Saturday, May 23, 2009

KK Capital City's 500,000 people without a general hospital

KK Capital City's 500,000 people without a general hospital for how many days? Click here

"With the said RM1 billion allocations, the state government can then decide on the best option to resolve the QEH issue, whether to build a new general hospital or to buy an existing private hospital,"

While the Health Ministry sleeps, the patients are suffering daily NOW running to hundreds of days.


  1. If the govt is sincere in solving this problem, they would have done something about it.

    Because it is not them going to hospitals, they can afford private hospitals...not the ordinary people who just depend on govt hospitals if they are ill.

  2. All the budget have been channeled into the evil umnok account for by-election in order to bribe the rakyat. They don't have such a conscious and caring heart to help the poor.

    What do the component parties in BN do like PBS, MCA, UPKO, PBRS and LDP to help Sabah? is THIS what we sabahan get voted the evil umnok as the gomen?

    Where are those Christian minister from PBS to fight for Christian about the ALLAH issue? i WOULD NOT surprise all the PBS ministers all were converted to islam and now all keeping their mouth SHUT!

    I only see Bernard dompok voiced up against it so far.

    Our country is running by a bunch of HYPOCRITE by using GOD name in vain.

  3. "Federal government unhesitatingly deferred the introduction of new toll rates and chose to pay the concessionaire multi-million ringgit in damages yet they tell Sabahans that they have no money to save lives in Sabah"...
    Barulah dorang kena sebiji, haha!

  4. We are of no national importance to BN other than the "safe-deposit" vote. Therefore, the PM can flies over and talks crap with empty promises. See how our PBS leaders licking the balls of the Federal Leadership in spite of the lies/promises spinned by BN and PM?

    We get what we voted for.

  5. I Suspect a BN crony company is eyeing the health care industry in sabah. Health care is big business.

  6. Some blogs' reputations can't be challenged
    Goh Wei Liang | Mar 10, 09 4:56pm
    Bloggers, the alternative media and many politicians have long infiltrated the minds of Malaysians with mind-boggling articles and theories that plotted the downfall of Barisan Nasional and promoted the rise of Anwar Ibrahim.

    MCPXAsk yourselves sincerely. Remember reading certain blogs which initially provided black and white evidence of corruption, abuse of power and misuse of public funds?

    These blogs continue to command attention from readers and Internet-savvy folks in this modern age. And as time passes by, it does not matter anymore if there is evidence or not. All we see today are plain theories or stories without evidence

    And yet, the people continue to believe. Why is that so? It is because the foundations laid by these bloggers have been so solid and highly credible that people tend to believe whatever they say now, even without evidence.

    A simple question of ‘where is the proof?’ is now no longer necessary as Malaysian society’s mentality has truly evolved. Malaysians will brush aside any suspicions of these bloggers creating stories or conspiracies against certain politicians, especially those from the Barisan Nasional.

    The can take action but the tables can easily be turned around in favour of bloggers if they say they were arrested because those in power are afraid of what I write. I was manhandled - police brutality! Tainted judiciary - reform the judiciary!

    The application of the law has become so lopsided that I have never felt such injustice in Malaysia at such a level before in my 23 years of life.

    But some politicians are immune to this skewed application of the law because bloggers and the alternative media have placed them in a special position in the people's minds.

    Any move against these politicians, especially opposition one, while they are still claiming to be for the rakyat, sill see a public uproar.

    The judiciary are puppets and even before court cases are tried, the public has already delivered their verdict through the newspapers, blogs and the alternative media.

    Malaysian laws have become lopsided. is this true? Tepuk dada, tanya selera.

  7. A huge loan to KL companz but no hospital for KK!!!!!!! Remember this for times to come and paz back the deed next election!

  8. sorry! Should be: company and pay

  9. Food for thought,If only UMNO decides who becomes Prime Minister of Malaysia,and not the 27 million Malaysians,how can 500,000 Malaysians in Kota Kinabalu demand for a General Hospital?

    Kota Kinabalu Mayor,Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim[the number one balls licker of Musang]today very proudly stated that Kota Kinabalu needs more Hotels and Entertainment Outlets.What happen about Kota Kinabalu badly in need of a General Hospital?This pea brain Mayor needs to be admitted to Hospital Mesra for brain evaluation[if at all he has one].

    The only way that this Hospital issue can be resolve would be for the Politicians to brain storm among themselves and say,maybe we should fore-go the idea of making"COMMISSIONS"in this project.

