Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"2011- No illegal problems" - Pairin

Datuk SP Joseph Pairin Kitingan has indicated 2011 as the target for the country to rid the country of all illegal problems. According to him, the "reasonable time frame (set) would enable Malaysia to discuss with its neighbours, particularly The Philippines and Indonesia ".
Is the time set reasonable and achieveable? No body is talking of solving the problem holistically. This writer seeks answers as to how they intend to stop these illegals coming back to Sabah? You may be able to flush out these immigrants, according to the DPM to number some 300,000 in Sabah. But how many will seep back through the security sieve to Sabah? What is to be done to those "illegals" holding My-Kads?


  1. SAPP: Time for Direct Preventive Actions
    Kota Kinabalu: It is now officially acknowledged by the Federal Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad that the over crowding of illegal immigrants in the 15 detention centres around the country has reached crisis point. With this over crowding and the "don't care" attitude of the Philippines and Indonesian authorities in bringing their citizens home, it is unavoidable that some detainees will suffer. In any detention of people, the most vulnerable ones are obviously the young and women.

    2. It is also a recent trend that the Philippines and, to a lesser extent, Indonesia do not co-operate in accepting back their citizens who are stranded in the Malaysian State of Sabah. The growing numbers will continue to be an increasing tax on Malaysian resources. From news reports, this crisis is getting out of control not only in Sabah but also in the Peninsula Malaysia and Sarawak. The financial costs of maintaining the detention centres runs into millions of Ringgit per annum at the expense of the government and the people.

    3. In view of the seriousness of the illegal immigrant problems afflicting Malaysia, especially Sabah, SAPP has submitted a list of fresh proposals and ideas to the Federal Government, in addition to the memorandum entitled "Illegal Immigrants: Mother of All Threats" submitted to the government in 1999 which is still largely relevant today.

    4. SAPP calls on the authorities to consider urgently and seriously the following actions:

    (a) To embark on Special operations, such as the operations in 1995 - 1996 to detain the leaders and members of syndicates, including the "illegal out-sourcing agents" who bring in such illegals and issue dubious documents to illegals,

    (b) To bring in the military, with all its logistical superiority, as an additional and regular feature of enforcement and repatriation of illegals,

    (c) To strengthen and expand the RELA involvement so as to use more local citizens to assist the Police and Immigration Department in roping in illegals,

    (d) To set up a Malaysian Consulate in Zamboanga from where most citizens of the Southern Philippines board their ferry and to where most repartees are sent from Sabah. If there are constraints in establishing a new consulate in the Philippines, then the existing consulate in Davao (also in Mindanao) should be re-located to Zamboanga. This consulate can help to ensure that only genuine visitors and foreign workers will be properly documented to enter Malaysia via Sabah,

    (e) To call on the Philippines to set up a Consulate in Sabah so as to expedite the processing of the deportation of their citizens. As the Philippines has so far refused to set up a consulate in Sabah, presumably because of their "Sabah Claim", their citizens will not have the benefit of consular services of their country,

    (f) To require incoming visitors from the Philippines and Indonesia landing in Sabah to pay a bond (say Ringgit 500.00) to the Malaysian government to guarantee their departure from Malaysia. If they destroy their papers upon arrival in Sabah and make it impossible to prove their foreign origin, then they lose this bond. This rule should not apply to regularized foreign workers whose levies have been paid,

    (g) If the Philippines authorities drag their feet in this matter, then Malaysia should suspend the Zamboanga-Sandakan ferry service until a satisfactory bi-lateral arrangement is achieved between Malaysia and the Philippines,

    (h) As for the Malaysia-Indonesian ferry services which are more numerous and cover shorter distances, there should be a complete policy review to ensure the ferry operators pay the bond to the Malaysian Government on behalf of their passengers. The passengers, who would have bought return tickets from the ferry companies, can claim back their bond upon return to their country,

    (i) To require the ferry companies operating between Sabah and the Philippines and Indonesia to makes its foreign passengers (non-Malaysians) to purchase return ticket with names of passengers (like airline tickets). Only upon production of the return ticket (or an onward airline ticket to leave Malaysia), will that the passenger will be allowed entry into Malaysia.

    (j) The Malaysian government should allocate more manpower, resources, equipment, police boats, navy, air patrols to curb the influx of illegals

    (k) There should be more cross-border meetings between the Malaysian and Philippines and Indonesian agencies like Police, military, customs and iimigration which seem less these days,

    (l) Malaysia, perhaps with ASEAN and other regional and international aid organizations, revive resettlement schemes for their displaced people in the Southern Philippines, and poverty and socio-economic programmes with a view to reduce the "push factor" causing their citizens to become illegals in our country,

    (m) There should be a more deliberate policy in the Federal Government to be conscious of the illegal immigration problems in Sabah and all its consequences to the country, the people and its welfare. On this point, I believe that our representatives in the Federal Cabinet have a direct responsibility to fulfill.

    (n) In respect of the smaller, but growing, number of foreigners over staying and breaching their visit passes from a number of other countries, the government through our consulates in those countries should be stricter in issuing visas to potential visitors.

    5. The loose coast line of Sabah has long been blamed for the difficulties in preventing the influx of illegals. I believe that the Malaysian authorities can no longer use this feature of geography as an excuse. The long coast line is part and parcel of the sovereignty of the nation which our leaders, the security agencies and authorities are sworn to protect. To fail in this task of protecting our coastline from encroachment by illegal immigrants is also to fail in upholding the sovereignty of the nation.
    16 October 2006

  2. UMNO will not send their cousins from philipine, pakistan and indonesia back to their respective country. Whatever promises made by them is just a gimmick!

    Tawau UMNO is eyeing at Tawau Parliment seat today and claiming that the so-called "muslim bumiputra" are more than other races and this seat should belong to umno.

    UMNO vision is to take all the seats in Sabah in the near future, thats why they are try to legalise these bunch of parasite (cousins) by issuing free MYCARD to them.

