Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stop Racism!

TAWAU: Some 20 people here staged a peaceful 10-minute demonstration to protest Tawau MP Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui’s support of SAPP’s no-confidence move on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“We urge her to resign immediately! She has betrayed our mandate as voters! Don’t question Malay supremacy!” they shouted in front of the Tawau Umno headquarters at about 9.14am here yesterday.

They demanded that Dr Chua retract her support for the no-confidence motion and apologise to the Prime Minister in Parliament to show her love for the people of Tawau and Sabah in general.


  1. The almost-violent reactions to SAPP’s intention to support a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister revealed in many the mentality of denial and even hypocrisy.

    Many BN component party leaders, including those who recently condemned SAPP’s intention, have since the March 8 general elections expressed their discontent with the administration of Badawi on national issues as well as those related exclusively to Sabah.

    They are like a habitual drinker who, when on his own, tells himself that he ought to review his drinking habit. But when told by a friend who warns that he (the drinker) may have become alcohol-dependent, he denies violently: “How dare you say that! I’m ok. I drink everyday, but I don’t drink much.”

    Looking back, almost without exception, all Sabah-based BN components have been outspoken against the lack of permanent and holistic measures to address the problem of illegal immigrant in Sabah. All (except perhaps the LDP whose only MP is appointed a deputy federal minister) expressed disappointment at the PM for failing to match his purported ‘recognition’ of the contribution of Sabah parties in the polls with appointments in the federal cabinet.

    Their actions and words may differ in magnitude and intensity, but they were expressing the same thing, i.e. loss of confidence in the leadership of the present PM.

    But for no other possible reason than self-preservation and a cockeyed sense of purpose in politics, these politicians found SAPP’s move unpalatable, not necessary unacceptable. In an instant, these politicians appeared to be telling Malaysians that their sole mission in politics is to support the prime minister (no matter how goofed up he is) of the day and to protect their appointments. These people should re-examine the platform of their political struggle, if there is still one left.

    The petrol stations in the country are going on strike. They may not be waving placards to say they have lost confidence in the government. But their action is obviously the manifestation of a loss of confidence in the government. They don’t have to spell it out that they have lost confidence in the leader of the government. Only those in denial cannot get the message.

    The construction sector in Malaysia is in crisis. Strategically important associations connected to this sector such as the Malay Contractors Association, the Master Builder Association of Malaysia, Real Estate & Housing Developers Association and International Real Estate Federation Malaysia have put the blame squarely at the feet of the government. They are predicting a crash as bad or may be worse than the ones in 1970 and 1990. A crash in the construction sector is dangerous because an estimated 140 other economic sectors from banking to hardware shops are dependent on this sector.

    The main contributor to the crash is the government’s handling of the cement and steel bar crisis. The government purportedly lifted import bans on the two items at the behest of the construction industry. One would have expected market forces to bring prices to equilibrium. But because of its lousy sense of timing, poor policing and insensitivity to the real situation on the ground, steel bar and cement prices went up by 20% or more after the lifting of the import ban. The government’s mishandling is potentially going to collapse the construction industry, and along with it probably the nation’s economy as well.

    The various representative bodies may find it politically incorrect to say they have lost confidence in Badawi. In the present climate, a wrong choice of words can lead a person to be branded as pro-Anwar, as if it is necessarily bad. But in not so many different words, the message is loud and clear: “We have lost confidence in the government.”

    SAPP’s move was to support a motion of no confidence in the PM. Some of chosen to interpret that as a motion of no confidence in the BN.

    The BN’s concept is not flawed. What is flawed is the PM’s leadership and his decision-making. What is flawed is how a dominant component party hijacked the BN. Instead of the BN acting as the umbrella for the coalition, the umbrella role is now assumed by UMNO.

  2. BN component parties, even irrelevant ones like Gerakan (Sabah) and LDP are clamouring to condemn SAPP for intending to support a motion of no confidence in the PM. Do they like the PM that much? Do they really support this sleep-deprived leader of Malaysia? No, I don't think so. They are joining the chorous of dondemnation because they are typical of the politikus in Malaysia. All they are interested in is the positions that the SAPP leaders are likely to lose should the party be chased out of BN. For the record, Datuk Raymond Tan holds two posts - DCM and Minister of JKR. Perhaps VK Liew wants to take over DPM, and Robin Loh (dreaming!) wants to take over JKR. Au Kam Wah is chairman of Sabah Eenergy Corporation. Some young punk from PBS is perhaps aspiring to take over. What about Tham Nip Shen's science advisor post, and Jimmy Wong's politicretary post. They aare all quite cozy jobs.

  3. Those are not Malays, those are the Filipino guys. We the Malays rejected AMENO in the Peninsular, so no one should entertain the racist rantings of unrefined bigots who are hellbent on looting in the name of the Malay people.

    Yong, no retreat. Sabah and its supreme interests are at stake.

  4. Is it a coincidence that only those SAPP leaders who hold positions in government and government-linked instituions are expressing doubts over the wisdom of SAPP's no-confidence move? My advice to Datuk Yong Teck Lee is that he should outgrow his naivity about human nature. He chose to seek a parliamentary seat in the last election instead of a state seat for an obvious reason. He worried that if he got elecvted to the Dewan Undangan Negeri, it would be awkward for Raymond Tan to continue as Deputy ketua menteri. But now, Raymond is tryint to make a distinction between the word 'unanimous' and 'consensus' instead of rallying behind Yong. Tham holds a post with ministerial perks by virtue of Yong's recommendation. Au is SEC chairman not because of his being a Tham protege, but because of Yong. Jimmy may have been Datuk Musa's employee and friend, but he's now political secretary to the CM because of his position in SAPP. Don't anyone dare suggest that Musa 'gave' Jimmy the post, because if that is true, then Jimmy post should belong to an Umno man, and Musa would be stupid to do that.

  5. The Ketuanan Melayu can keep in your Malaya and in Sabah we are protected by the 20 points. To UMNO ball lickers, please don't bring your Ketuanan Melayu mentality to Sabahan and please treat us equally as Malaysian. I wonder this bunch of so-called umno supporters are genuine Malaysian or not?

