Friday, March 22, 2013

DAP labelling Kadazans as PTIs

By Aloysius D Siap

The shocking admission by Edwin Bosi that it was the DAP bosses in KL who caused the gross humiliation to the Kadazan women in Penampang by labelling them (the Kadazan women) as illegal immigrants (PATI) exposes the complete lack of authority and power by the Sabah DAP. Even the Ubah Sabah newspaper of DAP has to be written and edited in KL. What hope is there for Sabahans if DAP were to represent Sabah in KL?

By publishing in the official DAP newspaper Ubah Sabah the photos of Kadazans as PATI, DAP has once again proven that KL leaders just do not understand Sabah and they cannot even distinguish between illegal immigrants and local Kadazans.

It is a shame that Dr. Edwin Bosi has to apologise for the mistakes made by their bosses in KL - in fact, Sabah DAP should ask that the KL bosses be sacked for such an insult to Sabahans, especially Kadazans. Better still, Dr. Edwin Bosi, if he has any pride left as a Kadazan, should ask DAP to pack up and leave Sabah and stop insulting Sabahans. Sabah DAP leaders should stop cleaning the shit left behind by their KL bosses after each time they have come to Sabah. Like the DAP Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Dr. Ramasamy who insulted Sabahans by saying that all immigration controls into Sabah from Malaya must be abolished.

The so-called apology by Dr. Edwin Bosi on behalf of DAP is also tainted with insincerity because Edwin implied that no shame has been caused to the Kadazan women by the DAP just because the names of the women were not mentioned but only the faces of the women were shown. If not because of SAPP taking up this issue on behalf of the women, Edwin and his DAP puppets would have just meekly kept quiet and not dared to even ask their KL bosses about this. So, DAP Sabah should thank SAPP for helping them to raise this matter.

Aloysius Siap is Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Moyog CLC Chairman.

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