Monday, June 23, 2008

Intimidation and Bullying Tactics

Events in the last 24 hours have taken a disturbing turn. Among others, we have received reports that of intimidating and bullying tactics:
1. Several illegal banners instigating unspecified actions against the Tawau MP Datuk Dr. Chua Soon Bui appeared overnight in Tawau,
2. A demonstration at the office of the Tawau MP will be held on Tuesday, June 24, which was originally to be held after the last Friday prayers.
3. At an UMNO gathering of several hundred in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday, aggressive words touching on racial incitement were used,
4. Short Message Services (sms) and unidentified phone calls implying threats to the two MPs and their aides,

In view of this disturbing turn of events, SAPP has taken extra caution for the safety of the MPs by calling them back to the party HQ in Kota Kinabalu for consultations on the next course of action, including the safety of their persons and families and the security of their offices.


  1. Be Bold And Brave, Be The Real Sabahan Way Of Life !!! We Support You In Anyway

    Likas Folks

  2. This is "normal" tactic by UMNO, especially dirty racial tactic, that's why I never support BN, because for me, UMNO = BN.

    They are trying to bring "ketuanan Melayu" to Sabah and destroy our multi-racial harmony which are non-existence in Peninsula.

    Be brave, Sabahan will be proud and supportive!

  3. hopeless Sabah sonJune 23, 2008 at 6:38 PM

    As a Sabahan who is crying day and night about what has happened to his people, I soothe myself that after all, may be there are few people who want to risk for Sabah and its supreme interests. My dear Yong, I would like to remind you and all Sabah leaders who share your thought on our tragedy the epic words of Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner who famously quipped:

    "Courage. Courage comes. Courage comes from cultivating. Courage comes from cultivating the habit. Courage comes from cultivating the habit of refusing. Courage comes from cultivating the habit of refusing to let fear dictate one's actions."

    Stand there and history shall reward you, and Sabah and its people who have resigned to despair and doom will stand with you at this trying moment. There is nothing for granted and everything has a price.

  4. to hell with be end (BN)June 23, 2008 at 6:42 PM

    Yong Trumpets Equality and Respect

    KOTA KINABALU, June 23 — In the Land below the Wind, as Sabah is known, maverick politician Datuk Yong Teck Lee is blowing away old assumptions of federal-state ties and calling for equal partnership.

    His tiny Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has created a storm in expressing its lack of faith in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but not the Barisan Nasional (BN) — a small component rebelling against the parent but not leaving the family just yet.

    "It would be much healthier if the federal government could adjust their mentality, attitude and mindset that we are actually partners rather than sons," Yong said in explaining the SAPP's decision to move or support a no-confidence motion in Parliament.

    But his two MPs — Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui (Tawau) and Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun (Sepanggar) — were not in Parliament this morning despite anticipation from the enlarged opposition ranks of 82 in the Dewan Rakyat. Excluding the SAPP duo, BN has 138 other MPs.

    The party's four assemblymen in the Sabah Assembly are also of no consequence numerically in the state government. But Yong is not concerned about that, saying Putrajaya should do away with the "father-and-son" superiority complex and instead start looking at the states as their partners and equals.
    He noted this mentality prevented members of the coalition from opening up and saying what they felt, especially after the BN was mauled in Peninsular Malaysia in the March 8 polls, losing four more states and its traditional two-thirds parliamentary majority.

    Only the Sabah and Sarawak BN component parties pulled through to help form the federal government but Abdullah did not reward their efforts with more Cabinet appointments, leading to the current political storm.

    While Yong has been roundly condemned in Peninsular Malaysia for his audacious step, his popularity and support has soared in Sabah, proving both Borneo states are critical for any coalition wanting to form the federal government.

    Yong's supporters echo his words at various ceramahs over the weekend in Sabah, applauding thunderously when the former chief minister brings up the failure of the federal government to address pressing issues including the lack of senior Cabinet posts.

    "I was hoping that Sabah would finally get the goodies it deserves after the BN won all but one parliamentary seat. I felt really sad when our leaders were given rather unimportant ministerial positions when we should have been given stronger portfolios such as the Home Ministry and Rural and Regional Development," a social activist said over the weekend.

