Saturday, August 30, 2008

Convention on Sabah Issues

Convention on Sabah Issues (Konvensyen isu-isu Sabah) organised by SAPP was held on 30 August 2008 attended by over a thousand people. Panel of invited speakers were Datuk Harris Salleh, Tan Sri Simon Sipaun and Amde Sidik.

Among the topics covered included illegal immigrants problem, illegal foreign workers, land scam, Labuan, economic disparities, oil royalty, racism, corruption...mostly related to SAPP's 8 declarations/points and more...


  1. Amat jelas sekali rakyat Malaysia di Sabah akan dapat melihat pada masa depan siapa pemimpin-pemimpin mereka yang sentiasa ambil berat tentang hak dan isu-isu di Sabah.

    Kita patut merasa bangga dan bersyukur sebab ada pemimpin dan tokoh-tokoh seperti Datuk Seri Yong ,Datuk Harris,Tan Sri Simon Sipaun,Datuk Amde Sidik hadir bersama yang lain berusaha untuk konvesyen ini pada kali pertama. Konvensyan yang baik patut sentiasa diadakan supaya rakyat jelata memaham peranan dan usaha antara pemimpin-pemimpin yang mementingkan kehidupan kita.

    Kita orang Sabah patut menyokong sepenuhnya kepada 3 orang ahli
    parlimen terutamanya ahli parlimen baru Kota Kinabalu YB Dr. Hiew King Chieu sebab mereka betul ambil berat tentang masalah yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat Sabah.

    Pada ahli-ahli parlimen Sabah lain yang angkuh dan hanya pandai "berkoko" di parlimen tetapi tidak berani menyuarakan perihal yang benar biarkanlah mereka saja! Mereka akan sedar satu hari nanti pada masa depan.

    Nampaknya,walaupun berumur meningkat masih segar dan sihat Datuk Harris betul seorang pemimpin yang terhormat sebagai "bapa pembangunan Sabah" sejak merdeka. Mari semua bersatupadu dengan satu hati menyokong penuh usul-usul kita sebagai rakyat mencintai Sabah dan Malaysia. Jangan "cium" tangan saja tapi juga sentiasa betul adn benar di hati. Itulah ajaran oleh tokoh yang dita'atkan!

    Sabah di masa akan datang patut makmur dan maju sebab ada pemimpin dan rakyat yang berkalibar ini.

    Kita akan boleh menandatangani penentangan biar apapun di masa hadapan dengan satu hati.

  2. The 2 MP of SAPP should take initiative to quit BN immediately. DSAI is already in Parliament. Why waiting for BN to sack them? Be brave enough to show no confidence in PM. Hurry up, I think many other MPs will follow suit to enable DSAI to form a new government.

  3. Perkara paling lantang di kala ini adalah lompat parti. Kedengaran negatif sebab yang meletakkan istilah "LOMPAT" itu adalah parti lawan. Bukan lawan Harimau, tetapi lawan Anwar.

    Kalau diubah kepada HIJRAH parti, tentu nampak positif dan lebih tepat sebab Hijrah biasanya dari buruk ke baik, dari lemah ke kuat dan dari berpecah ke bersatu.

    Tanya balik pada rakyat, tentu mereka setuju tentang Hijrah parti.

    ...Kalau nak baca lebih, layari blog Tok Harimau (

  4. Firstly,allow me to congratulate the organizing committee in this convention,although constructively there are rooms for vast improvement.

    I attended the convention,and I must say,that disappointment was seen among the many faces within the proximity of the hall.While history will always be part of our current and future life's,what was not address where concrete solutions and effective measures.

    "Convention On Sabah Issues",was clearly an important landscape matter that requires nationalism and political will.Sabah issues would never have been an issue,had the National and State leaders been focused in it's direction.

    "Out from the frying pan and back into the fire"?Surely leaders could be more mature and far sighted than that.If inevitable changes are to be made,for the betterment of a nation well loved by all Malaysians,than our mindset must except these changes.

