Friday, June 25, 2010

Sabah has One Third population Foreigners! Revisited

Where in the world and of all countries, they got such a huge transient population!

It is estimated that foreigners now constitute about one-third of State population!

It is not difficult to imagine the burden the state and its people have to shoulder in terms of social economy, security and political risks.

The seriousness of the matter is so immense that it is surprise that is has slipped the attention of the planners of the 10th Malaysia Plan.

SAPP urge the Federal government to look into this issue seriously and come out with short and long term solutions towards illegal immigrant problem in this 10th Plan.

JK said 25 June 2010 equivalent pool of the vulnerable in Sabah, alleged Jeffrey, are the illegal immigrants who have been given MyKads and placed on the electoral rolls to vote for Sabah Umno.

These voters are kept on a tight leash by the powers-that-be, he adds, "as they are not allowed to even travel outside the state. They would be stopped at the airport if they tried to leave".


  1. KK to get fourth govt hospital

    KOTA KINABALU: Construction of a government hospital, which will be the fourth for the state capital, will begin next year, said Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin.

    She said the hospital, which would have between 600 and 800 beds, would be constructed on a 20.2ha site at Bukit Padang, about 5km from the city.

    “This will not be an upgrading or an extension of the Bukit Padang psychiatric hospital,” Rosnah said after attending the bersanding ceremony of Sabah Puteri Umno chief Musliati Moslimin and Mohd Nizam Nazib yesterday.

    She said the new medical facility was among the eight general hospitals planned under the 10th Malaysia Plan that was unveiled last week by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    The new hospital and the upgrading of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) would ensure sufficient medical facilities to meet the needs of the people here, she said.

    Apart from the QEH, the other government hospitals are the Likas Women and Children’s Hospital and the Sabah Medical Centre in Luyang.

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  3. We must accept the fact! UMNO (Tun M) was the culprit... the only way is to accept them! Thanx to UMNO, we hate u!

  4. Evil master assssno is the MOTHER OF ALL ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANT!

    All the ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS in Sabah should be sent to putrajaya for good since all of them are assssno cousins.

  5. Right totally agree d evil mastero and their islaming this nation with evil spirit.

    Tun kata:"Bantahan Pembangkang Hanya Politiking Cemar Usaha Kerajaan>"

    Bukan Cemar Usaha Kerajaan untuk semua rakyat tetapi politiking macam-macam antaranyo ada berikut
    racing(bukan kereta),umnoing,terlalu policing,rasuahing,corrupting,
    tak habis-habisan dalam 50 tahun!

    Ada juga keretaing and rumahing sampai rumah murah diambil orang kaya!
    Yang teruk juga bumiputraing dan melayuing saja. Siapa more racist?

    Politiking taapa tapi diatas itu semua bukan politiking untuk semua rakyat hanya untuk tertentu!
    Itukah politiking BN? 

    Kamu tak judi tapi mau duit saja. Kakitangan pun enjoy sendiri saja mana boleh kita maju ada harapan! 

    Pelajar-pelajar di sekolah swasta tapi bangsa Malaysia itu bukan rakyat kah? Kenapa mesti UEC+SPM?
    Apa sistem ini,MCA?

    Cakap lain bikin lain,very very unprofessional bah!

  6. Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan,

    Siapa terlalu "politiking" buruk di Malaysia sampai terkini?
    Tun:"Bantahan Pembangkang Hanya Politiking Cemar.."

    :-( Kalau Pelajar umur 21 keatas tak boleh berpolitik,apa tujuan belakang Kerajaan Malaysia?

  7. BN's 1Malaysia bubble bursts with racial quota remains intact in 10MP

    Too humor but is true and a policy isn't racist,right Datuk and YB-YB?

  8. they will be back soon!

  9. hope the foreigners case will be solve in sabah.. government should find the how to handle this case..

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  11. the foreigner is old issue in Sabah, government should to arrange a plan to handle this issue.

  12. make a long term solution and fight this illegal immigrants continuously..

  13. such long standing issue should be put into 10th Malaysia Plan..

  14. many PATI move in Sabah and...
    many Sabahan move in Federal states.
    What is this Tan Sri Huguan Siou, ado i!!???
    Good service to your 'Datukship'???

  15. memang ramai warga asing di Sabah ni, masalah ini telah lama wujud di Sabah, sehingga kini ia belum lagi selesai. hrap kerajaan akan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya untuk mengatasi masalah kebanjiran warga asing di Sabah.

  16. government try to find the solution to solve this issue. whatever, government would try to reduce many entries foreigner slowly is best way not sharp way to handle this.

  17. foreigner issues must be solved immediately because it can give negative effect to Sabah.

  18. To solve PTI issue in Sabah, the first thing Sabahans need to do is to KICK Assssno out from Sabah for good.

    Asssno = Mother of all ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS!

  19. Rasanya kerajaan da cuba yang terbaik untuk tanggani isu ni. Mungkin taklah selesai cepat, tapi sekurang-kurangnya kerajaan tak duduk diam ja tentang hal ni.