    UMNO should GET LOST from Sabah immediately and they are the MOTHER of muslim illegal immigrants. We Sabahans knew this but only few dare to stand up to speak the TRUTH. GOD is watching how this bunch of evil committing sin in broad daylight.

  3. Saya percaya huguan Talow kita ini sedang dibuai mimpi yang indah setelah AAB berjanji akan menutup kes kes yang melibatkan dirinya sendiri. Huguan Talow kita ni sebenarnya berpura pura untuk menangani masaalah PTI untuk mengaburi mata suku kaum KDM yang rata rata buat masa ini sudah hilang rasa hormat kepada HUGUAN TALOW. Pairin sudah tidak relevan dan harus mengundurkan diri dalam POLITIK.

  4. This writer seeks answers as to how they intend to stop these illegals coming back to Sabah? You may be able to flush out these immigrants, according to the DPM to number some 300,000 in Sabah. But how many will seep back through the security sieve to Sabah?
    One of the biggest reasons why there are so many illegals in Sabah is the fact that the UMNO government has encouraged them to come. The fact that so many illegals had been given citizenship is good reason for the illegals to believe that they will be welcomed to Sabah. Therefore, if Sabah once started to show its resolve to prevent the illegals from coming, they will hestitate long before coming. If they seriously think that they will be treated badly by the government, they will not come. Indonesians and Filipinos are like everybody else. They would not go where they will be met with hostile treatments.

    The second problem with the illegals is that there are many in Sabah who are prepared to help them. Even in the government there are many who are prepared to sell them ID cards and help them settle into the local societies. I'm sure the government agencies involved such as the police and the immigration know who these people are. Many of these are in the police and the immigration themselves. Therefore, once these people are identified and arrested and prosecuted and put in jail, that would go a long way to stop the illigals from coming. And even if they came they would find it difficult to settle into the local societies without the help from the local police and immigration people giving them ID cards and instroducing them to the local gangs who specialize in helping illegal immigrants. Therefore, they would be discouraged to come.

    But as I said many times before, the local agricultural and construction industries need the cheap labor to keep their plantations and construction companies operating. And if the agricultural and construction industries collapsed for lack of cheap labor, then the economy of Sabah would suffer seriously. Therefore, the solution is not to eliminate cheap labor but to eliminate illegal immigrants.

    Any solution should start by correcting the fundamental philosophy of the government. First, the government policy should not try to increase the number of Muslims by racially cleansing the Chinese out of Sabah while increasing the number of Muslims by encouraging illegals Muslim immigrants. Instead the new policy should be to grant citizenship to the non-citizen Chinese who are alread gainfully employed or have substantial investments in Sabah; then implement new immigration laws to encourage all peoples of the world to come to invest in Sabah especially Chinese. And these new laws should be enforced equally regardless of race and national origin. With such a new philosophy and policy, illegal immigrants will be stopped while more legitimate investors will come in which will then stimulate economic growth while stabilizing the security of the society.

    The solution to the illegal immigration problem is easy to solve provided the government policy is correct. The only reason why the illegal immigraion problem seems so intractable now is due entirely to the fact that the UMNO government is actually encouraging the influx of the illegal immigrants while encouraging the Chinese to leave by mistreating them and making them feel hopeless in Sabah.

  5. As regarding cheap labor, the government should allow plantation owners and construction companies to recruit foreigners regardless of race or national origin to come to Sabah on temporary work passes to work for specific employers. These foreign workers will not be allowed to apply for permanent residence or citizenship. This will then solve the problem of cheap labor while eliminating illegal immigrants. Most foreigners want employment anyway. So as long as they can find employment, they will work diligently, save their salaries, and go home at the end of their contract period without committing any crimes.

  6. joe said:
    (f) To require incoming visitors from the Philippines and Indonesia landing in Sabah to pay
    a bond (say Ringgit 500.00) to
    the Malaysian government to guarantee their departure from Malaysia. If they destroy their papers upon arrival in Sabah and make it impossible to prove their foreign origin, then they lose this bond. This rule should not apply to regularized foreign workers whose levies have been paid,

    The immigrants and visitors should have their finger prints taken. If they subsequently destroyed their papers, the original copies of the finger print records are still in the archives of the Sabah government. When a suspect is caught without paper, he can easily be finger printed and his finger print identified via the records maintained in the government archives. Therefore, the nationality of the "stateless" illegal immigrants can be easily identified. Then their home government must take them back.

    It is so easy to identified the home countries of these so-call stateless people that I wonder why Sabah government keep saying it is impossible to identify the home countries of the stateless. I think the truth is that the UMNO government is perpetrating deliberate collusion to help these illegal immigrants stay.

  7. I had raised the issue of PTI at Keningau, K Marudu and Tunggu to stupid pairin so many times but he is so stuck to his minister seat n never bother to look into these Dusun areas where PTI are swamming the native land. Now pairin wants to speak as if he cares about KDN. He is not our Hooo..Gun..seal....He only know how to l i c k BALLS!

  8. In this computerized age, millions of finger prints can be kept on online files. And the identification of anybody is just a click away. So how could anybody in Sabah government say it is not possible to identify stateless people?

  9. Are you really serious knowing all the times that the BN gov. is never serious in tackling the problems. If you are serious leave BN and join the PR. That is what i expect you as a Huguan Siou. Failing with, i will never forgive you.You accepted the title as the huguan siou of thre rungus in Dec. 1987 but you failed to perform.

  10. The Siao one's breath smells of money every time he speaks...corrupted money from Umno masters. Don't ride on what SAPP has started and pretend to be fighting for Sabah. You are a disgrace to your community

  11. Datuk S.Panglima Pairin telah mengecewakan rakyat Malaysia di Sabah terutamanya golongan kami KDM!
    Beliau harus ingat bahawa kekayaan yang diperolehi tidak akan dapat dibawa bersama ke akhirat tetapi nama dan harga diri akan membuatkan cucu-cicit menanggung malu...untuk selama-lamanya!