    Back to the Convention,I would like to suggest,that future conventions should have a panel,mixed blend of the old and the young.While having no disrespect to the panel yesterday,the people of the State is more keen to know in the minds of it's "LEADERS",their ideas and plans in taking us into the next century.On another note,please ensure that panel speakers are required to be on time and not 3 hours late,as in the case of Harris Salleh.Respect works both ways and is earned.I have no respect for a person who claims to be a leader,but has no respect for the

    Kudos again to the organizing committee,and sincerely hope that future conventions will take note of these advice and suggestions.


  5. quoted-"although constructively there are rooms for vast improvement."by Ronnie

    Very impressive to began such convention but times allocated were too limiting for Q & A.
    Certainly, some Qs instead of Q it directly seems keep on turning about what had been touched but instead of being a Q. Too much of introductory in Q & A and addressing sound not really good too!

    As room to improvement suggestion were to have more young generation mix in the panel truly agreed because we could shape the mission of positive development and prepare our young generation to become good leaders. Remember they are going to be our future taking charge one day!

    For even better one , suggestion to initiate a place such like "Free Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park" as in many other countries! This could be good to provide a stage or platform specially to hear voices or feed back on issues!

    Remembered the old times, someone needed to take 'euro rail' all the way down to listen your

    Knowing him also turned up as 'Yang Berhormat ' but had reacted so different in the convention now.

    So SAPP & its leaders....Syabas and keep on more positive with it for Sabah!

    -uk (ubi kayu)

  6. A good one like this was not in Sabah before with any political party sincerely for Sabah!
    But how long it's going to last? Like what our so-called "father of Sabah development" Datuk Harris Salleh, former CM said:"kowtow or cium hand" is what used to be! It will regret many sabahan who stand to support any party as it did happen during berjaya time in our history,do you know why?
    As a minority here sorry that we have seen before those who always feel as 'prority bumi-' here and decision made is always weavering overnight too! Read it from today news what have UPKO said is too sad to us. They may not sound like with confidence to Sabah people. Taste little sweet here they go....! That's their mature leaders go about.

    Singh Singh Here to bad!

  7. Harris Salleh can make his political comeback if he join SAPP together with other Umno YBs or members.

  8. Monday September 1, 2008
    Parties want stronger action against division chief

    GEORGE TOWN: Don’t let him off the hook lightly.

    This was the call by Gerakan vice-president Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in urging action against Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

    This was following reports that Ahmad had allegedly called the Chinese pendatang (immigrants) at a ceramah during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    On Saturday, Abdullah said that he would tell Ahmad not to repeat such remarks and that he (Abdullah) did not think Ahmad meant what he said.

    Dr Teng said the “light and non-deterrent” comments by Abdullah was totally insignificant to prevent the occurrence of similar mistakes by Umno and Barisan Nasional leaders in future.

    “The fact that Ahmad has refused to apologise when facing the wrath of the Chinese community showed how recalcitrant, arrogant and insensitive he is to a multi-racial society like Malaysia,” he said in a statement yesterday.

    Dr Teng urged the police to investigate the police reports lodged by the MCA and Gerakan Youths against Ahmad’s statement.

    Bukit Bendera MCA division deputy chief Quah Eng Lam said Ahmad’s remarks were “irresponsible, racist and extreme.”

    “We strongly condemn the remarks and urge Umno and Barisan Nasional to take stern action against him,” he told a press conference yesterday.

    Division vice-chairman Tan Khai Beng said the remarks were uncalled for and unbecoming of an Umno politician.

    “We demand that Umno sack him. He obviously doesn’t know the non-Bumiputra sentiment,” he said.

    Ahmad could not be reached for comments.

    To all Sabah Umno MPs, what do you think of these Umno racists like Ahmad.

    Do you support such leaders? They also said Sabah Umno bukan bumiputera Malaysia, bukan sama kita Melayu, Dia orang bajau, suluk, bugis, murut, pilipin etc bah...

  9. To all forumist here in SAPP BLOG, Please forget about UMNO MPs are all for Sabahan interest. They are only interested in getting commission and others. They are all bunch of corrupted MPs.

  10. Money is everything!
    Even Man & family can't be safe w/o
    What's main problems between Sabah and Pak Lah also because of money.
    Ask PBS & many of other clear enough.

  11. The native Sabah are the WORST and easily get tempted by the goodies from UMNO. They are bunch of no discipline and pride where they can sell the family, religion and friends when there is goodies given by the evil.

