Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Malaysian parliament goes live on television, with 'circus scenes'

Today, after five decades wondering what a live broadcast of parliamentary democracy in action might look like, Malaysians got their answer: plenty of farce, very little debate.
Highlights of the unprecedented television spectacular included a crescendo of bellowed calls for calm, childish insults, impassioned name-calling, and muttered vows by the government that the experiment with bringing democracy to the small screen would not be repeated.
At the climax of one lively exchange, Bung Mokhtar, a senior ruling coalition MP, was branded “Bigfoot” by Karpal Singh of the Democratic Action Party. In keeping with playground tradition, the wounded party retaliated with the argument “If I am Bigfoot, you are a big monkey.”


  1. As a Sabahan... when I first see newspaper and realise a MP from Sabahan speaks up in Parliament... I say: " Cool... finally MP from Sabah speaks up in parliament.. not just Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, etc.

    BUT...when I read futher... I have this kind of feeling.... " OIII BUNG MOKHTAR!! KO JANGAN BIKIN MALU SIA ORANG SABAH!! APA KO CAKAP "Bocor"??? He's insulting other lady MP in parliament... SAD... NOT REPRESENTING SABAHAN AND SPEAK UP FOR US... BUT SEEMS LIKE TELL OTHERS THAT " ko orang tengok.. I, Bung, MP dari Sabah.. pandai insult orang ni... jaga kau.... tu bukan Sabah Power...tapi itu Palui.

    Bung... represent Sabahan to speak something useful for Sabahan....MAKE SABAHAN PROUD OF U ... NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    Bangun Bung, bangun... hope that you will be a Sabahan leader that we Sabahan respect.