Friday, November 5, 2010

BN won Batu Sapi by-election

As SAPP President, Datuk Yong Teck Lee, said, he will still continue to fight for a better deal for Sabah and Sabah's Autonomy.
Resilience and perseverance against the $$$ Might of BN, who recently won the by-election, considered one of the dirtiest by-election in the history of Sabah.


  1. Saya Dari Labuan,saya bangga dengan datuk Yong yang berani bertarung untuk rakyat pribumi sabah,walaupun SAPP kalah dalam perlawanan P185 Batu Sapi,Jangan ia mematah semangat untuk terus berjuang...keep fighting in future..
    Saya mencadangkan agar pada masa depan,calon SAPP hendaklah dari anak jati tempatan suatu kawasan,kerana mereka lebih tahu akan inspirasi,tradisi,keperluan rakyat kawasan berkenaan.Harap ambil Perhatian.God Bless You

  2. bersaralah Yong Teck Lee, ketamakan kamu tu...luar biasa

  3. This time BN won not because of BN did anything in batu sapi for the past few year but last min. giving $$$$ giving citizenship, giving new road, giving zin and ........ that not the fear and real election. I still support Datuk Yong to fright for the right of Sabahan but still within the concept of 1 Malaysia.
    From my point of view, Datuk Yong lost is because of not many people to vote and the vote that BN won major from "Island". It less of young voter for this election.

    As I know still got a mojar people that support SAPP, to win back why don't all you guy go back to basic? I think all of us need a YB that can solved our daily small problems, that the YB will won as what Datuk Yong did in KK, weekly mobile service counter...
    SAPP do a group of PEMUDA, why don't SAPP made this group young guy to do weekly society work, as clear taman playground, visit the old kampung to help the old or longly old people to clear thier house......
    All this sound very easy and basic, but it work, for old generation thinking, BUT BUT it also costly as this not the monthly project but it the weekly or daily project...
    Like Obama from USA, he do a very close contrat with the new young generation from his team of IT people to know what happen or even a small problem i.e. the street light was off, they did it and than reply by blog as the problems solved, it also very costly, but it will get the know on ground and it work, that what now a day Obama was.
    We hope to have a change and not as now ..... BN did and made a lot of mistake......trible....
    SAPP Leader at Sandakan must do something... Best Wish

  4. Joe:
    Many should learn a good knowledge on recent Batu Sapi by-election for MP.

    All to many petty issues by other include those so-called 'giants & talented' from West.Many MPs around too.

    Yet hardly we heard any of them explaining Autonomy and Malaysia Agreement even role of MP to voters.Wrongful accusation on Yong and SAPP with mouth words condemning SAPP as a small party etc etc.

    Autonomy is around not only with Sabah but other states as well and need to be understood as rights attribute to safeguarding its people and state.
    Example 'Arches demolition' in Penang SDO vs CM Penang and our earlier interfer by JPPS and many other federal department locally is an Autonomy issue!What about appointing CM from another state?Hardly people aware of that and it is not discriminating but protecting right of states forming Malaysia!

    So with bigger issues in the state and MPs role to bring up debating in parliament!

    SAPP must focus effort with means to enlighten Sabahan have a clear understanding before next GE!