    UMNO should be GET LOST from Sabah asap because you are irrelevant here and yet we don't have bangsa melayu in Sabah except you called the PTI as melayu, sigh!

    Clement Lee

  6. I am looking forward to seeking some by-election in Sabah so that BN can test its popularity. What are the chances of BN winning Tawau if Chua of SAPP is forced to vacate her seat? We can ask the same of Sapangar. Perhaps it's just as well that SAPP is booted out of BN so that it gets some opportunities to contest the by-elections to test its strength.

    To me, BN is a lost cause if it stays the way it is, i.e. dominant by Umno.

    It will be a sad day for the people of Sabah if the SAPP's move recently failed to create some ripples of change.

    I was really angry seeing photos of our KDM leaders like Pairin and Kurup smiling their faked smiles in their photos with Badawi. Did Pairin call Yong Teck Lee an opportunist? Look who's the pot calling the kettle black.

    Pairin makes me vomit!

  7. Greetings Yong,

    What is "Ketuanan Melayu"which is widely expressed by these unscrupulous yet questionable UMNO hypocrites?We stand firm that a vote of no-confidence should also be mounted against the Chief Minister,not only for his incompetency but for allowing such high handed abuse of racial discrimination.

    It irks and insults our intelligence that such irresponsible arrogant attitudes still continue to exist.Can we continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated,marginalized and bow down to these serpents serenading "Ketuanan Melayu"when it should be "KETUANAN RAKYAT"?How can we as Malaysians co-exist when BN profess one thing but practices and incite racial sentiments as demonstrated here?

    With the political landscape in Malaysia becoming exciting and changes inevitable,Sabahans should now stand tall and move with "balls of steel"rather than talk and talk and talk.Enough is enough,why say correct,correct,correct whenever the PM,CM and BN anything?Have we lost our minds in deciding what is right or wrong?Let us not loose sight of who we are or forever be condemn by the future generation of our divine state.

    Sabahans should decide,no more considering,should we continue supporting the PM,CM and BN or do we give them the BOOT?We have decided to give them the BOOT,what say you my Sabahan brothers and sisters?

  8. anonymous is right in saying that the umbrella rolein the BNhas beentaken over by Umno. Indeed, Umno is behaving like a colonislists. They hijakced the umbrells role and employs the divide and rule tactics (just like the British) in Sabah. Many Sabahan politicians have fallen (with their eyes open!!) for these tactics. The result is the fragmentation you see among the Chinese (SAPP,LDP, MCA, Gerakan, etc) and the KDM (Upko, PBRS, PBS, Umno). This fragmentation is a double-edged sword to the non-Malay parties. While the outstanding Malays canfind their place in Umno, the mediocre Malays find their way into the parties outside Umno. In some ways, Umno is strengthened while the non-Umno parties are stuck with mediocrity.

    Sabahans better wake up before it's too late!

  9. Yang Tunjuk perasaan itu sebenarnya adalah PTI yang telah DIWARGANEGARAKAN Oleh UMNO. Penduduk Tulin Sabah pasti tahu dan menyokong perjuangan yang sedang diterajui oleh SAPP. Kepada para pemimpin SAPP Jangan kecut ramai lagi rakyat Sabah yang tuli berada dibelakang untuk sama sama mempertahankan perjuangan demi Negeri ini.

  10. Is there a malay in Sabah? I wonder... may be some from semenanjung. Bangsa melayu my foot

  11. “We urge her to resign immediately! She has betrayed our mandate as voters! Don’t question Malay supremacy!” they shouted in front of the Tawau Umno headquarters at about 9.14am here yesterday.

    Any kind of racist supremacy is directly in violation of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Malay racist supremacist dogma of ketuanan Melayu is nothing more than neo-apartheid and should be condemned by all freedom loving peoples of the world. Ketuanan Melayu has been foisted on the Chinese people for too long and it is long past time to get rid of this scurrilous social disease once and for all.

    This is why SAPP must consider getting out of BN and join PR because PR's slogan is for equality and justice. And if PR cannot implement equality and justice, then SAPP must lead Sabah out of the racist neo-apartheid Malaysia and either become independent or join Singapore in a new federation.

    Every honorable Chinese must question whether they still want to live under the tyranny of an inferior race who know nothing about creating a dynamic economy but only knows how to marginalize and rob the more productive Chinese. Isn't 45 years long enough? Do they want to condemn their children to live in such racist tyranny forever? It is time to unite and fight for their UN mandated rights of equality or get out of this racist hell!!!!!

  12. UMNO supporters (protesters) are themselves racist.

    SAPP and half of Malaysian lost confidence with PM Badawi because Badawi cannot deliver and cannot fully resolve issues in East Malaysia NOT because the PM is a Malay

    Malaysia Digest

  13. Ahli UMNO di Sabah secara keseluruhan bersetuju dan menyokong apa yang dibangkitkan oleh YTL.
    Hanya segelintir ahli UMNO yang dipergunakan oleh pemimpin tertentu untuk kepentingan sendiri bertujuan membodek dan angkat kaki bagi kepentingan sendiri.
    Saya percaya kini rakyat tidak mudah tertipu atau terperdaya dengan taktik perkauman.
    Majoriti masyarakat muslim di Tawau merupakan rakyat Malaysia berketurunan Bugis dan juga Suluk.
    Mudah-mudahan dengan persefahaman kita yang terpaku dalam hati akan diterjemahkan dalam pilihan raya akan datang.
    Semoga cucu-cicit kita dapat terus menikmati sejahtera dan kemakmuran hasil daripada peninggalan kita!
    Hidup Sabah, Hidup Malaysia...!

  14. BN meeting: Pairin moves motion to expel Sapp
    Tony Thien | Jun 25, 08 1:01pm

    The motion was seconded by VK Liew, president of another Sabah-based party, Liberal Democratic Party, at yesterday’s BN management committee meeting.MORE

    Pairin start play play !! Good !!! I can read Pairin mimd!!! Ya SAPP going to join PR !! After that Pairin will follow too..... I know well Pairin :-)

  15. A prior poster said:
    In the present climate, a wrong choice of words can lead a person to be branded as pro-Anwar, as if it is necessarily bad. But in not so many different words, the message is loud and clear: “We have lost confidence in the government.”

