Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Abolish Cabotage Policy

Kota Kinabalu, Jun 4, 2009: SAPP Treasurer General Datuk Wong Yit Ming in a statement said that the policy hinders the growth of manufacturing in Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah will always have to "play catch up" with those from peninsula and this will pose a major challenge to the success of the Sabah Development Corridor, he said.

"The policy deprives Sabah's industries, the competitive ability to survive let alone compete with her peninsula counterparts. Unless the policy is abolished, there is no way for us to compete fairly, openly and ideally due to the uneven playing field," he said.


  1. The incompetency of the past and present leaders in Sabah has resulted in the uneven playing field.

    The famous Sherlock Holmes would have uncovered the discrepancies in seconds.The big question is,who is benefiting from this Cabotage Policy?

    "Success of the Sabah Development Corridor"?Who are the players in this SDC?

    In my latest posting in my blog,PUTT FOR CHANGE,it appears that the Corporate Cabinet decides the economy and business affairs of the state.So who and where are these"Corporate Minister's"link to?These are the arrogance of the corridors of power of the highest order.

    As far as the Sabah "Corporate Cabinet" is concerned,accountability is never part of their vocabulary.

    "A man of principals will resist an evil system with his soul.Non-collaboration with evil is a sacred duty"...GANDHI.

    Read more..http://advocateviews,blogspot,com

  2. Ronnie, you are absolutely right!

  3. Killing a UMNO BN cash cow? No way!

  4. The salaries in SAbah are genenerally much lower than in W.Msia and yet the prices of goods are much higher In Sabah than in W.Msia. i.e. the standard of living of Sabah is much lower.

    If the government is not doing anything on Cabotage Policy by next PRU, vote BN out !

    Only the people of Sabah themselves can change this situation . We need to make the people be aware of this problem, which is actually a very big problem that is affecting everyone's livelihood.