Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reply to "Don't Pressure PM Plea" by Kurup

I am writing in respond to the statement featured in the front page of The Daily Express dated 15 May 2008 by The Right Honorable Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, our Sabah Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister, urging our MPs to give our PM time to resolve their proposals without too much pressure.

I am shocked to learn that our MPs have to draw up a list of proposals for our PM as a reminder to resolve. Don’t tell me our PM does not know or was he oblivious to the plight of our people all this years or unless he is not interested or chooses not know and it is na├»ve for our Tan Sri Joseph if in the request to our Federal government to do what ought to be done is asking too much or considered to be putting pressure?

I hope our Tan Sri would do some soul searching him self and take a hard look around, look at all our rakyat in the eye and honestly say that we have not been short changed with a lop-sided deal in their governing of our state. If our Federal government have been sincere in wanting to eradicate poverty and bring development to Sabah, how can we count on this promise if up till now there was not even an attempt to even look into the issue of illegal immigrant and a host of other issues.

If we have depended on others to look after us and failed, May be it is time to consider counting on ourselves.


  1. That's the problem with Sabah under too many parties without one voice especially with "self-interest" as the main consideration. Obviously, Tan Sri Joseph is not telling the truth; he did it for the reasons only known to him. "Pakatan Sabah" badly needs more solid and clear supports in its fight over the sovereignty of the state, and yet, it’s disheartening to hear one of our respected leaders said something otherwise. Don’t feel sorry for Pak Lah as he asked for it. The federal government had been giving too much time to resolve these urgent issues for years without any results. Enough is enough! If they can’t do it, we get someone else to do it. Unity is strength! God bless us.

  2. Joseph Kurup does not display understanding of the concept of democratic checks and balances in this statement.

    The whole point is for vying interests to apply pressure on each other to ensure they all get their share of the attention.

    You don't get anything by simply praying that the PM listens.


  3. Mr Kurup should start by trying to understand the problem in Sabah, and join with other MPs to come up with a solution. The chronic problems in Sabah is at least 15 years old and no one in the federal government care to fix it. If not now, when then Mr Kurup?

    Mr Badawi can take care of himself and Mr Kurup should not worry about him. Pressure comes with the job, if PM feels he cannot handle the heat get out of the kitchen. It's that simple. Mr. Kurup can do the same too.