    Why does the MOH and State Government need six months?Are there aware that peoples lives are at stake?This is tantamount to being label as a "Murderer".Musa Aman is so adamant and focus on the 9th Malaysia Plan and his Sabah Corridor,but does not show urgency in ensuring that Kota Kinabalu is badly in need of a General Hospital.And he has got the BALLS to tell Sabahans that the UMNO/BN Government always look after it's people.What Bullshit!!

    My Anonymous friend[2nd comment]for your info,the Allah issue is now in court,no thanks to Bernard the redundant Dompok.I'm surprise you have not been following the latest in the Allah issue.Stay abreast and never assume.


  10. Health Minister, you owe Sabah answers
    Dear Health Minister,

    Ali, a 32-year-old road traffic accident victim, travelled three hours
    from a district in Sabah and arrived in Kota Kinabalu six hours after
    the initial trauma. After the initial assessment in the emergency
    department, a CT scan of the head and abdomen was ordered to exclude
    intracranial bleeding and intraabdominal injury.

    He was whisked back onto an ambulance to the privately-owned Sabah
    Medical Center (SMC) for the required scans. After the ten-minute
    procedure, he was repacked into the ambulance back to Queen Elizabeth
    Hospital (QEH) to undergo further assessment while awaiting the results
    of his blood tests an
    d X-rays. His scans and X-rays were reviewed.

    Ali was found to have a lacerated liver and a fractured long bone with
    multiple superficial wounds. He was then prepared for emergency
    For that, the young man was then re-wheeled into the ambulance and
    headed once again to the SMC where the operating theatre and intensive
    care unit of QEH are currently housed. By the time surgery starts, it
    was already nine hours from the time of his motor vehicle accident.

    My story hasn’t finished, Mr Minister.

    One hour into the operation, our young chap bled tremendously that he
    required more blood products to sustain life. It would not be another
    hour or so before the blood products arrive from the blood bank of QEH
    to the SMC.

    You see YB, blood has to be taken from the patient and passed to a
    house officer. The house officer will fill in the necessary forms and
    hand them over to an attendant. The attendant will wait for a chartered
    bus or ambulance to head back to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or
    rather, what remains of it.

    Back in QEH, the attendant will wait 45 minutes for the blood to be
    cross-matched and then wait a while more for the arrival of a chartered
    bus or ambulance to ferry him (or her) back to SMC.

    Anyway, being a fit and healthy young man previously, Ali survived the
    operation. He was admitted to the ICU and needed a repeated chest 0D

    For that, the radiography team in QEH is informed. The duo will then
    take a the chartered bus or ambulance to SMC to perform the X-ray.
    Shooting an X-ray takes all but two minutes. Processing the cassette
    will take another five.

    However, the processing is done back in the hospital and delivered by
    the next available ambulance back to SMC. By the time the X-ray films
    reach the patient, it could be anything from three to twelve hours

    Dear Yang Berkhidmat (YB) Liow,

    I hope you notice the unacceptable predicament our Sabahan patients
    (and medical staff) are facing currently. It is already six months
    since the initial and abrupt closure of Kota Kinabalu’s Queen Elizabeth
    Hospital. Since then, we have been without a proper operating theatre
    and intensive care unit..

    We are also without distinctive wards for many of our surgical patients
    of most disciplines. Frankly speaking, the health crisis of the state
    of Sabah has run so deep and so far along that I do not where to begin.

    I will instead serve an eye-opening fact to you, Mr. Liow. At the
    height of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) epidemic, the
    the communist government of the People’s Republic of China erected a
    1,000-bed hospital within seven days.

    Work on the Xiaotangshan Hospital started on April 24, 2003 and was
    completed on April 30, with 7,000 workers and 500=2
    0machines tirelessly
    on duty around the clock. Far from being a melamine-laced structure,
    the Xiaotangshan Hospital is equipped with the then state-of-the-art
    anti-infective measures and facilities.
    The structure built within a week is still standing firm six years
    later today, ready to house any ill and potentially infective patient
    in the event of any unforeseen health crisis..

    Mr Health Minister,

    That is exactly what Sabahans are in right now – a health crisis. The
    Barisan Nasional government chants ‘Malaysia Boleh’ like some
    proverbial battle-cry but the Sabah state health crisis has proven that
    empty vessels make the most noise.
    Unlike MCA members, not everyone enjoys being labeled a ‘squatter’. For
    six months, the medical staff and patients of Sabah have been housed in
    sections of the Sabah Medical Center paying a whooping rental of RM
    90,000 per day.
    For five months since our forced relocation into your prized SMC, we
    only had one operating room for life-threatening emergency cases.
    Elective surgeries were postponed indefinitely even those involving
    cancers and prostates and suspicious breast lumps.