  12. Pairin is a disgrace to his own people. A leader he is not.. Look at how the dusunkadazans are faring now in the government dept or in Sabah? How many senior or head of depts are headed by our own people today?
    AS far the illegal immigrants problems are concerned, so far Only datuk Chong Kah kiat and SAPP were serious of getting rid of the illegals, the rest are just playing blind and deaf . We the raykat, are getting sick and tired of the UMNO /BN tactics. It is all talk and no action...

  13. Elections after elections,Berjaya to PBS to Barisan Nasional,and the illegal immigrants is still an issue. Promises after promises were made that this problem will be resolved,and now Pairin says "2011-NO ILLEGAL PROBLEMS.

    To Pairin and coalition partners of Barisan Nasional,while most of us may have been born at night,but let me tell you this,WE WERE NOT BORN LAST NIGHT.

    Anifah made a "Revelation" that he may have thought was breaking news. He said the Federal Constitution says that the Chief Minister of Sabah is the person responsible to head the "Committee"on the illegal immigrant issue,and the DPM only as the patron/adviser.

    My question here is, What were the previous Chief Ministers doing?Surely the contents of the Federal constitution in this matter was not written in June 2008..!!

  14. Pairin, too much tapai! cannot rationalize, cannot fight anymore..where is maximus, yee and others???
    All are damned quiet..waiting to fill the posts 'to be vacated by SAPP'

    Ldp, khoo also waiting! To them "when are you going to leave BN" so we can fill the posts...

    This is typical of opportunist shitholes!

    They should perish in the next elections guaranteed!

  15. Sabah Baru said:
    Ldp, khoo also waiting! To them "when are you going to leave BN" so we can fill the posts...

    This is the problem in Sabah. All the Sabahan politicians are fighting with each other for the few sops thrown to them by the UMNO-BN. This is why the Chinese keep getting fewer and fewer because their representatives aren't fighting for their interests but instead act like stooges and henchmen to help the Malays cleanse their own Chinese people out of Sabah. And so the percentage of the Chinese fell from 30% or more in 1963 to 10% or less now and the number of Chinese MP's is now only 3. In another 20 years, the percentage of Chinese will probably be down to less than 5% and there won't even be a single Chinese MP in Sabah.

    But the way things are going, and judging by the response of the people in KK, in the next election the people in Sabah will vote overwhelmingly for DAP like the Chinese people in Malaya had voted for DAP in the last election. And if the BN politicians in Sabah think they can get more seats by other parties leaving BN now, they are just setting themselves to be booted out by the people in the next election. After the next election there won't be any BN parties left. All would go to DAP.

    MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and other BN parties were caught unawares in the last election. But the Sabah BN parties should now have been warned by the big change in Malaya. In they still cannot wake up, then they deserve to be booted out of office for being terminally blind.

  16. Ini pairin sudah kehilangan BOLA, BOLA dia di tangan dolah, kalau dia bising sikit bola kana pisos terpaksa diam-diam.

    Uncle Pairin, your credibility is zero, please shut up and pigi main jauh-jauh. You better take care of your balls. You may lost your ball in the near future.

    For all I care, you are a disgrace to your race.


  17. Pairin and PBS...pigi lompat dalam longkang lah! Konon-konon tiada pti by 2011....ko sudah lali kah pairin?

    Your is up......gulung tikar saja!

  18. never realise that Max has been a Malayan snitch all the while! PBS rising was a fluke...suara saja macam Tom Jones! Quit politics dan balik kampung saja!

    And you yong teck lee...jan main-main rakyat...kalo mau juang hak rakyat maka buat butul-butul. Kalau tidak aku tumbuk kau dan cabut ko punya kumis da sideburn!

  19. BN govt talk only and do nothing for 50 years...

  20. who can trust BN govt any more? you tell me!!!

  21. 2011 no illegal problem? Ini Pairin masih mimpi lagi, jika begitu senang tidak perlu tunggu 20 tahun sudah. Next election Party Pairin tetap masuk lubang tandas.

  22. Dalam pada itu Pairin yang juga Presiden Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS)kesal dengan kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Timbalan Presiden Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), Datuk Raymond Tan berhubung dengan sebuah artikel di dalam laman web malaysiakini.

    “ Saya menasihati beliau agar jangan mendengar khabar angin dan jangan percaya kepada malaysiakini. Lebih baik jangan baca malaysiakini kerana itu adalah tidak benar,” kata Pairin. Malaysiakini melaporkan PBS telah memberi usul untuk memecat keahlian SAPP dari Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam satu mesyuarat baru-baru ini.

    “Dalam mesyuarat itu tidak ada usul, setahu saya para pemimpin hanya diminta untuk membuat pendapat masing-masing berlandaskan peraturan dan konsep permuafakatan dalam BN. Oleh itu beliau (Raymond) harus berhenti dari melayari malaysiakini yang memberi cerita tidak betul,” kata Pairin.

  23. Datuk Pairin said...

    Dalam pada itu Pairin yang juga Presiden Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS)kesal dengan kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Timbalan Presiden Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), Datuk Raymond Tan berhubung dengan sebuah artikel di dalam laman web malaysiakini.

    You telling us, the rakyat of Sabah,not to read nor trust Malaysiakini is akin to saying to instead believe in the media owned by the government and edited by Datuk Kalimullah....

    Come on lah, Pairin, you think people don't have access to other alternative media kah? No wonder you don't want Tambunan to be easily accessable via Internet. You worry that the populace of Tambunan will not trust you and may even have different views from you.

    You never had the intention to modernise Tambunan. To educate the masses is tantamount to encouraging competition and that usurps your status as Huguan Siou. ..."Biarlah orang saya (macam katak) dibawah tempurung" asal saya masih ada.

    With regards to the BN meeting where Pairin mooted the idea to expel SAPP, and seconded by LDP with the added support from PBRS, Malaysiakini is NOT the only source to confirm what transpired.

    Anyway, Raymond Tan was referring to the report in BERNAMA by Allan Ting, when talking about the two so called Sabah leaders.

    Please get your facts right, as said to Johnny Mositun, if you got nothing smart to say, better shut up...


  25. 拜林建议国阵开除沙进步党
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  26. 赛胡先揭国阵阻止跳槽招数
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  27. No illigals in 2011???

