Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is Herbert a blatant liar or just dumb

Herbert the clown…Is this what PBS got as their political mouthpiece?
1. Wrong accusation of Yong defending NRD giving birth certificates to children of illegal immigrants in the name of regularization. Where he got this idea?
2. His negative statements linking Yong with the MNLF on illegal immigrants issue without understanding what is BIMP-EAGA.
3. His invitation to Dr Jeffrey to join PBS, which PBS itself was unwilling to accept.
4. His claim that Yong as CM gave away SEB… His ignorance that SEB was in fact given to the federal government during the Berjaya time, but later said he does not know because he was not a wakil Rakyat then…What crap!

My advice to him is he should sit down and think slow and hard how he has become a clown or liar and laughing stock. May be sit steadfast on the toilet bowl, there you may get some inspiration.


  1. What else do they want free of charge from Sabah and Sarawak besides oil, gas, rubber, palm oil, our forest and so on and now: You better read that!

    Sabah, S'wak unwilling to send their orang utan to KL

    KUCHING: Sarawak and Sabah are not willing to relocate their orang utan to a new sanctuary for the primate in Kuala Lumpur.

    Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit said both states wanted their orang utan to stay where they were and, therefore, the government now had to look for orang utans from a small island in Perak.

    He said the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) had allocated about 200 acres in Kepong to set up the new eco-tourism attraction that was similar to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre here and the Sepilok orang utan sanctuary in Sandakan.

    “We are going to transfer some of the orang utan from the island in Perak since the population has increased and exceeded the island’s caring capacity, which makes it difficult for the primates to get enough food,” he said opening SK Siburan Baru Parent-Teacher Association’s annual general meeting here Sunday.

    Dawos said the species in Perak, the Borneon orang utan (Pongo pygmaeus), was similar to that in Sarawak and Sabah.

    He was not certain when the project would start.

    However, he said the government would not go back on its plan because an orang utan sanctuary in Kuala Lumpur would be a big success as it would leave a lasting impression on visitors in line with the government’s intention to make eco-tourism a more prominent sector.

    “I cannot ascertain when we can make it a reality. But this is a directive from the Prime Minister, which is why we must do it,” he said.

  2. Adakah PBS kekurangan pemimpin yang berkebolehan? Sebagai rakyat Sabah saya kadang-kadang rasa malu kerana seorang yang bergelar pemimpin tidak tahu apa yang dia cakap. Yang menghairankan lagi dalam PBS ramai lagi pemimpin yang hebat tetapi kenapa pula badut ini diberi jawatan Pembantu Menteri?
    Datuk Musa yang dihormati, mungkin sampai masa Datuk Chin Tet Ming menggantikan Badut Herbert supaya nama Barisan Nasional boleh dijaga... wasalam!

  3. this is ONLY made to get the coal fired power plant build since some guys have gotten their commission already!

    Is SAIDI in Sabah genuine?
    22nd March, 2010

    PENAMPANG: Is the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) on power supply in Sabah genuine or merely something to compel people to accept the controversial coal-fired power plant project?

    DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang threw in the poser while claiming that there was disparity in SAIDI figures given out by Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Peter Chin Fa Kui, Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB).

    Speaking to reporters at a news conference in Donggongon Square here yesterday, he cited Chin as having said that the SAIDI for Sabah last year was 2870 minutes per consumer per year, but at the Public Forum on Energy Options for Sabah held at Asia City on Saturday, a senior officer of SESB said it was actually 2284 minutes.

    Then there was a report by the Energy Commission Malaysia posted on the Internet which stated that the SAIDI for Sabah for the first half of 2009 was 423 minutes.

    “How did the 423 minutes in the first six months jump to 2870 in just six months? And which one is the correct figure? The one given by the minister at 2870 minutes or the one given by the SESB at 2284 minutes?” he asked.

    He then noted that SESB’s managing director, Baharin Din in his statement published in local newspapers on 2 April, 2009 said the SAIDI for Sabah in 2006 was 4000 minutes but it had gone down to 1000 minutes.

    However, according to the Energy Commission’s report, SAIDI for Sabah never reached 4000 minutes and the SAIDI for 2006 was 2778 minutes.

    “What is the reason for this huge discrepancy? Is it genuine or deliberate in order to create a panic situation to push for the coal-fired power plant? I think there’s a need for a full inquiry as to why we have such an extraordinary leap from 423 to 2870 or 2284 for the 12 months.

    “I think SESB must make public the SAIDI of each town in Sabah. There’s no reason for keeping these figures secret. It cannot be under an Official Security Act (OSA) as we are supposed to be talking of an era of transparency and accountability. The SESB after failing the people of Sabah for so long must now begin to behave like a responsible corporate organisation by making public all these figures,” he said.

    In Peninsular Malaysia, the overall SAIDI for 2008 was 87.3 minutes per customer per year. The state with the highest SAIDI was Johor with 120.5 minutes and the lowest SAIDI were in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya at 6.6 minutes.

