Monday, March 25, 2013

BN politics is all about RACE AND RELIGION

by Joseph Lakai

I received a few calls from my friends pertaining to PERKASA seditious outburst to burn the Bible.
My friends even asked me to lodge a police report or if Christian NGO should make the police report. I replied in the negative because it is entirely “political” in nature.

Due to the coming election, UMNO agent, PERKASA under directive by UMNO strongman uttered this holier then thou words “burn the Bible with the word Allah”.

The subject is a trap

The reason is quite simple that UMNO who dominate BN enforce their will on BN because BN has no more issue in which they can win an argument with PR.

UMNO/ BN politics is all about RACE, RELIGION and ROYALTY. If you enter into an argument over the above topic you will not win. If UMNO/ PERKASA say anything seditious on the subject of RACE, RELIGION or ROYALTY it is alright.

But if we non UMNO/ BN said it, that will be seditious. They will use their special power to lock
you up.

These subjects are UMNO/ BN specialty. It is not quantifiable and therefore is not measurable.  But if you talk about BN's poor management of tax payer money, corruption, cronyism business, crime, education etc BN will shut up because many of BN policies represent self interest and is therefore rotten for the rest of the Malaysians. Their results in such areas are bad and insulting to the intelligence of the average Malaysian.

PERKASA leader is our strategic tool

When PERKASA leader open his big mouth and with an idiot logic he turn off many fence sitters who in turn will support PR. So why bother about him?. He should be encouraged to say anything and everything he wants. The more he talks the worser it is for BN. My Malay friends told me that the PERKASA leader intention is to divide and rule the Malays.

In that respect he is not only failing but he is seen as a person with an IQ of a certain animal but definitely not a dog because dogs are a lot smarter.


Your vote is for the future of Malaysia. Do you think we have any future with such person the like of PERKASA leader to run this country? It is time for TUKAR and Change WE Must.

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