    Sarawak native still maintain 40% of christinity population in their state but Sabah native from 35% since MERDEKA and now drop to only 25% and the other 10% has been converted to islam. Don't believe? you can go to Kundasang and Ranau where most of them are already converted into islam for the sake of more priviledge than the bumi-non-muslim.

    You can look at their leaders like Pairin and Joseph Kurup are the evil umno ball lickers. Do you think such leader will bring Sabah to progress? Keep on dreaming Sabahans!

  12. Sebenarnya kalo nak tau punca keluarnya labuan dari sabah tindakan sape...... tanyalah kat SAPP yang bijak pandai tapi 'pemimpin dayus'. Kes rasuah RM50 juta yang melibatkan Presiden SAPP sape punya angkara. Tanah orang Sabah yang dimiliki leh kaum tak sepatutnya siapa yang buat. TUan dan puan kena selidiki ini dan keluarkan dalam blog ini. BARU SUmandakbayu dapat terima dorang ni adalah pemimpin untuk menjaga kebajikan orang Sabah secara total.

  13. Sabah native leaders are the traitors to their own people. Either they are simply incompetence or still drunk with beer. What has happening to the local native now in Sabah? A bugis guy who already obtained MYCARD (from umnok) told me "Itu Kadazan yg paling bodoh dan malas punya bangsa di dunia". A pendatang haram from Indon also can see how stupid of our native are. Nevertheless, our native still living in the state of denial.

    As I can see the sabah native will dissappear soon on earth due to ethnic cleansing by the evil umno since their leaders are stupid and easily being manipulated by the evil master umnok.

  14. maximus @ pairin @ guntalowSeptember 2, 2008 at 3:05 PM

    Stop those 'cross-over stories,' says Maximus

  15. Simon on illegals who are luckier than locals

    KOTA KINABALU: Foreigners are enjoying better and preferential treatment than locals in Sabah, said former State Secrctarv Tan Sri Simon Sipaun.

    He said experience appears to indicate that in Sabah's case, the Government seems to encourage illegal immigrants despite opposition by locals.

    "In a recent meeting in Kuala Lumpur which I attended a high-ranking officer handling immigration matters associated with Sabah remarked, to my surprise and disappointment, that it was the prerogative of the Government to grant citizenship to whoever it likes and nobody should question it." said Sipaun, who is also Deputy Chairman of Suhakam (Malaysia Human Rights Commission).

    Citing cases to back his claim that foreigners were given preferential treatment over locals, Simon said about three weeks ago a complainant came to the Suhakam Sabah Office complaining that his children were refused admission to a school and he was not satisfied because he has a MyKad issued by the National Registration Department.

    He said the complainant's MyKad indicates that he is a Muslim, Malaysian citizen and bumiputera. His birth certificate, also shows he was born in Kg. Pirasan, Kota Marudu.

    "(But) Kg Pirasan is located in Kota Belud. How he was issued a MyKad and, therefore, Malaysian citizenship is very puzzling and Suhakam has written to the National Registration Department for clarification," he said.

    In another complainant, he said a Filipino claimed he was in possession of a Malaysian IC since 1994. The complainant had an Umno membership card and belonged to Umno Libaran in Sandakan, but claimed that his IC only allows him to cast his vote in Libaran constituency.

    "He (complainant) complained to Suhaham that his IC was useless after each general election and is unable to change it into MyKad. It appears then that a person without valid identification card could vote and become a member of a political party," he said.

    His third example was that of a Filipina, aged 24, who is in possession of a birth certificate indi¬cating that she is not a Malaysian citizen. Her parents as indicated on her birth certificate also are not citizens of Malaysia.

    However, in 1998, her father obtained the "bunga raya" Malaysian IC and subsequently was issued with a MyKad in 2000.

    "This case indicates that a male Filipino, his wife and daughter were all non-Malaysians. Within two years he (the father) obtained a MyKad and citizenship. The wife and daughter are still not Malaysians," he said.

    It has been said that what is impossible elsewhere is possible in Sabah, he said, while recalling a news report in 2002 concerning an immigration raid in Keningau.

    "Thirty-four foreigners were found to be in possession of MyKad that had yet to be introduced in Sabah at that point in time ... it was further reported that the NRD confirmed that these cards were genuine," he said.

