the news "vatican opens door to angelicans"!
    When will Sabah or East Malaysia has total open door policy to other malaysian or states under 1Malaysia concept???
    Imagine if we just agree to stay under same "kampung" but always ego to be different!!!
    PM may not like someone said putting himself like a fool by placating the national day issue. Never think too politically sometimes or otherwise search your own sincerity as young malaysian become smarter today.
    Sabahan give or change at same time whenever you ask for your right,right?

  4. Even a bit late is better than never..!
    When you were young many years ago you never thought grow old only keep shouting for what?
    It's time to let go to the young generation in party but make sure they can succeed!!!

  5. Next step: get the rights back to Sabah as written in the constitution, I mean the first one!

  6. A step to change, what next?

    long neck

  7. Nelson Mandela was jail for 27 years to fight for abolishing of apartheid. What have we Sabahan do for our right?


  8. Let us continue to pursue what we deserve to have.


  9. Sapp will not fights for Sabahan. The Party it self now become stooge of UMNO. Sabahan should not trust Sapp, the Party will be joining UMNO soon after the GE13.YTL is still negotiating with Najis.

  10. monsopiad whoever u are...I think u may be misguided by others.

    Sapp has tested the BN divide and rule method..see how these stooge parties like mca, mic etc were led not by their leaders but by umno najis now..and no way sapp will bow to these 1malaysia or 1melayu sama-sama saja

  11. And Sabah gets: Tenaga makes RM133m profit in Q4
    Tenaga Nasional Bhd, Malaysia's largest electricity provider, posted a profit of RM133.4 million in ...
    Tenaga plans Malaysia-Indonesia power line
    Tenaga Nasional Bhd and PT PLN (Persero) plan to work together to study and undertake a project to ...

  12. Another "blackout" hit from NameWee!

    这就是KPI,they know only asking you "isi borang dan buat laporan"!
    It has become a habit for most of them in other department too.
    Do you agree?

  13. He quits for himself or rakyat?
    Hip-hop again....better join SAPP next!
    Quit again!?

  14. Sept 16 Holiday is Sabah base Party Victory but not UMNO, MIC, MCA or even Gerakan!!! They never voice this out... ikut pantat saja!!!

  15. 霹雙包州議會‧50警員搶西華議長袍

    More from youtube here


    There is no "laws" in Malaysia and BN still never change. It is becoming worst as we can see from those examples by policemen & idiots.
    We see what will it be at next PRU13!

  16. Why PKR have to choose those Sabahan with "frogging" record?
    Those in dispute of "rank" always have among them the phobia in previous parties from PBS to MCA or Gerakan!!!
    No better Sabahan around in "Borneo Land"!?

    Rakyat need to open their eyes and see clearly what's about!

  17. there is only one country named Malaysia in the world got TWO independent day. What a luaghing stock to the world.

    Please DELETE the 31 august 1957 as independent day in all our history book because there is no such country exist in the world name Malaysia during that time except MALAYA. Where is the country named MALAYA now?

    Sabahan must KICK racist umno out and send the illegal muslim immigrants to putrajaya together with all the racist umno since they love the illegal muslim immigrants so much.

  18. For more than 4 decades, KL never bothered to address this historical error because they don't care about you Sabahans.

    They will say these Sabahans are only followers.

    Yes, Sabahans had been followers for these damned forty to fifty years of KL dominance.

    Are we that stupid?