Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is BN on the verge of collapse?

The signs are showing.........starting off from Hindraf, Ketuanan, minyak naik dan barang naik, the election results, post election, Menteri Besars appointment issues, Sabah BN requests (none was done).

Now the Raja Petra......DPM Mongolia.....???


  1. BN main problem is itself.The more that it tries to make any movement, the deeper it sinks; like a quicksand. If I were BN, I stay still, empty all my old mindset, refill with fresh one, bring down myself humbly, level with the rakyat, I think BN can regain their old glory, if and only if they ..... Question is: can they? BN is the one that controls its destination, and no longer in the hand of rakyat, at least before the next election (if any)

  2. Let me quote what had been said by Anifah, the brother of CM Musa: “What’s the point of moving to a terrace house if one is already living in a bungalow? However, for some of us, there seems to be no pleasure in living in this bungalow. What’s the point of living in a bungalow if one has to sleep beside the toilet?"

    Exactly, we are "sleeping beside the toilet".

    But why only now Anifah says it?

    This is why we are still "sleeping beside the toilet", thanks to Anifah and other Sabah BN leaders.

  3. Mahathir bombshell
    Mahathir's son threat to Badawi
    What's next??

  4. The next , Najib was kepunan become Prime Ministre,
    Abdullah already decide to contest on umno presiden on dec.

    But must remember on september,
    hope will turn to pakatan rakyat.

    pray for the mirracle.