    He said it is also strongly believed that the Immigration Department in Sabah was still issuing IMM13 permits to Filipinos as late as July 2002 although they were not supposed to he issued after 1984.

    "As far as I know such permits were never issued in Peninsular Malaysia. An attempt was made to issue them to the Rohingyas (Myanmar refugees) but was quickly aborted," he said.

    These few cases which I have mentioned should not arise at all if they were not planned, condoned, sanctioned and encouraged by certain peo¬ple in position of influence and authority, he stressed, adding that these cases were probably only the tip of the iceberg.

    In contrast Simon said there was a complainant. a 33 year-old local who was born on 24 March 1975 in Kg Mandurian, Pitas, whose both Parents were locals and have always lived in the said village.

    He said the complainant, who had a valid birth certificate issued by the NRD, had applied for MyKad and was told to wait. "(And) he has now been waiting for 12 years...," said Simon.

    The complainant said he had been denied many of his rights as a Malaysian, said Simon, who is fully agreed with the complainant "as we all realise MyKad is required at just about every official dealing such as opening a bank account or even checking into a hotel."
    "Without it is like a human being without an identity. He has the right to an identify. This sort of thing should not arise in a civilized country." he said.

    "Clearly the authorities are giving preferential treatment to foreigners over local Sabahans. We cannot blame the foreigners for this state of affairs. I think even they themselves do not wish local Sabahans to be treated this way.

    "Again my gut feelings tells me that many Sabahans are stateless although they have never left the place they were born," he said.

    Simon said the illegal immigrants issue is a national problem but shouldered by Malaysians living in Sabah.

    "The question is why has the problem been allowed to develop to such an extent that it is now next to impossible to being effectively resolved? What has Sabah done to deserve this and just who are responsible for this mess?"

    He said some of these questions could be answered with the setting up of a truly independent commission of enquiry. The usual explanation given by the government is that Sabah has a very long and porous border and difficult to police, he said.

    "But when I look at the map, Sarawak appears to have longer borders with Indonesia. Malaysia is neither a state party to the UN Convention Relating to the status of the Refugees 1951 nor the Protocol Relating to the status of Refugees 1967 as well s other major UN human rights instruments which are relevant to refugees and asylum seekers."

    Simon said Malaysia has also not enacted any legalization for the protection of refugees, meaning all 'refugees' in Malaysia are treated as illegal immigrants and subjected to penalties. detention und deportation under the Immigration Act 1959/63.

    During the late 60s and early 70s waves of so-called "refugees" landed in Sabah mostly from the Southern Philippines and they were recognised by the UN as such, he said, adding the UN High Commissioner for Refugees had an office in Kota Kinabalu at that time and for identification purpos¬es they were issued with docu¬ments known as IMM13.

    Simon said these "refugees" originally numbered between 40,000 and 60,000 and more than 40 years later they are still here, unlike the Vietnamese refugees who were confined to Pulau Bidong and either sent back to their country of origin or to a third country within two years.

    "There is certainly an element of double standards in dealing with Sabah."

    Simon said there are as many foreigners, if not more, in the State than Sabahans based on certain indicators including about 20 years ago when Kg Ice Box in Tawau was burnt to the ground and 5,000 people lost their homes. Of the 5,000 only 500 were Malaysians.

    He said in 1970 Sarawak's population was estimated at one mil¬lion. In 2004 (34 years later) it was about two million. In 1970 Sabah had a population of about 698,000. In 2004 it grew to about 3.3 million.

    Today it is probably 3.5 million or more, he said, adding that by Sarawak's standard Sabah's population in 2004 should he around 1.4 million. There is there¬fore a "surplus" of 1.9 million.

    He said as of June 2005 the Kinabatangan district had a population of about 85,000 and only 25,000 were Malaysians. As at 23 December 2005, the prison population was 3,052 and about 70 pc were foreigners, he said.

    He said the Health Minister was reported in the Daily Express in its July 9, 2006 edition that Sahah hospitals were receiving the most number of foreigners amounting to 30 percent.

    It was further reported in the Daily Express on Nov. 18, 2007, that 80pc of the Likas Hospital beds were taken up by foreigners (illegals). The statement was attributed to the Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinahalu (DBKK), he said, adding that recently an Assistant Minister downplayed the figure.