    Obviously "pro-Anwar" is synonymous to traitor or enemy to BN. But the truth is more than half of the Malayan people have supported Anwar. Even with wholesale frauds, UMNO-BN cannot win more than 88 seats in the Malayan constituencies to PR's 79. Without the Borneo component of BN, the BN would have lost the govenment already and it would Anwar sitting in the PM's seat.

    It is time for SAPP and the other non-UMNO parties to get out of BN and join PR and put an end to this evil government that has ruined the lives of most Chinese and other peoples of Malaysia. Even the common Malays are suffering from the incompetent dogma of ketuanan Melayu because it has restricted the growth of the Malaysian economy by suppressing the growth of the Chinese businesses and forcing millions of Chinese to flee Malaysia taking their money and expertise with them. To appreciate how badly managed Malaysian economy is, it is necessary only to look at how rich and dynamic Singapore is. Without any racial discrimination and with no natural resources at all, Singapore has achieved a total economy that is some US$7 billion bigger than Malaysia's. The per capital GDP of Singapore is US$40,000 to Malaysia's US$6,700 - a difference of some 6 times. A Malay who lives in Singapore is making more than 8 to 10 times the average incomes of a Malay in Malaysia. Therefore, it is clear that the dogma of ketuanan Melayu has failed the common Malays.

    In the final analysis, "pro-Anwar" is not a dirty word. It is the key to liberating Sabah from the feudal racist tyranny of the UMNO-BN government. In fact, if SAPP and other Sabah parties cannot or will not get out of BN and join Anwar-Lim Kit Shiang and PR, then they are the enemies of Sabah people and should be dumped by the Sabah people who must look for new leaders who will be courageous enough to dump the UMNO tyranny once and for all.

    In the end, all of the problems such as too little share of oil money and immigration problems are caused by the UMNO-BN strategy of dividing and conquering Sabah. It is foolish to expect that you can ask the criminal to condemn himself. It is therefore obvious that it is futile to ask UMNO-BN to reform the immigration policies because it is UMNO-BN that has implemented the evil immigration policies DELIBERATELY in the first place! Immigration reforms and equality for the Chinese and the return of the oil money can only be possible when UMNO-BN government is overthrown and a new government is installed under the PR.

    It is time for the Chinese people in Sabah to wake up. Continuing to delude themselves will only allow the situation to get worse. Pro-Anwar is not seditious or traitorous. Pro-Anwar is the hope for the new era of equality and justice. And if Anwar failed the Sabah people, then Sabah can always be independent or join Singapore. There are many options. But the Chinese people and the KDM must be united and fight for their common future. They don't need the Malays. They can much better on their own.

  16. A prior poster said:
    The BN’s concept is not flawed. What is flawed is the PM’s leadership and his decision-making. What is flawed is how a dominant component party hijacked the BN. Instead of the BN acting as the umbrella for the coalition, the umbrella role is now assumed by UMNO.

    The BN's concept is flawed. From the beginning it is nothing more than a bunch of yes-men licking the boot of the Malays and supporting the dogma of ketuanan Melayu in a betrayal of their own respective races. MCA betrayed the Chinese. MIC betrayed the Indians. The various parties in Sabah and Sarawak betrayed their own peoples.

    There never was an umbrella role for the BN. It was always the UMNO that had led or as the Americans picturesquely put it "kept the ducks in a row." The non-UMNO member parties of the BN are just a bunch of stupid and traitorous ducks who are kept in a row and always supporting UMNO's racist policies in betrayal of their own peoples. They have become nothing more than mouthpieces of UMNO's racist policies like MCA ministers denying there is any marginalization when Lee Kuang Yew condemned the marginalization of the Chinese. They are henchmen who help the Malay UMNO rob their own peoples.

    Badawi's incompetence is only in his inability to control the Malays. That does not mean the Malay agenda of ketuanan Melayu is inefficiently imposed. UMNO policy and agenda is still ketuanan Melayu whether or not Badawi is prime minister. Therefore, to get rid of ketuanan Melayu it is not enough to criticize Badawi, the entire UMNO-BN gang must be botted out of the Malaysian government. Only then will there be any hope for a new era of equality and justice.

  17. Can Sabahans trust Yong, Sapp, Anwar and Pakatan?
    Arianna | Jun 24, 08 4:20pm
    I refer to the Malaysakini report Sabah takes starring role in political crisis.

    Yong Teck Lee betrayed the Sabah mandate in 1994. And yes, it was then deputy prime minister and deputy Umno president Anwar Ibrahim who succeeded in making Yomg leave then opposition Parti Bersatu Sabah just before an impending state election.

    PBS won the election but later lost the state government. At the behest of Umno/BN, with Anwar and Yong playing a big part, many PBS state assembly persons left the party. Not empty-handed mind you. Many were richly rewarded including Yong who went on to become chief minister.

    No, Yong and his Sapp did not do much to pursue the Sabah cause after that. For reasons best known to themselves. The cause that mattered most to Sabahans. The cause we read about last week when Sapp boldly announced its no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Like the rest of the Sabah BN leaders, they were enjoying the 'rewards' offered for being Umno's obedient servants. Then suddenly, as if awaken from a deep slumber, Yong and Sapp ‘remembered’ the Sabah cause. A cause which Yong had been championing (?) since 1986 when he was with PBS.

    And what do you know? Yong and Anwar came into the picture once again. No prize for guessing that eventually Sapp and Yong would ally themselves to Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. The incident of1994 was a precedent, yes?

    Sabah politicians know very well that the Sabah cause is dear to our hearts. So once again, the Sabah cause are presented to Sabahans as the reasons for Yong’s and Sapp’s no-confidence vote against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Any other reason would not receive support from the people of the land below the wind. Not that we like Abdullah for this premier's report card is all in red.

    Yong, Sapp and Anwar betrayed the Sabah mandate in 1994. There was nothing good for Sabah and her people that came out of Yong and Sapp joining BN. Except that Sabah continues to be the poorest state in Malaysia despite its abundance natural resources especially oil.

