Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sabah discriminated by BN government

KOTA KINABALU, 26 May 2009: The Barisan Nasional (BN) Government is discriminating Sabah when it comes to providing the needed development, in particular, energy supplies, said Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP).

SAPP Wanita Chief Melanie Chia said it is evidence when the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), a Government Linked Company (GLC), which has been monopolising energy supply in the country, has confirmed that power from Bakun dam in Sarawak is very unlikely to be channeled to Sabah. more...


  1. "The most terrifying words in the English language are:I'm from the government and I'm here to help"...coal-powered plant,take it or leave it.

    In a conversation with friends over tea tarik,someone mention,if Sarawak is adamant about not channeling power from the Bakun dam to Sabah,then Sabah should also reciprocate by stopping the supply of natural gas to Sarawak.

    What do you think bro?My answer was,if my memory serves me correctly,the Government of the day in Sabah is also Barisan Nasional.
    The Corridors of Power..........

  2. Quoted:
    Yong Teck Lee: "This is 'my' promise to you, that our struggle continues and 'I will' always be by your side"...."Trust and integrity of the leaders are fundamental to the future of a country or a government or, in our case, SAPP as a 'serious political party' of the future"In reply to Puan Melanie for Sabah vs BN, "I will always be by your side "....but not with you!
    Have you ever heard about 'Parable of a token'
    -why among sabahan were given 'token' but it seems many like to bury underneath in ground! They smile all the ways with a 'token or heart' and always turn to BN as part of Malaysia!?
    -why is it so undecisive for your leaders to join with PR Frontline and protest openly with all other malaysian in west for righteousness?

    Search your heart with faith & fact but never see leaders who can't humble himself using 'I' yet wander for months and years!
    How many chances in a term to play 'flip-flop' and many are getting older!
    So real and practical!

  3. These people are not fooling around and what commonness they have in comparing to many Sabah 'YBs'!
    Take a look here.... and they are not silly in fasting or acting for what? Shall our leaders come forward to act on with our righteousness for sabah problems and its people on many matters we have voiced more in action?
    Always a good leader quoted:
    "As far as I am concerned, the hearts of the rakyat are still with us."that way!

    Our effort must be seen through and it's time sabahan be made to realise it!

  4. 倘弃燃煤无法解决沙电供

    2009-05-27 亚洲时报(本报山打根廿六日讯)山打根反燃煤发电厂行动委员会主席黄天发,今日对国能主席丹斯里廖莫宜的发表,即不放弃建燃煤发电厂计划,是解决东海岸电供不足最实际方案言论表示非常的遗憾与失望,同时也表示非常不明白,身为国能领导人,心意为何由始至现在都这样的坚决采用被公认为最肮脏与对环境造成祸害的燃煤发电措施。








  5. I can tell you one thing! The gas from Sabah will never get to Sabah no matter what UMNO BN tells us! This gas will go to Sarawak and Sabah may get a dirty coal fired plant. Why? Because some ppl need pocket money and maybe this pocket money was paid allredy and now this person HAS to deliver! No consideration for the rakyat of Sabah or the environment. No long term plan for example: what to do with the sladge (very dirty and toxic!) and how do they get the coal to the plant? and the sludge away? But if some ppl see $$$$ they stop thinking in long term or for others but themselfs! I have seen it to often to overlook it if it comes my way, sorry! Only a change of government can prevent it from happening, nothing else!

  6. Marilah kita marbuk ya!
    "Nah-Tusin"ooi musim bagui jumpa nanti!SAPP boleh!

  7. "Only a change of government can prevent it from happening, nothing else!"
    It is not easy to change in Sabah,money is very important in Sabah politics.How many MP and YBs won the last election without money politics ? Town areas will change definitely in the coming election,but in rural areas,"Who give me more money,I vote for him."

  8. Wha happen to tis think-thank expert?After only 14 plus months since March 2008 we can learn a lesson from a typical sabahan.
    It's so unpredictable for such a wisdom!
    Sabahan must really learn to by "heart" of fact and faithfulness.


    The question is: Why is it more economical to have a undersea power cable to Johor and not a cable link to Sabah?

    Why do we need a coal powered plant in Sabah when we have gas?

    Why can we not invest in solar and wind and wave energy projects?

    Why do we need to "buy" technologies from other countries over and over again and do not use our own brain and build "fit for Sabah" products?

    Solar panels are good for all regions with a lot of sun - we have it!

    Wind generators can be build in areas with a lot of wind - we have it!

    A project to harness energy from waves was introduces in PutraJaya and KK but could not find financing from Sabah banks. Reason: We do not have funds for such a project. (But funds for a hotel in KL?)

    So where do we go? Independent or fixed up with what is dictated from KL? Let see!

  10. Why not in SABAH?????

    Sarawak to harness wind, solar power in Bario

    MIRI, June 2 – The state government will start a pioneer hybrid electrical generation project tapping wind and solar resources in Bario, a highland area in the interior.

    Sarawak Public Utilities Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan said the power generation plan was approved by the state cabinet recently and the project was expected to power up several villages in Bario, which is presently only be accessible by air from here.

    The decision to try the wind and solar power generation project was made following the failure of an earlier micro hydroelectric project in the area, he said when closing the 18th Highlanders Sports Club Carnival here last night.

    Bario, the heartland of the Kelabit ethnic group, is among the most isolated places in Sarawak and cannot be linked with the state's main electrical grid link due to its remoteness and mountainous terrain.

    Nevertheless, Awang Tengah, who is also state Second Resource Planning and Management Minister, said, it had been identified to become an “agropolitan” with plans for commercial scale agricultural land development there. – Bernama

  11. kerajaan sedang membina loji janakuasa di Sabah untuk menjimatkan kadar bayaran elektrik bagi rakyat sabah. bukankah berbaloi?

  12. honestly i said, opposite party always try to find another party's weakness. did they have any idea to help either?

  13. dari dulu masalah ni timbul tak sudah2. akibat ada pihak yg sentiasa tidak berpuas hati. sewaktu isu ni wujud, kononnya pencemaran. sekarang isu diskriminasi pula. pihak pembangkang sengaja cari isu yang melengah-lengahkan usaha kerajaan. come on lah, kalau pihak pembangkang ada jalan keluar, why dont u share? jangan asyik timbulkan isu saja.