    "Just go for a walk especially at night in our city and other major towns and you could feel that you are not in Sabah...where else in the country do you have a Filipino market?" he asked.


  16. If we compare the PR and BN, it's very clear the former offers a multi-racial tripartile coalition model in which all three parties must agree to certain policies before they are implemented or else the disagreed policies will be set aside for further consultation. In contrast, the UMNO dominated BN has overwhelming policy decision making in which the minor parties like MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SUPP and PBS, etc. have very little leverage over certain issues such as those raised by Bukit Bendera Umno Division Chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail. What can these minor parties do?

  17. SAPP Datuk YTL ,

    That was a very good Convention on Sabah ssues .

    We propose we should have another round of such kind " Forum / Convention on Sabah& Sarawak 916 "

    SAPP should further invite speakers Lim Kit Siang from DAP , Anwar from PKR , Tan Sri Bernard
    Dompok from UPKO , and Datuk YTL from SAPP .
    That means two leaders from the West & two leaders from the East Malaysia .

    That also means we have speakers from Bumi Malay , Bumi Kadazan , & Chinese leaders speakers .

    What you say ?
    Any one out there to support me ?

  18. Better find replacements for the 150,000 deportees quick: Harris

    KOTA KINABALU: The problem of foreign illegal workers had not been conclusively solved by both the State and Federal leadership throughout the years, said former Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh.

    "The problem has become worst because the Federal policies on foreign workers keep changing almost every week;" he said, adding that nobody bothered to look and try to understand why these workers entered Sabah in the first place and why those who entered legally opted to become illegal.

    "It is reported that there are now more than 150,000 illegal foreign workers employed mostly as harvesters in more than 1.5 million hectares of plantations in Sabah.

    "Also no one seems to worry of care about the replacement of these workers in Sabah's oil palm plantation industry without who it will come to a stand still," he said at the Convention on Sabah Issues on Saturday.

    Harris said all they seemed to care was to ensure their future political survival. "They have to take the popular stand of playing to the hysterical and unthinking demands and accusations against the Federal Government," he added.

    The problem is relatively easier to solve simply by either legalising their stay or sending them back, he said.
    In this respect, Harris said the Government would have to find Sabahans as replacements for the 150,000 illegal foreign workers targeted for deportation.

    For him, the most serious problem in Sabah was to provide land for landless Sahahans.
    "The problem of illegal foreign workers can be more easily solved by simply formulating the most appropriate and correct policy. Land ownership is the source of hope and future well-being of Sabahans.

    "Therefore, the problem of providing land for the landless should be taken as top priority by the leaders. Nevertheless, these problems remain as problems because leaders are not serious and not honest both to themselves and Sabahans." he said. He reminded that in 1983, his Berjaya Government reserved 906,300 acres of State land for alienation to over (60,000 landless Sabahans at 15 acres each.
    Regrettably, he said a senior (ex-PBS) political leader reported a few years ago that more than 80 per cent of this land that was committed to the smallholders, was alienated to local companies, which then sold the companies and land to Peninsular companies.

    Harris claimed the problem o1 land for landless Sabahans had worsened compared to the early 1980s because the number of 60,000 landless Sabahans has greatly multiplied.

    Towards this end, he said the government must seriously identify and locate as replacements parcels of State land to replace the 906,300 acres that were committed to the 60,000 landless Sabahans.

    "The total acreage required may increase considerably because the number of landless Sabahans has now multiplied to a few hundred thousand," he said.

    --------Harris was speaking at the SAPP Convention on Sabah Issues....

  19. Brother or sister Sanglu
    ( I dun know ) ,

    I went to attend that SAPP organused Convention on Sabah Issues at Bukit Padang Putera Rest .

    It did refresh my mind & my friends too , getting a bit of more interested to listen more about it .

    Cos we youngsters do not know much about past Real History about forming Malaysia .
    Our text books written another , you all politicians talk another .

    We believe all spekers were telling the truth on that day .

    I support what Sanglu's proposal . Do organise more of its kind convention .
    Let all national leaders and local leaders to speak to us .