    Its leaders continue with their kerbau cucuk hidung governance (having to refer to Putrajaya most of the time).

    There was nothing good for Sabah from Yong and Anwar’s 1994 union as Umno's politics (yes, Anwar had a big hand in Umno's expansion to Sabah not to mention blessings from then president Dr Mahathir Mohamed) disunited Sabah to the core.

    Umno's divide and rule politics along race and religion has greatly affected harmony among Sabahans who care nothing about one's race or religion but consider ourselves one big happy family.

    Apart from Yong, other Sabah BN parties and their respective leaders are to be blamed for the sorry state that Sabah is in today. For none dare to stand up till the end. Many fell along the way, embracing Umno and BN politics and becoming ‘yes men’.

    Sure, this the right time for Sabah MPs to make and get demands from Abdullah/Umno//BN. And play hard ball with Anwar and PR - the PM and government-in waiting respectively.

    Abdullah and BN would not handle the Sabah cause and the party is already losing much support from Sabahans after March 8. That leaves Anwar and PR.

    The question is, can we Sabahans trust Yong, Sapp and Anwar and Parti Keadilan Rakyat?

    Can we trust both men and parties to pursue and fulfil the Sabah cause - and not their respective personal political interests - as to what happened some 14 years ago? Will they betray Sabah once again?

    We can only hope that both men and their parties would honour their word. We can only hope they are men of principles. Otherwise, we, voters know exactly what to do with these kind of people come elections. Time will tell.

  18. whimsical borneoJune 25, 2008 at 3:16 PM

    There is no reason why sabahans do not support datuk yong teck lee. why do people like pairin, vk liew and others described yong as if he is a pariah of BN? everything he fights for is for the sabahans. if he is greedy as what Badawi accused, he would not have said anything that offended Umno or Badawi. Yong wants Sabahans to be given the opportunity to determine our destiny. How can Sabahans not agree with him?

  19. SAPP’s move was to support a motion of no confidence >>in the PM<<. Some of chosen to interpret that as a motion of no confidence in the BN.

    The BN’s concept is not flawed. What is flawed is the PM’s leadership and his decision-making. What is flawed is how a dominant component party hijacked the BN. Instead of the BN acting as the umbrella for the coalition, the umbrella role >>is now assumed by UMNO<<.
    Thank the above that's precisely what many among Sabah leaders had misled sabahan. We are moderate people and make to recognise ourselves as Malaysian who love Malaysia.
    Even many UMNO MP including women MP here in Sabah had been influenced by that tactic applied many years ago in semenanjung to influence the malay community!!!
    Only those who have real personal agenda & fame for their present gain shall selfishly judge Young & SAPP motion incorrectly.
    I salut the way at least for MP Anifa Aman to make his clear stand in neutral and give him a thumb up alright.
    Just to remind once again for Sabah we have to maintain rational attitude to see our need but no place for racists here!
    To note for Tan T M of PBS, shut up and do not blame Yong because you cannot convince KK voters' confidence in past election. It is history now and do have wisdom. Who this guy use to park his big Jeep no.3533 simply at KK Pustaka while was attending a court case. He had shown a very bad example to KK.

  20. Who is this Robin Lo? I never heard of him. After his statement slamming SAPP. I asked some friends about him. He has an interesting background. Before he came to Sabah, he was a newspaper vendor in Sungai Petani, Kedah. How he got to become CEO of Nexus I don't know. But I am told he behaves like the foul-mouth chef Gordon Ramsay during management meetings. Every sentence is loaded with the four-letter word. You know, from my experience, only those people who have trouble speaking proper English tend to use unsavoury words in their sentences. Wah, you think Ramsay can speak English simply because he is orang puteh? Not necessarily. Many English people can't even write English properly. Not surprising. There are many Chinese I know who cannot even speak chinese. There are Malays who use knief and fork at dinner, drink cognac and smoke cigar afterwards. Ha, ha ... people ... I'm thinking Robin hentam SAPP perhaps because he wants the senatorship offered to yong. Possible?

  21. RObin Hood punya cucu-cicit... GO TO HELL Gerakan! U even lose ur own PENANG like hot shit !!

  22. Saya ternampak YB Kedamaian En Herbert Timbun di TV3 Kelmarin.

    Bilangnya, Yong cakap tak serupa bikin. Sebab dahulunya Yong tidak memperggunakan kedudukannya sebagai CM untuk menghalau PTI.

    NAMUN bagi saya, kesilapan dahulu tidak bererti kita tidak boleh mati disanjung memperjuangkan hak sabah. Itulah dikatakan kesederan.

    Lebih baik dari jadi alim dahulu kemudian baru tumbuh tanduk.

    Boss si Herbert, Datuk Pairin dahulunya mempunyai suara lantang menentang BN, meminta hak-hak Sabah, menghalau PTI. Namun sekarang disebabkan takutkan BN, si Pairin seperti dipegang bijik, dijahit mulut, kerana tidak bersalak lagi menyuarakan rintihan rakyat Sabah.

    Kenapa mengilang begitu sahaja?

    O ya, saya dengar-dengar si Herbert Timbun itu dahulunya priest gereja, namun ada orang kampung beliau yang mengaitkannya dengan penyelewengan wang.

    Tapi elokkah diungkit benda-benda yang lama sebegitu? Adakah sekarang beliau bertaubat hanya disebabkan kini sudah mempunyai jawatan dalam kabinet negeri?

    Atau lebih teruk?

  23. "Don’t question Malay supremacy".


  24. The former Yugoslavia was once a great republic but then later Serb's racism begun dominating its central government and out of it was produced smaller nations....Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia. And Kosovo...

    Malaysia's present political scenario is near a boiling-point. Blogs all over the internet show how true this is!

    Well...the dice is in the hands of UMMNO! What a pity would it be should this beautiful Malaysia succumbs to pride of racism!

    Pride is a Silent Killer!