    Can be don with a MyCard for everyone! Very easy and maybe that what BN has in mind???

  28. For more than 30 years since the Berjaya government, then PBS and now the current BN/UMNO govt could not come up with the TOTAL SOLUTION to rid the "MOTHER of ALL PROBLEMS" of our beloved SABAH.

    Even this Musa is busy thinking how to rake more 'RM$$' abusing his CM position rather than worried about the illegals problems.

    Pairin must be lying to himself and just to tell his fellow Sabahans he is a concerned leader.
    3 years to have zero illegal satatus.... hahahahaha. Fake I/cs seem to the perfect solution to his bluff. Tell him to migrate to down-under (Australia) now and give up his Sabahan status .... take care of his 'million Aust$$ cattle ranch' and died a billionaire traitor 6 feet really down under.

  29. We Sabahan MUST kick UMNOK out from Sabah immediately. They are bunch of RACIST and PARASITE people who only knew how to SUCK the tax payer money and our national resources.

    What UMNOK has done in GE12 and cause the other component party to suffer and the inflation now in the country was because of ARROGANT, CORRUPTION, INCOMPETENCE and MIS-MANAGEMENT.

    UMNOK brought in the BANGSA PARASITE or their cousins from philipine, pakistan and Indonesia to outnumber the local Sabahans with ethnic cleansing in the name of EVIL or ajaran sesat!

    We have been suffered enough by this donkey years and we can see in our eye how UMNOK discriminate the non malay to get the government job.

    UMNOK says based on MERITROCRACY when any GLCs recruitment BUT WHY OUR DELIVERY SYSTEM ARE STILL SUCKSSS eventhough all the most brilliants m'sians are absorbed to work in the government dept?

    UMNOK is telling LIE to Sabahan in the name of EVIL and your day in number and waiting for your judgement day soon in the name of GOD!

  30. Give PR ??? Illegals are ILLEGALS. No such good treatment deserved unless they gone through the proper channels LEGALLY.

    Wat to do with these Illegals? If i have my way, I will make them to do Community Services FOR FREE ( no free makan for them either ) because a few years back, there was amnesty & chance for them to go back and to return here through the proper process but they take Malaysia for granted because ALL BN MP together with Bodowi & NaSHIT all are so buzy & more concerned about the Getting Rich & Rob Programme from the Rakyat .

    Should give them only 30 days to leave & if is caught , make them become our SLAVES !!! Only stay in detention places with NO FREE BITS & go back to work the next day until they surrender & willing to go somewhere else besides Malaysia . This shouldn't be treated as CRUELTY to them because we have warned them to leave!!! This will discourage them to coming into Malaysia ILLEGALLY !!

  31. Pairin has no moral right nor qualification to talk about achieving 'zero illegal immigrants' in Sabah by 2011.

    Pairin and co (in PBS) should stop duping the people of Sabah to believe in PBS struggles, which were no longer for the people but mainly for their own interests and that of their cronies.

    PBS struggles for the people had come to cease the very moment it abandoned whatever ideals it has for the state and its people and crawled back to BN in 2001, claiming to be a move to "right the wrongs" from within including resolving the perennial illegal immigrants and 'dubious citizens' issue.

    And in the past seven years after swallowing whatever little dignity and pride he once had, to the extent of reducing himself from a folk hero and CM of Sabah at one time to a miserable Kampung minister now, Pairin together with its other leaders like Dr Max and Dr Yee (with exception to its former SC member Dr Chong Eng Leong) who were once very outspoken on PTIs issues, had become docile and as tamed as a kitten.

    Dr Max was also the one who was instrumental behind the setting up of the House Committee on illegal immigrants at the State Cabinet level, before PBS rejoined BN.

    Not only that, they later even expelled Dr Chong for taking a firm stand on the illegal immigrants issue.

    Record also showed that PBS failed to come to the defense of the Kg Maang folks, during the protest against the resettlement of the Sri Tanjung squatters, a huge number of whom are believed to be foreigners.

    In essence, Pairin and co shall be remembered as a bunch of shameless leaders who traded the interests and wellbeing of Sabah people, their own kinds especially, lock, stock and barrel, for their own interests. What a shame indeed!

    The only way for PBS & co to redeem themselves now, is perhaps to leave the BN and join SAPP in the struggles for the people.

    It's still not too late for those PBS leaders who still have an ounce of conscience, dignity and pride left, to do so.

  32. lee said:
    Should give them only 30 days to leave & if is caught , make them become our SLAVES !!!

    Many Chinese who were here legally some 40 years ago were given only 2 weeks or just 14 days to get out of Sabah. Many of these people were multimillionaires who had been in the state for many years before Malaysia was even formed but were on work passes due to some mixup.

    Unfortunately, most of the Chinese at that time were happy to see these rich Chinese kicked out because the "local Chinese" can then buy up their properties and assets cheaply. It was a very shameful thing for these "local Chinese" to do. But like all evil deeds, it did not go unpunished. As more and more Chinese were forced to leave, the population of the "local Chinese" keep shrinking. Today the Chinese population is less than 10% of the total population and down from more than 30% in 1963.

    I hope the Chinese can now wake up and understand the meaning and importance of "unity" and "strength in number." If they still cannot understand the importance of uniting the Chinese to fight for commone interests, then they are doomed to be racially cleansed out of Sabah within another 20 years.

  33. Johnny Mositun is a coward and stupid man. He likes to issue statements in the newspapers just to gain cheap publicity. It never cross his mind to speak for Sabah interest or to speak up in support of fellow Sabahan who speak out about serious matters concerning Sabah interest. Instead he will issue statements just to gain cheap publicity. For e.g he recently asked Chong Eng Leong to resign from PBS instead of supporting him when he ( Chong Eng Leong) criticized Maximus for not being supportive of the motion by Lim Kit siang on the setting up of Royal Commission Of Inquiry on the illegal in Sabah. In this way he has no interest in fighting or getting rid of the illegal or fighting for Sabah right for that matter. Johnny Mositun is just like Ronald Kiandee who acted as a traitor to Sabah when he rejected Lim Kit Sing's motion on the setting up of RCI on the illegal in Sabah. Johnny Misitun is also like Timbun Lagadan who also issue some statements in the newspapers just to gain cheap publicity. Timbun Lagadan likes to say bad things about others especially about members of his own family. He should not do that since he is supposed to be a holy man being a former paster. So Johnny Mositun Should support fellow Sabahan leaders when they voice out matter of great important affecting Sabah and her citizens.