    A local businessman agreed with Yong that Sabah gets 20 per cent in oil royalties instead of the current 5 per cent, as the money was being used to fund projects in the peninsula.

    "It actually hurts to see the Petronas Twin Towers. We just want to be treated as equals, not as lesser citizens. I will support SAPP if it chooses to opt out of the BN and stand for elections," he said.

    Yong knows the residual seam of discontent in Sabah against Malaya, as Peninsular Malaysia was called before it combined with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia in 1963. Some are even disgusted that Malaysia celebrates National Day on Aug 31 with a public holiday and not Malaysia Day on Sept 16.

    "Kalau saya berdiam dan sokong BN, tidak ada kes (If I keep quiet and support the BN, there would be no case). When I fight, they want to arrest me… some people think that when we go against them, we have an ulterior motive such as trying to get positions," he said over the weekend, alluding to the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) restarting a 5-year-old probe against him.

    But he was confident that the BN will have to stay its hand as sacking the SAPP would make other Sabah parties more critical of Abdullah's tenure as prime minister.

    The BN supreme council decision last week to hold off any decision on SAPP reflects Yong's 25-year experience in politics and astute reading of the current political landscape and underscoring Borneo's importance for anyone eyeing Putrajaya.

    And that is what its about. Equality and partnership in exchange for support for the top.

  5. Sabah cries for foodJune 23, 2008 at 6:43 PM

    Yong becomes folk hero in Sabah

    If a straw poll is taken in Kota Kinabalu, there is clearly a new-found respect and admiration among Sabahans for the sheer bravado displayed by Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) president Yong Teck Lee.

  6. Dead Man WalkingJune 23, 2008 at 6:50 PM

    Dont worry We always support you Y.T.L!
    There is another way to topple down the Badawi goverment.
    We RAKYAT not blind!!
    Guys come to read below link, You will SHOCK how Dirty, how KEJAM Badawi Goverment!

  7. This the work of UMNO and those who whose personal interest depend on BN. All the more reason we have to get these scumbags out of our life. They win support by instilling fear. Courage, friend. There are many people behind you.
    The country needs people like you.

  8. biasalah..... dalam politik sabah. kalau you bising banyak-banyak diaorang suruh PTI kacau-kacau.

    kalau u diam-diam, diaorang suruh PTI rampas kita punya harta, tanan, duit, macam-macamlah.

    Orang Sabah mana buat macam itu. Orang Sabah terlampau hati lembut, sampai hari ini tak ada pemimpin dari BN Sabah mahu cakap tentang isu minyak 20% royalty and harta kembali ke sabah, itu masalah PTI, keselamatan kita and anak-anak kita. yang paling penting itu Autonomy.

    Yang disebut oleh YTL: On "political autonomy", Yong said Sabah had the right for it to reduce Federal Government's intervention in State Administration.

    "Presently...the appointment of the Chief Minister, Ministers even BN candidates are all decided in Kuala Lumpur...everything referred to Kuala Lumpur.

    "So, the time has come for Sabah to be given political autonomy so that what was provided under the constitution is decided by the Sabah people themselves," he said.

    Macam mana Orang SABAH!!!! Kamu berani cabar kah orang KL itu.

    Dalam sejarah Sabah, tak ada Pemimpin berani cabar orang KL. Sebab Pemimpin di Sabah...... penakut, pengecut, tidak berani menuntut hak mereka......

    Orang KL datang kasih "Gula-gula" u diam and sudah lupa kita punya kemahuan untuk rakyat jelata....

    So.....Macam mana Orang SABAH!!!! Kamu berani cabar kah.

  9. So, what now? Sit back and wait again? BN will not stop to threaten ppl! Everyone should no this by now!

    Question is: What can we do now to get out of this situation, out of Malasia, Sabah and Sarawak term. To get was belongs to Sabahans since long time and was taken by BN. Look at the development in KL and around.........what has Sabah> Illigals and poor ppl. all over the places.

    What has to be done now to get the ball rolling????

  10. Don't know how Umno goons the like of PBS, Upko, LDP sleep at night. As long as their greed as fulfill by Umno, they couldn't care less about the Sabahan.
    YTL..we Selangorian are with you

  11. These Umno style politics known to for their extremism, hooliganism, racism and violence are very much unwarranted..

    I am really angered by such animalistic behaviour!!!!