    The 7th Bunduon,
    Gunung Kinabalu


  26. pendatang tanpa izin yg paling ramai di sabah adalah bangsa BUGIS yg dahulu nya tidak wujud di bumi sabah. kini mereka mengaku bumiputra lah pulak dan mendapat ic dr BN. halau saja bangsa bugis dari sabah ni/

  27. I am from Tawau too...i do think this UMNO people is stupid and none sense...i am NOT a BN supporter, also NOT to your party of SAPP, but this time...we stand with you...Why? Because you have make the right is those stupid UMNO people who betray Tawau people and not SAPP this time...NO worry, go ahead and pull down that none sense PM too...if you want to see who is true, look at us now and you will know, we are suffer so much because of their so called cabinet decision!!

  28. I am UMNO Tawau dare you to think that we are illegal imigrant or philipinos people..go to hell you SAPP for not respecting our rights to whom should we stand for..I am not Malay origin,but I am Muslim and sabah bumi..we believe only with UMNO SABAH we stand for our equal right in Sabah in which for long time already abandoned our rights as Bumi Muslim and bumiputra sabah as general...Who are youto teach us our rights...Dont dare to make us stupid..dont think we are so soft with wat you mentioned as Sabah rights..Majority of you are Chinese base party where is our representative in your Muslim,we stand and believe only muslim leader MUST be our leader...Chinese party such SAPP is not qualified as our leader party...please la...your origin is China,not Sabah...dont flame our patienttttttttttttttttttt....I m very disappointed for Tawau MP for being so arrogant and treat our Malaysia integration...shame on you..I've voted you as BN candidate but you hypocrites our should know Tawau is Muslim Bumi which without our support as BN you would never be MP...if should you think you cannot fulfill as our MP,just go ahead join non-BN members just before the election,but to my surprise you threatened the government for your MP you should use your higher qualification to approach sabah voice more vocal with appropriate manner...not threaten others...or you just have SPM holder qualification with basic creditation..or may be failed to pass Bahasa Malaysia (Not Chinese Language) with credit..if you failed then,no wonder you cannot understand Malaysian concept government...Putra UMNO Tawau

  29. Dear Putra Umno Tawau,
    If UMNO is soo great, if UMNO had really stood up for your race and provided all the best human capital investment, why did you fail your English test? You can't even string a decent sentence together, let alone make any sense to what you mean. Are you not ashamed that after decades of NEP support, the Bumiputera communities in Sabah still have high rates of illiteracy and still live in abject poverty? You are entitled to 30% of all government benefits, education, businesses, you name it, can you tell me how that 30% is spent? What tangible benefits have accrued from this 30%? Would you please enlighten me on this subject, Your Malay Highness? If you are more comfortable with Bahasa Melayu, then please express yourself in your Mother tongue because I got A1 for my SPM Malay years ago.

    From a very Humble Sin-Dusun Kecewa.

  30. mereka tu orang indon..ramai orang indon di tawau....wah??melayu ciplak...

  31. "Don’t question Malay supremacy!"

    Again, Malay supremacy, this is the ultimate goal of UMNO!! people please wake up!!

    We are not here to question the so called "Malay supremacy", we are here to REJECT it!!

    Indon, Filipino, asalkan muslim = melayu?? no wonder I heard anyone could be melayu, why so cheap to gain melayu-status? lol

  32. apa???orang orang bugis..di tawau ni anggap mereka melayu bumiputra????mereka ni pendatang dari indon lah..ha tu lah sekarang ni lah akibatnya orang pendatang pun bilang mereka bumiputra...hantar jah lah mereka pulang ke indon....

  33. Nisbah populasi rakyat tempatan adalah semakin mengurang berbanding dengan rakyat indonesia (yang memegang IC) di Tawau. Yang memberi impak kepada kemenangan adalah pendatang ber-IC dan mereka amat berbangga menjadi orang Sabah dan ramai mereka adalah jauh lebih maju dan kaya dari orang tempatan.

    Halatuju politik Sabah tak lama lagi akan ditentukan oleh pendatang asing, samada yang sudah memegang IC ataupun yang BELUM/DALAM PROSES.

    Kaum cina yang sudah 4 keturunan di Sabah masih juga tidak boleh dipanggil sebagai BUMIPUTERA namun pendatang asing yang beranak di negeri Sabah, rata-rata diberi hak keistimewaan sebagai bumiputera! Ini kebiasanyaannya berlaku terutama bagi pendatang dari Indonesia.

    Peranan pemimpin-pemimpin Barisan Nasional dalam memberi mereka hak ini tidak dinafikan lagi. Pendatang asing memainkan peranan besar dalam kemenangan BN dalam pilihanraya-pilihanraya yang lalu.

    Pengakuan beberapa kakitangan jabatan pendaftaran di negeri ini jelas membuktikan bahawa kegiatan pemalsuan IC bukanlah cerita rekaan.

    Satu cara lain yang paling berkesan bagi pendatang ini adalah MEMBELI IC dan surat beranak seorang rakyat tempatan yang mati. Cara ini banyak digunakan di Sandakan dan Tawau. Ada juga yang memanafaatkan pendaftaran baru di pedalaman (dengan di sahkan oleh ketua kampung!).

    Soalan sensasi rakyat Sabah selama ini yang sayangkan negeri ini adalah:

    Rumusannya, syabas Yong Teck Lee yang menggunakan apa sahaja cara untuk kepentingan rakyat Sabah, walaupun mendapat ugutan dari golongan tertentu yang berkepentingan sendiri.

  34. UMNO =Ketuanan Melayu
    SAPP = Rakyat Sabah adalah tuan kerajaan.

    UMNO = jilat pant*t PM
    SAPP = Kaseh PM tisu paper

    UMNO = ISU PTI dilengah masa
    SAPP = Dateline August 2008

    UMNO = menyokong usul harga barang naik
    SAPP = no vote

    UMNO = kekalkan 5% royalty
    SAPP = naik royaltu ke 20%

    UMNO = Ketua di semenanjung
    SAPP = Ketua diantara kita

  35. "Don't question Ketuanan Melayu" ?

    there aren't native Melayu in Sabah. Maybe these people are confused. There is a difference between being Muslim and being Melayu. Somehow people in malaysia always seem to think Muslim=Melayu.

