Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chua: Seriousness of case warrants a royal commission

Tawau, Sep 10, 2009: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Vice President and Member of Parliament for Tawau, Datuk Chua Soon Bui, said it was very serious matter concerning the recent relevation in New Sabah Times on 5th Sept. 2009 and Chinese dailies on 6th Sept. 2009 regarding the possibility of granting MyKad applications to about 200 illegal immigrants from Kalabakan Tengah 1 from 10 -12 August 2009.

She urged the federal ministers from Sabah to push the authorities to investigate this serious matter purportedly involving NRD officials from KK and Tawau, as exposed by PKR’s Tawau Chief, Kong Hong Ming.

"It also shows that our own NRD officials are possibly involved in helping illegal foreigners to infiltrate the country’s sovereignty in Sabah," said Chua.

She hoped the federal ministers from Sabah would seek immediate clarifications from the relevant authorities, particularly the mobile units of National Registration Department from Kota Kinabalu, the reported RELA personnel and those responsible for transporting the illegals to Kalabakan Tengah 1 for the registration of MyKad applications.


  1. In ten years time, we will see a chief minister from philippines.

  2. Wait another 50 years still will not change anything!
    Still too worry of malaysian from other states,why? How to progress?
    Are we not in one nation with one citizenship as malaysian?

  3. UMNO/BN is fast loosing ground and support.I pray that this is happening because Sabahans have awaken.

    The current regime are on desperate mode and will resort to anything to stay in power,even if they have to issue IC's to an Eskimo or Africans and pronounce them as Malaysians just to get votes.

    Our country is fast becoming a "Zimbabwean Syndrome".Shooting the messenger or whistle blower is now a norm,while those responsible become political hero's.

    Read more in my latest post in my blog

  4. Same old story! BN-UMNO will never bother... hopefully, new government in 2012 will care.

  5. More philipines, Indos in Sabah are good for businessmen and estates.They provide cheap labour and more business for them. The rich people are able to use money to change the policy. Only the poor Sabahans have to share the scholarships,jobs and other benefits with them. For some poor sabahans,RM 10.00 to RM 50.00 is enough for him to forget all.

  6. Look at signature no.611 & no.657 what kind of response for the
    These buddies can do no good for Sabah if they are sabahan right!
    Why response was so less only 658 so far. Please sabahan if you have love of your people go for 921 at least may be a good number as told by MCA guy!? Or may be is not what Sabah really wish to see!

  7. Soon is 16-09-2009 in a matter of a day! Agree with the comment quoted:"Why response was so less only 658 so far. Please sabahan if you have love of your people go for 921 at least may be a good number as told by MCA guy!? Or may be is not what Sabah really wish to see!"

    You guys shouldn't hang words in your mouth and action is important for the good of people. There is no reason to shout loud 'Malaysia' day is 16th September yet you ignore your right!
    "Selamat Hari Raya"

  8. To my beloved Sabahans, please wake up and cast all the racist evil umno out from our lands together with all their illegal muslim immigrants.

    In Sabah, we need "QUALITY" professioner and foreign investors to develop our state and not PARASITE from our neighbour country mostly ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS to be LEGALISED!

  9. As long as UMNO/BN is in power. This IC and PTI issue will never be settled because they are the one who created all this. Come next round we will vote them out.

  10. That's what it means "politics"!
    SAPP Hari Raya visits!!! and may we see the return of Judas very soon after more than a year!?

    Paklah had gone and now we've to catch the train in par with 1 Malaysia before heading for next station, didn't we?

    But then certainly some good 'benny-penny' had been guned down after serving diligently for them!

    It is an 'eye-opener' for young sabahan in politics too.

  11. Keep fucking that chicken!

    Get on with your urban-dictionary or google search for the phrase if you don't get me!

  12. should be "return of the Jedi" or "cocoman" lah!

  13. How's petition for General Hospital?
    Only 859!
    From news 6,000 were there during mooncake festival at Foh Shang alone.
    Sabahan please wake up from the dream and right in action for community welfare.

  14. Sabahans only know to complains and complains but when election comes, they will vote for BN. "Inilah cakap tak serupa bikin attidue".

    Most of the Sabahans are short-sighted (sorry to be frank) and they only think of their self benefits but they don't know their generations will be taken over by the outsiders (PTI) in the time to come.

  15. 905. Lo Tsen Song 0590837
    904. Lo Tsen Song 0590837
    Now at least better as sabahans always need a "push" right!?
    I have spotted this guy too bad why sign up for 2 times? Once is enough.
    "This cook or crook may spoilt the soup!"
    This guy never learn to be a good sabahan though.

  16. Sabahans need to wake up to vote all the traitors from BN (Racist umno, pbs, LDP and MCA) out from Sabah!!!

    Since the racist umno in sabah, the more rubbish (illegal muslim immigrants) they brought in for us to clean up.

  17. Most Malaysian are sick nowaday!
    Everyday you can read news....bomb ATM,robberies by young malay bikers with "kris"!
    What a fuck to our country's problem?
    Are you not getting sick of those leaders who dispute over fame and name?

  18. Itu MCA pon sakitlah!
    Pening_pusing kepala bah.
    Bila YB Leow jadi chif pigi Sabah tenguk-tenguk meh.

  19. BN government will use all kind of tactic to remain in power. Not because of they want more but once BN collapse, 95% of BN leaders will be charge in court (Rasuah, Penyalahgunaan Kuasa, Penipuan & Pembaziran wang rakyat). BN stay too long!!!

    Have to wait at least 20 more years especially for Sabah to see changes…

  20. 20 more years? Sabah could have LRT or bullet train then....and most probably I can't snip out from heaven to help!!!

    But is alright..."Happy Deepavali" to minority Indian community in Sabah.

  21. As long as you are muslim, you can get your IC with instant bumiputra status from the evil government.

    In 1963, muslim population only 10%in sabah and todate is more than 75%. Wow! The muslim in Sabah so productive eh? Or coming to Sabah through back-door? I don't know why our evil government like to simply absorb those BANGSA SAMPAH SARAP and yet give them bumiputra status?

    Oneday Sabah will become another Taliban state.