    June 18, 2008 12:45 PM (quoted from previous comment)

  34. you know what for the last 20 years the Mahathir government had a secret pact with Philippines Marcos to solve boarder and each other domestic problems i.e. Philippines claims on Sabah, the muslim filipino issues in Philippines and increase Muslim porpulation in Sabah, generally Malaysia. Mahathir proposal to Marcos, i will take the muslim filipino (to increase the muslim filipino population intake in Sabah and Malaysia generally - to enhance Mahathir/Muslim hegemony grip of power, whilst Marcos has the political power hegemony grip of mindanoa. You know what, u local sabahan had been played out by the Mahathir Umno and the Federal Government. Just to let u know is already toooo late thats why Philipiines Government refuses to accept back the filipino muslim. Now it is a malaysian problems....and of course become a sabah problem. U still believe in your present leaderships of PBS, sabah UMNO, Upko, LDP and SDPP. Your childen and your generation will suffer...its alrady too late.

  35. Dear Pairin,
    Apa cerita? 2011-Tiada Lagi PATI di Sabah. Kalau begitu bagus lah. Tapi apa yang sia nampak sekarang ini,makin banyak gia itu PATI.Di Sandakan,Lahad Datu,Kunak,Semporna,Tawau,Keningau,Tambunan,Kundasang,Ranau,Kudat,Kota Marudu,Kota Belud,Tuaran,K.K.,Penampang,Putatan,Papar,Kimanis,Bongawan,Membakut,Beaufort,Sipitang,Long Pasia,Kuala Penyu,Labuan dan di semua tempat di negeri Sabah ini,PATI sedang bermaharajalela. Kau tidur kah mai ataupun kau saja-saja buat tidak nampak.Maklumlah kau mau jaga kau punya "tontolou".Sia cabar sama kau mai,kalau kau berani kosongkan kerusi parlimen Keningau sekarang. Kita tengok samada kau masih diterima oleh rakyat di kawasan tersebut. Huguan Siou konon. Tai palat lah.Pangazou ada lah. Harta kau di Australia, bertimbun-timbun sudah bah.Jangan lah terlampau tamak. waktu kau dan PBS masih jadi parti pembangkang lagi,wah!bukan main kau "mangahung" kami,KDM untuk anti itu UMNO.Tapi sekarang ini,"tohi"si AAB, pun sanggup kau hisap semata-mata untuk kekayaan kau sendiri.Bertaubat lah mai selagi masih hidup.Sia nampak juga kau mai di gereja tapi inda tau lah.Kalau boleh sebelum kau mati mai, kau pigi jumpa sama itu faado dulu untuk "mangakun".

    Daripada,Bukan Saudara Pairin.

  36. Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi
    Dilulus terbit pada Wednesday, August 29 @ 12:38:15 MYT oleh greenboc

    Oleh the_satanic_karnoull

    Malapetaka terbaru PKR Sabah ialah kemasukan Jefri dalam PKR. Kononnya kemasukan Jefri bisa memberikan suatu gelombang perubahan yang besar dalam PKR khasnya di Sabah. Apa gelombang yang dibawa oleh Jefri ? Gelombang kemusnahan POSSIBLE !

    Ahli-ahli PKR Melayu di kelaskan sebagai kelas kedua. Kelas pertama .. KDM ! Apa hebatnya KDM ? Jefri memang terkenal dengan sikapnya yang ANTI ISLAM. Tak heranlah Jefri berani mewujudkan jawatankuasa penyelaras di setiap bahagian-bahagian yang Ketua Bahagiannya Islam. Tujuan Jefri adalah untuk MENCANTAS mana-mana Ketua Bahagian yang tidak 'SEKEPALA' dengannya. Sampai sanggup 'MEMBAYAR' untuk memfitnah ! Inikah kriteria seorang Ketua yang PKR mahukan ? Dimana KESAKTIAN PERLEMBAGAAN PKR yang sepatutnya dituruti perundangannya ? Mungkin Jefri LUPA untuk membacanya dan oleh kerana itu dia dengan sewenang-wenangnya MELANGKAHI PERLEMBAGAAN menurut kemahuannya.

    Kuasa Jefri ini amat berkuasa sekali. Beliau boleh melanggar PERLEMBAGAAN dan buat undang-undang sendiri tanpa ada bantahan dari Pusat. Hebat sungguh Jefri ! Anwar dan Wan Azizah macam dah terkena 'voodoo' oleh Jefri. Segala tindakan Jefri semuanya OK dimata mereka. Sangat hebat pengaruh Jefri.... kononnyalah. Pengaruhnya cuma hebat pada mata Pimpinan Tertinggi tapi tidak pada ahli-ahli Islam PKR.

    Ketua-Ketua Bahagian yang selama ini bekerja keras dan berjuang penuh keikhlasan disingkirkan dan digantikan oleh orang-orang yang 'SEBULU' dengan jefri. Ada juga Ketua-Ketua Bahagian melayu yang sanggup mengikut rentak Jefri dikekalkan, mereka ini tak ubah seperti LEMBU yang DI CUCUK hidungnya, menurut segala kemahuan Jefri.

    Kami berpendapat Jefri kini dalam usaha untuk menghidupkan zaman kegemilangan PBS dimana semua urusan pentadbiran negeri di monopoli oleh kaum Kadazan sahaja.

    Malah Jefri dan diketuai oleh abangnya Pairin Kitingan berani untuk 'MENCEROBOH' dan 'MENGUBAH-SUAI' perundangan MAJLIS UGAMA ISLAM SABAH (MUIS). Sampai begitu tahap keberanian dan kejahilan mereka.