    And I also doubt the nationality of those who participated in this 'tunjuk perasaan', which I am sure by govt standards is LEGAL even though half of the ppl might not carry a valid MyKad. Maybe PTI deportation can start there. I suggest a head count in Tawau, how many are really MELAYU?

    If they expect us to respect this whole Ketuanan Melayu notion, are they prepared to back off from our native rights? are they prepared to have our say in sabah? are they prepared to jst start respecting us?

    Sabah is rich in natural resources, why do you think BN/UMNO wants us so badly?

    Go figure.

  36. For all Sabahan Info, I have been working in Indonesia for the past 5 years. In Indonesia not all Malay is Muslims. Malaysia Malay also confuse of their identity, Malay in Malaysia is actually from Indonesia (Jawa,Malay, Minang, Padang, org Medan, etc). There are no such thing as Malay in Malaysia but the native of Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak is the original people in Malaysia, so Malay Supremacy is shit, We should have bumiputra supremacy...

  37. Dear UMNO Tawau supporter,

    things may be different for you, although u are not Malay, but you are Muslim. I don't mean to offend you, or any Muslim reading this, but it is a known fact that being a Muslim in Malaysia open up many doors for you. Being a Bumiputera myself, I cannot help but feel I am in a different league of bumiputeras altogether. It's like there's an unspoken/unwritten segregation between Malay-Muslim Bumis, Non-Malay, Muslim Bumis, and Non-Malay, Non-Muslim Bumis. Any guess who's got the biggest slice of cake?

    Why does this happen? Bumiputera is Bumiputera. Why is there an invisible asterix attached to it all of a sudden, claiming that terms and conditions apply? Why does our govt promise a non-bumi a bumi status on the condition that he converts? The Bumiputera status shouldn't have anything to do with what religion you practice.

    I am no condemning any religion, cos as far as i know, all religion preach the same things, to do good, to love one another. It is man made rules and greed that has made it so complicated. It is a shame that some people with power try to justify their actions with religion. No religion encourages corruption, bribery or oppression. and yet our govt exhibits this on a daily basis, just painted nice and pretty so we stupidly accept it.

    Maybe you should try being in our shoes, maybe then you will understand what a comfortable zone you are in, and what exactly we are fighting for.

  38. Mari belajar sejarah!

    Ok, Parameswara is the so called Malay Prince right? He discovered Melaka, yada yada yada, then we have Malay sultans, yada yada yada, then we have UMNO and this ketuanan melayu crap.

    Anyway he lari from Palembang to Temasek. and from temasek he lari some more to Melaka. So good ol Parameswara is actly a peLARIan..technically. Hahah. So he is originally from Pelembang, right, which makes him....INDONESIAN.

    So at the time he landed in melaka, my guess is there are already ppl living there(org asli=original people). So he isnt the 1st one there.

    and also at this time, im sure borneo hav long existed, with no idea who parameswara is. why shud they, he is of no concern in borneo. and up til now, his keturunan shudnt have the right to determine wat goes in sabah/srawak.

    so summary is, parameswara is a PTI. He is from palembang. he pretty much took over melaka just becos he was there n the place was 'happening' at that time lah kan..

    malaysian history seems to be confused...and berat sebelah... what are we teaching our kids in school!!!

  39. Bumiputera at Sabah = Kadazan, Dusun, Bajau & perhaps some others...

    Malay Chinese Indian.. not Bumi for sure. Malay.. are they even bumi in West Malaysia?

    I remember the Sejarah lesson.. Parameswara.. the 1st Sultan Melaka.. came from Indon!! Oi oi.. come from Indon.. but stay here few generations, than become bumi?? That's quite unfair for Kadazan, Dusun, Bajau & some of those truly Sabahan Bumi.

    I'm not really sure what the Malay are thinking. Those at the grassroot.. or at least, those I know, say that they disagree the act of allowing these PTI from Filipin & Indon come to our country the illegal way.. and obtain the citizenship..but I suppose those UMNO leaders.. doesnt care what their people want. All they want is to secure their votes in election.. regardless if its Indon or filipino.

    IF majority malay disagree with the doing of their leaders for granting citizenship to illegal immigrants from indon n filipin.. plz voice out...

    If not... in near future.. government may subsidise the filipino n indon to go university, grant them low cost house loans.. all other loans.. and the true malay may lose out.

  40. Ketuanan ? Kebolotan ka itu ?

    Sabah dulu, orang Kadazan boleh jadi Ketua Menteri. Tun Stephen, Pairin. Now?? Musa, Musa dan Musa lagi. Mungkin musa turun, Mustapha naik, kalau bukan mustapha, Harris? Kalau bukan lagi, ahmad, ali , abdullah. Janji bukan orang Kadazan.

    Sejak BN ambil kuasa, dia orang kata, agih kuasa itu, rata rata, tapi selepas satu penggal, dia orang cakap.. kali ini manifesto BN takde cakap nak agih kuasa bagi bangsa lain. Tapi ok la. dia orang bagi juga, last chance, tapi lepas tu, musa saja. Orang Kadazan, Ketua Menteri? Tiada chance la!


    Ketuanan Melayu? Ketuanan Indon, Palembang ada la

  41. Putra Umno Tawau, what's your race? Bugis or? You must have a race, PLEASE don't say that you do not know your own race. Tell us what's your race.

    I agree with you, not all UMNO Tawau supporters are Filipino or Indon. Even in KK, I know Chinese that joined UMNO.

    BUT....... I suppose you can't doubt that Filipino and Indon in Tawau support UMNO, right? Of course they support UMNO, grant them Sabah citizenship!

    We Sabahan, live along well with each other. Kadazan, Bajau, Dusun, Sino, Chinese, Malay, Indian. We are all genuine Malaysian and Kadazan, Bajau, Dusun and perhaps some other race, are genuine Bumi. But, Jawa, Bugis Filipino, Indon.. these are not even genuine Malaysia, how can they be bumi then?

    It's ok to have Kadazan, Dusun or Bajau as Ketua Menteri, or any other menteri, but hopefully, it wont be a Java, Bugis, Filipino or Indon becomce MP, or worse.. Ketua Menteri Sabah!