    Meanwhile, both the Sabah DAP chief cum MP for Kota Kinabalu, Dr Hiew King Cheu and DAP Sri Tanjung assemblyman, Jimmy Wong were pessimistic over claims to reduce the SAIDI for Sabah from 2870 minutes to 700 minutes by year end, citing the existing infrastructure for electricity supply was either obsolete or consisted of second-hand equipment.

    In addition to this, Dr Hiew also called on both the federal and the state governments to scrap the plan for the coal-fired plant, claiming that 99.4 per cent of the participants at the Public Forum on Energy Options for Sabah were against it.

    “The government should scrap it and stop talking about it, and that’s our stand,” he stressed.

  4. PBS's attack dogs or scapegoats herbet and mositun are just pawns by pairin to spread lies and half truths

  5. no safety precaution - no fresh air pumped in - no one to watch over them -poor souls!,six-filipinos-killed-by-gas-poisoning-in-malaysian-treatment-plant.html

  6. pls read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. read!

  8. herbert oh herbert! What about the allegation that you towards YTL about the SAS? Why keep quiet now?

    Herbert, what has you done to protect Sabah soil being influxed and flooded by PILAKS? The PILAKS will be the TUAN to the local native soon or already happened.

    All just TALK but NO Action! NATO!

  9. These are the leaders that we have in Sabah.They are good liar and master of spin.

    Their attitudes are the mere reflection of ignorance.Their acts too cheap and is a shame to Sabahans.

    They are used just to cheat sabahans and by doing so hope to get rewards from semananjung.Actually they sell us to the semanajung leaders just to get what they wants.

    UMNO is their master and willingly become running dogs due to the obsession of power and money.

    They have to shout louder just to get the attention and to be noted by the CM to secure candidacies for the coming election.Personal agenda is their main motive.

    These politician do not have moral fiber at all.It is pathetic that Sabah is flooded with these species that are surviving on cheating and lying.

    Because of these leaders sabah became poorer and the people have to look for jobs in semananjung just to survive. But they are here, keep on lying and stealing. Congratulation!

  10. Herbert trying to please his towkays Musa and the federal govt to the extent of making a fool of himself

  11. Ini herbert lawyer kah? kalau begitu, mesti kalah tiap-tiap kali dalam mahkamah.

    Lawyer buruk! Sabah banyak..jangan susah. You are one of them

  12. Quoted:
    "Because of these leaders sabah became poorer and the people have to look for jobs in semananjung just to survive. But they are here, keep on lying and stealing. Congratulation!"

    Sabahan in City of Kuala Lumpur have high regards to Mr.Lim Kit Siang & his men to propose meeting us on 418.
    Come here and see for yourselves in city. Thank for good breakfast at St.Mary Cathedral for us the miserable group of malaysian. What is good after 52 years we can see with eyes but not with tongue or mouth talks only. Leaders of Sabahan you shall not only stay put here with Federal but do nothing.

  13. Kota Kinabalu, Mar 24, 2010: Former state Finance Minister, Datuk Mohd Noor Mansor has called on the State Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties - UPKO, PBS, PBRS and the LDP to emulate the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) to leave BN for the sake of the state and its people.

    Speaking at the opening of SAPP Kg Pengalat Branch in Kawang, Papar on Sunday, he said this was in view of the problems, especially the continuous presence of illegal immigrants in the state, faced by the people.

    "I can see that the rights and the wellbeing of Sabahans are being increasingly threatened by illegal immigrants. I'm really worried that our future generation will be marginalized," he said.

    This is scary! So West Malaysian parties should leave Sabah alone. Go away.

  14. I think herbert is cuckoo

  15. Herbert is busy pocketing the $$$, never mind the clown he became..Money is more important to him than pride or the people of Sabah.
    Your children will despice you, clown!

  16. 沈寶發:不是二等、連三等公民也不如!



    Shim Paw Fatt comment on sabahan was second citizen




    他表示, 電供同題已是數十年的老調,但對于身為國陣國會議員的拿督加布沙烈能作出如此言論表示讚賞,更希望本州國州議員能拋開個人政治立埸,聯合組隊到國能總部把沙巴電供真相反映給國能一班大老爺了解,拆開報喜不報憂的沙巴電供報告中被蒙蔽的真相。









  17. We should be thankful to PBS of producing such a good joker to the amusement and entertainment of the general public. News without Herbert would be boring.

  18. Yeah, sometimes we need people like him to make our lives less boring.

    Somebody we can point at and laugh..hahaha

  19. I think herbert is too eager to please his towkays.

    The money is important to him, nevermind his pride, if he's got one.

    Let me tell yu, Herbert d clown, you are selling Sabahans.

    PBS is now nothing now but a stooge of KL.

    Do u agree?