    Orang-orang Islam banyak ditindas dan dianiaya. Banyak anak-anak Melayu di tarik biasiswanya dan di berikan kepada kaum mereka sahaja. Bukit-bukit di pacakkan lambang salib di puncaknya. Mereka menggambarkan yang Sabah ini sebuah negeri yang mempratikkan Kristian. Orang-orang Islam di zaman PBS amat sengsara.

    Kami, orang-orang Islam di Sabah, tidak mampu untuk hidup seperti di zaman PBS lagi. Kebencian kami pada kaum Jefri memang tidak dapat dinafikan lagi. Sebab itu kami sepakat untuk menerima UMNO sedikit masa dahulu demi menolak PBS@Kadazan.

    Jefri sering berimpikan untuk menjadi seorang HERO dalam politik Sabah. Sedangkan abangnya, Pairin membuat kenyataan, Jefri sebenarnya seorang yang 'PEROSAK PARTI'. Mana-mana parti yang di sertai pasti akan bermasalah dan rosak gara-gara Jefri. Sebab itulah TIADA PARTI POLITIK TEMPATAN DI SABAH yang menerima Jefri dalam parti mereka.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by suhanna_hassan on Thursday, August 30 @ 09:55:35 MYT
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    Terpanggil saya untuk membuat komen rencana yang bertajuk Jefri Dan KDMnya Mengganas lagi. oleh satanic karnoull. apa yang ditulis oleh si-penulis tersebut ada kebenarannya. KDM masuk dalam PKR Sabah seolah-olah PKR Sabah ini dimiliki oleh orang-orang KDM sahaja, orang-orang Islam diketepikan dalam PKR. Banyak diskriminasi digunakan oleh Jefri untuk menekan Ketua-Ketua Bahagian orang Islam dalam PKR, Jefri berusaha untuk mengenepikan Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR orang Islam demi mencapai niat buruknya untuk menjadi PKR Sabah sebagai hak milik orang-orang KDM sahaja. Rakyat Sabah terdiri dari orang-orang Islam yang sudah muak dengan UMNO, tiada pilihan lain dari pada menjadi badut-badut Jefri yang anti Islam itu maka terpaksa memilih UMNO sekali lagi dalam pilihanraya umum yang akan datang.

    Jefri secara total tiada pengaruh dikalangan orang-orang Islam di Sabah, kalau Anwar Ibrahim seorang pemimpin bijak maka susun lah strategi dari sekarang supaya Jefri jaga bumiputera bukan Islam dan Haji Ansary jaga orang-orang Melayu Islam disemua kawasan, cara begini mungkin ada cerita untuk PKR boleh menang di Sabah. Kalau Anwar betul-betul ada telur hentikan lah perbuatan Jefri yang membahagi dua PKR Sabah iaitu PKR yang original berprinsip multi-racial dan PKR yang mengamalkan racialist dengan KDM-nya oleh Jefri.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi by atan_505 on Thursday, August 30 @ 17:20:21 MYT

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by ustazah_habibah on Thursday, August 30 @ 10:33:18 MYT
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    He he he baru Suhanna tahu yang Dr Jefri anti Islam? Bila Jefri masuk sahaja dalam PKR, kami orang orang Islam yang masih dalam UMNO sekarang terpaksa fikir 100 kali untuk menjadi ahli PKR sebab Jefri mencampur adukkan KDM dalam PKR. Kalau dah ada PKR berprinsip multi-racial buat apa ada lagi KDM? Kan baik kita masuk PKR kita patuhi perlembagaannya yang bercorak multi-racial iaitu berbilang bangsa dan agama dalam satu parti PKR. Tujuan PKR memang baik tapi Anwar pengecut ikut sahaja telunjuk Jefri yang boleh membawa kerosakan PKR hingga keakar umbi.Jangan Bang'Nuar jangan, nanti keputusan pilihanraya umum Bang' Nuar dan Kak Jijah gigit jari, kapal pecah ikan yu yang kenyang.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by dusunbandar on Thursday, August 30 @ 11:14:30 MYT
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    Ha ha ha ha Dr Jeffrey? unwanted by his mother unclaimed by his father. Abang Jeffrey Datuk Seri Panglima Pairin Kitingan penah berkata dalam akhbar-akhbar tempatan baru-baru ini bahawa adiknya Dr Jeffrey Kitingan dimana mana saja parti politik yang dia menyertai maka parti politik itu mesti rosak maka itu lah sebabnya Jeffrey tiada parti yang mahu terima dia menjadi ahlinya.Cuma parti PKR saja pilihannya yang terbaik.

    Saya tidak nafikan yang Dr.Jeffrey itu memang anti Islam walaupun saya bukan seorang yang berugama Islam, sebab saya tahu dia anti Islam bila saya menghadiri mesyuarat PKR baru-baru ini bertempat di Sokid Villa dimana semua Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR yang bukan Islam dijemputnya
    untuk membincangkan tuntutan KDM kepada Pusat PKR sejumlah 24 kerusi DUN mestilah diberikan kepada KDM dan 11 kerusi parliment.

    Dr Jeffrey memberi tahu kami, KDM secara berhabis habisan meminta KL menerima cadangannya itu. Katanya kita orang-orang kristian mesti bersatu padu menentang orang-orang Islam dalam Keadilan.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by ahli_pkr on Thursday, August 30 @ 13:00:55 MYT
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    Komen-komen yang saya terbaca diatas yang menyatakan Jefri Anti Islam itu memang betul 100% cuma si-Nuar jer yang tidak percaya.