    Get Umno out of Sabah!

  12. 不平则鳴,四十多年的不公平沙巴汉吃大亏了。与恶者为伍,沙巴从最富有,变最穷了!有福他独享,有难你来担!沙巴个个知道发生了什么事,今天有一呼百应,叫醒了沙巴人,也叫醒了马来西亚的劳苦的百姓!油起价人民担,油好价钱去了那里?注意沙巴是产油的地方!还有大量等待开采的天然煤气。

  13. Firstly Yong,I await the headlines in tomorrow's newspaper"Yong explains no-show of SAPP's MP's in Parliament".
    Now lets get down to serious business,leave BN immediately.There is no such thing as being an independent party under the present circumstances.

    Then also mount a motion of vote of no-confidence against Musa Aman.You might as well go all the way.While I can appreciate the mountain of internet and sms support to Yong,whats more important is to actually create the awareness why this BN Government must be evaporated from the face of the earth.
    Next lodge a police report against the perpetrators mounting the campaign against YB CHUA,and lets face BN face-on.Lets not be neither here nor there.Ponder over this and you may be amazed that more people will support this cause by leap and bounds.

  14. 沙巴人的孩子要到西马去打牛工,西马政治强人的子孙来沙巴挖金割地!沙巴汉想要多一点点来改善生活,都有错吗?

  15. All those DIRTY tactics used by UMNO can be liking to their stupidity in the govt regime. Today, this policy, tommorrow another policy. Datuk Yong, we salute and support you for the highly commendable courage you hv for our fellow sabahan. We all in sabah hv been severely deprived for decades. All our natural resources were robbed by the federal. As u hv said, we cant afford to ignore this WINDOW OPPORTUNITY. If they dont listen and act on what we hv requested, thus vote of NO CONFIDENCE has to be put in place. BRAVO to Datuk Yong...we all sabahan are stand firm behind u!!!

  16. 做贼心虚,听说杨帅要来敲门讨债,老爷子心惊胆跳,调动满朝文武官员护驾!他的干几子木沙,护驾不力,当打三百大板,漏夜派西宫禁卫拜访杨帅,问道12年前他拾到5个铜板之事,要算一下。跟着又安排大内高手威胁杨帅左右副将,不可上朝,搞他老爷子!一朝天子如此卑鄙!

  17. come on both MPs we all malaysian support you, but beware with UMNO shi**y tactics, they will use anything to harm both of you. I'm waiting for this moment since SAPP annouce it last week. Be brave and patience. I believe most malaysians support you.

  18. bn especially umno criticized the BERSIH rally, but after the March 8 election, we've seen these hypocrite bastards organizing demonstration in Penang, and now here in Sabah.??

    Fear not SAPP, people of Sabah supporting you would easily out number these ass holes.

    Brothers & Sisters of Sabah, SAPP is the one true party of Sabah, fighting for Sabah's future, support them, help them carry out their mission smoothly, if u are aware of any suspicious act that looks like an attempt of sabotaging like hanging illegal banners, report it to the authority immediately.

  19. When BERSIH went for a rally , Police said they are illegal .

    When the Thousands of Lawyers went out to walk with peace , Police said they are illegal .

    But when Tawau UMNO went out demostration against Tawau MP , Police said We cannot see anything/No Eyes See .

    Why double stndard ? ??
    This is what we known as
    " Malaysia Boleh " .

    Today Barisan Secretary General Tengku Adnan said in STAR Pg N4 : " How can you be in a family and not want the father ???
    There are only ONE Father
    ( Abdullah ) in the ( Barisan ) family .

    Sabahans just wonder ,
    who is our Father ??

    All we know well is ,
    1) The Father who give birth to us with our Mother .
    2) The Father in Heaven

    We never know we also have a so called Father in West Malaysia ???
    I hope he is not " GOD Father " in the Italy Film

    When Malaysia was formed , it was among four BROTHERS joining in partnership . After Singapore left , we only had Malaya , Sarawak & Sabah . These three Brothers then united to form so call now MALAYSIA .

    I propose our Barisan Secretary General go back to his Primary School teacher - or to watch Astro TV program ' I am not even better than Grade Five Standard ' for History subject .