    Yes why not ?
    Invite Anwar & Lim Kit Siang to come to Sabah .
    Let Tan Sri Bernard & Datuk Yong T L also to speak .

    I am sure it would be a fantastic show to put on .
    Who to organise ?
    SAPP to organise ?

    We put up both our hands to support.

  20. While I was having my Kuching laksa in Gaya Street this morning, the headline of Sabah Daily Express shows a photo of an empty table of the breaking of fast ceremony. Guess whose it was reserved for? Yes, its for the thorn in PM’s flesh, SAPP.

    A quick phone call confirmed that only Datuk Raymond Tan, deputy president of SAPP was present at the “break fast” with PM. A close aide said he has to be in attendence as he is the Deputy Chief Minister and a senior member of the state cabinet. Other notable absence were Datuk Frankie Chong, Deputy State Assembly Speaker, Puan Melanie Chia Chui Ket, Assistant Finance Minister and SAPP Youth Leader Au Kam Wah.

    An interesting note was that this time the State Government sent out a blank invitation card ( Two component parties has confirmed this) for this “breaking of fast” program with PM. An office administration staff said, “we are suppose to fill it in ourselves”.

    If this is true for all those that were invited, it does not give a good reflection on the overall administration of the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman. Imagine a simple invitation cannot be delivered what more the so-called multi-billion allocation for development of Sabah under the 9 Malaysia Plan and Sabah Development Corridor.

    If we can’t do the small thing correctly or can we be trusted to do the big things properly? A staff of the City Hall who was sharing table with me exclaimed, “peduli lah itu politik. Pakatan pun tak jadi. Nasib itu mega belum ada orang kena lagi”. (forget about the politics. pakatan takeover not on. luckily no one has strike the mega (refering to the sports toto draw)). Audie61's Weblog

  21. Bila sudah over prime-time, baru nak tunjuk baik...biasalah, masa pegang kuasa dulu... lu sapa?? gua cakap lu.. sekarang, bukan main.. kalau boleh, jumpa semua orang pun di mahu peluk...
    GUN TAW LOW... yang jatuhkan PBS dulu adalah Anwar Ibrahim.. yang merosakkan PBS ialah YONG TECK LEE dan BERNARD DOMPOK.. anwar ibrahim punya jarum bukan main hebat... sampai belumpatan katak dari PBS masuk UMNO... tapi, sebelum itu.. siapa yang pujuk Pairin keluar BN.. YONG TECK LEE dan BERNARD DOMPOK... kenapa, untuk merosakkan nama Pairin dan ambil jadi Presiden PBS....
    Maka itu..GUN TAW LOW,
    periksa fakta dahulu sebelum buat kenyataan....

  22. New Sabah Times

    We're happy with Labuan being a FT, say MP

    Malaysians in Labuan are comfortable with the island's status as a Federal Territory
    and there is no basis for it to be returned to Sabah, Labuan member of parliament Datuk
    Yussof Mahal said.

    He said returning Labuan to Sabah would only burden the state's administration.

    "The Labuan residents are comfortable with the island's status as a Federal Territory,
    although this does not mean that we are not happy with the Sabah administration before,"
    he said when asked to comment on statements from Sabah politicians seeking the return of
    the duty free island to the mainland.

    Labuan became a Federal Territory in 1984.

    "Between Labuan and Sabah, we have no problem. Malaysians in Labuan are well connected
    with the Sabahans.

    "After all, we are all Malaysians," he told reporters after handing over Hari Raya goodies
    to motorists travelling the Labuan-Menumbok ferry service at that the Labuan ferry terminal

    Sabah Progressive Party president Datuk Yong Tek Lee had said that there would be efforts to
    seek the return of the island to Sabah.

  23. 谁在乎沙巴的社会毒瘤与悲哀?

    据说,政府发执照允许跑马机/老虎机/slot machines,只在所有的联邦直辖区(雪隆和纳闽)和沙巴州可以找到;据说其他州属都没有,是这样吗?沙巴有大约400-500架有执照的老虎机,分布在全州的体育和休闲俱乐部,每家有5至10架。这些体育和休闲俱乐部离任何的住宅区不会超过百步之远。去他的什么拉斯维加斯云顶澳门和新加坡的赌场,要赌!沙巴可以让人赌身家!问题是他有多少?