    Baru- baru ni si-Nuar telah menyusun Perhubungan Negeri Sabah, Haji Ansarri sebagai Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri Sabah yang baru. Tapi yang malangnya pula Matsah Awg Sahari dan Daniel John Jambul pula dilantik sebagai Timbalan Pengerusi. Kedua-dua manusia ini adalah batang buruk dalam PKR Sabah, tiada pengaruh langsung. Kami mau tanya pada si-Nuar nak jaga hati mereka kah atau nak menang pilihanraya? Kalau nak menang pilihanraya ada lebih baik buang saja kedua-dua badut-badut ini, mereka tidak memberi untung kepada PKR malah kalau mereka tersingkir dari PKR Sabah besar kemungkinan ramai lagi orang-orang UMNO menyertai PKR Sabah. Kedua-dua badut ini mengikut Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR diseluruh Sabah hanya troublemaker saja.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by ahli_pkr on Thursday, August 30 @ 13:33:50 MYT
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    Komen-komen yang saya terbaca diatas yang menyatakan Jefri Anti Islam itu memang betul 100% cuma si-Nuar jer yang tidak percaya.

    Baru- baru ni si-Nuar telah menyusun Perhubungan Negeri Sabah, Haji Ansarri sebagai Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri Sabah yang baru. Tapi yang malangnya pula Matsah Awg Sahari dan Daniel John Jambul pula dilantik sebagai Timbalan Pengerusi. Kedua-dua manusia ini adalah batang buruk dalam PKR Sabah, tiada pengaruh langsung. Kami mau tanya pada si-Nuar nak jaga hati mereka kah atau nak menang pilihanraya? Kalau nak menang pilihanraya ada lebih baik buang saja kedua-dua badut-badut ini, mereka tidak memberi untung kepada PKR malah kalau mereka tersingkir dari PKR Sabah besar kemungkinan ramai lagi orang-orang UMNO menyertai PKR Sabah. Kedua-dua badut ini mengikut Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR diseluruh Sabah hanya troublemaker saja.

    Re: Hati-hatilah Pkr, (Score: 1)
    by Wahub on Thursday, August 30 @ 15:48:22 MYT
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    musuh dalam selimut banyak ,

    depa tidur sebantal la ni.

    Yang beragama Islam , eloklah cari Wadah Islam .
    Tak usah kelok-kelok lagi, umur kita bukan lama di dunia ni.

    Perjuangkanlah Islam dari sekarang , jgn belok kornar sana sini lagi,
    kerana semua yg baik telah ada dalam Islam.


    Re: Hati-hatilah Pkr, by atan_505 on Thursday, August 30 @ 17:05:09 MYT

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by atan_505 on Thursday, August 30 @ 18:02:50 MYT
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    Dr Jefri masuk PKR penuh dengan cita-cita, kononnya mau jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Huhh orang Melayu se-Malaysia boleh jadi gila dibuatnya. Apa potongan Jefri mau jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri? Sedar diri lah wahai Dr Jefri Dusun belum pun sampai 1000 orang, Kaling lagi banyak dari Dusun di Malaysia.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by mahameru95 on Friday, August 31 @ 08:10:03 MYT
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    Kalau Anwar tegas Dr Jefri tidak buat suka hati dalam PKR. walaupun Anwar tahu Dr Jefri anti Islam dalam PKR dan membuang Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR yang berugama Islam tapi Anwar tidak boleh buat apa-apa untuk menghalang keganasan Dr Jefri sebab Anwar tiada TELUR.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by doktor_jamu on Friday, August 31 @ 08:59:01 MYT
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    Sebenarnya sdra Anwar tahu sikap dr Jefri anti Islam. Sdra Anwar juga tahu bekas Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri Sabah sdra Awang Tengah dijadikan sebagai kuda tunggangan oleh dr Jefri maka sebab itulah sdra Anwar tukar Haji Awang Tengah sebagai Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri Sabah kepada Tuan Haji Ansari Abdullah walaupun mendapat tentangan hebat dari dr Jefri & the group.

    Tersingkir lah Haji Awang Tengah tapi dr Jefri minta pada sdra Anwar agar 2 ekor anjingnya mesti jadi Timbalan Pengerusi.Begitulah ceritanya.he he he he

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by jab_kotabelud on Friday, August 31 @ 09:57:17 MYT
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    Menarik. Sungguh menarik. Hangat. Terlalu hangat cerita Gapari @ Jefri ini. Orang-orang Islam di Kota Belud hampir semua tahu bahwa dr Jefri jadikan alat KDM untuk menguatkan kedudukannya dalam PKR.dan mengenepikan Ketua-Ketua Bahagian yang berugama Islam di Sabah ini.

    Ini Dr Jefri memang seorang Dr budu's, dia tahu PKR adalah sebuah parti yang berkonsipkan berbilang bangsa dan ugama apa lah gunanya mesti ada lagi KDM? Patut Gapari @ Jefri sedar dan malu atas perbuatannya itu.

    Sekarang dr Gapari @ dr Jefri sibuk kacau Bahagian-Bahagian PKR dimana Ketua Bahagiannya orang Islam, dia melantik Penyelia Pilihanraya dan melantik Ketua Zon Kawasan Pilihanraya dengan tidak berunding dengan Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR. Dia lantik orang-orang yang dia suka saja. Perbuatan sebegini patut DSAI campur tangan kalau dsai biarkan saja perbuatan dr Gapari @ Jefri ini ia boleh menghancurkan Bahagian Bahagian PKR di seluruh Sabah.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by AbaSafwan on Friday, August 31 @ 11:03:15 MYT
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    Saya penduduk Sabah rasa Brother Annuar kena tengok betul-betul perkara ini! Jefri ni memang tak guna punya orang, dia nak guna PKR untuk keuntungan peribadinya ! Jangan nanti PKR hancur baru lah nak menyesal !

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by raden_ldatu on Friday, August 31 @ 11:28:32 MYT
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    Huh huh huh Dr Jefri underfire. Jangan tunjuk taring dulu, Dr mesti mau ingat KDM minoriti cuma ada kerusi DUN 18 sahaja dari 60 kerusi campur kerusi Cina 7 baru 25 kerusi sahaja dari 60 kerusi DUN. Itu pun kerusi PBS dan PBRS mau simpan mana? Tak kan lah parti PBS dan PBRS dapat -0-

    Dr Jefri mesti mempunyai minda terbuka dan mesti hilangkan dari fikiran yang kotor membenci orang Islam dalam PKR, Mulai sekarang Dr mesti berkerjasama dan ganding bahu dengan Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR yang berugama Islam baru boleh kasi kalah UMNO/BN. Jangan pilih sebulu sahaja dengan Dr walaupun Islam kalau jadi perkakas Dr sahaja buat apa?