  42. Ketuanan Melayu di KL!

    Ketuanan KADAZAN DI SABAH!!!!!!!

    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!
    Ketuanan KADAZAN !!!

  43. What shit it is with the so called "ketuanan melayu". If the melayu want to become "tuan", you need to earn it but not by forcing other people or race to accept it. I been working in Indonesia for years and there is not such thing as "ketuanan melayu". Rather than the melayu talk about this, it is better for their "pemimpin" to focus on developing Sabah, as what SAPP & Yong Teck Lee propose to the federal govt regarding sabah right. Not point having "ketuanan melayu" if the economy is zero. If any of the Sabahan already going to west malaysia, they will wonder why sabah do not have double line highway, a good public transport like RapidKL, monorail & KTM, a booming working opportunity with good salary. I as a pure Sabahan need to work in Indonesia just because the salary in Sabah in consider the lowest maybe in the whole malaysia eventhough you are holding executive post!!! Petronas sucking almost all Sabah crude oil but just how many sabahan was working inside Petronas? Most of the top position sweep by this west malaysia melayu!! The current CM must instruct Petronas to hire minimum 50% Sabahan as Petronas Employee, what is the meaning of been as one of the state than contribute the crude oil for our country but most of the employee in not from Sabah!! Why as crudfe oil producer, Sabah still one of the poorest state in Malaysia. This is the time for all Sabahan to wake up and ask WHY...WHY...WHY??? and NOT taking nonsence about "ketuanan melayu". Not matter you are from tawau, sandakan, sipitang, papar, kota belud, long as you think you are from Sabah, so think about how to develop Sabah rather than keep on talking nonsence!!!!

    From: Christianus

  44. orang bajau sabah asalnya pun dari filippine...di filippine pun ada bajau filippine...tak kira bumiputra(bumiputra politik)bumiputra asli kadazan dusun dan murut...selain tu tak d iktiraf

  45. kepada putra umno tawau;
    jangan pura pura lah bah... ko tu bugis yg dari indon tu..baru saja dapat ic dari BN. bagus ko diam2 lah.

  46. kamu tau ka apa itu MELAYU???Kalu jahil pasal Melayu jangan cakaplah..dulu masa belajar sejarah mesti fail kan..haha..tidak tau pasal apa itu Melayu sudah bising2...Cuba baca buku ilmu,Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka serta perlembagaan Negara Malaysia,bukan Malayan Union ahh..yang diperjuangkan penjajah maupun Lee Kuan Yew..nampaknya ada org bermain api dengan cuba mengasingkan Sabah dengan semenanjung Malaysia..what a moron statement/idea..Malaya itu tidak wujud sudah...hanya org BODOH saja yang menyatakan Melayu itu org palembanglah,org indonlah,Maka kalu dibuat kesimpulan Dato Najib pu org Indonlah...sebab dia org BUGIS...ceteknya pemikiran...kamu aklu belajar sejarah menyatakan orang Melayu ada mereka yang tinggal dikawasan Nusantara tia kira Indonesia,Malaysia,Filipina,Thailand amupun Kemboja..Jadi kesimpulannya org Bugis,Jawa,Boyan ka apa lagi suma itu org Melayu..tapi takrif MELAYU yang betul terdapat dalam perlembagaan negara..tapi yang pasti bukan orang CINA..kalu ikut statistik org CINAlah yang sudah banyak mengaut keuntungan hasil bumi sabah..itu jugak kamu kata adil???tidak heran kalu suatu hari nnt org Bumi mengamuk tatak org CINA..haha..tunggulah...Tidak dinafikan ada org luar terutama PTI dari filipin dan indon yang mengambil kesempatan atas kekayaan dan kepesatan bumi Sabah..mereka memang kebal terutama kanak2 yg tiada ibu bapak dari filipin,kerajaan mereka tidak iktiraf,UN ikitraf mereka di sini,malaysia tidak...tapi kenapa mereka ada lagi sampai sekarang????sebab semua org tidur...jadik sebab itulah pentingnya kita bersatu dlm satu union...bukan tunjuk masing2 hebat untuk org sabah...dulu Berjaya,PBS,lapas tu SAPP,lapas SAPP pulak org ndak tau sapa lagi lah mau bela sabah..mungkin PKR yg jelik itu..sadarlah,manusia mmg tidak akan berpuas hati selagi tidak berkuasa... matlamat utama bukan kekayaan,tapi yg lebih penting integriti,sayang pada pegangan agama yg mengajar kita hidup toleransi..supaya kita berfikir waras dan bukan sentimen yg cuba diapi-apikan...banyak perkara rumit yang berlaku di sabah,tapi apa pemimpin kita selama ini sudah puas utk berfikir untuk menyelesaikan perkara itu,jawpannya sudah tentu belum cukup,mau lebih lagi...kerajaan sabahlah yang harus menggerakkan usaha ini...tidak kiralah YTL,Aman dan ramai lagi..musuh luar sekarang sgt licik untuk masuk dan menghancurkan sabah..PKR contohnya melalui Anwar pernah berjumpa YTL dua kali bagaimana bercita2 untuk menjadi org besar suatu ketika nanti..jwtn apa tidak pasti..nnt masa itu,dulu bilang mau parti dari sabah jak,kemudian ubah angin mau parti semenanjung pulak utuk tawan sabah...masa itu,kamu telanlah kata2 kamu dulu,ckp og sabah bodohlah,jilat semula...YTL pun berjaya atas motifnya ...mau jadi juara SABAH RAYA...orang KADAZAN Tawau kawin org Bugis

  47. Ketuanan Kadazan di Sabah!!
    Ketuanan Kadazan di Sabah!!
    Ketuanan Kadazan di Sabah!!
    Ketuanan Kadazan di Sabah!!
    Ketuanan Kadazan di Sabah!!

    Siapa mau ketuanan Melayu, balik KL kau sana.