    We only restarted elective surgeries a month ago but even so, the
    backlog of cases is tremendous and catastrophic. I wonder Mr Minister,
    how would you like to have a tumor growing in your rectum with no
    avenue of getting it removed?
    That is exactly what our poor Sabah folk ar
    e facing. They were without
    money and without a hospital to get operated in. In fact, they still
    don’t because they do not have a formal general hospital for Kota
    Kinabalu anymore.
    Heck, we don’t even have our own CT scan. What we do have, however, is
    lots of bills to pay and debts to settle.

    Is it true that the state department of health owes SMC a total of RM
    6.1 million for CT scan services? Is it true that Hantaran Wira, the
    company contracted to provide transport to and fro SMC-QEH is paid
    RM500,000 per month?

    Mr. Minister,

    You owe the 3.4 million population of Sabah a lot of answers for wasted
    lives and needless deaths. Money cannot solve all problems in life.
    Thank you for listening.

  11. New Dep Minister, YB Rosnah said that in 2011-2012 only got budget wah... If budget ok then by 2015 we get new hospital kot!?
    YB Rosnah, also the Papar MP & Puteri UMNO new Head also said this year we (Sabah) will get 40 ambulances wah...
    So, u all don't worry because u all can be transport by ambulance to Tuaran, Beafort, Ranau hospital...
    Poor family have to pay for their own transport lah... what to do!
    Hidup BN... kuang, kuang, kuang...

  12. 2009-04-21亚洲时报(本报讯)沙巴进步党籍路阳区州议员谢秋菊将于今早(星期二)在州议会提呈紧急动议,要求辩论亚庇中央医院危楼导致医疗服务陷窘境事件,以确定紧急行动解决该问题。






  13. Govt said Kinarut general hospital to be implemented....and what about the KK general hospital...when????

  14. There the money goes!

    Go-ahead for Sabah-Johor undersea electricity cable

    MIRI: At least 10,000 megawatts of electricity from the RM6bill-Bakun hydro-electric dam project in central Sarawak will be supplied to peninsula Malaysia so that every states there will have adequate and uninterrupted supply of power for households and industries.

    The Cabinet has decided that the undersea-power transmission cable project between the southern tip of Sarawak and Johor must proceed so that energy from Bakun can be channeled via the bed of the South China Sea to Johor and then to the rest of peninsula Malaysia.

    Water, Energy and Green Technology Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said the Cabinet during its recent meeting agreed that it would be better to undertake the undersea-power cable project rather than to continue building new power plants in the peninsula states.

    ''Over the long term, it will be more economical and viable to transmit power from Bakun to peninsula Malaysia even though the undersea-cable project would be very costly.

    ''This project will ensure that folks in peninsula Malaysia get constant and adequate supply of electricity at a rate that would be much better compared to what they will have to pay if we (Government) were to allow more power plants to be build in the states in the peninsula.

    ''The costs of having to build more power plants in peninsula states will be much more as compared to the costs of the undersea-cable project,'' he said when interviewed after presenting grants for minor projects at the Sarawak United People's Party here.

    Chin said that the 10,000 MWs from Bakun should be enough to meet the needs of the whole of the peninsula, but stressed that the amount could be increased as and when the needs arise.

    The great benefit of hydro-power is that it can be increased when needed, he said, pointing out that Sarawak itself will have an abundant source of hydro-power that will be enough to meet not just the nation's needs, but also the needs of regional countries.

    Asked who will handle the undersea-cable project, Chin said a joint-venture would be undertaken by Tenaga Nasional Bhd and Sarawak Elctricity Board to carry out the job.

    The cost of the undersea-cable project has not been finalised as yet, he said, adding that the rates at which power would be sold to the peninsula is also being worked out.

    Bakun is expected to be operational by 2011.

    ''Sarawak will sell to Kalimantan, Sabah and even the southern Philippines as well because there will be much electricity to be generated not only from Bakun, but also from the other hydro-dams that will be build under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) project,'' he said.

    Chin said Sarawak will have the capacity to generate electricity reserve of up to 28,000 Mws from the SCORE project.

    And where are the ppl of Sabah and Sarawak?

    April 25, 2009 3:22 PM

  15. MCA hides the fact that the Health Department has 50 acres of empty land beside the existing Hospital Mesra in Bukit Padang.