    Come on , no more lah leaders of so called West Malaysia UMNO , Please , Please , Please do not treat us Sarawak & Sabah as your ' SONS '

    Even if we were to be given a chance to choose a Father , the one Father in Barisan will be our SARAWAKIAN / SABAHAN last last , last last .............choice

    Shame on u lah !

    Because we never had agreed to call u Barisan Chairman
    ' Father ' even when we first borned as baby .

    FohYang Said

  20. Our beloving Sabahan, we must stand togather,there put three banner, we put banner/sapp flag all over sabah ,malaysia .let them see the differentiate between Banner sponser by BN or Banner sponser from Sabahan people Blood earning money,put all over 60 x 25 window frame....

  21. Datuk YTL and SAPP.
    Please don't turn back now. I am sure the late Tun Fuad,Datuk Salleh Sulong,Datuk Peter Mojuntin,Datuk Chong Tian Vun are very happy with what are you and SAPP doing now.To Pairin,Bernard Dompok,Kurup,VK Liew,Donald Mojuntin,Affendy Tun Fuad,Marcus Mojigoh,Ewon Ebin,Alliance Gubat,John Ambrose,Freddie Sua,Justin Guka,Elron Alfred Angin,Maximus Ongkili,James Vitalis,James Ligunjang,Douglas Primus and all KDM leaders in Sabah.I have a special message to all of you,BETTER GO TO SIX FEET UNDERGROUND!

    Putatan Folks.

  22. abdullah and his disease.

    can never accept defeat. so ungentleman. and always live in denial.

    we all know we hate BN so much.. please do something so that abdullah will realise how stupid and how idiot he is.. that old man tak sedar sedar one issit? dont think he has a mirror..

  23. Get the act together, do it properly, boldly, beautifully with tacts.
    Today's performance: not good. (1. no show at parliament, 2. inconsistency of keeping promise, 3. inconsistence of information beaming out among SAPP leaders).
    Thread of personal safely for Chua, yes. But is that consequences not part of the expectation when annoucing a no confidence work? Where's the risk assessment prior?
    Do it great, do it beautiful.


  24. Viva SAPP!
    Demi rakyat Sabah,berundurlah dari draconian league of BN!
    Datuk Panglima Yong,pick the right way in the right time,Pakatan is waiting!

  25. This kind of thuggish tactics is to be expected from a group of thugs who have no other means and reasons to gain the support of the people of Sabah. Instead of using compelling logic to influence the support of the people, they use force to intimidate. This kind of intimidation has been used for 45 years since "indpendence". But the truth is "independence" only exchanged the British colony with a new "Malay" colony that is even worse. Ever since the beginning, the Malays had been using thuggish force to intimidate the Sabahans to submit to their wholesale robberies of timber and now oil.

    But the Sabahans should not be intimidated. The people in Malaya have already demonstrated that the people power is stronger than brute force tyranny. By voting for the DAP and PKR, the Malayan people of all races had rejected UMNO-BN. Now MCA, MIC, and Gerakan are all collapsed and defunct. UMNO is in chaos as Badawi is being forced out and Mahathir is opening calling for UMNO mp's to leave UMNO. It is only in Sabah that the Malays are still thuggish and openly using force to intimidate the docile Sabah people.

    But since UMNO-BN is already on its deathbed, there is nothing to fear from them. If just 30 Sabah and Sarawak mp's can join PR, then the UMNO-BN government will instantly collapse and replaced by the PR government. And those who are now intimidating the courageous Sabah people will be arrested, prosecuted, and punished with jail terms and other sentences to the fullest extent of the law. So remember clearly that the Sabah people DO have the power to once and for all overthrow the UMNO-BN thuggish government.

    The courageous Sabah people must now rally behind Datu Yong and SAPP and other Sabah mp's who are fed up with the incompetence and bullying of the defunct UMNO-BN colonial government. The support of Datu Yong and SAPP is not just for them but ultimately for the good of all Sabahans. For example, if you want 20% of the oil money for Sabah which will enable many more schools, roads, sports complexes, etc. to be built, then you must go out and march and rally to show support for Datu Yong and SAPP.