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by cenderawasih on Friday, August 31 @ 12:06:54 MYT
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    Hermmm cerita Dr Jefri anti Islam ni dah sampai keperingkat akar umbi. Orang ramai suka PKR berkembang di Sabah tapi Dr Jefri janganlah menyalahgunakan kuasanya sebagai Pengerusi Stering Commitee lalu overrule Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri Sabah Tuan Haji Ansari Abdullah. Nanti orang-orang Islam takut dengan PKR kerana telatah dan tabiat buruk Dr Jefri disebabkan anti Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR Islam di Sabah.

    Dr Jefri fikir dia cukup pintar, dia buang Ketua-Ketua Bahagian PKR orang Islam dan dia ganti dengan orang-orang mualaf Islam dari KDM. Kalau mualaf dari KDM senang dia kontrol sebab mereka satu bangsa dan satu bahasa.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi by jayabdih on Sunday, September 02 @ 20:57:45 MYT

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi by belantung_layu on Monday, September 03 @ 16:23:45 MYT

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi by jayabdih on Monday, September 03 @ 23:34:35 MYT

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by raden_ldatu on Saturday, September 01 @ 09:37:14 MYT
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    Nak kasi kalah UMNO di Sabah bukan suatu perkata mudah walaupun tidak mustahil. Mereka cukup persediaan disetiap bahagian UMNO sekurang-kurangnya ada dua Land Cruser, peruntukan ceramah secukupnya, mereka menghimpunkan rakyat luarbandar dengan duit, PKR dengan apa? Biskal pun tidak ada. Semua peruntukan keluar dari poket sendiri.

    Dalam UMNO aman tiada gaduh gaduh rebut kuasa tapi dalam PKR selalu gaduh mau rebut jadi No1. Ishkkk kacau bah. Susah susah kalau macam ni undi BN saja.

    Tidak mustahil kalau UMNO kalah dalam pilihanraya umum akan datang tapi dengan syarat dalam PKR tiada puak-puak, ada puak Melayu Islam dan ada puak KDM, ini yang buat PKR akan kalah. Bersatulah semua bangsa dalam PKR ikut prinsip sebenarnya dalam PKR ahlinya berbilang bangsa dan ugama baru boleh lawan BN/UMNO. Itupun hanya boleh lawan saja, untuk menang pun belum tahu lagi.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by topoi on Saturday, September 01 @ 09:54:26 MYT
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    memang baru-baru ini Jeffri ada panggil ahli-ahli kdm dalam pkr untuk mesyuarat di sokid villa. jeffri panggil semua penyelia2 pilihanraya dan ketua2 zon pilihanraya yang dia lantik dari orang orang KDM. saya akuilah memang benar jeffri ini memang ada sedikit anti-Islam, itu saya tidak buleh bohonglah. itu memang ada diantara kami orang kdm yang tidak setuju sebab tujuan kita semua mau menang dalam perpaduan, bukan kalah dalam perpecahan.

    apa pun kami harap jeffri akan ubah prinsip hidup dia untuk lebih bersifat terbuka dengan ketua-ketua yang beragama Islam. sifat perkauman ini mesti ditangani dengan bijak, otherwise PKR will gone by the wind.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by sumandak_penampang on Saturday, September 01 @ 10:08:35 MYT
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    kalau dr J mau menang hati orang Islam, dia mesti ambil hati ketua-ketua bahagian dan ahli-ahli orang Islam, bukan dengan menindas mereka. banyak kali sudah kita kasi ingat jangan terlalu take for granted dengan kesenyapan orang-orang islam dalam PKR, nanti satu kali mereka memberontak, PKR akan lenyap sama sekali.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by belantung_layu on Saturday, September 01 @ 10:19:02 MYT
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    terbaru Jefri sekarang dah buat amendment untuk PKR Sabah iaitu PKRS. Baguslah dia ingat parti ni bapa dia punya.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by logiut on Saturday, September 01 @ 10:35:37 MYT
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    satu perkara lagi, hairan juga saya, UMNO yang gagah perkasa tu pun tidak pakai stering committee, ini PKR yang belum tentu menang pakai stering committee. Kenapa si ansari tu ndak buleh tadbir kah without stering committee atau ada orang saja-saja mau tunjuk kuasa seperti si jepri ?

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by aliakhbar on Monday, September 03 @ 14:22:22 MYT
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    anda yang membuat komen ini ternyata emosional dan ketinggalan zaman. Anda berkata serupanya bukan rakyat jati Malaysia..

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by jayabdih on Monday, September 03 @ 23:43:15 MYT
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    Kalau membenci orang Kadazan samalah dengan membenci kaum lain. Dulu zaman BERJAYA, ada 'bangsa' bermain sentimen mengapi2kan kebencian terhadap Datuk Haris Salleh dan bangsanya. Apakah anda sebangsa dgn org yang meniup semangat kebencian terhadap kaum lain? Kalau jawapannya 'ya' maka saya boleh teka apa bangsa awak.

    Re: Jefri dan KDMnya mengganas lagi (Score: 1)
    by kdmbabi on Friday, June 13 @ 02:40:27 MYT
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    baru korang tau perangai KAUM KDM ni hihihi SUKU KDM ni orang hutan masuk bandar tak sedar diri diorang ni memang cilakak mcm bagus kononner bangsa diorang je yg bagus lagi satu matlamat agenda diaorang ni nak keluar dr malaysia sebab tu la sabah ni bangsa KDM je yg punya diorang cakap la mcm pukimak je diorang ni diorang ni anti betul dengan orang melayu kalau islam jgn la cakap memang anti gila2 bahaya diorang ni boleh menjejaskan malaysia suku KDM anggap sabah ni diorang yg punya bangsa lain diorang anggap mcm sampah kalau tak percaya masuk la forum sabah [] tengok la kebencian mereka KDM yg mcm bagus sesuai sangat gelar diorang ni babi hutan