Saturday, July 24, 2010

Issue of re-opening the Double 6 air crash

Kota Kinabalu, April 9, 2010: Those who want the investigation files on the infamous "Double Six" tragedy remain secret risk being seen as the mischievous ones, said Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President, Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

He said this in response to the former Chief Minister Datuk Harris Salleh's comments that his (Yong) call to re-open the investigation into the Double Six air crash tragedy was mischievous.

Yong was the first person to made such a call following the disclosures made by the former Petronas Chairman, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, popularly known as Ku Li during his talk "Minyak Sabah Untuk Siapa" (Sabah's Oil for Whom) held at the Hongkod Koisaan in Penampang, on 2 April.

Yong who is also a former Chief Minister of Sabah contended that it is proper and nothing unusual to re-open an investigation into an old incident if new information surfaces. In this case, the new information is Tengku Razaleigh's version of events that is put on public record for the first time.

"Tengku Razaleigh was trying to tell us something from the past. In view of his revelations on the moments before the Nomad aircraft took off from Labuan, it is perfectly expected that the people will want to re-examine the air crash.

Maybe nothing new will come out of the re-investigation. Or maybe something big and explosive will surface from the depths of history," he noted in a statement issued here today.


  1. KOTA KINABALU: Two former Sabah chief ministers will square off in an RM50 million defamation suit over an air crash in which another chief minister Fuad Stephens was killed.

    Harris Salleh, the chief minister from 1976 to 1985, has filed a suit against Yong Teck Lee the chief minister from 1996 to 1998, for allegedly insinuating that he was involved in the air crash tragedy.

    Harris is claiming damages of not less than RM50 million from Yong, who is also the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) leader. Yong is named as first defendant and his party, second defendant.

    He is also seeking an injunction to restrain Yong from printing and publishing further libellous statements in any form.

    The writ of summons was filed through his lawyers Messrs Maringking & Co at the High Court here on Monday.

  2. How can it be that a request for reinvestigation into the Double 6 tragedy relates to Datuk Harris being defamed?

  3. Harris is always hyper sensitive, temperamental.

    Until now, people still have the doubt that this tragedy might be well-planned assasination.

    Just anybody around and they will say there is something fishy.

    Yong is trying to tell us what the people are thinking..Razaleigh has made some remarks...but Harris did not challenge him...Why?

  4. .............. and on the end we have two options

    1. no further action


    2. it was no accident

    and then what?????????

    Vote for change next election since that is the better way to change government! and faster as well!

  5. This is a strategy to distract attention to Sabah doom since USNO time.

    I think this is not about re-opening of the tragic case but about the way YTL said in to the press and as published by the press...

    So who is in trouble with careless words?

  6. Can anyone publish the suit here for better opinion?

  7. Who is YTL lawyer?

    Is the summons served on YTL already?

    When would the battle start?

  8. Former CM Harris should have accepted the challenge of an investigation to be re-opened to clear his name, if there is any, instead of suing YTL.

    If he has nothing to hide, then he should echoed Yong's call for an investigation since it is in everyone's suspicion that the double-six tragedy had been a cover-up and not accidental.

  9. Harris vs not just a libel case but a cover-up attempt.

  10. Will they really want to open the file to look into the case? Even if they open the file, the will still end up close case.

    To the people’s eyes MACC are link to BN. Not only that even Nik Ali Penang SDO, Perkasa, Tun Mahathir are all link to BN.

  11. We have noticed that the double-six tragedy has been kept in low profile over the years.

    Harris had never tried to quash the rumours that this tragic incident was accidental or otherwise.

    His actions at that time seemed sinister ... he quickly signed the deal with petronas and also why he signed Labuan away to the fed government is another thing to ponder and why he got a huge bulk of land ownership in Labuan.

  12. Projek M and his cohort Harris populated Sabah with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and granting them ICs.

    Is this treason or what?

  13. Would YTL prepared to get Joshua Kong's assistance to put this case in more decent effort?

  14. How would you propose, Joshua? I'm listening.

  15. Joe, this is a RM50m deal, and I am not going to write my technigue here.

    Even Tan Sri Chong did not seek my help and so what have happened? Ask his legal counsel...on this...


    look at that case,,,

    I had trapped SSY..who knows HMS well

    So HMS must also be trapped...