    Remember, supporting Datu Yong and SAPP at this historically critical juncture is in fact supporting Sabah and ultimately is supporting your own future and welfare and that of your children and grandchildren.

  26. A prior anonymous poster wrote:

    Like I said many times, you cannot reason with or appeal to the benevolence of the UMNO-BN. If you try to appeal to the kindness of their heart then they would only slap you down and throw you into jail for sedition.

    But as I also said many time, Sabahans absolutely do have the power to take back what are rightfully theirs. They can take back the oil. They can regain control of their own state and be the master of their own fate. They can implement developmental plans to benefit the Sabahans. They can institute laws to get rid of the illegal immigrants. They can clean up the streets and stop all the crimes.

    The Sabahans absolutely do have the power to do all this. But they must stand up and support those Sabah leaders who are trying to do the right things for the Sabahans. If the Sabahans just sit in their houses and whine, then UMNO will continue to bully Sabah. But if the Sabahans go out and rally and march and support their leaders, then they can easily regain control of their own state and improve their own future.

    So it is now time for action. Fight force with force because I tell you with absolute certainty that Sabah has the power now to give the fatal blow to UMNO and knock it down once and for all. Remember, just 30 more mp's out of the 57 Sabah and Sarawak mp's to join PR and UMNO-BN is overthrown forever. The power is in the hands of the Sabah and Sarawak people. Use that power now or regret it for the rest of your lives.

  27. Continue to be bold, for there are many Sabahans rallying support on SAPP's move.

  28. ini lah BN...they don't our problems at all....

  29. Hello Datuk YTL & the geng!!!..
    Apa u all takut dan runcing, event Dr Mahathir (ex PM) pun kena hentam, apa lagi baru ex CM,relakslah...itu semua kerja orang2 PTI dan yg ada "hong" punya yg sudah UMNO bayar...
    "Do the right things for Sabahan!!!..." we all behind u...

  30. fohyang wrote:

    All we know well is ,
    1) The Father who give birth to us with our Mother .
    2) The Father in Heaven

    We never know we also have a so called Father in West Malaysia ???
    I hope he is not " GOD Father " in the Italy Film

    Good one!!!

    We all have only one father whose y-chromosome we inherit. We all know who our fathers are. (At least for most of us.) Our fathers take good care of us.

    As much as the UMNO politicians try to use psychology of our love for our father to impose their dominance over us, it is not going to work. Because UMNO political thugs are nothing even remotely resembling our kind fathers. UMNO politicians are only thugs who have been causing racial antagonism among the races of Sabah. UMNO had systematically marginalized the Chinese forcing tens of thousands, if not more than one hundred thousands, of Chinese to leave Sabah out of despair for their future. UMNO had packed Sabah with millions of illegal immigrants who had come with nothing but the shirt on their back and give them citizenship while Chinese who are millionaires and had devoted their lifetime to improving the economy of Sabah cannot get even permanent residence. UMNO had robbed Sabah of its timber and now it is robbing Sabah of its oil. Sabahans who want to know where all the oil money went can go to KL and see their money in the airport, the rapid transit, the Petronas tower, the big luxury hotels and shopping malls filled with rich Malays spending the Sabah oil money.

    In the end, kindly fathers don't rob their children. We all know who our father is. (Except for those who betrayed their fathers and call UMNO father.) It is time for the Sabahans to liberate themselves from this wolf pretending to be our father.

  31. SAPP BLOG's banner on top.
    It is enough to explain on party's stand!
    "Open for all Malaysians to contribute their comments, view and reactions on issues affecting us.... For Our Rights! Fairness! Equality! Democracy! and Justice! What is wrong SAPP demands what is due for Sabah?
    After 45 years, no body seems can have a clear picture on "fair distributtion of royalty & wealth from resources rightly for among our many states. What % of subsidy and "re-distribution" are many current debate and ? of leaders and rakyat. Certainly,states previously with rich resources like tin ores, copper, and needless to mention oil were explored but with little bit royalty in return,making fool of many other states too!
    Now demanding a near 50% royalty is not wrong for any state like Sabah.Malysian should make to realise what tremendously spending on irrelevant projects and transparency of 'petronas account' and dealing in return.
    An "ORI"-oil and rice investigation focus should be set up to look into this.
    What a silly subsidy of 15% as make known in Parliament as return from petroleum by Petronas. We must ask for more. Ya, Sabahan have right to be greed. No. Yong is not greedy as it is all from us, our place-God given!