  48. Sia rasa lebih baik kita berhenti tulis mengenai ketuanan. Tidak ada guna juga kita terus hantam samada melayu, bugis, bajau, suluk, etc. Lebih baik ramai2 kita fikir macam mana mau kasi maju ini Sabah. BN suda janji hampir 14 thn mau kasi bangun Sabah, tapi sampai hari ini masi lagi ketinggalan jauh banding dengan negeri2 lain di Malaysia ini. Walaupun BN tabur janji2 manis, tapi orang sabah tetap jg mau undi BN. Sia sendiri pun tidak tau berapa lama lagi mau tunggu baru ini BN bole kasi bangun ini Sabah. Tunggu sampai abis suda kayu balak, minyak, tanah kana sapu oleh orang semenanjung baru kali bole membangun!!! Sampai skrg kalo orang2 Sabah pigi KL kana ckp "kamu di Sabah tinggal atas pokok ka?", bayangkan la hinaan yang dikasi org semenanjung terhadap org Sabah!! tapi pemimpin2 BN di sabah ni masi lagi bilang BN ini baik. PM konon skrg betul2 ambik berat terhadap masalah org sabah, jadi sebelum ini langsung tidak diperdulikan la org2 sabah ni!!! Mau sapu bersih semua pelarian konon, padahal waktu pilihanraya kana kasi suda lama mati pun bole hidup umur 83 pun jalan2 lagi jual sigup di KK!! Kalo btl2 BN mau tolong org sabah, kasi maju ini sabah dlm tahun ini jg. Tarik semua pelabur2 asing masuk sabah, KKIP kasi maju setanding dgn Pulau Pinang, Selangor & Johor. Kalo tidak berjaya, lebih baik letak jawatan kasi ganti dengan pemimpin yg bole bawa kemajuan. Bnyk lagi graduan2 kita yg bole diserap jd pemimpin generasi baru, yang suda tua dan tidak efektif harus undur diri. Kasi peluang utk org muda terutama graduan2 sabah utk jadi pemimpin!!! Baru la hidup orang Sabah.

  49. anak asli kel;aparanJune 28, 2008 at 2:58 PM

    org cina tak rampas hasil bumi sabah..semua usaha gigih mereka berkerja...rajin usaha majukan diri..mereka mustahil dapat rampas harta bumiputra kerana kita semua tahu status warga negara mereka..dan mereka boleh kenal melalui nama dan wajah...tetapi orang pendatang boleh rampas harta bumiputra kerana meraka susah d kenal melalui wajah dan nama..mereka pandai tipu dapat ic konon nya bumiputra sabah..beli tanah guna nt title(tanah bumiputra)masuk u guna kouta bumiputra..kerja kerajaan guna kouta bumiptra..mohon pinjaman kerajaan guna kouta bumiputra..dapat bantuaan pprt kerajan..kouta melayu dapat gelaran lah yang di katakan rampas sedikiut demi sedikit..lama kelamaan kami pula bumiputra asli sabah jadi pengemis di negeri sendiri...siapa yang perampas???saya asal di tawau..datuk saya cerita pada saya dulunya jiran saya seorang pempajak buah buahan asal dari indon...kini anak kaya raya sebab apa???menyertai parti terbesar d malaysia tanah kelapa sawit yg luas ..projek besar besar baru satu keturunan..dapat status bumiputra...yg cina ni ada yang 4 keturunan..tapi ada yg ic dia merah sampai mati...

  50. Harga minyak di negara pengeluar minyak seperti Malaysia
    UAE RM1.19/litre
    Eygpt RM1.03/litre
    Bahrain RM0.87/litre
    Qatar RM0.68/litre
    Kuwait RM0.67/litre
    Saudi Arabia RM0.38/litre
    Nigeria RM0.32/litre
    Turkmenistan RM0.25/litre
    Venezuela RM0.16/litre
    Brunei RM 1.20/litre

    MALAYSIA RM2.70/litre =(RM2.70 x 159 litres = US $ 135.00 international price. so where is subsidy???)

    So, Malaysian people are fooled by the govt...


  51. Kalu Najib keturunan Bugis, dan kebanyakkan pendatang asing d Sabah adalah keturunan Bugis, how effective will the elimination of PTI be?

    Seems abit unfair to have him handle such a sensitive issue, which might become personal at one point.

    Couldnt a Sabahan have lead the pack instead? Someone who is really affected by the problems surrounding locals caused by the PTI? Surely Najib couldnt be bothered. He doesnt have the illegal immigrants running around his street causing much nuisance.


    U - UMNO
    N - NEGERI
    O - ORANG!!


  53. masalah PTI memang menggerunkan dan kita semua tahu sehingga kini masih ramai yang berkeliaran di bumi sabah ni.paling ketara dalam 'shopping mall'...CP,1 Borneo,Wisma,Pasar kk...alamak..X boleh dipandang.Kalau di lihat dari langit,memang warna hitam seluruh sabah ni.Sampai ada seketika,seorang kawan saya dari semenanjung datang melawat Sabah,Komen Utamanya adalah= orang sabah SEMUANYA hitam2 belaka.Alangkah terhinanya saya sebagai warga sabah.Jelaslah betapa teruknya masalah PTI di sabah ini.

    bumiputera sendiri seperti kadazan,dusun,bajat dll sering bersaing hak dengan bumiputera CIPLAK yang ntah dapat IC dari pelosok mana.haissss....malangnya.
    Bravo Dtk Yong,jangan risau..kami selalu bersamamu utk menuntut hak SABAHAN.

    Untuk pengetahuan 'ANDA',SAPP BUKAN parti cina yaa...tetapi SABAHAN.Jangan fitnah sewenang2nya untuk membatu api.Sebagai bukti,segala aktiviti SAPP dijalankan atas muafakat semua kaum di SAPP..sebelum menjamu selesa,pasti ada doa makan oleh wakil muslim (semua kaum termasuk DTK YONG turut berdiri sebagai hormat)...sebelum memulakan acara,doa selamat islam juga dibaca oleh wakil muslim...
    adaka ini dikatakan parti cina????
    tepuk dada tanya selera..kalau masih ragu2,turut serta anda adalah dialu-alukan bagi melihat dengan mata anda sendiri...


    be care with ur self-belonging sence..