Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dr M on the 2008 General Elections

"I am amazed that there are still people in this country who think that the opposition parties "won" the general elections because they promised a more open society with transparency and whatnots, including of course doing away with the Internal Security Act"

"Whom do they blame? They blame UMNO and its leaders and the kowtow-ing leaders of MCA, Gerakan, MIC. In particular they blame the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi"

"Why did they blame Abdullah? Their reasoning was simple. Under previous Prime Ministers they were very much better off; the prices of goods did not go up too high, their incomes had increased, the officials were more attentive and so were their wakils etc etc."

"And so the BN lost. But the opposition did not win..." So What Do We Think? more...


  1. Mahathir has blamed everybody but himself, and the cumulative negative impact of his 22 years rule that he left behind. Really the Malaysian public do not mind the number of opposition leaders and dissidents whom he put to jail under ISA? What about DSAI's black eye incident and the distorted 1998 sodomy drama?

  2. “With the Permatang Pauh byelection just round the corner, this is surely more than a coincidence,” said a staunch DAP member. “What do you think? Is it possible for them to abuse their powers after assuming office in less than five months? After all, it is an open secret that BN is desperate to regain control of the state.

    They will not stop at anything.” His fear is very real as the Pakatan Rakyat state government has 31 seats, 18 of which are held by DAP, seven by PKR and six by Pas while BN has 28.

    Obviously, anybody can see that these arrests were schemed and executed with precision to destablish the Pakatan govt in Perak. ACA is a very useful tool indeed, better than ISA, or sodomy

  3. Dr M, the Mahathir regime was over, now we are facing the Badawi flip-flop government...If Najib goes up, we will call it C4 govt

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but did Dr. M not say in one of his interviews that the "Plot" was played again? If this is so, and I did not misread this, that sounds for me like a convession. That would mean in the same way he said, that the second sodomy case is a plot as well.

    Pls. can someone find out from which ones money this Saiful is living on? Drop-uots have not the means of living in posh condo unit and can spend so much money on campaining for BN. Something is wrong and should be cleared before the 26. August. PLEASE take care of DSAI! BN is desperate and will do what EVER is necessary to stay in power and payment!

    SAPP get out and form the Borneon Alliance before Sabahs oils is gone and pls. stop this coal power plant in Sabah! You know it is not necessary to go back into an old technology and be dependent on others to sell coal to Sabah. Get independent as fast as possible! Sabahans will be behind you all the way!