  32. Yong is wrong then...what is right?
    All Borneon,look & feel yourself by looking at this!


  33. Yong is wrong then...what is right?
    All Borneon,look & feel yourself by looking at this!

  34. Over here in semenanjung, Mat Cermerlang aka Rempit will do BN-Umno dirty work. In Sabah, it's the PTI-Project IC guys. If it's not greed with Upko-LDP-PBS leaders for their silence and blind support for Bodowi, that what is. This is your best opportunity to demand your rightful entitlement for your suffering under plunderer BN-Umno all these years. No pain no gain.

  35. Here are some data about the respective numbers of members of parliament (mp’s) of BN and PR.

    Total: 25
    PR: 1
    BN: 24
    Non-UMNO: 11
    UMNO: 13

    Total: 31
    PR: 3
    BN: 28
    Non-UMNO: 28
    UMNO: 0

    Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak):
    Total: 55
    PR: 3
    BN: 52
    UMNO: 13
    Non-UMNO: 39

    Total MPs in parliament: 222
    PR: 82
    Malaya: 79
    Borneo: 3
    BN: 140
    Malaya: 88
    Borneo: 52

    Below are 3 scenarios of how BN’s number of mp’s can be reduced to less than that of PR’s.

    First scenario:
    If all 52 BN mp’s in Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak) left BN then the total BN number is decreased to 88 (the number of BN mp’s in Malaya).

    If just 7 of the Borneo mp’s then join PR, then the number of PR mp’s will rise to 89.

    This means PR will have 89 to BN’s 88. This means PR has the majority and can immediately replace BN to form the new government.

    Second scenario:
    If 13 UMNO mp’s from Sabah left UMNO like Mahathir told them, then BN number is reduced to 127.

    If 11 other mp’s from Sabah left BN and join PR, then BN number is reduced to 116 while PR number increased to 93.

    If 12 mp’s from Sarawak left BN and join PR, then BN number is reduced to 104 while PR number is increased to 105. This will be enough to give PR the majority to replace BN and form the new government.

    It doesn’t matter then what the remaining 16 Sarawakian mp’s will do. If they left BN without joining PR, then BN number is further reduced to 88. If they all join PR, the PR number is increased to 121.

    Third scenario:
    If 13 UMNO mp’s from Sabah left BN, then BN number is reduced to 127.

    If 11 non-UMNO mp’s from Sabah join PR, then PR number increases to 93.

    If 28 Sarawak BN mp’s left BN, then BN number is reduced to 99.

    If 7 Sarawak BN mp’s then join PR, the PR number increases to 100.

    Then PR has the majority and can immediately replace BN to form the new government.

    Of course, there are many other scenarios that could be played. But it is quite clear that if the Sabahan and Sarawakian mp’s dare to go against UMNO and do what their peoples want, then it is very easy to overthrow the UMNO dominated BN government.

    If the Sabahan and Sarawakian mp’s dare not go against UMNO this time, then it is obvious that new leaders will emerge in the next few years. And the next election will see the new leaders replace the old cowardly and/or traitorous mp’s to do the wishes of the Sabahan and Sarawakian peoples.

  36. Those who had conducted illegal demonstrations and called for the sacking of SAPP from BN and also calling for the two SAPP MP to resign are those who are beneficiaries of the PROJECT I/C. They owes a lot to UMNO since without UMNO there would been no PROJECT I/C and they would not have been given Sabah citizenships along with the benefit that came with it - voting rights, free educations, free medical facilities, old age allowances, free housings, job opportunities including post in the police and the army, party membership in UMNO, and chance to fullfill their ultimate objective that is to take over and rule Sabah when they have breed enough and their population overtake the genuine citizens of Sabah. So awfully frightening indeed!

    When that situation happen, the traitors who formed and carried out the PROJECT I/C - they who reared and fed and fatten the crocodiles and rattle snakes - will not be able to control the situation then and they themselves along with their generations will all be overcome and eaten by the crocodiles and rattles snakes which they had initially fatten i.e. the illegal immigrants whom they had initially provided with I/C and citizenships along with all the benefit enjoyed by the true Malaysians of Sabah. They have no other motive for their loud objections and illegal demonstrations apart from their self interests which are highly dangerous and potentially catastrophic to Sabah unless there are more brave Sabahans to come forward and check and prevent their evil objective from materializing.

