Monday, March 29, 2010

Malaysia's Hall of Fame

Year 2009 has been a memorable year of sorts...Najib's 1Malaysia - of racism...BTN...Year 2010 racist idiot like Ibrahim Ali, religious fanaticism - Zulkifli, corruption - PKFZ, (No) murdered Altantuya, (No) dead Teoh Beng Hock, (No) sugar, (No) lost fighter jet engine, (No)missing & hiding Bala, (No) No budget for general hospital for KK, now...resurgence of the racist -Ahmad Ismail


  1. shouting "1Malaysia" yet all didn't partaking MCA AGM!

    What say you for Ong T K or parties unity? What KPI for political parties in Malaysia if leaders like this by example!

  2. Even without "vote of no confidence" everyone just follow their blind leadership "boleh"!
    Can this be justified just because of a man then......?

  3. Past records showed party conflicts, infighting in MCA is like the never-ending-story.

  4. and when do they work for the rakyat???????

  5. Secara berkurun Najis adalah antara baja yg digunakan utk membaja & terbukti dapat menyuburkan tanaman... Tak kira Najis Manusia atau Najis Haiwan Peliharaan sudah tentu dapat menyuburkan tanaman yang ada diantaranya merupakan sayur yang telah kita makan.
    Apakah pula istilah Najis jika dalam politik?

  6. hahaha...kaum sino di Parti itu fikir mereka adalah yang terpintas!
    Butul habislah kali ini.

    Urang kita sabahan pon faham yang angkuh siapa itu pemimpin kadazan!
    Kita dah puas cari kerja di KL tapi dia katakan apa pulak?

  7. GEORGE TOWN: A DAP state representative lodged a police report today against Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah for allegedly uttering derogatory racist remark last week against the Penang Chinese community.

    Accompanied by several local DAP leaders, Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik lodged the report at Jalan Patani police station at 12 noon.

    Ng, who is the Penang DAP Socialist Youth secretary, lodged the report after Ahmad Husni failed to heed Dapsy’s 24-hour dateline ultimatum to retract his racist remarks and make a public apology.

    Ahmad Husni had allegedly said “if the Penang Chinese were to bully us, we will fight them” in his speech at a dinner organised by the Penang Malays Chamber of Commerce here on March 5.

    Ng described Ahmad Husni’s racist statement as irresponsible and unbecoming.

  8. Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa's platform is a liability to Najib's 1 Malaysia and a stumbling block to his effort to win the hearts and minds of the voters in the GE13.

  9. To Ibrahim Ali, more like a hypocrite, shallow-minded bigot, moron, who have a one-sided view of things.
    While he is rich, (corrupted money via being a frog) tries to champion the Malays for his political end.
    I think the majority of Malays in Malaysia, sensible ones, would not agree with this idiot!

  10. Ibrahim Ali... krana dapat projek dari Najib terus jadi rabun warna!
    Beliau sedar dan tahu yang dia dah semakin tua.
    Sampai masa kumpul kekayaan supaya boleh hidup senang. Nak gaduh-gaduh tu buat apa... yang susah pun rakyat Kelantan bukan dia! Kelantan dapat royalty minyak atau tidak bagi beliau tak penting sebab projek besar yang diberikan oleh UMNO dah memadai!

  11. Waiting for new hospital will take ages. It is like Bakun Dam in Sarawak. How many more years will Bakun Dam be fully completed. If really want a new hospital, then will have to vote for changes.

  12. Ibrahim ali a PENDATANG also and why make a big fuss to fight for this and that. The Orang Asli and East Malaysian Native have not even raise their voice yet but you keep on mourning on race and religion in this country. This is the end product produced by the evil amno. 1 Malaysia? Where?

  13. This racist is a bloody damned millionare! king of frogs! Is that what we want for a melayu champion?

  14. 1 thing that i'v learn fr MCA poll recently is now politiciannn can go to night club or do whatever unmoral, dismoral, not moral scandal or womenizer as long u admit it!
    Hidup BN...

  15. Senang saja...hantar semua di Sandakan cari "ayam bisayak" kemudian dibuangkan dekat pulau sempadan saja bah!

  16. Najis truly a bapa slogan with empty substance. What NEM? Only points of wishful thinking without any concrete details on how to achieve the goal.

    NEAC producing many already well known facts on the brain drain. But didn't mention the actual root causes of the brain drain. Do they dare to touch on things like the BTN program producing racist technocrats that target certain section of the communities which runs counter productive and impedes private investment?

    The government should take a hard look at the civil service that, through many years of abuse by Mahathir, produced many useless technocrats with no accountability and abuse of power that drives people out.

  17. Sabahan "Hidup Bahagia" di mana-mana saja!

    Perhimpunan akan datang untuk kawan-kawan kamu urang Sabah di KL atau semenanjung!

    沙巴汉在 PJ CIVICS CENTRE 2010-04-18 2:00 PM 大都会合
    Meeting of Sabahans in the Klang Valley at PJ Civics Centre on April 18 at 2pm


    Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010
    Time: 2pm
    Venue: Petaling Jaya Civics Centre (MBPJ, Jln Yong Shook Lin, PJ)

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  18. Ibrahim Ali (right) blew up and said heatedly; "If these people say that they are second-class citizens, don't talk s**t! Don't talk s**t! I repeat three times, don't talk s**t!"

    "We, the Malays have forgiven them a lot, we have sacrificed a lot of our interests," he added.

    Look at this shithead talking shit!

  19. To Ibrahim Ali, you are the only one talking shit. People like you should be erased.

  20. 声名狼藉的老马也应该例入该名人录。

  21. Being a Malaysian, I hate people like this shithead!

    "A frog inside the well" that is all I have for him, Ibrahim Ali.

  22. ibrahim ali@satan, you better get lost from malaysia. This land is belongs to orang asli, KDM and Iban. You also another PENDATANG.