    Imagine these same leaders are willing to pay an exorbitant price to buy a "ready-made" hospital and yet have no money to build a new hospital???

  16. Money in the wrong hands and the ppl of KK suffer! Very sad. But remember it at the next election - if we have one!

  17. Even SMC take over by government,a general Hospital at the same place is better for Sabah people. A woman complains abdominal pain,we always send her to QEH,if she is a case of perforated gastric ulcer,QEH has to transfer her to SMC,if she is a case of ectopic pregancy,QEH has to send her to hospital Likas.If the bleeding is active,hosiptal needs more blood to save her.
    QEH has many good specialists,they work for people not for money. I hope the 'politician'will discss with them.

  18. when DAP gone badMay 4, 2009 at 7:07 PM

    标题: 巧合?捕风捉影?还是蛛丝马迹?沙巴马华和行动党的另一合作无间


    早前行动党籍的亚庇区国会议员邱庆洲排除众议,就中央医院危楼危机事件,不理会多数专业团体,包括卫生部大部分专家,否定民事职员合作社大厦(Wisma Khidmat)改建为临时中央医院的建议;在罕见的,出其不意的,一改反对党对国阵政府倡议的计划的怀疑和不信任态度,不单附和以沙巴首席部长和沙巴马华唯一州议员邱克海为首的沙巴州政府内阁建议,更是誓死坚贞守护这个建议,完全像是沙巴内阁的代言人的身份,另许多民众感到错愕。加上邱庆洲多次在报章发表的文告,图文并茂的在国会会见卫生部长,提呈建议书,朝野的这种互动,实在少见。








    是行动党身在反对党游说工程?还是行动党的越俎代庖? 是行动党为了领功邀功胡乱发文告?还是马华行动党的合作互动已经成熟? 再一次,吸引大家的目光,一切有待观察。

  19. can someone PLEASE translate the last posting? Thank you!

  20. Pls. read even if it is in the wrong blog! It is time to cash out our fixed deposit!

  21. Published: Tuesday May 5, 2009 MYT 4:18:00 PM
    Fed Govt to buy Sabah hospital for RM245m

    KOTA KINABALU: The Federal Government is buying privately owned Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) as an immediate measure to overcome the critical hospital bed shortage problem in the city here.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Government was in the final stages of taking over SMC at a cost of RM245mil.

    “We are committed to providing the best available healthcare to Sabahans,” he said at a “meet-the-people” gathering at the historic Padang Merdeka in his first visit to the state as premier.

    Dismissing talk that the acquisition would cost nearly RM450mil, he said the SMC takeover would be “fast-tracked” as the Government was aware of the urgency in tackling the healthcare needs of the state capital following the closure of the Queen Elizabeth hospital main tower block.

    He said the Government would also be refurbishing the recently completed SMC located in suburban Damai, 2km from downtown Kota Kinabalu.

    Later Najib told reporters that that the refurbishment cost would depend on the requirements of the Health Ministry while under the purchase, SMC will be renting two floors from the Government.

    Previously the Government had acquired the first SMC building in Likas and converted it into a women and children’s hospital that is now known as Likas Hospital.

    Najib said RM500mil of the special RM1bil allocation pledged to Sabah had already been delivered for various development projects.

    The Prime Minister in his speech reminded Sabah Barisan Nasional leaders that they were servants of the people.

    He said the leaders should constantly see for themselves the everyday situations faced by ordinary folk so that they could solve their problems.

    “As elected representatives, there is no need to wait for invitations, red carpets or TV cameras. We need to work for the people.

    “I don’t want leaders who are feared. I want leaders who are appreciated and respected,” he said.

  22. I hope he is wrong for the future of Sabah!

  23. As of now, we are 189 days without a proper general hospital.

    Anybody has the right figure?

  24. Meant for the rich and famous onlyA KK-based blogger, Ronnie Klassen, under the slogan Putt for Change, touching on the same issue, said the state government's credibility, transparency and accountability is now highly suspect.

    A private medical centre is meant for the rich and famous and not one who only earns enough to feed his family, he said in his latest blog, adding that by saying what he did, Mositun has put his foot in his mouth.

    “Why is the state government so adamant in wanting to convert Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital, when even the federal government were not in favour of it in the first place?"

    The blogger said the state government should explain to the people and come out clean and not twist facts and speak in riddles.

    “The best Kaamatan gift that the state government can give to the people is to stop hoodwinking the people,” he added.

  25. we do NOT need one more private hospital we need a GENERAL HOSPITAL for all citicens!!!!!!!!