    YTL, all SAPP YB espcilly Eric and Chua. The majority support you. Please have courage and continue to highlight problems affecting Sabah especially the illegal and the project i/c. Please continue to fight for Sabah right. May God bless you all. May God bless and Save Sabah.

  37. Of course, it is possible that some BN mp's in Malaya can still leave BN either to join PR or simply become independent. This will, of course, make it much easier for BN to be overthrown. For instance, if just 3 mp's in Malaya switch from BN to PR, the number of BN's Malayan mp's will drop from 88 to 85 while the number of PR's Malayan mp's will rise from 82 to 85. This will give both alliances' Malayan mp's at 85 each.

    In this case, all it takes is for all 52 Borneo BN mp's to just leave and then for the 2 SAPP or even just 1 SAPP mp to join PR to give the PR 86 and the majority to overthrow the BN government.

  38. YEHHHH thank u malaysian government, u r gonna increase petrol price again. Such a good surprise to play ard by closing all petrol station!!
    U r never stopping to entertain us rakyat! Thanks for ur efforts!

    and for SAPP, if u r not considering leaving BN / join PR, pls dun go ard and show off. Coz NOW U R BETRAYING US ONCE AGAIN! LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED NOW. DUN JUST BE A CLOWN AND STAND THERE, DO SOMETHING! PIECE OF SHIT

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  40. is it just kk????? the W.msia news website doesn't seem to report this...great, this is just great

  41. CORRECTION ! PETROL STATION FULLL OF CARRRRR !! THIS 2nd time saw like this since fuel price hike!!!!! Everybody go to fill up the fuel!!!!! Any one know what happen? Fuel Price hike again?
    Datuk Yong,
    I can feel Tsunami Politic will happen again.... SABAH... Land Below The Wind Will Change.....

  42. UMNO itu PUSAT pembiakan Syaitan2, Syaitan itu TIDAK ADA moral sama sekali, Syaitan2 itu HANYA tahu MENCURI dan MEROMPAK Wang Rakyat, MENGADAIKAN Mutu Pendidikan Universiti, MEMALSUKAN Statistik Ekuiti Ekonomi Kaum Tongkat, MENYALAHGUNAKAN Kuasa dan MEMPERGUNAKAN pihak Immigrasen, Hakim, AG, Polis untuk melakukan KEJAHATAN, bahkan ada Syaitan UMNO bertindak sebagai OTAK PERANCANG PEMBUNUHAN dan sebagainya..ANJING UMNO...

  43. Rata-rata rakyat Malaysia di Sabah telah muak dengan taktik yang digunakan oleh UMNO terutamanya untuk mengalihkan isu sebenar yang sedang dihadapi oleh rakyat.
    Tidak hairan kalau orang UMNO yang tak berOTAK membuat hura-hara demi mencapai hasrat mereka yang tamak dan pentingkan diri sendiri tanpa menghiraukan masa depan cucu-cicit mereka akan datang... Hidup SAPP!

  44. Go YTL Go! Always remember that people's power always win. Those goons in B end knows that their time is up including the Sabah so call B end. You are our paramount leader not only for the native but the whole of Sabah. Let the Party Beer dan Stout have their paramount leader. Shame on you people when a chinese have to stand for us. Shame!

  45. please beware what u say...kata2 lucah dan biadap menggambarkan kejengkelan dan kebodohan moral..dan tidak layak untuk mengomen orang lain apatah lagi menjadi pemimpin yang bermaruah...kenapa SAPP site membenarkan kata2 biadap ???apakah pemimpin mereka jugak dihidupkan dengan kata2 keji dan kurang bersesuaian ini..pls remind other commenters to behave politely..kalu tidak,sama jak cam menyuruh ketam berjalan betul...kepimpinan melalui tauladan...rosak akhlak,rosaklah pemimpinnya..jgnlah jadi matlamat menhalalkan cara...peace putra lahad datu

  46. i am so proud of your bold and brave actions!!

    it's a matter of time.. we'll be successful... insyaAllah!