  20. Saya pun panas ba sama ni isu. nda pandai selesai. Tapi nda juga lah aku mau kasi salah orang ja. Bg aku bgs lagi kalau kita bekerjasama kasi selesai ni hal ba, daripada marah2. hehhee

  21. Harap2 kerajaan akan cari jalan untuk tanggani hal ni. Biarlah lambat, asalkan selesai :)
    Good luck gov.

  22. Isu ni kan macam kanser sudah oo.. entah ada ubat ka tak.. Tapi saya harap kerajaan akan beri perhatian sewajarnya terhadap hal ni. Malah semua pihak pun harus bagi kerjasama.. Jangan asyik tunding jari ja, hulur2 juga tu tangan membantu. hehhee

  23. Setuju urangulama.. hal ni memang patut diatasi segera. Kalau tak, alamatnya tambah banjir la:P

  24. Sabah opposition strongman Jeffrey Kitingan has challenged Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to put his money where his mouth is on the issuance of MyKads in the state.

    “Bring the issue before a royal commission of inquiry,” said Jeffrey, who is chairperson of the Common Interest Group Malaysia (Cigma) - an ad-hoc apolitical NGO dedicated to defending the interests of Sabah and Sarawak.

    Jeffrey's challenge follows the home minister's claim in the Dewan Rakyat on Thursday that “it has been verified that the National Registration Department (NRD) has never issued a Malaysian identification document to illegal immigrants or any individuals who are not citizens”.

    Jeffrey (right) accused Hishammuddin of telling a “blatant lie” in Parliament when he made the claim in a written reply to Tuaran MP Wilfred Bumburing.

    “We consider the so-called verification exercise a figment of Hishammuddin's imagination,” fumed Jeffrey, who wears several hats including PKR vice-president.

    “If he (Hishammuddin) is so sure of himself, why's he challenging Wilfred to produce the necessary evidence to prove him wrong?” asked Jeffrey. “Wilfred won't be the first person in Sabah to prove the home minister wrong.”

    Many people in Sabah, as well as the courts, have already proven the Home Ministry and the NRD wrong on the MyKad issue time and again, continued Jeffrey, but so far there has only been ominous silence from the ministry and the department “except for occasional blanket denials in public relations releases”.

  25. 1Not so funny MalaysiaJune 26, 2010 at 12:09 AM

    Participating in illegal assemblies as the offence carries a minimum fine of RM2,000 will get you disqualified as an MP or State Assemblyman according to Malaysian law.

    This law is favorable to the government to inhibit opposition parties' lawmakers from exercising their political rights and fighting for justice etc.

    I still remember Datuk Harris who led the illegal procession with illegal immigrants in 1985 where violence broke out, many buildings were burnt, even heard of school girls raped which was never published in the news that time but he was only fined RM500.00 for these!

    This is the Malaysia way of justice? Think about it!

  26. There are many interesting analysis and comments on this blog that warrant your precious time. These are very intelligent and interesting read indeed. You form your own opinion.

  27. malayans will not care how you live.

    all they concern is how you gonna die.

  28. Sabah has one third population foreigners. Sabah's poor and needy.
    This will happen forever if we do not want changes. For next election think before we vote whether do we still want to remain the same or do we want changes.

  29. Sabah has most Umno members, says VP

    June 27, 2010SEMPORNA, June 27 — Sabah Umno has the highest number of 449,805 members among states following a clean-up of the party membership register which now shows a total of 3,159,484 members, Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said today.

    Shafie, who is the chairman of the party’s membership bureau, said Johor had the second highest number of members at 428,663 and Selangor was third with 414,142.

    Why Sabah has the most, answer is simple...One third population foreigners and just one third of them enough to make Umno Sabah with the most members.

    How are we going to get this curse from Sabah?

  30. asssno members in Sabah mostly comprise of Pilak, pakistanese and indonesian, sigh!

  31. Sabah Umno seeks Upko's Putatan seat in next GE

    Sabah Deputy Chief Minister and the state Umno liaison committee secretary Yahya Hussin said today it was hoped that the Putatan parliamentary seat would be allotted to Umno to contest in the next general.

    ...that is how Umno works, they will take their BN component parties' seat one by one until these parties are weakened into skeleton parties...

    Umno will suck you dry!

  32. Dimana urang BN (pbs+upko+ldp+pbrs) yang sembah syaitan asssno? kerusi kamurang tak lama diambil semua oleh asssno sebab populasi PILAKS semakin banyak dan digelar muslim pribumi di Sabah! Palui

  33. Sabahan please keep friends or relative in KL be informed about meet on 4th July in PJ

  34. Foreign investors spooked away from Imam Muda casting show in Malaysia!

  35. Now the government is very fund of setting up lab to study issue. Tan Sri Pairin now propose to set up Lab to study BN. BN is already a hopeless issue or not I don't care. What I do care is they are using the same delaying tactic to study the PTI issues which is no excuse b'cos PTI issue is an old issue. Everybody know the seriousness. Don't expect people to buy your excuse so that B End can continue to capitalise on the presence of the PTI at the expense of Sabah Future. Say NO to BN!

  36. 1/3 orang luar yang mempunyai IC ini terhutang budi kepada BN, mereka ini akan menentu kemenangan atau kekalahan sesuatu parti. Jika PKR ingin menang, inilah orang yang kama harus meyakinkan.