Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Umno-Pas Unity Government?

This issue came up again and again....If that is the case, why not get married now (PM said it is like a marriage)...What have the other BN component "puppet" parties to say?

The issue of PAS forming a unity government with Umno had cropped up again at the recently held PAS muktamar where it was openly promoted by party president Abdul Hadi Awang.


  1. Tok Guru Nik Aziz has made it crystal clear that there will be no unity government with UMNO.

    Let it be known that PAS success in the 12th general election was with the Pakatan Rakyat support.

    Are there cracks within BN that UMNO is so adamant in this merger?

  2. What "marriage"?
    Probably....a few nite stand kind of relationship!
    Kuli said:"Man short of wisdom never learn from other who had experienced it." hehehe, regret later too late!

  3. Umno never consult its BN component parties or seek their views when major decision like this or many many others.....

    The other BN component parties are none other than puppet parties just for show only!

    Barisan Nasional is actually UMNO only!

  4. Barisan Nasional sebenarnya hanya alat untuk UMNO berkuasa!

    Tetapi yang amat menyedihkan ialah mengapa komponen BN (MCA, Gerakan, PBS, PBB, SUPP, UPKO dll) biarkan parti & harga diri mereka dipergunakan begitu...

    Saya dan keluarga saya akan menyokong SAPP... Hidup Malaysia x3!

  5. To stay in power UMNO BN will do what ever is needed and if this means a close relationship with the devil itself they would go for it! Beeing in power means pure and simple MONEY!