  47. I am from SandakanJune 25, 2008 at 2:43 AM

    Raymond Tan, are you a coward? You answer me through this blog.

    I am a SAPP member and I do not support your statement yesterday.

    You can resign from SAPP and join other parties becos we don't need such cowards like you!

    Are you safeguarding your own interests...Projects at risk???

    You are not a leader but sadly to say "no backbone" chinese say "mau kut hee"

  48. BN wants SAPP to explain

    KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional has decided to issue a show-cause letter to SAPP asking the party to explain its decision to support a vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


    What is that to explain? there is nothing for SAPP to explain about. A vote of no confidence in vote simply means a move of no confidence of the present leadership.... simple as ABC. The party who is long overdue in their explanation is BN and the people who actually must explain are Abdullah and Najib themselves....

    Sometimes, ppl are so arrogant and stupid they need others to explain to themselve of their own failures and why we have to trigger a vote no confidence on them... don't they feel a(r)s(e)hammed if we explained why?

    Wake up stupids, a vote of no confidence simply means we have lost trust in your disgusting management and selfish manners.

    The cheated voter..

  49. What's new about this UMNO = BN tactics. So stupid and no balls. People of Sabah...wake up wake up show them who is the BOSS.

  50. Pls help your poor ppl, orang Sabah dan Sarawak.
    Tahukah anda dia mana anak anak kamu ( perempuan) berkerja di semenanjung Malaysia.
    Ramai di Pub dan lain lain tempat hiburan, sebagai apa? Nak tahu jemput pergi mana mana pub di sini to find out yourself. Its not they like it but your state is so poor can't provide them much financialy. So WTF you going to do about it? Continue with BN or join PR to help your poor people.

  51. Tiada orang Dusun yang berani ka selain Datuk Eric? Mana sudah ini pemimpin-pemimpin Kadus ni? Jadi dayus ka?

    Support you YTL, I hope the so called Kadus leader have balls and join SAPP.


  52. KOTA KINABALU: Petrol kiosks were jammed with motorists as panic buying of fuel was seen throughout Sabah over rumours of petrol kiosks closing for three days.

    This shows the trust Sabahans have into the BN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talk on fuel hike in August and then price hike in June. This time??? Wait and see!

  53. There is no such thing as "ketuanan Melayu" in Sabah anyway. Tell me who are the Melays in Sabah? Be Bold and Brave YTL and SAPP, True SABAHANS are with you and the true "Ketuanan Sabahans"

    Your friend,
    (Keegan of Kettering)

  54. tiada guna tinggal di BN.bersuara utk rakyat sabah pun ditentang BN.Apa punya kerajaan,biar Sabah dan Sarawak ketinggalan sja,impian kerajaan.SAPP masih di bawah pakatan BN.Usahlah berdebat lagi,sebab biasanya kuncu-kuncu BN akur sja.Nasib rakyat tidak penting,dikalangan wakil-wakil BN sabah lebih pentingkan kedudukan sendiri.mereka mendapat mandat sokongan bukan dari rakyat Sabah tetapi dari semenanjung malaysia.Pandangan mereka terlalu jauh hinggakan tanggisan rakyat Sabah tak dapat didengar.Lain kali mereka ini nak dapat mandat sokongan,berikan sokongan yg jauh(Putrajaya kampung halaman mereka)

  55. Harga minyak di negara pengeluar minyak seperti Malaysia

    UAE RM1.19/litre
    Eygpt RM1.03/litre
    Bahrain RM0.87/litre
    Qatar RM0.68/litre
    Kuwait RM0.67/litre
    Saudi Arabia RM0.38/litre
    Nigeria RM0.32/litre
    Turkmenistan RM0.25/litre
    Venezuela RM0.16/litre
    Brunei RM 1.20/litre

    MALAYSIA RM2.70/litre
    =(RM2.70 x 159 litres = US $ 135.00per barrel international price. so where is the subsidy to the RAYAT??? and don't tell us your cost is RM 3.00 per liter and BN Govt subsidize us 0.30 per Litre as we know the cost is less then RM0.05 per litre for oil producing country)

    So, Malaysian people are fooled by the govt for morn than 50 years...