Friday, July 29, 2011

Sabahan capable to lead opposition parties

KOTA KINABALU: There is no need for PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to lead the Sabah opposition parties in the fight against Barisan Nasional in the coming general election, as Sabahans are capable of doing it themselves, said Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) deputy president Amde Sidik.

He said this while commenting on the statement of Sabah People Front Party's (SPFP) President Berman Angkap yesterday, proposing Anwar to lead the opposition in Sabah.

"It would be ideal by leaving it to State based political parties, if they can combine among themselves to contest in the state, in the coming GE against the mighty BN as mentioned by the Sabah People Front Party's (SPFP) president Berman Angkap yesterday.

"But as to why Berman is proposing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to lead, I wouldn't really understand. Anwar Ibrahim has no power to decide what for us in Sabah and I'm of the opinion, Sabahans are able to lead individually or components parties in the event there is such thing given a chance," said Amde in a statement yesterday.

He also rebuked Berman for labelling SAPP as a Chinese based political party, suggesting that Berman should update his knowledge on the development of political parties in Sabah, in particular SAPP.

"I agree at the moment SAPP is being led by a Chinese leader in the name of Datuk Yong Teck Lee, this is just like Air Asia is being led by Datuk Tony Fernandez or Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow heads the Public Bank. Does it matter who lead what for the good of the people and the country? I'm talking about leaders with political maturity too.

"My question is, what wrong with a Chinese, Kadazan, Kadayan, Bajau, Brunai and the like? Penang has always had a Chinese Chief Minister even during BN.

"Now Malays are migrating to Australia, tell me who is the Prime Minister of Australia?" he argued.
Amde then clarified that SAPP has over the years developed into a full-fledge Sabahan-led non-racial political party.
"Name me one political party is Malaysia has constitution like SAPP, Umno and the rest surely are not. SAPP is no longer as it was made to do like during in BN time where everything else based on racial line," he said.

Noting that SAPP has started its restructuring and rebranding some five years ago, it is thus wrong for anyone to consider SAPP as a Chinese based political party.

He further noted that its constitution allows for all its members regardless of their race and religion, to contest for the highest post in the party, adding that it currently has more non-Chinese members than the Chinese members.

"We're almost come close to 50 years of having the same system of government; I think we in SAPP want to change this and make Sabah and its people forward looking, This is what we've to offer not the same old outdated political outfit," he said.


  1. It is right time for a non-racial local party to declare 'fight' challenge politically against UMNO and even MCA or BN not aware of what UMNO had done so far!

    All these years haven't many learnt what is the cause of all havoc in Malaysia for politics and social economy affairs for malaysian.

    UMNO always try to inject something 'negative' and 'racisma' to differentiate malaysian by divide and rule tactics.

    Still continue tactic by fooling and misleading a BN team to fight for UMNO goal but not the goal of pride to all malaysian.

    What say you about this so-called ‘sport’ spirit he had tried to brainwash new malaysian?

    Can we believe it after all havoc for 54years Merdeka and 48years for Malaysia?

    East Malaysian and many sabahan learnt a good lesson since UMNO landed in Sabah. All are talks to create racism for people of Sabah not like before living in harmony.

    Read more here>>

  2. pilihlah pemimpin2 tempatan Sabah.

  3. utamakan pemimpin tempatan. jgn asyik ambil dari luar sahaja.

  4. jika Anwar yang jadi ketua pembangkang di Sabah mungkin ramai yang tidak setuju..

  5. Sabah too, has many potential and credible politicians

  6. Say no to opposition leader from West M'sia.

  7. Sabahan for Sabah!

  8. SAPP ada sudah kepada mahu parti luar seperti PKR? dan DAP. SAPP sudah cukup untuk Sabah.

  9. tidak payah lah anwar masuk sabah..tu PKR, DAP dan PAS tu semua parti semenanjung..

  10. before you change the system of government, you better change your top leaders of SAPP...people will not vote for SAPP as long as YTL still remain SAPP big boss..

  11. "...Does it matter who lead what for the good of the people and the country?.."

    it does matter...believe me...

  12. Lets Sabahan be the lead of opposition and no need from peninsular lead like Anwar, and else.

  13. biar rakyat yang tentukan..tunggu sahaja PRU-13

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